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In that way when Tara has submissively argued with words containing probity, Saumitri gave assent to her perspective as he is soft by his nature. (4 36 1)

And when Lakshmana conceded to that argument of Tara, Sugreeva, the king of Vanara troops, got rid of his highly intense scare of Lakshmana, like the riddance of a dampened cloth. (4 36 2)

Sugreeva, the king of vanara s, then ripped apart the superb garland which is so far enwreathing his neck, and which has several strands according several gratifications, and he also became sober as though the insobriety is ripped from his mind. (4 36 3) Sugreeva who is the most powerful one among all vanara s, then placatingly spoke this humble sentence to Lakshmana, whose prowess is most formidable. (4 36 4)

My prosperity, prominence and this perpetual kingdom of Vanaras are once mislaid, but oh, Soumitri, I regained all this just by the beneficence of Rama. (4 36 5) Who is capable of requiting Rama, oh, prince Lakshmana, even by a fraction of that kind

of inestimable help taken from him, as that lord is renowned by actions particular to himself, like daring and eliminating Vali. Who is capable of repudiating such a lordly Rama, even by a fraction of one s own bravery, unless he is prepared to tread that kind of path on which Vali has gone. (4 36 6)

Virtue souled Raghava reacquires Seetha, and even exterminates Ravana by himself with his own resplendence, while I and my assistance remain only in name. (4 36 7) Basically, why some measures of succour need be extended to him who has ripped seven

gigantic trees, a mountain, and even the earth, all just with one arrow! (4 36 8) He who outstretches his bow with a clangour by which the earth with its mountains quakes, oh, Lakshmana, to him these aides are really of what aid, indeed! (4 36 9)

Lakshmana, I just can tread behind that king of people, Rama, on his charging to eliminate enemy Ravana along with all of his vanguards, that s all. (4 36 10) If I have overstepped either in faith or friendliness, in the least, that may be pardoned for I am an attendant of yours. By the way, none is unoffending. (4 36 11)

Lakshmana is pleased with that great souled Sugreeva who is speaking thus, and said this he said to him, indeed, in friendliness. (4 36 12) In anyway, my brother indeed has a defender with him, oh, king of vanara s Sugreeva,

especially you, who are a defender of your own word and a deferential one towards Rama. (4 36 13) With this kind of preponderance and plainness you possess, Sugreeva, you are the only merited one to enjoy this unexcelled kingdom of Vanaras. (4 36 14)

Before long, Sugreeva, dauntless Rama will be eliminating enemies in a war with you as his supporter, there is no doubt about it. (4 36 15) You are the knower of virtuousness and gratefulness and you do not retreat from battlegrounds, or, on your own word, thus what you have said is conclusive as well as

coherent. (4 36 16) Even though one has capability to know his own lapse and speak it up, oh, ablest among Vanara s, who is he that behoves outspokenly, excepting my elder brother and you. (4 36 17)

You are a coequal to Rama by your valour and vigour and oh, best one among Vanaras, Gods have given you after a long time. (4 36 18) However, you quickly start from here along with me, oh, brave one, and embolden your friend who is anguishing in the despoilment of his wife. (4 36 19)

Oh, friend, on hearing that which querulously spoken by Rama, who is downhearted in his anguish, I too reflexively spoke bitter words to you, and thus whatever I spoke that may be pardoned. (4 36 20)

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