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Rama on seeing that eagle felled to ground by the atrocious Ravana, said this sentence to Soumitri who is an asset for good

companionability. (3 68 1) While this bird is venturing in my concern the Rakshasa felled him in combat and he is leaving off his lives owing to me, definitely… (3 68 2) Obviously, lives in his body are very feeble, oh, Lakshmana, it is natural, isn t it, and he looks highly anguished with a dulled

voice… Thus on saying to Lakshmana, Rama then spoke to Jatayu. (3 68 3) Oh, Jatayu, if you are in fine fettle to further reiterate words, relate about Seetha, let safe betide you, and recount how you are murdered, too… (3 68 4) What is the reason for Ravana in stealing that noblewoman, and even what is the wrong I have committed in his respect, keeping which in

view that Ravana stole my ladylove… (3 68 5) How was that moon similar heart stealing face of hers at that time of abduction, oh, best bird, and even what are the words she uttered when being abducted… (3 68 6) What is his stamina of that Rakshasa? What is his form? And what are his strategies? And where is his stronghold? Oh, sire, tell me while I

ask you inquisitively… Rama urged Jatayu thus for information. (3 68 7) Then that warm hearted Jatayu with his eyes rolling upwards saw Rama and with a fluttery voice said this sentence to Rama who is wailing like an orphan. (3 68 8) Resorting to his illusionistic devices like creating an immense and tumultuous windstorm and cloud cover, the flagitious chief of Rakshasas

Ravana abducted Seetha… (3 68 9) That night walker hacked both my wings when I was overtired, and went southward taking the princess of Videha, Seetha, along with him… (3 68 10) My sight is spinning and my lives are stifled, oh, Raghava, I am now seeing golden trees with cuscus grass as their treetops… (3 68 11)

In which spell of time Ravana has gone taking away Seetha, that spell is named as Vinda… if any riches are lost during that spell, the original possessor of those riches will repossess them very quickly… oh, Kakutstha, he that Ravana is unmindful of that fact and stole Seetha only to loose her… (3 68 12, 13a) On stealing your ladylove Janaki, that chief of Rakshasas,

Ravana, will ruin himself, as with a fish which swallows a baited fishhook… (3 68 13b, c) Impractical is your anguishing for the daughter of Janaka, as you will delight yourself with Vaidehi in no time, on killing that Ravana in the vanguard of a war… Thus saying Jatayu paused for a while. (3 68 14) Though Jatayu is speaking on to Rama with an alert mind, blood

freely flowed from his mouth with shreds of flesh as death verged on him, even then he struggled to say. (3 68 15) That Rakshasa is the son of Vishravasa… literally… the brother of Kubera… on saying thus, that lord of Birds released his lives, which are unobtainable for oneself. (3 68 16) But the lives of Jatayu departing from his body went into thin

air before the very eyes of Rama who is still speaking to him with folded palms, tell… tell more… quot (3 68 17) Jatayu flopped his head on earth, sprawled his feet on ground, and then his body collapsed onto the surface of earth writhing jerkily. (3 68 18) He who is worsened by very many mishaps that Rama, on seeing the

mountainous eagle whose eyes are bloodshot and whose lives have gone, said this way to Soumitri… (3 68 19) This bird which for years together lived fearlessly in Dandaka forest, a habitat of Rakshasas, that bird wilted to death, because of me… (3 68 20) He who has longevity over many years, who actively strived

for a long for rectitude, he is now killed and prostrating before the Time, because of me… alas… it is indeed impossible to infringe the Time… (3 68 21) Lakshmana, this eagle which has dashed to rescue Seetha in order to render help to me is slain by that brute forced Ravana, only because of me, you see… (3 68 22)

On abandoning great empire of Eagles belonging to his father and forefathers this lord of bird has now abandoned his lives too, only for my sake… (3 68 23) Universally noticeable are the protective, prepotent, principled ones that are the followers of probity, oh, Soumitri, even though their births are avian or bestial… (3 68 24)

To me, oh, enemy inflamer, oh, gentle Lakshmana, anguish caused by Seetha s abduction is not that much, when compared with the anguish caused by the perish of this eagle, that too, because of me… (3 68 25) As to how the celebrated and highly renowned king Dasharatha is venerable and honourable for me, likewise this lord of Birds is also a venerable and honourable one to me… (3 68 26)

Oh, Soumitri, get the firewood and I will produce fire by friction of two sticks, as I wish to cremate this lord of Birds who expired because of me… (3 68 27) Oh, Soumitri, I will mount this lord of realm of Birds onto the pyre and cremate him who is killed by a feral Rakshasa… Thus saying to Lakshmana, Rama said this to dead eagle Jatayu. (3 68 28)

Oh, greatly mighty king of Eagles, by me cremated ritually and by me aptly consented to, you depart to the unexcelled heavenly worlds… you depart to those worlds that are destined for the virtuosos of Vedic rituals, and to those worlds that are destined for the practisers of ascesis amid Five Ritual fires, and to those that are destined for un retreating combatants, and to those worlds that destined for the donors of lands… So said Rama to the departed Jatayu. (3 68 29, 30) On saying that way, that ethical souled Rama mounted that lord of

Birds onto the pyre and he sorrowfully incinerated that eagle in a flaring fire of pyre, as he would do in respect of his own deceased relative. (3 68 31) Then that resolute Rama on going into forest along with Soumitri hunted a robust bodied, big Rohi animal, or, Kesari animal, and then he spread sacred grass on ground to place that offering to the deceased soul of that bird. (3 68 32)

On drawing up the flesh of that Rohi animal and lumping it to gobbets, that highly observant Rama placed those gobbets on pleasant greenish pasturelands as obsequial offerings in respect of that bird Jatayu. (3 68 33) Rama immediately chanted Vedic hymns that are employed in such funerals of one s own paternal people, as Brahmans say that those hymns are employable in such rites as they lead the soul of the departed to heaven. (3 68 34)

Then both the sons of that notable man, namely Dasharatha, on going to River Godavari they have oblated waters for that king of Eagles, Jatayu. (3 68 35) Both of the Raghava s took funeral baths in the waters of River Godavari and then made water oblations to the king of Eagles. (3 68 36)

That king of eagle Jatayu, who has performed a creditworthy deed of stalling and combating Ravana, but who is felled by that Ravana, went away to the merited and auspicious heavenly realms of his own, as and when consecrated by sublime sage like Rama. (3 68 37) Even those two, Rama and Lakshmana, on performing water oblations in respect of that best bird Jatayu, and on assertively giving thought to the information given by Jatayu, they like the chiefs of Gods, namely Vishnu and Indra, went to southerly woods when their mind is set to search for Seetha.

(3 68 38)

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