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Having speedily despatched before all article of sacrifice, Bharata s elder brother Rama set free a black horse, gifted with all marks and worthy of the sacrifice and placed Lakshmana with Ritvikas in charge of it. Thereupon the mighty armed Kakuthstha, in the company of his soldiers, proceeded to the Naimisha forest and beholding the wonderful sacificial ground attained to an excess of delight and said It has become highly charming." And while he remained in the Naimisha forest, all the kings sent him presents and Rama also made returns.

And diverse food, drink and clothes were offered to the kings when they arrived there with profuse presents. Bharata, with Satrughna, engaged in attending upon the kings. The high souled Vanaras, with Sugriva, being self controlled engaged in attending upon the Brahmanas.

Vibhishana, in the company of many Rakshasas, with a collected mind, began to serve the Rishis, having asceticism for their wealth. And the highly powerful Rama, the foremost of men, set aside valuable houses for the accomodation of the high souled kings. Under these proper arrangements the horse sacrifice commenced.

Lakshmana engaged in looking after the sacrificial horse. In this wise Rama, a lion amongst the kings, undertook the celebration of the horse sacrifice. And in that Ashwamedha of Rama presents were given unto people as long as they were not satisfied.

There was no other sound audible at that time save that of Give !Give!!." In sooth at the horse sacrifice of the high souled Rama, to their fullest satisfaction, sweets and other things were distributed unto people. Indeed before words came out from the lips of the beggars, Vanaras and Rakshasas satisfied them with gifts.

And all the ascetics living for ever and having asceticism for wealth that were present there, could not think of any other sacrifice, accompanied by so profuse presents, they had seen before. In that sacrifice, those, who wished for Gold, obtained it, those who wished for propety got it and those, who longed for jewels, received them. In this wise before all, enough of gold, jewels, and clothes were given away.

The ascetics said: We have never seen before a sacrifice like this, Indra s, Soma s, Yama s or Varuna s. And being present everywhere the Rakshasas and Vanaras gave away enough of riches and clothes even unto them who did not want. And though this sacrifice, gifted with all marks, of Rama, a lion among kings, continued for a year still his accumulated treasure was not exhausted, but rather was increased.

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