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Then in his turn that Rakshasa Viradha said this sentence filling the forest with his gruesome voice, "I am asking you, really… tell me who you are and whereto you wish to go? (3 3 1) Then that highly resplendent Rama said about his Ikshvaku dynasty to the blazing faced Rakshasa who is insistent. (3 3 2) "Know us as Kshatriya s with ennobled bearing, and we are trekking the forest…but we wish to know about you, who are you that move about in Dandaka forest? (3 3 3)

Viradha said to that truly valiant Rama, "Ah! Ill tell you, oh king, be informed of me, oh Raghava… (3 3 4) "I am the son of Java indeed… my mother is Shatahradaa, and all the Rakshasas on earth call me Viradha…(3 3 5) "On my undertaking ascesis I derived a boon from the beneficence of Brahma, by which I will neither be cut, nor slit, nor killed with a weapon in this world…(3 3 6)

"Leave off this lady without any yearning for her, and you expeditiously flee away as you have come, then your lives will not be snatched away… (3 3 7) Rama in reply said this to that Rakshasa Viradha, whose eyes are fully bloodshot in anger, who is monstrous in his body, and evil in intent… (3 3 8) "You knave, fie upon you… you are in quest of you own death for your meanly measures, and definitely you will get it in this confrontation. Stay! I will not let you to live… (3 3 9) Then, stringing his bow Rama indeed darted very sharp arrows, very quickly and well aiming the Rakshasa… (3 3 10)

Indeed seven arrows are let off with perfectly stringed bow, which have golden vanes, and very fast ones that equal the flights of Garuda, the Divine Eagle and the Vayu. (3 3 11) But, they the arrows that are akin to infernos and dressed with peacock feathers as their fins, on piercing the body of Viradha they fell onto the ground besmirched with blood. (3 3 12) When that Rakshasa is thus struck, then he placed Vaidehi down from his arms, hauled up his spear, and very angrily rushed towards Rama and Lakshmana. (3 3 13)

And holding fast his spear that is similar to the Indra s Flagstaff he blaringly yelled a ghastly shriek, and thus he shone forth like the wide mouthed Death, ready to gulp. (3 3 14) Then with an effulgent arrow rain those two brothers incessantly rained on Rakshasa Viradha, who is similar to the terminator of lifetime. (3 3 15) He that highly horrendous Rakshasa laughed at that arrow shower, and standing for a while he yawned, and on his yawning and stretching his limbs in fatigue those arrows that earlier have gone speedily, spilled out from his body that speedily. (3 3 16)

Rakshasa Viradha held back his lives by the touch of boon, and raising up the spear he ran quickly at Rama and Lakshmana. (3 3 17) The best wielder of weaponry Rama ripped that spear apart, which is akin to the Thunderbolt of Indra, and that which is like a blaze in the sky, with two arrows in the sky itself. (3 3 18) Shattered by Ramas blazing shafts that spear fallen on ground like the boulder mass of Mountain Meru when it is shattered by Indras Thunderbolt. (3 3 19) They quickly upraised their swords and like a pair of up swinging black cobras they rapidly crashed on him, and then battered him mightily. (3 3 20)

He that Rakshasa thus beaten very firmly by Rama and Lakshmana, then on grabbing those unwavering ones and manly Tigers with his arms, that furious Rakshasa wished to carry them away. (3 3 21) Knowing the thinking of the Rakshasa for sure, Rama spoke to Lakshmana, "Let him easily carry us anywhere on his way… (3 3 22) "Let this Rakshasa carry us as he wishes, and Saumitri, by which way this night walker goes, that alone will be our way… (3 3 23)

But he that night walker arrogant as he is by his might has uplifted Rama and Lakshmana like babies by that might and courage alone, and placed them on his shoulders as one would place babies. (3 3 24) That nightwalker Viradha on placing those two Raghava s on his shoulders gone towards deeper forest yelling very luridly. (3 3 25) That Rakshasa entered into a baffling forest that is like a very dark cloud in its sheen, where a variety of massive trees are contained in, numerous flocks of vulturine Birds are overspreading, and where wild Jackals and other predaceous animals are sprawling around, along with Rama and Lakshmana. (3 3 26)

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