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Rama then on eliminating Vali and enthroning Sugreeva and when residing on the hinterlands of Mountain Malayavata Prasavana(,) spoke to Lakshmana. (4 28 1) "This is that season which is well chanced and now chanced is the time for the rains… you see the aerosphere well, it is widespread with clouds, mountainous in their gleam… (4 28 2)

"Sustaining the nine month old pregnancy impregnated through Sun with his sunrays guzzling the essence of oceans, the heaven is birthing the elixir of life… (4 28 3) "It is very likely to climb up the flight of stairs of clouds to bedeck the Sun with the garlands of white wild jasmines, and red Arjuna flowers… (4 28 4) "The uprisen hue of the eventide is reddish at the edges of those clouds which are much whitish and softish, like the overlaid bandage dressings to the gashes of the sky… (4 28 5) "Breathing out slothful breaths, as though bedaubed by the sandal paste is the twilight s ochry colour, and with its palish white clouds the sky is gleaming like a love longing one… (4 28 6)

"This earth is overly agonised by the searing summer, and now by new waters overflowing her, like tearful Seetha who is also well seared by her grief, this earth is also verily outpouring her tears… (4 28 7) "Freed out from the wombs of clouds is this draught, and it is wafting the coolness of minty camphor (or the coolness of red lotuses,) thus it is possible to draught this breeze with palms bowl, which is perfumed with Ketaki (plant s fragrance…) (4 28 8) "This mountain is full with its blooming Arjuna flowers, further fragranced by Ketaka flowers, and like Sugreeva, whose enemy is silenced, the downpours are anointing (this mountain…) (4 28 9)

"Donning clouds akin to black Deerskin, showers akin to the sacred threads, caves replete with breeze (akin to vocal cavities,) and the mountains are like the young scholars… (4 28 10) "As though with golden whips the flashes of lightning are whipping the sky… and the sky is out letting its inward rumbles as thunders, in all her throes… (4 28 11) "That lightning relying upon that blue cloud is squirmy in its movements, to me it is well gleaming so… like the squirming of penitent Vaidehi in the grasp of Ravana… (4 28 12)

"For those, who are with their beloved ones these precincts are advantageous, for unclear (are their directions, as to which east and which is west, and to loverless ones like me they are disadvantageous,) because they, the precincts have their planets and even their moon lost, and they look as though begrimed by dark clouds… (4 28 13) "Elsewhere, well befogged by vapour intimately, well enthused by the advent of rainy season, you see Soumitri, at those wild jasmines flowered on those mountain terraces… those trees are standing there, as though to impassion my passion, who am already verily befogged by my sorrow… (4 28 14) Dust" is well quietened, breeze is chilly… the vile pervasions of summer are also quietened down… stalled are the expeditions of earthly kings, and the migrants are returning to their own countries… (4 28 15) "The Swans are well journeying to Lake Maanasa in their avidity to live in there, but the Cakravaka Birds (ruddy gees,) now having an attachment with their beloveds are not departing… oftentimes verily battered are the roadways by rainwater and thus the vehicles are not verily falling to, on them… (4 28 16)

"Shiny in some places and unshiny at others… this aerospace is overspread with clouds, it is well gleaming here and there… and in its aspect it is like a great peaceful ocean verily dammed up with mountains… (4 28 17) "Well coalesced with Sarja and Wild jasmine flowers and also with the mountain coppery ores, the new water is transiting in track with the screams of peacocks… and the mountain s rapids are very swiftly carrying them away (towards ocean…) (4 28 18) "Fully luscious are the Rose apple fruits and they seem to be bees and they are well devoured with much delightfulness (by one and all,) and many coloured mango fruits are falling down onto ground heaved by wind, and they are verily ripened… (4 28 19)

"With electric charges as their fluttering flags, and cranes engirdling them, and in design well gleaming like the pinnacles of lofty mountains, these clouds are thundering in a very high pitched voice, like lofty vigorous Elephants standing up to a fight… (4 28 20) "The pasturelands are satiated with rainwater, peacocks are stimulated for their dancing carnivals… and after the clouds raining on the greenery completely, behold it, that is extremely well splendorous in afternoons… (4 28 21) "Carrying much weighty water well up, those water carriers are adorned by cranes, and they are rumbling (for the burden of water is inside,) and on the loftiest peaks of mountain they are reposing and again moving… moving and again reposing, (like pregnant women…) (4 28 22)

