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On seeing Markaraksha come out, all those chiefs of Vanaras, leaping all at once, took their positions, with intent to give fight.

Thereafter, a very great battle ensued between Vanaras and Rakshasas, which caused one s hair to bristle, like the encounter between Devas and Danavas. The Vanaras and Rakshasas then, by hurling trees and spikes and by throwing maces and clubs, began to crush each other. Those Rakshasas, who were prowlers of might, made a slaughter of the Lions among the Vanaras, by means of their javelins, swords, maces, spears, lances, sharp edged spears, Bhindipalas (slings for throwing stones), nooses, mallets, staffs, missiles and other weapons and by throwing arrows on all sides.

Tormented by Makaraksha with a multitude of arrows, all the Vanaras were bewildered in mind, agonized with fear and ran away. On seeing those Vanaras fleeing, all the arrogant Rakshasas roared like Lions, assuming a triumphant feeling. While those Vanaras were fleeing on all sides, Rama then, with a shower of arrows, intercepted those Rakshasas on that occasion. Seeing Rama thus interrupting the Rakshasas, Makaraksha, the Rakshasa, engrossed in a fire of anger, spoke the following words:

"Pause, O Rama! You will have a dual with me. I will make your life to quit, by the sharp arrows discharged from my bow." "Since you killed my father on that day in Dandaka forest, my anger is still growing violent, when I think of you engaged in such nefarious acts". "O evil minded Rama! Since you were not being seen by me from that time in that large forest, my limbs were getting very much fumed."

"By a good fortune, you came into my sight here, O Rama! You are being sought by me, as a lion in hunger seeks other animal to eat." "Now, by the flight of my arrows, you will go to the world of Death and reside there with those warriors, who were killed by you earlier." "O Rama! What is the use, by telling too much on this topic? Hear my words. All the worlds will look at you and me, in this battle front."

"O Rama! The battle will proceed in the battle field, either with the weapons, or with a mace or by our arms or by any other means as learnt by you." Hearing the words of Makaraksha, Rama the son of Dasaratha laughingly spoke the following words to him, who was still talking further and further (without interruption). "O Rakshasa! Why are you boasting yourself with so many unworthy words, in vain? Without fighting in the battle field, it is well nigh impossible for you to attain victory with the strength of a mere speech." "I killed fourteen thousand Rakshasas along with Khara your father, Trishira and even Dushana in Dandaka forest."

"O sinful one! Today, Vultures Jackals and Crows with their sharp beaks and goad like claws will be satiated with your flesh." Hearing Rama s words, the mighty Makaraksha discharged a multitude of arrows on that Rama in the battle field. Rama tore those arrows in many ways, by his array of arrows. Those arrows, which were provided with golden shafts, fell to the ground, when torn in thousands.

That battle raged furiously, on their meeting each other there, between Makaraksha the son of Khara the Rakshasa and Rama the son of Dasaratha. Then, the sound emanated by the bows, with a great resonance, was heard on the battle front, like the rumbling of clouds in space. With an intent to see that wonderful battle, all the Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras and great Uragas reached the sky.

Though the limbs of both were pierced by each other, their strength was redoubled. The two warriors inflicted wounds on each other, returned the blows of the other in the battle front and continued the combat. In the battle, that Rakshasa broke the multitude of arrows discharged by Rama. Rama snapped off, in many ways, the arrows released by the Rakshasa. All the four quarters and the intermediate points were diffused with a multitude of arrows. Even the earth was covered on all sides and did not become visible. Then, the long armed Rama, full of anger in battle, broke off the bow of the Rakshasa. Thereupon, by his eight iron arrows, struck the charioteer.

Rama, breaking the chariot with his arrows and killing its Horses, made them to fall down dead. That Makaraksha the Rakshasa, bereft of his chariot, stood on the ground. That Rakshasa, standing on the ground, took into his hand, a spike, which created fright among all living beings and whose splendour was equal to the fire at the end of the world. That great spike, which was difficult to be obtained, was gifted to him by Rudra, one of the eight forms of Shiva the Lord of Dissolution. That terrible spike, which flamed violently in the sky, looked like another new weapon of destruction of the world. On seeing it, all the godheads were afflicted with fear and fled to different quarters.

Brandishing that flaming great spike, that enraged Rakshasa hurled it against that great souled rama. Rama broke, by his four arrows, that flaming spike coming forth from Makaraksha s arm and rushing towards him in the sky. That spike, adored with charming gold, broken in many ways, struck by Rama s arrows, fell scattered on the earth, like a mighty meteor.

Seeing that spike struck by Rama, who was unwearied in action, the beings standing in the air, cried, saying Excellent, Excellent! Seeing that spike destroyed, Makaraksha the Rakshasa, rising his fist, called out to Rama, saying "Wait, Wait!". Then, seeing Makaraksha rushing towards him, that Rama the delight of Raghu dynasty, while smiling, fitted to his bow, a mystic missile presided over by fire. Struck by that missile by Rama, the Rakshasa with his heart split open, fell down dead then and there, in the battle field.

Seeing the fall of Makaraksha, all those Rakshasas, tormented by the fear of Rama s arrows, ran away straight to Lanka. Thrilled with delight, the Devas watched that Rakshasa, the son of Khara, destroyed by the flights of Rama s arrows and resembling a mountain shattered, after struck by lightning.

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