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Recognising that Rama has become angry, Vasishta spoke as follows: "Even Jabali is aware of the going and coming of this world." "He apoke in theis manner, on account of his deire that you should return. O, Lord of the poeple! Learn from me of the creation of the world!"

"All was watr only in the beginning" from which element the earth was formed. After that, the self existent Brahma with all the Gods came into existence." "Thereafter, that Brahma, assuming the form of boar, caused the earth to rise from water and with his sons of pure soul, created the entire world." "The eternal, changeless and imperishable Brahma was begotten from ether and from his was born Marichi. Marichi s son was kashyapa."

"From Kashyapa, Vivasvan (sun god) was born. manu was the son of Vivasvan. Manu for his part, was formerly the lord of creation. Ikshvaku was Manu s son." "The entire fertile earth was given by Manu to Ikshvaku and know that Ikshvaku was thus the first king of Ayodhya!" Ikshvaku" s son was known as Kukshi, the illustrious king. Then, Kukshi s son was the valiant Vikukshi."

"To Vikukshi was born the most splendid and powerful son, Bana. To Bana was born Anaranya the mighty armed and the most illustrious son." "While this King Anaranya, the most excellent among beings was reigning, there was neither dearth of rain nor a drought. No one was a thief." "From Anaranya was born the mighty armed king Prithu. From Prithu was born the Emperor Trishanku. That valiant man ascneded to heaven along with his mortal body, because of his true eloquence." "To Trishanku was born a son, the highly illustrious Dundhumara. From Dundhumara was born the hero, Yuvanasva."

"The illustrious Mandhata was born as a son to Yuvanasva. To Mandhata was born the hero, Susandhi. There were two sons Dhruvasandhi and prasenajit to Susandhi. From Dhruvasandhi was born the illustrious Bharata, the annihilator of enemies." "From the mighty armed Bharata was born a son named Asita, for whom his royal adversaries, Haihayas, Talajanghas and the valiant Shashibindavas became the enemies." "Having drawn out his battle array against all those kings in a combat, the king Asita was driven away. Asita then became a devoted sage taking asylum in an excellent and charming mountain."

Asita" s two wives became pregnant. It is a hearsay that one of his wives gave poison to the other co wife in order to destroy her foetus." "A sage called Chyavana, belonging to Bhrigu race was staying in a Himalayan mountain. Kalindi Asita( s wife) approached that sage and offered her salutation. That brahmna spoke the following words to her, who wanted to obtain a boon for the birth of a son." "O, Queen! A high souled son, who will be world famous, rightous, of a good conduct, a perpetuator of the race and an annihilator of enemies will be born to you."

"The delighted Queen Kalindi circumambulated that sage, took permission from him to leave and thereafter on reaching home, had delivered a son, having eyes resembling lotus leaves and having a radiance like that of Brahma the Lord of creation." Poison" was given earlier by her co wife with an intention to kill her foetus. Born with that poison itself, he became Sagara (a man with poison)." "It was king Sagara who excavated the ocen and who, by his sacrifice, on the day of the full moon, by his energy, frightened the people here by the speed of his digging." Asamanja" was Sagara s son. There was a hearsay that on account of his wicked deeds, Asamanja was banished by his father even during his life time."

"A valiant son called amshuman was born to Asamanja. Dilipa was Amshuman s son. Bhagiratha was Dilipa s son. "Of Bhagiratha was born kakutstha, from whom the Kakutsthas take their name. To Kakutsthas was born a son called Raghu, from whence spring Raghavas." "From Raghu was born a renowned son named Pravriddha, known in the world under the names Purushadaka, Kalmashapada and Soudasa."

Kalmashapada" s son was renowned as Shankhana, who, even on attaining his father s valour, perished (in a battle) along with his army." The fortunate Sudarshana was the son of Shankhana. Sudarshana s son was Agnivarna and of Agnivarna was born Shiighraga. Shiighraga begot Maru and Maru s son was Prashushruva from Prashushruva was born Ambarisha of that great radiance. To Ambarisha was born a son named Nahusha who was full of valour. Nahusha s son was Nabhaga of outstanding virtue. Aja and Suvrata were the two sons of Nabhaga and it was Aja who begot the virtuous King Dasaratha." "You are the eldest son of that Dasaratha, very well known as Rama, the heir who can claim over the inheritance. O, King! Hence, take over your kingdom and look after your people there."

"The eldest son only becomes the king in the entire Ikshvaku race. When the eldest son exists, the younger son will not become a king. The eldest son only is anointed to the crown. "O, the celebrated one! This is the eternal tradition of your race, those born in Raghu dynasty and ought not to be violated by you. Rule over the earth, this vast kingdom abudant with precious metals, as did your father."

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