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Keeping ready Pushpaka the aerial car decorated with flowers, Vibhishana, for his part, standing not very far, spoke to Rama (as follows): What more can I do? thus spoke with haste, Vibhishana endowed as he was with modesty and with joined palms, to Rama. After some circumspection, Rama of great splendor, affectionately spoke the following words to him, while Lakshmana was listening:

Let all these Vanaras and Rikshas (ie. denizens of forests), who performed tasks of exertion, be honoured with tasks of exertion, be honoured with precious stones and riches of various kinds, O Vibhishana! O Vibhishana the king of Rakshasas! Lanka has conquered by you, in collaboration with these Vanaras, who never turned their backs in battles and fought joyfully, ignoring all risk to their lives. All these Vanaras, without exceptions, have accomplished their task. Reward their achievement with gifts of gold and precious stones.

Highly honoured in this way any duly cheered by you, acknowledging their services, the chiefs of Vanara troops, will feel happy. All will come nearer to you, for having possessed this quality of generosity, for propitiating them, for showing compassion to them and for having subjugated your senses. Hence, I am reminding you. O king! Feeling agitated, the army deserts that king, who is bereft of all loving qualities and who merely orders them to kill people in battle.

Hearing the words of Rama, Vibhishana honoured all those Vanaras, by dispersing precious stones and gold to them. Thereafter, having seen on that occasion all those commanders of Vanara troops honoured with precious stones and gold, Rama then mounted that excellent aerial car. He mounted the aerial car along with Lakshmana, his valiant brother wielding a bow and taking the illustrious Seetha, who was feeling abashed, in his arms. Bestowing attention on all the Vanaras as well as Vibhishana and the mighty Sugreeva, Rama remaining in the aerial car, spoke (as follows):

O the foremost of Vanaras! This work of a friend has been accomplished by you. Permitted by me, all of you can go, where you will. O Sugreeva! All that which ought to be done by an affectionate and service minded friend, has been done for your part by you, trembling alive as you are to righteousness. Accompanied by your army, proceed to Kishkindha at once. O Vibhishana! Settle down in your kingdom at Lanka, conferred by me. Even the Devas including Indra shall not be able to attack you.

I am going to Ayodhya, the seat of government of my father. I bid adieu to you and wish to take leave of you all. Hearing the words of Rama, the Vanara chiefs, the Vanaras, Vibhishana the Rakshasa and all of them there, with their joined palms, spoke (as follows): We also wish to proceed to Ayodhya. You take all of us there we shall range the gardens and groves there with rejoice.

O the excellent king! Seeing you, drench with ablution (in the coronation ceremony) and offering our salutations to Kausalya, we shall return to our homes. Hearing those words of the Vanaras and Vibhishana, that pious minded Rama spoke to those Vanaras, Sugreeva and Vibhishana as follows: Something more dearer than everything dear will be achieved by me, if I reach Ayodhya with the host of my friends along with all of you, for, I shall feel delighted. O Sugreeva! Mount the aerial cars quickly, along with the Vanaras. O Vibhishana, the king of Rakshasas! You also ascend it, along with your counsellors.

Thereupon, that Sugreeva along with the Vanaras gladly ascended that wonderful Pushpaka, the aerial car. Vibhishana together with his counselors also ascended it. When all of them ascended, that excellent aerial car, belonging to Kubera, flew into the sky, after having been duly authorized by Rama. Feeling greatly rejoiced and satisfied while travelling in that splendid aerial car, which was now in the air and was provided with the image of a swan, Rama shone like Kubera.

All those mighty Vanaras, Rikshas and Rakshasas sat comfortably and spaciously in that wonderful aerial car.

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