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When those Vanara commanders are relaxed after refreshments, then that sainted lady, who concentrates single mindedly and who is a pursuer of probity, spoke this word to all of them. (4 52 1) "Oh, vanara s, if your enervation is eased off by devouring fruits, and if I may listen to that episode of yours, I wish to listen to it." Thus Swayamprabha addressed the Vanaras. (4 52 2) Hanuma, the son of Vayu, sincerely started to narrate their episode in its pithiness on hearing her words. (4 52 3)

"The king of all the world and one similar to Mahendra and Rain god, such an illustrious Rama of Dasharatha entered Dandaka forest with his bother Lakshmana, even along with his wife Vaidehi, but Ravana coercively abducted his wife from Janasthana. (4 52 4, 5) "A valiant one and the king of important vanara s known as Sugreeva is a vanara and the friend of that kingly Rama, and that vanara king expedited us. (4 52 6) "He mobilised us along with these important vanara s and Angada as helmsman to this southerly prospect, which is the walkabout of Sage Agastya and watched over by Yama, the Death god, saying, you all shall collectively search for Seetha of Videha kingdom together with the Rakshasa Ravana, a guise changer by his wish. (4 52 7, 8) "On searching out the southerly direction in its entirety we are all hungered and we all gathered around at a tree stem. (4 52 9)

"All of us were whey faced, all of us were preoccupied with propositions, thus deluged in the depthless deep of our despair we could not overreach the other shore of our oceanic despair. (4 52 10) "Then straggling our eyes we perceived this wide cavity wrapped up with vines and woods and enwrapped in darkling. (4 52 11) Swans", water hawks, saarasa waterfowls were coming out of this cavity drenched in water and sprinkling drops of water with the flaps of their wings. (4 52 12)

"I said to all of them, Good! Let us enter it, while they too had some inference about the availability of water in here. (4 52 13) "As our task was hastening us then we all readied ourselves to fall in the cavity by tightly clasping each other s hand, and then we fell in this cavity. (4 52 14) "Thus we readily entered this Black Cavity, and this much is our activity in here as we all have come here by our escapade for water, and we neared you when we were ravenous and retrogressing. (4 52 15, 16a)

"And we who are overly harassed by hunger have devoured the fruits and tubers you have offered with the grace of your hospitality. (4 52 16) "You have rescued all of us who were on the verge of hunger deaths, and what is to be done by vanara s for you in requital that you may please tell." Thus Hanuma spoke to that sainted lady. (4 52 17b, 18a) When she is spoken thus by those vanara s then that omniscient Swayamprabha replied this to all of the vanara commanders. (4 52 18b, 19a) "I am very happy with all of the mighty vanara s and what I have done to you is a part of my conduct in equity, hence nothing need be done now in my favour, in the least. (4 52 9b, 20a)

When Hanuma is said that blessed word by that sainted lady in that way, that which is agreeable to propriety, then Hanuma said this sentence to her who is with an unreprovable discernment. (4 52 20b, 21a) "We are now under the auspices of your ladyship comporting yourself in scrupulosity. We lapsed the time stipulated for us by the noble souled Sugreeva by our roving around in this cavity. (4 52 21b, 22) "Such as you are, a righteous lady, it will be apt of you to cross us over this cavity, as we have overextended the timeframe fixed by Sugreeva, whereby our longevity itself is threatened. (4 52 23)

"Oh, prudent lady, sail all of us through. We are rendered as hesitaters with the fear from Sugreeva. We still have to achieve an admirable achievement and that deed is also left undone as we are held up in here." Thus Hanuma spoke to her. (4 52 24, 25a) When Hanuma said thus that sainted lady said sentence, "I believe outgoing is impracticable for the incomers in aliveness from this cavity. (4 52 25b, 26a) "By the sublime efficacy of ascesis acquired through my practices of numerous self restraints I wish to sail all of the vanara s through the incarceration, called this cavity. (4 52 26b, 27a)

"All of you best vanara s shall close up your eyelids, for it is indeed impossible to attempt an exit with unclose eyes." Thus that sainted lady said to Vanaras. (4 52 27b, 28a) Then all of those desirers of departure are gladdened and immediately shut their eyelids, and further they lidded them with their delicately fingered hands. (4 52 28b, 29a) She then sailed those noble souled vanara s who covered their faces with their hands through that cavity barely within a minute. (4 52 29b. 30a) That virtuous and sainted lady on comforting all of the Vanaras, who are taken out of that precarious cavity, spoke this to them at the exterior of cavity. (4 52 30b, 31a)

"This one which is surrounded by diverse trees and vines is the magnificent Vindhya Mountain, this mountain is Prasravana, and this vast expanse of water is the southerly ocean. Now I wish to return to my mansion… oh, best vanara s, let safety betide you." saying thus Swayamprabha the Sainted Lady, re entered the ostentatious cavity, called Riksha Bila. (4 52 31b, 32)

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