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Then on going hurriedly from Janasthana and on speedily entering Lanka Akampana spoke these words to Ravana. (3 31 1)

"Oh, king, many Rakshasas positioned in Janasthana are killed, Khara is also killed in war, and somehow I have come here. (3 31 2) Thus said, then that ten faced Ravana is infuriated with bloodshot eyes, and as though to burn down whole world with his radiance he spoke this to Akampana. (3 31 3) "Who is that dead and gone that has destroyed my indomitable Janasthana? Who is it that has indeed opted for no recourse in all of the worlds? (3 31 4)

"Evoking indignation in me it is really impossible for Indra to be happy even for Kubera no for Yama no why them, even Vishnu cannot be happy. (3 31 5) "I am the End Time for the Time god himself, I will burn down the Agni, and I am capable of conjoining Death with the virtue of deathliness. (3 31 6) "If I am enraged I will incinerate Sun or Fire just with my radiance, I will halt even the impetuosity of Wind god with that of mine." Thus Ravana said about himself. (3 31 7) Akampana with his palms adjoined and voice hesitant with fear sought for the clemency of that Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana who is enraged in that way. (3 31 8)

When the supremo of Rakshasas Dasha griiva pardoned him then that Akampana spoke these words, unfalteringly and trustfully. (3 31 9) "He is a youth whose shoulders are mighty, arms round and lengthy, built like that a lion, who is the son of Dasharatha and known as Rama. (3 31 10) "He is blue black in complexion, a highly renowned one with matchless might and valour, a magnificent one such as he is he slew Duushana along with Khara in Janasthana. (3 31 11)

On hearing the words of Akampana, the chief of Rakshasas Ravana, spoke these words hissing like a kingly serpent. (3 31 12) "The question is whether that Rama arrived at Janasthana associated with Indra and along with all of the immortal Gods? Oh, Akampana, speak about it. (3 31 13) Akampana again detailed about the might and valour of that great souled Rama on hearing that sentence of Ravana. (3 31 14)

Rama" means someone who is highly resplendent, an ablest archer among all archers, one who is endowed with divine missiles and divine attributes, and he is the one who conducts warfare with a supreme conduct. (3 31 15) "And a mighty one with redly eyes and drumbeat like voice, and whose face is shiny like the full moon is Rama s selfsame younger brother known as Lakshmana. (3 31 16) "Alike the wind associating with fire this Lakshmana is associated with that glorious and nonpareil prince Rama, and that firestorm, namely Rama, destroyed Janasthana. (3 31 17) "They are not any great souled Gods or any heavenly beings as such, hence there is no need to doubt about it. Rama unloosened his gold finned and feather winged arrows, which on becoming five faced serpents started consuming the Rakshasas. (3 31 18)

"To whichever nook those Rakshasas smitten by fear of those serpent like are fleeing, they have seeing Rama alone standing afore them in that corner, and oh, merited king Ravana, in this way your Janasthana is totally ruined by that Rama. (3 31 19b, 20) (3 31 19) On hearing the words of Akampana Ravana said these words, "I will to go to Janasthana to kill Rama along with Lakshmana." (3 31 21) When Ravana said so then Akampana said these words in reply, listen, oh, king, what all has happened, and of what in actuality is Rama s spirit and grit. (3 31 22)

Rama", the highly renolwned, is invincible just by braving against him, for that Rama in fury can stall the onrush of a plethoric river with his arrows. (3 31 23) "That magnificent Rama can collapse even the firmament along with its starlets, stars and planets, and he even can elevate the earth if it were to collapse. (3 31 24) "On breaching the shoreline of the ocean with his arrows that lord Rama can deluge worlds, and he can stem the tide of turbulent ocean, or can even stall the agent of that turbulence, namely the wind. (3 31 25)

"That great valorous and the ablest among humans is capable to destroy all the worlds with his valour, and even capable of creating the people again. Or, again dissolving all the worlds into himself, that great contemplator who transcends all is even capable of creating the creation again from out of him. (3 31 26) "Oh, Dasagriva, it is impossible to conquer that Rama in war for your, either singly or along with the hosts of the Rakshasa supporters of yours, as one heaven cannot be won by many sinners. (3 31 27) "I do not think that he is killable even for all god and Rakshasas, and this is the idea to kill him, and to this you may listen attentively. (3 31 28)

