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Hearing the death of Dhumraksha, Ravana the King of Rakshasas was possessed of anger and began to hiss like a serpent. Polluted by anger, with long and burning sighs, he addressed the cruel and mighty Vajradamshtra, a Rakshasa (as follows) "O, warrior! Go ahead as the head of the Rakshasas and slay Rama the son of Dasaratha, as also Sugreeva and his Vanaras!" "So it be" answered the leader of the Rakshasas who was a conjurer and departed with many divisions of the army that surrounded him. With the utmost attention, he assembled teams of Elephants, Horses mules Camels and chariots adorning them with conspicuous flags and banners and he himself was well prepared.

Adorned with colourful bracelets and a diadem, Vajradamshtra set out immediately, wielding a bow and well covered by an armour. That army general circumambulated and ascended his chariot, duly decorated with flags and shiningly adorned with purpose. Infantry of every kind issued forth, furnished in their hands with weapons such as clubs, excellent javelins, smooth pestles, harpoons, bows, lances, spears, swords, discus, maces and sharp axes. All those excellent Rakshasas in their resplendent and coloured uniforms, full of strength and mounted on Elephants furious with rut, resembled moving mountains.

All those excellent Rakshasas in their resplendent and coloured uniforms, full of strength and mounted on Elephants furious with rut, resembled moving mountains. That whole army of Rakshasas paraded, looking as brilliant as the clouds, with lightning and sound in the rainy season. They emerged from the southern gate where the General Angada is stationed. While those Rakshasas set forth, inauspicious portents appeared. From a cloudless yet burning sky, meteors fell. Fearful Jackals, emitting their howls, belched forth flames and fire.

The dreadful beasts then foretold destruction of Rakshasas, who while entering the combat, stumbled miserably. Ever after seeing these portents Vajradamshtra of exceeding prowess and sharpness, shored up courage and being fond of battle, set out for the combat. The Vanaras, burning for victory, seeing their enemies advancing, made tremendous shouts which echoed every quarter.

Thereafter, a tumultuous battle ensured between the Vanaras and the Rakshasas, who were cruel, of ferocious form and desirous of each other s destruction. Some warriors of great energy, coming for war, their necks, and bodies severed, fell to the surface of the earth, their entire bodies bathed in blood. Some other warriors, who did not turn back in battle, with arms resembling steel, approached one another, attacking with various kinds of weapons. An extremely great and terrible noise, breaking the hearts, was heard there from trees, rocks and weapons.

A terrific noise of the wheel rims of chariots and the bow, along with the tumultuous sounds of couches, kettle drums and tabours arose there. Some Rakshasas, leaving weapons, performed battle with their arms. The Rakshasas were beaten and their bodies made fragmented by the Vanaras of fighting arrogance, with their palms, feet, fists, trees and knees. Some Rakshasas were crushed to powder with rocks. Tremendously frightening the Vanaras in the battle by his arrows, Vajradamshtra moved himself in the battle field like Yama moving at the time of dissolution of the worlds, wielding a noose in his hand.

The strong Rakshasas skilled in weaponry and wielding various kinds of weapons, killed the army of Vanaras in that battle, with their increased anger. The courageous Angada the son of Vali, twice possessed of anger, killed all those Rakshasas in the battle, like a world destroying fire. The valiant Angada with his raging red eyes lifted a tree and killed all those troop of Rakshasas, like a lion killing small animals. Angada, with his prowess resembling that of Indra brought about a terrific destroyer of the enemies.

The terribly strong Rakshasas, struck by Angada there, had their heads shattered and fell down like chopped off trees. The earth then appeared fearful, it being covered with chariots, conspicuous flags, Horses, bodies of Vanaras and Rakshasas with streams of blood flowing there. That battle field, decorated with necklaces, bracelets worn on upper arm, garments and umbrellas looked like an autumnal night. By the swiftness of Angada, that great army of Rakshasas there trembled then, like a cloud by the swiftness of wind.

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