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Rama heard that highly sacred theme for many long days in the company of ascetics, kings and Vanaras. And understanding from the story that Kusa and Lava were Janaki s sons, Rama mentioning her name said before the assembly "Send a good emissary unto the illustious Valmiki and let him communicate unto the ascetics that if Janaki is sinless and has lead pure life in the forest; let her give proof of purety by the great ascetic s permission. Let the emissaries learn well the intention Of the ascetic in this and if Sita is at heart willing to bring in proofs.

To uphold her as well as mine purity, let Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, swear before the assembly." Hearing those wonderful words of Rama, the emissaries speedily went to Valmiki and saluting the high souled (ascetic) burning in his effulgence and of incomparable lustre, communicated unto him, in sweet words all what Rama had said. Heaing the words of the messengers and understanding Rama s intention the ascetic said What Rama has said shall be satisied.

May good betide you. Husband is the greatest god for women. So Sita shall carry out his behests.

The great ascetic having said this, the highly powerful emissaries, approaching Rama, communicated unto him what the Muni had said. Hearing the words of the high souled Valmiki, Rama was greatly delighted. Having addressed the assembled Rishis and kings he said "The Rishis with their desciples, and the kings with their followers and all others willing shall see Sita swear here.

Hearing the words of the high souled Rama, all the high souled Rishis began to speak of him in high terms and said :"O foremost of men, such an action becomes thee not any one else." Thereupon having settled that Sita would swear next day, Rama, the slayer of enemies, dismissed them all. And having made arrangements that Sita would go through the trial next day, the high minded, generous king Rama bade adieu unto all kings and Rishis.

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