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That sacrifice, the like of which was never seen before, having been undetaken the illustrious ascetic Valmiki, with his desciples, came there. And beholding this wonderful sacrifice resembling that of the Devas, his followers, the Rishis, made charming cottages in a solitary corner and at no distance. Inside the highly charming cottage of Valmiki they placed his picturesque car full of fruits and roots.

Thereupon Valmiki said to his desciples, Lava and Kusa. "Do ye carefully and delightedly sing the whole of Ramayana in the highly holy hermitages, of the Rishis, in the homes where perpetual fire is kept up by the Brahmanas, in streets and palaces, at the gate of Rama s house, in the sacrificial arena and before all Ritvikas. And eating all those sweet fruits that are on the summit of the mountan near our hermitage, do ye engage in chanting the sweet Ramayana.

If you begin singing after taking all those sweet fruits you shall not experience exhaustion in singing nor you shall forget measure. If Rama, the lord of earth, invites you to sing the Ramayana, you may fearlessly sing it there in due notes and measures before the assembled ascetics. During the day do ye sing, in your sweet voice, Twenty sections out of many I have laid in the Ramayana consisting of many slokas.

Do not cherish the least longing for riches. Of what avail is wealth unto ascetics living perpetually on fruits and roots ?If Rama asks you about your father you may say, "We are both desciples of the high soulcd Valmiki. O Kusa and Lava, in your proper mood do you sing this sweet song with charming Murchana accompanied by the sweet notes of Vina.

Before you begin with the song, with out disregarding the king, do you bow unto him reverentially. Morally the king is the father of all. Do you therefore both, delightedly and with a collected mind, early in the morning, sing the theme in a sweet voice and accompanied by the music of the stringed instrument.

Having in this wise given counsels, the highly generous and great ascetic Valmiki, son of Pracheta, became silent. Being thus commanded by the ascetic, Janakis sons, Lava and Kusa, the slayers of enemies, issued out therefrom saying. So we shall do.

Like unto the two Aswins following the moral precepts of Sukra, the two princes, placing those wonderful counsels of Valmiki in their minds, spent the night with a heart stricken with curiousity.

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