"Verily desirous of the clouds, well flying up above are the rows of cranes… shining and delightful… as though a best white lotuses flowery tassel is dangling in the wind, the cranes dangle in the sky… (4 28 23) "As though embroidered with little red beetles innerly, this meadowland is verily shining with new meadows… and like a woman, who is wrapped around with a parrot green wrap over in its shine, on which embroidered are lac red spots… (4 28 24) "Sleep is slowly getting closer to Vishnu, rivers are rapidly getting closer to oceans, cranes are gleefully getting closer to clouds, and women are passionately getting closer to their beloveds… (4 28 25) "Adaptive are the interiors of forests for the peacocks to dance very well, adaptive are the Kadamba trees with their branches (and bouquets,) adaptive are the bulls with matching sensualities of Cows, and adaptive is this earth with its enrapturing crops and orchards, (and all are adaptive to the season s gaiety…) (4 28 26)

"Surging are the rivers, showering are the clouds, shrilling are the rutty Elephants, and shining are the forest interiors, and reminiscing are the lover less, rocking are the peacocks, resolving are the Vanaras (to stay a place…) (4 28 27) "Verily joyous are the Elephants on whiffing the aroma of Ketaka flowers and thus they are rutted, and baffled are they by the sounds of streamlets that are falling well in the forest (brooks from the mountain rapids,) and those best ruttish Elephants are blaring along with screaming peacocks (to the tune of waterfalls…) (4 28 28) "By the downpours that are falling down, knocked down are the hexapods, and they are languishing on the branches of Kadamba trees, and their once acquired copious intemperance from the nectar of flowers (in Spring season,) they the honeybees are now slowly forfeiting… (4 28 29)

"Equalling in their aspect with the globes of powdered coal are the full fledged Rose apple fruits with abundant juice, and the branches of those trees are glittering well, like the hives of swilling honeybees… (4 28 30) "Well ornate with the flags of lightning, spewing forth great and profound rumbles, those clouds by their shapes are verily shining like the enthusiastic warring Elephants… (4 28 31) "Striding and well advancing on its way that mountain forest wayfaring Elephant, on listening the thundering of the cloud and doubting it to be (the call out of another Elephant) desirous of a war, that best Elephant turns about energetically without proceeding on its way… (4 28 32)

"Somewhere… these recesses of forests are finely singing, in affect, for they have swarms of honeybees… elsewhere… they are richly dancing, practically, for the purple necked peacocks are bestirring… somewhere else, they are ruttish, virtually, for choicest Elephants are there… and verily beaming are these alcoves with their diverse vassals… (4 28 33) "Plentiful in Kadamba, Sarja, Arjuna, Kandala trees, (with the heaps of their reddish flowers fallen on ground,) and the forest interior is aplenty with the watery nectar (of those fallen flowers…) and the well excited peacocks are screaming and dancing (like the tipplers of that watery nectar… and thus) this is impressively similar to the land of liquor… (4 28 34) "Verily falling are the water drops, pearl similar in their cast, pure and clear, firstly clinching in the hallows of leaves… the Birds, though they and their wings are discoloured in rain, they are heartily guzzling down those pearly raindrops… the gift of Indra… (4 28 35) "With the melodious stringendo of the string bass of honeybees, frogs crocking as its vocal rhythm to the drumbeat of the clouds, commenced is the music in the forest, as though programmed… (4 28 36)

"Somewhere well dancing, elsewhere voicing in high pitch, and somewhere else seated high on the trees are the peacocks… with their decorative dangling plumaged tails, and it is as though the music and dance are commenced in the forests… (4 28 37) Thunders" of clouds called up the frogs, and casting off their long time captivity in sleep, they the frogs of various casts, carves, colours and crocks, verily scourged by the streams of new waters, they are crocking… (4 28 38) "The rivers with the up swinging Cakravaka Birds over them are overflowing their battered banks… and well lugging their new, full fledged, seducible, nubile breasts, (along with the other items like flowers and fragrances that are steeped in waters by the rain…) thus they are surging swiftly to the near and nigh of their husband, the ocean… (4 28 39)

"Among the swarthy clouds berthed are the swarthily clouds with new waters, and they shine forth like the mountains burnt to swarthiness by forest fires and berthing among the other mountains that are conjoined at the footing, and that are already burnt swarthily by the forest fires… (4 28 40) "Well screaming are the peahens voluptuously, overspread are these pasturelands with red beetles, also fragranced are they with Neepa and Arjuna flowers, and the Elephants are moving about these verily pleasant interiors of the forests… (4 28 41) "Lashed are the fibrils of lotuses with the pours of new waters, and quickly leaving them off the honeybees are sapping the new fibrils of Kadamba flowers… (4 28 42)

