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On the next dawn that heartened king Dasharatha who is with his teachers and his relatives then said this to his minister Sumantra. (1 69 1) "Now let the chancellors of exchequers draw ample riches, gems and numerous other items that are used in the marriage from bridegroom s side, all inclusively, and let them travel in advance and let them be well prepared for any exigency… (1 69 2) "Let the quadruple forces start off in a trice from everywhere at my order, and others shall start with unexcelled vehicles like palanquins, sedan chairs, litters etc., and with those that can be yoked with Horses, like cabined coaches and Horse carriages… (1 69 3)

Vashishta", Vamadeva, Jabali and Kaashyapa, and the long lived Markandeya, and Sage Kaatyayana… let these Brahmans travel in forefront… and let Horses be yoked to my royal cariole, and as the messengers of Janaka are hastening me arrange for the travel without time lapse…" Thus Dasharatha ordered. (1 69 4, 5) On the word of that best king the fourfold opulence, and even the fourfold forces up to some extent followed rearward of the king who is going after the sages who are going afore of him. (1 69 6) Travelling on a four day route Dasharatha reached the fringes of Videha kingdom, and on hearing this, the illustrious king Janaka arranged for welcome ceremonies at the outskirts of the city. (1 69 7)

Then the king Janaka who is by far gladdened went into a state of ecstatic elation when he met the senescent king and paladin of people, namely Dasharatha, as the pace for the marriage celebrations is quickened because of the immediate arrival of Dasharatha. (1 69 8) And the best one among men, king Janaka, gleefully said this commendable sentence to Dasharatha, the best legatee of Raghu, "oh, king, a hearty welcome to you. Oh, legatee of Raghu, your arrival to my city is just by my providence… you will now get delectation on seeing your sons who won accolades just by their valorousness in the act of raising and breaking Shiva s bow… (1 69 9, 10a) "Providentially bechanced is the arrival of this great resplendent and godly sage Vashishta, who arrived here with all of these eminent Brahmans, like Indra himself with all Gods… (1 69 10b, 11a) "Providentially my hindrances are overcome by the arrival of godlike sages, and providentially my lineage too is gloried owing to this hymeneal engagement with noble souled Raghava s, who are the most valorous among all the valorous people… (1 69 11b, 12a)

"Because you are born in first and foremost Ikshvaku dynasty, hence you are the Indra of Indra like kings on earth… and hence, it will be apt of you to initiate the celebrations of marriage tomorrow, and the marriage itself after the culmination of the Vedic ritual in three or four days, and the date and time for the marriage, that which is agreeable to the best sages can be decided, and you can get it performed on that date, through those great sages… (1 69 12b, 13a) On hearing that sentence of king Janaka the sententious king Dasharatha replied the king Janaka from amongst the sages. (1 69 13b, 14a) Recipiency" rests with the restitutor… so I have heard earlier. Hence, whatever you say, for you are the knower of probity and nothing goes amiss in your astute thinking, that we will do… (1 69 14b, 15a)

On listening that sentence of that affirmer of principles, namely Dasharatha, that which is conformable to the principles of marriages and familial glory, a thrill of joy came over the king of Videha. (1 69 15b. 16a) Then, on the forgathering of sages from Vashishta s side with the sages of Mithila all the sages have attained extreme joy and they spent that night happily. (1 69 16b, 17a) Then that most brilliant Rama, keeping Vishvamitra ahead, and strutting in step with Lakshmana, strutted to touch the feet of his father Dasharatha. (1 69 17)

On seeing his two sons, the super medallists in Raghu s dynasty, King Dasharatha is highly rejoiced and he resided in Mithila with a high contentment, for the reverence of Janaka is that high. (1 69 18) Even the great resplendent Janaka on performing ritual acts according to scriptures for the Vedic ritual on hand, and the preparatory rituals for handing out both of his daughters in marriage, went into the sleep of the just, with his palm on his chest. (1 69 19)

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