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I Agni

1. Who, Agni, is thy kin, of men? who honours thee with sacrifice?
On whom dependent? who art thou?
2. The kinsman, Agni! of mankind, their well beiaved friend art thou,
A friend whom friends may supplicate.
3. Bring Mitra, Varukia, bring the Gods hither to. our great sacrifice:
Bring them, O Agni, to thine home

II Agni

1. Meet to be worshipped and implored, showing in beauty through the gloom,
Agni, the strong, is kindled well.
2. Strong Agni is enkindled well, even as the horse that brings the Gods:
Men with oblations pray to him.
3. We will enkindle thee, the strong, we, hero! who axe strong ourselves,

III Agni

1. Thy mighty flames, O Agni, when thou art enkindled, rise on high,
Thy bright flames, thou refulgent one
2. Beloved! let my ladies full of sacred oil come nigh to thee.
Agni, accept our offerings!
3. I pray to Agni may he hear! the Hotar with sweet tones, the Priest,
Wondrously splendid, rich in light,

V Agni

1. O King, the potent and terrific envoy, kindled for strength, is
manifest in beauty.
He shines, observant, with his lofty splendour; chasing black night he comes with white rayed morning.
2. Having overcome the glimmering Black with beauty, and bringing forth the Dame, the great Sire s daughter,
Holding aloft the radiant lights of Surya, as messenger of heaven he shines with treasures.
3. Attendant on the blessed Dame the blessed hath come: the lover followeth his sister.
Agni, far spreading with conspicuous lustre, hath covered night with whitely shining garments.

VI Agni

1. What is the praise wherewith, O God, Angiras, Agni, Son of Strength,
We, after thine own wish and thought,
2. May serve thee, O thou Child of Power, and with what sacrifice s plan?
What reverent word shall I speak here?

VII Agni

1. Agni, come hither with thy fires; we choose thee as our Hotar; let
The proffered ladle filled with offerings balm thee, best of priests, to sit on sacred grass!
2. For unto thee, O Angiras, O Son of Strength, move ladles in the sacrifice.
We pray to Agni, Child of Force, whose locks drop oil, foremost in sacrificial rites.


1. Let our songs come anear to him beauteous and bright with piercing flame,
Our sacrifices with our homage unto him much lauded, very rich, for help:
2. To Agni Jatavedas, to the Son of Strength, that he may give us precious gifts,
3. Immortal, from of old Priest among mortal men, whose tones are sweetest in the house!

X Agni

1. Invincible is Agni, he who goes before the tribes of men,
A chariot swift and ever new.
2. By bringing offerings unto him the mortal worshipper obtains
A home from him whose light is pure.
3. Inviolable power of Gods, subduing all his enemies, Agni is mightiest in fame.

XI Agni

1. May Agni, worshipped, bring us bliss: may the gift, blessed one! and sacrifice bring bliss,
Yea, may our eulogies bring bliss
2. Show forth the mind that brings success in war with fiends, wherewith thou conquerest in fight!
Bring down the many firm hopes of our enemies, and for thy victory let us win!

XII Agni

1. O Agni thou who art the Lord of wealth in kine, thou Son of Strength,
Bestow on us, O Jatavedas, high renown
2. He, Agni, kindled, good and wise, must be entreated with a. song;
Shine, thou of many forms, shine thou with wealth on us
3. And, Agni, shining of thyself by night and when the morning breaks,
Burn, thou whose teeth are sharp, against the Rakshasas


1. Exerting all our strength with thoughts of power we glorify in speech,
Agni, your dear familiar friend, the darling guest of every house:
2. Whom, served with sacrificial oil, like Mitra, men presenting gifts,
Glorify with their songs of praise
3. Much lauded Jatavedas, him who sends oblations up to heaven,
Prepared in service of the Gods.

XIV Agni

1. Agni, inflamed with fuel, in my song I sing, pure bright, and stedfast set in front at sacrifice.
Wise Jatavedas we implore with prayers for grace, the Sage, the Hotar priest, bounteous, and void of guile.
2. Men, Agni, in each age, have made thee, deathless one, their envoy, offering bearer, guard adorable.
With reverence Gods and mortals have established thee as everwatchful and almighty household Lord.
3. Though, Agni ordering the works and ways of both, as envoy of the Gods traversest both the realms.
When we lay claim to thy regard and gracious care, be thou to us a th rice protecting friendly guard?

XV Agni

1. Still turning to their aim in thee the sacrificer s sister hymns
Have come to thee before the wind.
2. Even the waters find their place in him whose three fold sacred grass
Is spread unbound, unlimited.
3. The station of the bounteous God, by his unconquerable aid,
Hath a fair aspect like the Sun.

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