"In forests moving about are the select Elephants that are rutting, the ideal bulls that are delighting, the peerless Lions that are striding, lofty are the pleasant mountains that are standing, the choicest kings are withdrawing (from their campaigns,) and the noblest of Gods, Indra, is playing with the clouds… (4 28 43) "The clouds verily overpowering the boom of the ocean are dangling downpours of the waters from the skies, and they completely make the rivers, lakes, pools, tanks and even the earth to outflow… (4 28 44) "Falling are the rains substantially and speedily, gales intensified in their speediness, while the riverbanks are eroded the river water is outrunning in its course and is speedy in its flow… (4 28 45) Lords" of People will be anointed only by their people (who bring in the water pots on their shoulders to anoint their king,) and that king then shows his own propitious aspect of a humanly king, whereas the Lord of Mountains is being anointed by the water from the cloudy pots, sent by Lord Indra and wafted hitherto by Vayu, showing his own serene as well as propitious aspect (of his divine nature on earth…) (4 28 46)

Clouds" nearly hemming in as no star no sun is getting around to espy… fully satiated is this earth with the torrents of new waters… enswathed in obscurity the precincts are unilluminated… (4 28 47) "The paramount pinnacles of the mountains are well washed by the torrents and are shining forth surpassingly… and the voluminous and capacious torrents that are pitching down are like the pendant pearly necklaces (hanging on the chests of mountains…) (4 28 48) "Speedily washing the mountain stones the rapids on the lofty mountains are widespread and entering the caves, in which peacocks are well screaming, and all them are like the bestrewn lavalieres in their gleam… (4 28 49)

"The mountain rapids are quickly and speedily falling on the broad bases of mountains and on washing the crests of mountains and the planes nearby, they are falling alike the pearly necklaces (around the necks, viz., mountain peaks,) and the planes of the recesses of cavernous cave are sustaining them… (4 28 50) "Like the undone and broken apart tassels of pearls of the heavenly women in their lovemaking, the unique pearly rainfalls are falling in all directions and streaming all over… (4 28 51) "By the crouching in of the Birds, by the closing up of the lotuses and by the blooming up of the jasmine flowers, the sun is discernable to have gone into dusk… (4 28 52)

"Reversed are the campaigns of kings, for stalled are their armies and thus the conflicts and the roadways as well are well abated by water… (4 28 53) "The month of Bhaadrapada (August September,) is for those Brahmins who concern themselves for Vedic Studies and came forth is this time for learning the singing of Sama Veda… (4 28 54) "On carrying out all the domestic affairs and completely garnering the goods in aashaaDha month only, Bharata, the King of Kosala, might have engaged in the four month vow… (4 28 55) "Definitely the River Sarayu will be overfilling and mounting with its swashing… like the commotion of Ayodhya on beholding me coming back… (4 28 56)

"The rainy season is unwinding and is with all the requisites (of self contained conditions to enjoy oneself of,) and Sugreeva devours all the pleasures on conquering his enemy, on being with his wife and staying in his great kingdom… (4 28 57) "But I am with my wife stolen, toppled down from the great kingdom, like a riverbank that is toppled over, I am toppling down, Lakshmana… (4 28 58) "Also my anguish is surpassing, definitely the rains have surpassed the pathways, that enemy Ravana is an unsurpassed one… and to me it appears (that all the three are) unsurpassable… (4 28 59)

"On envisioning the impassability of these pathways, for certainly they are impassable, though Sugreeva was humble enough (to send his Vanaras to search Seetha,) by me nothing was uttered… (4 28 60) "Even Sugreeva has undergone difficulties muchly and entirely and after a long while he is in unison with his wife… and also due to the magnitude involved in our work (in sending various Vanaras in various directions etc., then) I desired not to insist on that Vanara… (4 28 61) "Verily after a respite, realising on his own that the time has come close, Sugreeva also realises his requital on his own… there is no doubt… (4 28 62)

"Thereby I am looking forward for the time, oh Lakshmana of felicitous aspect, and I stay abidingly… expectant of the generosity of Sugreeva and of these rivers… (4 28 63) "Verily a valiant one who is succoured is conjoined by his requital… an unfaithful one and an un redeemer maims humane hearts…" Rama( said so to Lakshmana, keeping Sugreeva in view.) (4 28 64) Then, Lakshmana resolving what Rama said alone is to be candid, honouring Rama s words adjoined his palms spoke to Rama, who by his own aspect is a delightful one for a ken, and to evince his benign rationale (about the future course of action, Lakshmana spoke to Rama…) (4 28 65) "What all said by you and all this as required by you, oh, best king Rama, will completely be done by that Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras… not later but soon… envisaging autumn you may bear up these heavy rainfalls, besides bearing with the idea of disciplining the enemy… (4 28 66)

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