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Coming to know that his daughter s sons, Ravana and his two brothers, got powerful boons form God Brahma, Sumali shed all his fear of Vishnu. He, with his ministers, Maricha, Prahasta, Virupaksha, Mahodara and other mighty Rakshasas came to see Ravana.

He embracing and complimenting Ravana, said, "Dear Ravana! From fear of Vishnu, we are residing in Rasatala. Now we will all rally round you in our present prospirity and you will be the protector of all our race of Rakshasas from now on. Lanka is ours, but is now in the possession of your brother Kubera.

You must get it back, if necessary by force even". Ravana listening all this advise thought about it for a while. Finally making up his mind he said unto Sumali: "O revered senior, know that Kubera is like a brother unto me and even like a father.

He shall not be humiliated this way." Afraid of speaking further on that Sumali went away disappointed. After sometime, Prahasta came to him and broached the same topic thus, "Mighty lord! Do not hesitate to take back your own city from your brother.

In these matters, fraternity or any other relationship should not be considered. Devas are the progeny of Aditi by Kasyapa. Daityas are the progeny of Aditi by the same Kasyapa and this earth originally belonged to Daityas.

Notwithstanding the fraternal relationship between Devas and the Daityas (their mothers Aditi and Diti also being sisters the daughters of Daksha by Dharani) the Devas got the Daityas killed through Vishnu and got this earth also and became the Lords of all the three worlds. You only are capable of turning the tables on the Devas and enable the Rakshasas to live in pride and comfort". Ravana thought about the strong words of Prahasta.

After reflecting for a short while Ravana made up his mind to act according to that vicious advice, his original pious intention towards Kubera having vanished. Therupon he addressed Prahasta with these words: "O Prahasta, do thou repair to my brother Kubera and tell these my words. Lanka formerly belonged to the Rakshasas.

It still belong to them. Knowing this and knowing what is Dharma, do thou leave Lanka without delay. Rakshasas under my leadership shall now rule Lanka.

Hearing this delightful words of Ravana, Prahasta departed saying "O lord, so be it". Prahasta went to Kubera without delay. Repairing unto the palace of Kubera, equipped with all luxuries, Prahasta conveyed the message to him with grave import, "O king Kubera, know me as a messenger of our king Ravana, the king of the Rakshasas and thy younger brother.

Thou ruleth this Lanka abounding in all resources, which was formerly ruled by the Rakshasas. The Devas with the help of Vishnu, forced us to leave this land, and repair to other domains. Knowing all this thou art unrighteously keeping Lanka under thy control.

It behevoth thee to leave Lanka, by knowing what is Dharma." Hearing this words of Prahasta, Kubera, with composed mind replied "Do thou messenger, tell this my reply unto your lord. Dear Ravana! My father gave this Lanka to me, when it was lying vacant for a long time, after the Rakshasas left it.

I by effort made it magnificent. You come here and live with me. You have a claim to a share in all my fortune".

Having sent back Prahasta thus, Kubera became agitated in mind, knowing about the evil motives of his younger brother Ravana. This Ravana, my brother is now powerful and can do what ever he pleaseth. I shall now repair unto Visrava, our common father and inform him all about this Reflecting thus and becoming sceptical about Ravana agreeing to that proposal, he went to his father Visravasa.

Seeing his son Vaisravana, having arrived thus, the great sage Visrava addressed him thus: "O child, what shall I do for thee? What is the purpose of thy visit? Why are thou agitated thus?" Hearing this Kubera, with folded palms, told him: "O, sage, thou art the father of myself and Ravana. Having grown with power and might, Ravana wants to take away Lanka from me. Do thou instruct me what course shall I take?".

Hearing the words of Kubera, afflicted with anxiety, sage Visravas addressed him, with soft words: "O child, thou and Ravana are equal unto me. However know that Ravana is adamant and thy younger brother. Thou are elder and blessed with wisdom and piety.

O Son, Ravana always cherisheth this wicked desire to have Lanka for himself. Knowing his wicked desire, I had formerly advised him to give up this sinful idea. He was adamant and insistant on his resolve.

Know that Ravana is very sinful and wicked in his deeds. Knowing him thus, do thou, who is ever dear unto me and unto the Devas, and who always traverse the path of righteousness, do thou keep away from him. It behevoth thee to avoid a confrontation with that wicked Ravana, thy younger brother.

Do thou also keep in mind the welfare of thy subjects. A confrontation with Ravana is not benificial to thee. Do thou make peace with Ravana.

Do thou give up Lanka to Ravana. Shift thy residence to the neighbourhood of the most delightful mountain of Kailasa. That wonderful the pleasure resort is inhabitted with numerous Yakshas.

Do thou leave Lanka with your followers and possessions without delay and with the objective of dwelling there, take up thy quarters (there). There floweth the Mandakini best of streams, with her water covered with golden lotuses resembling suns, as also with lillies and blue lotuses and various other fragrant lowers. And coming there frequently, Devas with Gandharvas and Apsaras and Nagas and Kinnaras, ever spot there.

O.lord of riches, thou ought not to enter into hostilities with that Raksha. Thou knowest how he hath obtained a great boon.

Thus addressed, Vaisravana, for the sake of his father s dignity, with his wives and sons, with his counsellors and his vehicles and wealth went (to Kailasa). And Prahasta, going (back), joyfully spoke unto the high souled Ten necked one, (seated) with his counsellors and his younger brothers, The city of Lanka is(now) empty. Renouncing her, the bestower of riches hath gone out of her.

(Now) entering into her, along with us, do thou there maintain thine own religion. Thus addressed by Prahasta, the redoubtable Ten necked one entered the city of Lanka with his brothers and forces and followers. And then even as the lord of the Devas ascends heaven, that foe of the immortals ascended Lanka well divided by highways, which had been forsaken by the lord of wealth.

And having been installed, that night ranger the Ten faced one dwelt in that city ;and that city teemed with night rangers resembling dark clouds. And the lord of riches, for the sake of his father s dignity, dwelt in a palace situated on the hill bright as moon light, graced with ornamented superb piles; even as Purandara dwells in Amaravati."

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