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After killing that stupendously mighty Rakshasa Viradha in forest, then Rama comfortingly embraced Seetha, and spoke to his brother Lakshmana who is beaming forth with resplendence. (3 5 1)

Difficult is this impassable forest, nor we are forest inhabitants either… lets go quickly to that ascetically rich sage Sharabhanga…" (3 5 2b, 3a) On his approach at the hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga, a sage with a divine effect and the one with a purified soul, saw a great wonder at the nearby of that hermitage of Sharabhanga.(3 5 3b, 4) Rama has seen Indra, the lord of three worlds, with a radiant body that has the coupled radiance of Sun and Fire, mounted on a great chariot that does not touch the earth, wearing greatly brilliant ornaments and attired in spotless dress, while the other divinities are attending, and many more selfsame great souls are worshipping him. (3 5 5, 6, 7a)

Rama saw at his very nearby a chariot yoked with green Horses that traverses in firmament, which in its splendour is either like the noontime sun, or a cluster of silver clouds, or like the silvern sphere of the moon. (3 5 7b, 8) He saw the stainless Parasol of Indra, marvellously garlanded and shining forth, and the exemplary and invaluable royal fanning instruments with golden handles, which two best female Devas are handling and fanning at Indra s head sides with them. (3 5 9, 10a) And the Gandharva s, Amara s, Siddha s and very many great sages as well are extolling Indra who is abiding in firmament. (3 5 10b, 11a)

On seeing Indra speaking there to sage Sharabhanga, Rama spoke to Lakshmana. (3 5 11b, 12a) Rama then on pointing out the chariot expressed his own amazement saying, Lakshmana see this wonderful chariot that includes effulgence and auspiciousness as well, and that abides in firmament, and highly luminous like the Sun… (3 5 12b, 13) "Of which Horses we have earlier heard from our teachers telling that they belong to Indra, the Chief Invitee in Vedic rituals, they are these divinely green Horses that now abide in the firmament, and definitely these must be Indras Horses… (3 5 14) And oh, manly tiger Lakshmana, those that are there in hundreds and hundreds around Indra, those youthful ones with their ear ornaments and swords in hands, with wide and broad chests, with club shaped arms, and clad in glimmering red garments, all are like Tigers, all are unapproachable, all of them are wearing ornamental chains on their chest place that are akin to flaring fires, and in their appearance, Soumitri, they always bear a look of twenty five year olds… (3 5 15, 16, 17)

"The age factor of Gods remains constant at the age that appears for these nice looking tigerly men, so they say… for Gods are immortals and they will be ever young… (3 5 18) "Stay for a moment Lakshmana along with Vaidehi, until I know clearly about that resplendent one on that chariot… (3 5 19) On saying to Lakshmana stay there only… Rama proceeded towards the hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga.. (3 5 20)

Then, on seeing Rama arriving there, Indra, bade farewell to Sage Sharabhanga and said this to the Devas attending him. (3 5 21) "Here comes that Rama…before he talks to me, you lead him towards his vow, after completing the result of his incarnation, then only he is eligible to see me… Let him be a victorious and accomplished one, then I will see him very soon…for that will happen very soon… A great deed is to be verily performed by him that is highly impossible for others… (3 5 22, 23 Then that Enemy destroyer Indra adoringly bade farewell to the sage, and travelled to heavens by the chariot with its green Horses. (3 5 24)

On the transit of that Thousand eyed Indra, Raghava with his adherents (namely Lakshmana and Seetha,) came nearby the Sage Sharabhanga, who is sitting nearby the altar of fire. (3 5 25) Touching the feet of that Sage Sharabhanga Rama along with Seetha and Lakshmana, and duly permitted and invited by that Sage Sharabhanga they sat there, as they obtained a shelter. (3 5 26) Then, Raghava enquired with sage about the arrival of Indra and Sage Sharabhanga narrated all that to him. (3 5 27) "Oh! Rama, that boon giver Indra wishes to take me to Brahma s abode, which is achieved by me by my arduous ascesis and that which is unattainable for them with their souls unconquered… (3 5 28)

"On knowing that you are course is nearby, oh! Manly tiger, and without seeing my dear guest I do not wish to go to Brahma s abode… (3 5 29) Having met with you, a virtuous one and a great soul as you are, oh, manly tiger, I wish to go through undesirable lesser heavens to Brahma s abode, the highest (3 5 30) "Oh! tigerly man, non diminishing are the abodes achieved by me either in Brahma s abode or yonder than paradise…you take them all…that are mine achieved by me ascesis… So said Sage Sharabhanga to Rama. (3 5 31)

Thus said by the Sage Sharabhanga to that Manly tiger Rama, being the scholar in all the scriptures he spoke this sentence to that sage. (3 5 32) "I alone can gain all those worlds, oh! Great Saint, I now seek a place to dwell here in this forest as indicated by you… (apparent meaning.) (3 5 33) Thus said by Raghava, who is like Indra in strength, that supremely intellectual Sage Sharabhanga again spoke this sentence this way. (3 5 34)

"Here, oh! Rama, a great resplendent sage named Suteekshna, lives in this forest…a virtuous and a self disciplined one, and he will do something benignant to you… (3 5 35) "You approach Sage Suteekshna and to you he will arrange housing in his auspicious and dpleasant place woods of hermits… (3 5 36) Following opposite to its flow you may follow this River Mandakini that carries flower ferries, then you can reach there at Sage Suteekshnas hermitage…) (3 5 37) "This is the only way, oh, manly tiger, and oh, sire, see me for a moment, till I forsake these body parts of mine, like a snake casting its withered moult… (3 5 38)

Then that hymnist on invoking the sacred fire and offering oblations with clarified butter into it, that radiant sage Sharabhanga entered that sacred fire. (3 5 39) The fire burnt down that great soul Sharabhanga from head hair to body hair and thus his shrunk skin, bones and whatever flesh and blood are there, they are also burnt completely. (3 5 40) He that Sage Sharabhanga, then reappeared as an youngster in the semblance of Fire, o\n resurrecting from that altar of fire he shone forth. (3 5 41)

He that Sage Sharabhanga, transcending the ethereal worlds of fire worshippers, of saints, of great souls, and also of divinities, has ascended to Brahma s abode. (3 5 42) He that meritorious and best Brahman Sharabhanga has seen Brahma in Brahmas abode, and Brahma too, on seeing that Brahman happily spoke to him… "Welcome…" (3 5 43)

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