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That prince Rama whom agony and anguish are distressing has become anxious in his mien, and he again drifted into a dire desperation while despairing his brother Lakshmana. (3 63 1) Rama who is sunken in a chasmal sorrow spoke this sentence while wailing sorrowfully, suspiring severely and scorchingly, and which sentence is seemly to his sensitivity, to Lakshmana who is already under the sway of sorrow. (3 63 2) "I am second to none among the blameworthy wrongdoers on this earth, thus I deem, and indeed woe followed by woe are getting at me in seriation to burst my heart and mind… (3 63 3)

"I might have definitely, habitually, and desirably committed damnable deeds in my previous births, and now the result of those impious deeds is very much ripened and has fallen on me, whereby I am entering misery after misery… (3 63 4) "I am deprived of the kingdom, departed from my own people, mainly Seetha, my father departed and I am detached from my mother, and Lakshmana, when all these setbacks are very deeply thought over they are replenishing the haste of my agony… (3 63 5) "All this sadness of mine has silenced physically and there is some peace on coming to these desolate forests, in association of Seetha, but with the dissociation of Seetha misery is again upshot, as with fire which flares up in a flash when fuel is added… (3 63 6)

"My noblewoman might be abducted by a Rakshasa, and on reaching the sky that lady who converses with a sweet voice might have wept a lot fearfully, and it is definite that she must have shouted a lot, untunefully… (3 63 7) "Those two roundish bosoms of my ladylove which always deserved the application of pleasantly looking red sandalwood s paste might definitely be unshiny, as they might be bedaubed with muddy blood when they are extricated from her body for devouring. (3 63 8) "She has a sweet, softish, and very clear talkativeness on her lips. That visage with such lips is crowned with a hairdo with hair lumped together and plaited, such as her visage is, it must have become unshiny on her going into the repression of Rakshasa, as with an unshiny moon when repressed in the mouth of eclipsing planet Rahu, it is definite… (3 63 9)

"The contours of the neck of that strait laced ladylove of mine are always worthy for necklaces and chain wears. The bloodthirsty Rakshasas would have indeed mangled that neck in a secluded place and they might have drunk her blood, it is definite… (3 63 10) "While I was away from her in this uninhibited forest Rakshasas would have forcibly hauled her up when they are abducting that lady with broad bright eyes, and she would have discordantly shrieked out like a piteous she dove, it is definite… (3 63 11) "Sitting very close to me on this stone s surface, oh, Lakshmana, she that well mannered Seetha with bright smiles was speaking to you verbosely with all smiles… (3 63 12) "Among rivers this Godavari is the best and it is an all the time cherished river to my ladylove, and I think she would have gone thereunto. But, at anytime she did not go there, singly… (3 63 13)

"Or, that lotus faced, lotus petal eyed Seetha has gone straight to bring lotuses! Nay, that idea itself is incongruous, for she never goes to get lotuses, indeed without me… (3 63 14) "But has she really gone to this stand of thicket which is with flowered trees and with Birds of divers kind! Nay, that thought also is incongruent, because she as a timid one is much scared of solitude… (3 63 15) "Oh, Surya, you are the knower of performed and unperformed deeds in the world, a wittnesser of good and bad deeds in the world, tell me, who am woefully writhing, to where my ladylove strolled, or is she stolen… (3 63 16)

"Oh, Vayu, whatsoever is there in the world, wheresoever it might be, or whensoever it might have happened, and whichsoever it might be, and whencesoever it might exist, that cannot possibly be unknown to you. Hence, tell me of the lady from noble heritage… is she stolen, or slain, or strayed her steps…" Thus Rama begged of the Eternals for locating Seetha. (3 63 17) To such a Rama whose physique is routed by his anguish in this way and who is insensately bewailing in that way, Soumitri whose courage is un dispirited gave a justifiable and timely suggestion. (3 63 18) "Oh, noble brother, banish that anguish and brace yourself with fortitude, and let you be with spiritedness in her searching… indeed, there is no backsliding for spirited men in their enterprises in this world, even though the enterprises are highly impracticable…" (3 63 19)

When Soumitri of towering bravery is speaking this way, Rama, the enhancer of Raghu s lineage, gave no heed to it, and since he castaway his fortitude he again encountered an inexplicable anguish. (3 63 20)

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