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That intellectual sage and one proficient in Veda s Rishyasringa contemplated for a while, and gaining indications as to which ritual is to be performed, then said the king. (1 15 1) "I will procedurally conduct the ritual contained in the preamble of Atharva Veda with procedural hymns, called

Putrakaamesti i.e., the ritual that bestows sons, for your benefit." (1 15 2) Then that resplendent Sage Rishyasringa commenced that Putrakaamesti ritual, offering oblations into sacred fire with ritual acts meticulously contained in hymns. (1 15 3) Then the Devas along with Gandharvas, Siddha s, and also other esteemed sages who by now are the residents of Heavens have duteously assembled in the firmament to receive their part of the oblations. (1 15 4) Those deities who procedurally assembled there in that congregation then spoke to Brahma, the creator of worlds. (1 15 5)

"Oh! God, the Rakshasa named Ravana is torturing all of us with his intrepidity, as you have blessed him, and we are unable to control him. (1 15 6) "You have given boon to him appreciating his ascesis and oh, god, with high regard to that boon of yours we are tolerating all the cruel acts of Ravana from then onwards (1 15 7) "That malevolent Ravana is tormenting all the three worlds, hating the functionary deities of cosmos, and always desires to assail Indra, the king of all the functionary deities of universe. (1 15 8)

"That invincible one is further self conceited by the boons you have accorded, and he is overbearingly torturing the Sages, Yaksha s, Gandharva s, Asura s, and like that even the Brahmans. (1 15 9) "The Sun god will not verily parch Ravana, the Vayu will not puff at his sides, and on seeing Ravana, the lord of the undulating waves, namly the ocean will not pulsate either. (1 15 10) "Thereby, there is a great panic for all of us from that Rakshasa with an awesome look, hence oh, god, it will be apt of you to give a thought for his elimination. (1 15 11)

When all the deities spoke to Brahma thus, he thought for a while and then said Aha"! The idea to kill that evil minded Ravana is discerned. (1 15 12) Ravana" said while seeking boon that, I shall not be killed by Gandharva s, Yaksha s, or by Devas, or by other Rakshasas… and I also said so be it…" (1 15 13) "That Rakshasa did not express about humans then with his disrespect to them, and evidently his death does not occur otherwise." So said Brahma to Devas. (1 15 14) On hearing Brahma the explaining himself then all those Devas and great sages became adequately happy. (1 15 15)

In the meanwhile the great resplendent Vishnu, the Lord of the Universe, arrived there mounted on his Eagle vehicle Garuda, handling conch shell, disc, and mace in his three of four hands, clad in yellow ochre robes, wearing golden bracelets, and while best Devas eulogised him, and his arrival there is like the arrival of sun mounted on black cloud to accord the gratuitous gift called the rain. (1 15 16, 17) Vishnu having met Brahma stood there contemplating, and then all of the Devas on bowing down and offering prayers addressed Vishnu. (1 15 18) "Oh! Vishnu, desiring prosperity in all the worlds we nominate you to become the son of the ruler and lord of Ayodhya, namely Dasharatha, who is a virtuous one, renowned one and one whose resplendence equals that of the sages, and oh, Vishnu, through the wives of such a king Dasharatha, who are in similitude with the Hri, the virtue, Shrii, the affluence, and Kiirti, the glory, you have a fourfold transformation and take birth as their son. (1 15 19, 20, 21a)

"Oh! Vishnu, on your taking birth as human through the wives of Dasharatha you eliminate Ravana in war, who has become exacerbating and thorny to all worlds, and who is otherwise not eliminable for Devas. (1 15 21b, 22a) "He that preposterous Rakshasa Ravana with his invigorated doggedness is torturing Devas along with eminent saints, Gandharva s, and Siddha s. (1 15 22b, 23a) "He that furious one with his insolence is knocking down Sages from their divine abodes, and like that he is knocking down the Gandharvas and Apsaras too from the heavenly gardens Nandana, where they will be taking delight. (1 15 23b, 24a)

"We, the Siddha s, Gandharva s, Yaksha s along with sages have actually come for his elimination, and thereby we seek shelter in you. (1 15 24b, 25a) "Oh, enemy tormentor, oh, Vishnu, you are the ultimate recourse for all us in eliminating enemies of divinity, hence you make up your mind to take birth in human world." The Devas appealed to Vishnu that way. (1 15 25b, 26a) When the god of Devas Vishnu, the supreme one among deities, one who is revered by all worlds is eulogised this way, then he spoke to all of those that abide in the righteousness and that are in the assemblage, keeping the Forefather Brahma at their helm. (1 15 26a, 27) "Get rid off the fear, let safety be upon you, on eliminating that cruel and evil minded Ravana who became dreadful to deities and sages, along with his sons, grandsons, friends, cousins and relatives, ministers and forces too in war for your welfare, I will then reside in human world ruling this earth for eleven thousand years." Thus Vishnu assured the Devas. (1 15 28, 29, 30a)

On giving boon to all Devas in that way the kind hearted god Vishnu started to think about the instituting base for his birth in human world. (1 15 30b, 31a) And then that lotus petal eyed one agreeing to manifest himself in fourfold way is predisposed towards Dasharatha to be his father. (1 15 31b, 32a) Then all the groups of Devas, Sages, Gandharva s, with Rudra s, and Apsarasa s, extolled Vishnu with prayers of divine exposition. (1 15 32b, c)

"Oh! Vishnu, he that fiery one is uprising furiously with his heightened arrogance, and he is a fright to sages and a thorn in the side of hermits, and he is the hater of Indra, hence we pray you to redeem that Ravana." (1 15 33) "On eliminating that furiously vainglorious Ravana with all his forces and with all his kinsmen neutralise the pandemonium created by him in all the worlds, and for a long time to come you get rid of your febrility, and you please return to your heavenly abode, namely your blameless and faultless Vaikuntha. (1 15 34)

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