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Having seen the destruction of Ravana, those Devas, Gandharvas and Danavas, while chatting about the auspicious narrative, went away in their respective Vimanas (aerial cars).

Chatting themselves about the awful destruction of Ravana, the terrific prowess of Rama, the admirable combat of the Vanaras, the counsel tendered by Sugreeva, the affection and valour of Lakshmana the son of Sumitra the loyaltyof Seetha to her husband and about the strength of Hanuma, the illustrious Devas and others rejoicingly returned as they had come. Taking leave of the divine chariot, which had been given by Indra and which shone like fire, the mighty armed Rama respectfully saluted Matali. As assented by Rama, Matali Indra s charioteer, mounting that divine chariot, ascended to the heaven itself.

When Matali ascended to heaven along with his chariot, Rama, the foremost one among the chariot warriors was highly rejoiced and embraced Sugreeva. Having embraced Sugreeva greeted by Lakshmana and having been honoured by the Vanara troops. Rama came to the camp where the army had been stationed. Then, Rama spoke (as follows) to Lakshmana, son of Sumitra, who was endowed with strength and having auspicious marks, who stayed nearby. "O the benevolent Lakshmana! Consecrate on the throne of Lanka, this Vibhishana to whom everyone is attached, a loyal person as he is and the one who has formerly done a service to us."

"O gentle one! This s my paramount desire that I should see this Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana being consecrated for throne in Lanka." Hearing the words of the great soled Rama, Lakshmana replied, so it be and rejoicingly procured a golden pot. That mighty Lakshmana, then placing that pot in the hands of the Vanara chiefs, instructed them, who were as swift as thought, to bring sea water.

Thereupon, those excellent Vanaras, with the swiftness of thought, moving very quickly from that place, returned, having obtained the water from the sea. Thereupon, Lakshmana together with his friends, taking one pot and making Vibhishana to sit on the throne, sprinkled him with sea water from that pot in accordance with the rule prescribed in Vedic scriptures, while the Rakshasas were witnessing the ceremony, to make him the king for Lanka, as directed by Rama. Then, all the Rakshasas as well as the Vanaras consecrated Vibhishana. Having gained extra ordinary delight, they indeed eulogized Rama.

Seeing Vibhishana the lord of Rakshasas consecrated for the throne of Lanka, his four counsellors who were always together with him and such of those Rakshasas who were devoted to him, were rejoiced. Rama together with Lakshmana were greatly delighted. That Vibhishana, having gained that great kingdom bestowed on him by Rama, was also greatly delighted. After consoling his people, Vibhishana then sought to presence of Rama. Now, the Rakshasas who were residing in the city were quite delighted and brought to him (by way of presents) curds, unbroken grains of rice, sweets shaped like balls, parched grains of unhusked rice and flowers too. Accepting them, the valiant and unconquerable Vibhishana happily offered all those auspicious objects to Rama and Lakshmana.

Seeing Vibhishana, who had accomplished his act and increased his resources, Rama accepted it all, with a sole desire to show gratefulness to him. Thereupon, Rama spoke the following words to the valiant Hanuma the Vanara who was equal in size to a mountain and who was standing in humility, with his hands joined in salutation. "O the benevolent one! Taking permission from this Vibhishana, the great king and entering into the City of Lanka, inform about our welfare to Seetha."

"O Hanuma, the proficient one in speech! Inform Seetha that myself together with Lakshmana and Sugreeva are well and that Ravana had been killed in battle." "O Hanuma the master of Vanaras! Making clear this favourite news to Seetha, you ought to return, taking back her message."

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