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That expert in sentences, namely sage Nishaakara, entered his own dwelling on saying these and many other words of encouragement and after permitting me to take leave. (4 63 1) But on creeping slowly and slowly from the cave of that

mountain I clambered up the Mountain Vindhya and I am looking forward for your arrival… (4 63 2) As of now, a little more than a hundred years have slipped by, and I am awaiting events and times minding sage s words in my heart… (4 63 3) But many illogical thoughts crowded round me when Sage

Nishaakara has gone on great voyage to heaven, thus my anguish burned me down… (4 63 4) I have been reversing the thought cropped up for my suicide by virtue of the afflatus endowed to me by that sage, and I have been safeguarding my lives as that afflatus is taking away my anguish, as a tongue of flaring fire takes away darkness… (4 63 5, 6a)

Though I am aware of the valour of that dirty minded Ravana, I was rebuking my son saying, how you have not saved Maithili? (4 63 6b, 7a) My son has not effectuated my cherish even on hearing the bewail of Seetha, or at least on hearing that Rama and Lakshmana are separated from Seetha, or at least on knowing my friendship with Dasharatha… Thus Sampati spoke to Vanaras. (4 63 7b, 8a)

Both the wings of Sampati have then cropped up just before the eyes of those Vanaras who are clustering around him, while Sampati is speaking in this way to those Vanaras… (4 63 8b, 9a) On looking at his own body which is now covered with newborn reddish feathered wings Sampati obtained an incomparable rejoice, and he also said this to vanara s. (4 63 9b, 10a)

By the efficacy of that kingly sage of illimitable magnificence both the wings of Sampati that were burnt down by sunrays have resurfaced again. (4 63 10b, 11a) Which valour, vigour, and valiance were prevailing in my youth, now I am experiencing them alone… (4 63 11b, 12a)

Let an endeavour be made by all of you. For sure, you will come by Seetha. This event of my regaining wings shall be the causer of credibility in you all… (4 63 12b, 13a) On saying thus to all of those Vanaras that best bird Sampati took wing from that mountaintop to ascertain the plight of a sky going bird when anew on the wing. (4 63 13b, 14a)

On hearing that word of Sampati those tigerly Vanaras are heartily gladdened and while their valour inspiriting them they have became proactive towards their task. (4 63 14) Those best fly jumpers having redeemed their certitude, then with a gustily gusto waited for an opportune time called abhijit lagna

and then journeyed on to the southern direction, as they are the pioneers in searching Seetha, the daughter of Janaka. (4 63 15)

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