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Thus spoken to by Seetha, Rakshasis swooned with anger terribly. Some went to tell that to Ravana the evil minded one. Therafter Rakshasis with a terrible appearance neared Seetha and ten agin spoke words of evil purpose, with a single meaning and which were harsh. "O ignoble one! O one with a sinful resolve! O Seetha! Today at this moment Rakshasis will eat this your flesh according to comfort."

Then, seeing Seetha frightened by those evil ones, an Rakshasi named Trijata, sleeping till then, spoke these words. "O evil ones! Eat your selves. You will not eat Seetha who is the dear daughter of king Janaka and daughter in law of king Dasaratha." "Now a dream which is terrible, causing the hairs to stand erect for the destruction of Rakshasas and for the welfare of Her husband, has been seen by me."

Thus spoken to by Trijata all Rakshasis were frightened and spoke to that Trijata these words. "Of what kind is this dream seen by you. Tell us". Listening to this utterance that came forth from the mouths of those Rakshasis, Trijata spoke at that time this word relating to the dream. Rama" wearing white garlands and clothes passing through the sky, Himself ascending a palanquin made of ivory tied with a thousand swans, arrived along with Lakshmana." "Now it has been seen by me in the dream that Seetha also wearing white clothes was sitting on a white mountain surrounded by the ocean."

Seetha came together with Rama like the light with the Sun. Rama also was seen by me to be mounted on a great Elephant with four tusks and equalling a mountain and Rama wandered together with Lakshmana." "Thereafter shining with their own radiance, wearing white garlands and clothes, those two best among men Rama and Lakshmana neared Seetha." "Thereafter Seetha rested on the upper part of back of Elephant in the sky taken by Her husband Rama to the front of that mountain."

"Thereafter it has been seen by me that Seetha with eyes like lotuses has risen up from the lap of Her husband and gently touched the Moon and the Sun with Her hand." "Thereafter that best Elephant ascended by those princes Rama and Lakshmana and by Seetha with wide eyes stood on the top of Lanka." Rama" together with wife Seetha, Himself came here in a chariot tied with eight white bulls."

"The valorous best among men Rama together with brother Lakshmana and with Seetha ascended wonderful Pushpaka aeroplane equalling the Sun, went in the northern direction." Rama" with strength equalling that of Lord Vishnu, born in Raghu s dynasty together with brother Lakshmana and with Seetha has been seen by me thus in the dream." Rama" with great glory is not possible to be defeated by Suras or by Rakshasas or by others like heaven not being conquerable by sinners." Ravana" also was seen by me on earth sprinkled with oil, with red clothes, with garlands tied with Oleander flowers, drinking oil and intoxicated."

"Now Ravana fallen down on to earth from Pushpaka aeroplane having the head shaved, wearing black clothes again was seen to be pulled by a woman." "Wearing red garlands and unguents, drinking oil, laughing, dancing, with a confused mind, with agitated senses, Ravana went by a chariot tied by Donkeys." "Undertaking southern direction, Ravana went quickly by a donkey.Again it was seen by me that the king of Rakshasas Ravana stupefied with fear, fell down from the donkey with head down."

"That Ravana rising up quickly, together with perplexity, distressed with fear, excited by passion, being naked, like a mad man, prattling many bad words, entering dirt with a bad smell, which was intolerable, horrible, dark, like the hell and quickly sank in that." "A woman with red clothes, who was black, with body smeared with dirt, tying Ravana by the throat, was pulling hiim in southern direction." "In that dream the Rakshasa Kumbhakarna has been seen thus by me. All Ravana s sons have been seen to be sprinkled with oil."

Ravana" by a Pig, Indrajit by a Porpoise, Kumbhakarna by a Camel set out in southern direction." "Among those Vibhishana is the only one who has been seen by me to be having a white umbrella, wearing white garlands and clothes and anointing body with white unguents." Vibhishana" is there adorned with the sound of conch shells and kettledrums, with dances and songs, ascended a best Elephant equalling a mountain with the sound of a thundering cloud, with four tusks. He approached the sky together with four ministers" "An assembly also of Rakshasas drinking oil and wearing red garlands, with red clothes, with the sound of songs and musical instruments has been seen by me."

"This beautiful city of Lanka has also been seen together with Horses and Elephants with broken gates and arches fallen down in the ocean." Lanka" protected by Ravana has been seen by me in the dream to be burnt by a quick Vanara who is a messenger of Rama." "In Lanka horrible with ash, all Rakshasis were drinking oil, laughing heartily with a great noise and also dancing a lot."

"All these best among Rakshasas such as Kumbhakarna and others taking a red cloth entered a hole filled with cow dung." "Go away! Be destroyed! Rama will get Seetha. With a great anger He will get you killed together with other Rakshasas." Rama" will not approve frightening ot threatening His dear wife who is highly valued by Him, who followed Him to live in the forest."

"For that reason, enough of cruel words. Gentle words indeed be said. Let us request Seetha. This is agreeable to me." "Which woman while being sorrowful, such type of dream has been seen, that woman being released from various sorrows, will get unsurpassed pleasure." "O Rakshasis! Entreat Seetha who has been frightened. What is the use with a desire to speak. From Rama a horrible fear has come to Rakshasas." "O Rakshasis! This Seetha daughter of Janaka, pleased with prostration is competent to protect us from great danger. And also I do not see in Her who is wide eyed, in Her limbs even a minute misshapen characteristic, even insignificant one."

"I see an imperfection in complexion alone. I doubt that this princess who came near an aeroplane in my dream, who is not suited to sorrows received sorrow." "I am seeing Seetha coming near accomplishment of motive. I also see the destruction of Ravana also and victory of Rama coming near." "Being a cause to listen to a great pleasure of Her, this throbbing eye long like a lotus petal is being seen my me."

One" left arm of this strightforward Seetha suddenly has become erect and is slightly trembling." Seetha" s best left thigh equal to an Elephant s trunk is trembling indicating Rama s standing in front of Her." "A bird also entering its dwelling place on a branch again and again speaking best consolating words, is telling heartily welcoming words being delighted again and again, as though impelling Seetha."

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