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Having heard of the story of the king Ila from Rama, Lakshmana and Bharata were greatly surprised. And with folded hands they, requesting the noble king Rama, for futher particulars, said "How could the king Ila subject himself to those afflictions in the shape of a female? And how did he use to behave himself in his male form ?"Hearing those words begotten of curiosity, Rama engaged in relating the whole story as he had heard before, saying "In the first month, assuming his female form having lotus eyes and charming the three world, he used to sport in the forest abounding in groves, in the company of his companions metamorphosed into the same form. Having sent away all his conveyances he used to sport in the mountain vale.

Thus roaming, Ila one day espied Budha, a bundle of rays, resembling the full moon in a picturesque pond filled with birds at some distance from the mountain. Having compassion for all creatures Budha, at that time, was performing, hard, glorious and wished for austerities within waters. O son of Raghu, on beholding him Ila was greatly surprised, and with her female companions began to agitate waters.

As soon as Budha saw her he was assailed by the arrows of Kamadeva. Not being able to control himself he grew impatient with waters and thought "This damsel is far more beautiful even than the celestial girls. I have never seen before a like beauty amongst the Devas,Nagas, Asuras and Apsaras.

If she has not been married before then she is my wothy spouse."With this resolution Budha got up from the waters, and repairing to his hermitage, sent for the fair ones. They all saluted him.

Thereupon the virtuous souled Budha accosted them saying "Whose daughter is this graceful girl amongst you and for what she has come here ?Do not delay tell me soon." Hearing those sweet words of his, the females said "This fair damsel is our supreme lady. She has no husband.

Journeying she has come here with us." Hearing those plain words, Budha thought of the learning by which one can perceive everything. And being informed of all regarding the king Ila thereby he said "Do ye all live in this mountain being Kimpurushas; do ye make your respective habitations here.

I shall give you always fruits and roots. O ye females, you shall hare all Kimpurushas as your husbands." According to the words of Budha they lived in that mountain as Kimpurushas.

In this wise many Kimpurusa Budhas were procreated.

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