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After hearing the cruel words of Kaikeyi King Dasaratha got disturbed and suffered great agony for a while.

"As it a day dream or confusion of my mind? Or could it be an eclipse of my experience or a disease of the mind?" Thinking over thus, the king could not make out on the spur of the moment what it was. Then, regaining consciousness, he felt tormented by Kaikeyi s words. Distressed and disgusted as a deer at the sight of a lioness and seated on the bare floor, he gave forth a long sigh like a highly venomous serpent fixed to a charmed spot through magic spells. Uttering words "what a pity!" the angry king fell into a swoon once more, his mind infatuated with grief. Regaining consciousness after a long time and feeling much distressed and angry the King spoke thus to Kaikeyi, as though consuming her with fire in his eyes

"Oh cruel woman of wicked conduct inclined to exterminate this race! What wrong has been done to you by Rama or by me?" "When Rama is treating you in the same way as his mother, why are you bent upon harming only him?" "By not knowing you as a female snake with fiery poison, you were admitted by me as princess in my house for my own self destruction. "When all living beings extol the virtues of Rama, for what offence shall I forego my beloved son?"

"For what offence shall I forsake my beloved son when the entire world of living beings extol the virtues of Rama?" "Supreme delight comes to me on seeing my eldest son. My very consciousness is lost, if I fail to see Rama."

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