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Rama having thus described the wonderful birth of Pururava, the illustrious Bharata and Lakshmana asked him again saying: 0 foemost of men, tell us what did Ila afterwards do after living in the company of Soma s son for a year.

Hearing their sweet words Rama again began with the story of Kardama s son and said "In turn, the heroic Ila, having regained his manhood, the highly illustrious and intelligent Budha, well informed of birth and well skilled in the art of speech, sent for the highly liberal Samvarta, Bhrigu s son Chyavana, Aristanemi, the foremost of Munis, Durvasa, capable of affording delight, and other friends gifted with patience and said "Ye all know well, how this mighty armed Ila, Kardama s son, attained to this peculiar condition." Thereupon while those high souled ones were conversing upon this subject, the highly effulgent Kardama arrived at the hermitage. Pulastya, Kratu, Vasatkara and the highly effulgent Omkara came there following him.

Being greatly delighted for their arrival they all gave out their individual opinion for bringing about the well being of the king of Valheeki. For the welfare of his son, the patriarch Kardama said "Hear, O twice born ones, how the well being of the king Ila may be secured. For this desease I do not find any other good medicine but Uma s lord.

And save Asvamedha there is no other sacrifice more favourite unto the high souled deity. Let us all therefore celebrate that hard sacrifice on behalf of this king." Thereupon Samvarta s desciple, the royal saint Marutta, the conqueror of enemies cities, collected all articles for the sacrifice.

Thereupon in the vicinity of Budha s hermitage that mighty sacrifice was celebrated. And by that the great Rudra attained to delight and said to the twice born ones, in the presence of the king Ila "O foremost of twice born ones, I have been greatly delighted with this sacrifice and your devotion. Tell me now, what I can do for this king of Valheeka.

Hearing the words of Mahadeva, the Brahmanas, having propitiated him with great devotion, prayed for Ila s manhood. Thereupon delighted the highly effulgent Mahadeva, having conferred upon him manhood, disappeared. In this wise the horse sacrifice being finished and Mahadeva having disappeared, the far seeing and leading twice born ones repaired to their respective hermitages.

And having placed his eldest son Sasavindu as the king of the country of Valheeka, the king Ila reared another city in the middle country. In time Ila attained to the excellent Brahma region and his son Pururava obtained that Pratishtana kingdom. O foremost of men, such is the power of the horse sacrifice, that the king Ila, though conveted into a female, regained manhood by virtue thereof.

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