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I Indra

1. Men with their lauds are urging thee, Indra, to drink the Soma first.
The Ribhus in accord have lifted up their voice, and Rudras sung thee as the first.
2. Indra, at sacrifice, increased his manly strength, in the wild rapture of this juice:
And living men to day, even as of old, sing forth their praises to his majesty.

II Indra Agni

1. Indra and Agni! singers skilled in melody, with lauds, hymn you:
I choose you both to bring me food.
2. Indra and Agni! ye shook down, together, with one mightyr deed, The ninety forts which Dasas held.
3. To Indra and to Agni prayers go forward from the holy task, Along the path of sacred Law.
4. Indra and Agni, powers are yours, yours are oblations ano abodes: Good is your zealous energy.

III Indra

1. Indra, with all thy saving helps assist us, Lord of power and might!
For after thee we follow even as glorious bliss, thee, hero, finder out of wealth!
2. Increaser of our steeds and multiplying kine, a golden well, G God, art thou,
For no one may impair the gift laid up in thee. Bring me whatever thing I ask!

IV Indra

1. For thou come to the worshipper! wilt find great wealth to make us rich.
Fill thyself full, O Maghavan, for gain of kine, full, Indra, forthe gain of steeds!
2. Thou as thy gift bestowest many hundred herds, yea, many thou sands dost thou give.
With singers hymns have we brought the fortrender near, singing to Indra for his grace.

V Agni

1. To him who dealeth out all wealth, the sweet toned Hotar priest of men,
To him, like the first vessels filled with savoury juice, to Agni let the lauds go forth!
2. Votaries, bounteous givers, deck him with their songs, even as the steed who draws the car.
To both, strong Lord of men! to kith and kin convey the bounties of our wealthy lords!

VI Varuna

1. Hear this my call, O Varuna, and show thy gracious love today:
Desiring help I long for thee!

VII Indra

1. O Hero, with what aid dost thou delight us, with what succour bring,
Riches to those who worship thee?

VIII Indra

1. Indra, for service of the Gods, Indra while sacrifice proceeds,
Indra, as worshippers, in battle shock we call, Indra that we may win the spoil.
2. With might hath Indra spread out heaven and earth, with power hath indra lighten up the Sun. In Indra are all creatures closely held; in him meet the distilling Soma drops.

IX Visvakarman

1. Bring, Visvakarman strengthened by oblation, thyself, thy body it is thine own for worship
Let other men around us live in folly here let us have , a rich and liberal patron!

X Soma Pavamana

1. With this his golden splendour purifying him, he with his own allies subdues all enemies. as Sura with his own allies.
Cleansing himself with stream of juice he shines forth yellow hued and red, when with his praisers he encompasses all forms, with praisers having seven mouths.
2. He moves intelligent directed to the east. The every beauteous car rivals the beams of light, the beautiful celestial car.
Hymns, lauding manly valour, came inciting Indra to success, that ye may be unconquered, both thy bolt and thou, both be unconquered in the war.
3. That treasure of the Panis thou discoveredst. Thou with the Mothers deckest thee in thine abode, with, songs of worship in thine home.
As it were from far away is heard the psalm where hymns resound in joy. He, with the triple Dames red hued, hath won life power, he, gleaming, hath won vital strength.

XI Pusan

1. Yea, cause our hymn to gain for us cattle and steeds and store of wealth,
That it may help us manfully!

XII Maruts

1. Heroes of real strength, ye mark either the sweat of him who toils,
Or his desire who supplicates.

XIII Visvedevas

1. The Sons of immortality shall listen to our songs of praise,
And be exceeding kind to us.

XIV Heaven and Earth

1. To both of you, O Heaven and Earth, we bring our lofty song of praise,
Pure pair! to glorify you both.
2. Ye sanctify each other s form by your own proper strength ye rule:
Further the sacrifice evermore!
3. Promoting and fulfilling, ye, mighty ones, perfect Mitra s law:
Ye sit around our sacrifice.

XV Indra

1. This is thine own. Thou drawest near, as turns a pigeon to his mate:
Thou carest, too, for this our prayer.
2. O hero, Lord of bounties, praised in hymns, may glorious fame and might
Be his who sings the laud to thee
3. Lord of a Hundred Powers, rise up to be our succour in this fight:
In other fights let us agree

XVI Oblations

1. Ye cows, protect the fount: the two mighty ones bless the sacrifice.
The handles twain are wrought of gold.
2. The pressing stones are set at work: the meath is poured into the tank
At the out shedding of the fount.
3. With reverence they drain the fount that circles with its wheel above.
Exhaustless, with the mouth below.

XVII Indra

1. Let us not tire or be afraid with thee, the mighty, for our friend!
May we see Turvasa and Yadu! thy great deed, O hero, must be glorified.
2. On his left hip the hero hath reclined himself: the proffered feast offends him not.
The milk is blended with the honey of the bee: quickly come hither, haste, and drink!


1. May these my songs of praise exalt thee, Lord, who hast abundant wealth!
Men skilled in holy hymns, pure, with the hues of fire, have
sung them with their lauds to thee.
2. He, when a thousand Rishis have enhanced his might, hath like an ocean spread himself.
His majesty is praised as true at solemn rites, his power where holy singers rule.

XIX Indra

1. Good Lord of wealth is he to whom all Aryas, Dasas here belong.
Directly unto thee, the pious Rusama Paviru, is that wealth brought nigh.
2. In zealous haste the singers have sung forth a song distilling
fatness, rich in sweets.
Riches have spread among us and heroic strength, with us are flowing Soma drops.

XX Soma Pavamana

1. Flow to us, Indu, very strong, effused, with wealth of kine and steeds,
And do thou lay above the milk thy radiant hue
2. Lord of the tawny, Indu, thou who art the Gods most special food,
As friend to friend, for splendour be thou good to men!
3. Drive utterly, far away from us each godless, each voracious; foe;
O Indu, overcome and drive the false afar!

XXI Soma Pavamana.

1. They balm him, balm him over, balm him thoroughly, caress. the mighty strength and balm it with the meath.
They seize the flying Steer at the stream s breathing place cleansing with gold they grasp the animal herein.
2. Sing forth to Pavamana skilled in holy song! the juice is flowing onward like a mighty stream.
He glideth like a serpent from his ancient skin, and like a. playful horse the tawny Steer hath run.
3. Dweller in floods, King, foremost, he displays his might, set among living things as measure of days.
Distilling oil he flows, fair, billowy, golden hued, borne on car of light, sharing on home with wealth.

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