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Thereafter, an energetic Rakshasa named Shardula came and saw the army, commanded by Sugriva, which was drawn up in a battle array.

That Rakshasa, the spy of Ravana the evil natured king of Rakshasas, coolly observed that army from all sides, speedily returned to Lanka and spoke to their king as follows: Boundless and immeasurable like another ocean, this multitude of Vanaras and Rikshas is approaching Lanka.. These brothers Rama and Lakshmana, the sons of Dasaratha, the excellent and the most dignified men endowed with beauty have arrived in the cause of Sita and settled in a camp after reaching the sea shore O, monarch! Their army is employed around a radius of ten Yojanas (eighty miles) on all sides. You have to ascertain this truth quickly

O, monarch! Your other spies also ought to ascertain the fact quickly. Under such circumstances, either conciliation or an act of giving away or sowing dissention (in the enemys ranks) may be employed. Hearing Shardulas words Ravana the lord of Rakshasas was perturbed and immediately determined his cause of action. Then he spoke the following words to a Rakshasa by name, Shuka the foremost among those who know their duty. Going quickly, speak fearlessly to king Sugriva on my behalf, according to my command, in an excellent and gentle voice, as follows:

O, great king! You are indeed born in a noble family, possessor of a great strength and are a son of Riksharaja. No gain whatsoever or any harm will accrue to you (from this battle) .O, lord of Vanaras! Nevertheless, you are like a brother to me. What does it matter to you, if I have embezzled the wife of a wise prince? (Therefore) return to Kishkindha This Lanka cannot be reached by Vanaras in any way. It cannot be acquired even by Devas and Gandharvas, why to talk about men and Vanaras?

Then Shuka the Rakshasa heralded by Ravana turned himself into the form of a bird and quickly flew into the sky. Proceeding in the sky for a distance continuously over the ocean, Shuka then stood up in the sky itself and spoke these words to Sugriva: Shuka repeated all the words the wicked Ravana had told him to say to Sugriva. As he was still speaking, the Vanaras bounded into the air to reach him at that moment quickly to tear off his wings and to smite him by their fists. The Rakshasa thus attacked was forcibly seized by all the Vanaras and immediately brought down to the ground from the sky.

Shuka being harassed by Vanaras spoke the following words: O, Rama! Messengers are not to be killed. Let your Vanaras be restrained properly. That messenger, who by abandoning the opinion of his king will speak about his own opinion though he being a messenger and he who on the other hand speaks that which was not told to him, that messenger is indeed fit to be killed. Hearing Shukas complaining words, Rama spoke to the foremost of Vanaras, who were beating him as aforesaid, saying Do not kill him

Perceiving no fear from Vanaras, Shuka became light winged, virtually standing in the sky and spoke again the following words. O, Sugriva, rich in courage and possessing great strength and valor! What am I to tell Ravana, whose nature is to cause world to cry? Hearing the aforesaid words, the mightily strong Sugriva the king of Vanaras and the foremost among them, with a merciless mind then spoke to the blame less Shuka, Ravanas spy, as follows:

O, Ravana, worthy of killing! You are not my companion. You are not worthy of sympathy. You are not the person who helped me in any way. I do not like you, as you are Ramas enemy. Hence, You are worthy to be killed like Vali, along with your associates O, the king of Rakshasas! I am killing you along with your sons, relatives and other kinsfolk. Arriving with a great army, I will reduce the entire Lanka and all of you to ashes. O, stupid Ravana! You along with your younger brother will not be left unkilled by Rama, even if you are protected by all including Indra or even if you have disappeared (by virtue of conjuring trick) or obtained, the solar orbit or entered the nethermost subterranean region or even if approached the lotus feet of Shiva I do not see any protector to you as such in the three worlds, nor do I see any Pisachas or a Rakshasa or a Gandharva or an Asura coming forward to protect you.

You killed Jatayu, the king of Vultures and who was senior to you in old age. Why the wide eyed Sita was not taken away in the presence of Rama and Lakshmana? Having made her captive, you do not recognize her for what she is. You are unaware how strong, high soled and irresistible even to Devas, is this Rama the excellent man of Raghu dynasty, who shall deprive you of your life. Thereafter, Angada the son of Vali and the foremost of the Vanaras spoke as follows: O, Sugriva the highly intelligent! He is not an ambassador. He appears to me as a spy.

All our army has been indeed evaluated by him, standing here. Let him be made captive. Let him not return to Lanka. This indeed finds favor with me. Commanded then by the king Sugriva, the Vanaras jumped up, seized and bound him, who without defence, wailed loudly. Harassed by those Vanaras there, Shuka on his part cried loudly towards Rama, the high soled son of Dasaratha as follows:

My wings are being pulled out forcibly. My eyes are being pierced. If I die, all the sins incurred by me between my birth and my death would fall to your share. Hearing that lamentation of Shuka, Rama did not allow his killing by the Vanaras. Rama ordered Vanaras to release him, as he came as an ambassador.

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