"An excellent woman in the world is there, a youthful one with symmetrical limbs, a jewel like lady adorned with jewellery, that slender waisted one who is known as Seetha is his wife. (3 31 29) "No goddess can be likened to that mature lady a Gandharva female no a Apsara female no a pannaga female no, then how can there be a woman of her like? (3 31 30) "You forcefully abduct his wife when she is in solitude, and indeed Rama will not exist reft of Seetha." Akampana advised Ravana in this way. (3 31 31)

The chief of Rakshasas Ravana favouring that idea thought of it and that mighty armed Ravana then spoke to Akampana. (3 31 32) "Agreed! I wish to go alone early in the morning with a charioteer and I delightfully wish to lead Vaidehi into the elegant city Lanka." Ravana declared that way. (3 31 33) Saying so Ravana journeyed in a chariot that is yoked with mule like Horses, and that has the dazzling of the sun, whereby all the directions are made to glitter. (3 31 34) That opalescent chariot of the lord of Rakshasas while speedily progressing through starry way shone forth as if it is the moon in clouds. (3 31 35)

On going to the hermitage of Maricha which is at a distant place Maricha the son of Tataka received Ravana and venerated that king of Rakshasas with sweetmeats and savouries that are unavailable to humans. (3 31 36) Offering proper seat and water for washing feet and hands Maricha personally attended Ravana and spoke to him this sentence that is worded meaningfully. (3 31 37) "Oh, king and supremo of Rakshasas, I am anxious to know whether everything safe and secure to the inhabitants of your kingdom, for I am not in the know of the reason by which now you have come here rushingly. (3 31 38)

When Maricha said so to him that greatly radiant one who is a sententious speaker that Ravana thereafter spoke this sentence. (3 31 39) "Oh, sire, Rama who is indefatigable in warring has ruined my security stationed at Janasthana, and in war he even brought down all of Janasthana which is undefeatable so far, such as I am, to me you have to render friendly help in kidnapping Rama s wife. (3 31 40) On hearing the words of that chief of Rakshasas, Maricha spoke these words, "who broached the subject of Seetha with you, an enemy in the fakery of a friend? Oh, tigerly Rakshasa, who is that censurable one that is unhappy with you, since he is giving such a self ruinous advise? (3 31 42)

Seetha may be brought to Lanka… who said it, say him to me, who is that one desiring to cut off the prominence of all the Rakshasas in all worlds in saying so? (3 31 44) Or "Also, he who has motivated you in this way is an undoubted enemy of yours, for he wanted to extricate the fangs of a snake from its mouth, of course, through you. (3 31 44) "By whom and by which purpose of his you are made to blunder upon this awry path, oh, king, it is as good as his hitting hard on your head while you are fast asleep. (3 31 45)

"Oh, Ravana, it will be unbefitting to raise an eye to see Rama in war, who will be then like a majestic Elephant that has an impeccable dynasty and bloodline as its mammoth trunk, personal radiance as its indomitable might, very firm pair of arms as its pernicious tusks, more so, who will be with the redolence of the irrepressible lineage of Raghava s. (3 31 46) "To be in the midst of war itself is the fury of that lion called Rama, by which that lion raises its tail touching the back of its trunk, that lion is all inclusive with forelegs, paws, and claws that are included in arrows, while its fangs are swords, and it is the killer of the deer called the expert killer Rakshasas, and mind you, do not dare to rouse that sleeping man lion. (3 31 47) "His bow is crocodilian, his shoulder speed is quagmire, his arrows are tidal, and the great immensity of his war itself is a tideland, and oh, king of Rakshasas, it is inapt of you to slide down into the much ghoulish mouth of that abyssal ocean, called Rama. (3 31 48)

"Oh, lord of Lanka, be appeased towards Rama, be quietened and gently proceed to Lanka. You take delight in your wives, and let Rama be delighting with wife in forests." Thus Maricha spoke to Ravana. (3 31 49) When thus said by Maricha that ten faced Ravana returned to his city Lanka and entered his best house and home. (3 31 50)

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