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I Soma Pavamana

1. Pour down the rain upon us, pour a wave of waters from the sky.
And plenteous store of wholesome foood!
2. Flow onward with that stream of thine, whereby the cows have come to us.
The kine of strangers to our home.
3. Dearest to Gods in sacred rites, pour on us fatness with thy stream,
Pour down on us a flood of rain!
4. To give as vigour, with thy stream run through the fleecy straining cloth!
For verily the Gods will hear.
5. Onward hath Pavamana flowed and beaten off the Rakshasas.
Flashing out splendour as of old.

II Indra

1. Bring forth oblations to the God who knoweth all, who fain would drink.
The wanderer, lagging not behind the hero, coming nigh with, speed!
2. With Somas go ye nigh to him chief drinker of the Soma s. juice:
With beakers to the impetuous God, to Indra with the flowing, drops!
3. What time with Somas, with the drops effused,, ye come beforethe God,
Full wise, he knows the hope of each, and, bold one strikes this. foe and that.
4. To him, Adhvaryu! yea, to him give offerings of the juiceexpressed!
Will he not keep us safely from the spiteful curse of each, presumptuous high born foe?

III Soma Pavamana

1. Sing ye a song to Soma brown of hue, of independent might,
The Red, who reaches up to heaven!
2. Purify Soma when effused with stones which hands move rapidly,
And pour the sweet milk in the meath.
3. With humble homage draw ye nigh; blend the libation with the curds:
To Indra offer Indu up
4. Soma, foe queller, strong and swift, doing the will of Gods, pour forth,
Prosperity upon our kine
5. Heart knower, Sovran of the heart, thou art effused, O Soma, that,
Indra. may drink thee and rejoice.
6. O Soma Pavamana, give us riches and heroic strength, Indu, with Indra. our ally!

IV Indra

I. Surya, thou mountest up to meet the hero famous for his wealth,
Who hurls the bolt and works for men;
2. Him who with might of both his arms broke nine and ninety castles down,
Slew Vritra and smote Ahi dead.
3. This Indra is our gracious friend. He sends, like a full streaming cow,
Riches in horses, kine, and corn.

V Surya

1. May the bright God drink glorious Soma mingled meath, giving
the sacrifices lord unbroken life
He who, wind urged, in person guards our offspring well, nourishes them with food and shines over many a land.
2. Radiant, as high Truth, cherished, best at winning strength, Truth based upon the statute that supports the heavens,
He rose, a light that kills Vritras and enemies, best slayer of the Dasyus, Asuras, and foes.
3. This light, the best of lights, supreme, all conquering, winner of riches, is exalted with high laud.
All lighting, radiant, mighty as the Sun to see, he spreadeth wide unshaken victory and strength.

VI Indra

1. O Indra, give us wisdom as a sire gives wisdom to his sons,
Guide us, O much invoked, in this our way: may we still livc and look upon the light!
2. Grant that no mighty foes, unknown, malevolent unhallowed, tread us to the ground!
With thine assistance, hero, may we pass through all the waters that are rushing down!

VII Indra

1. Protect us, Indra, each to day, each to morrow, and each following day!
Through all the days shalt thou, Lord of the brave, preserve our singers both by day and night!
2. A crushing warrior, passing rich, is Maghavan, endowed with all heroic strength.
Thine arms, O Satakratu, are exceeding strong, those arms,
which grasp the thunderbolt.

VIII Sarasvan

1. We call upon Sarasvan as unmarried men who long for wives,
As bounteous men who yearn for sons.

IX Sarasvati

1. Yea, she most dear amid dear streams seven sistered, loved with foundest love.
Sarasvati, hath earned our praise.

X Svitar. Brahmapaspati. Agni

1. May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the God: So may he stimulate our prayers!
2. O Brahmanaspati, make thou Kakshivan Ausija a loud Chanter of flowing Soma juice!
3. Agni, thou pourest life: send down upon us food and vigorous strength;
Drive thou misfortune far away!

XI Mitra Varuva

1. So help ye us to riches, great celestial and terrestrial wealth
Vast is your sway among the Gods!
2. Carefully tending Law with law they have attained their vigorous might:
Both Gods, devoid of guile, wax strong.
3. With rainy skies and streaming floods, Lords of the food that falls in dew,
A lofty seat have they attained.

XII Indra

I. They who stand round him as he moves harness the bright, the ruddy steed:
The lights shining in the sky.
2. On both sides to the car they yoke the two bay coursers dear to him,
Brown, bold, who bear the hero on.
3. Thou, making light where no light was, and form, O men where form was not,
Wast born together with the Dawns.

XIII Soma Pavamana

1. For thee this Soma is effused. O Indra: drink of this j uice; for thee the stream is flowing
Soma, which thou thyself hast made and chosen, even Indu for thy special drink to cheer thee!
2. Like a capacious car hath it been harnessed, the mighty, to acquire abundant treasures.
Then in the sacrifice they shouted lauding all triumphs won by Nahus in the battle.
3. Flow onward like the potent band of Maruts, like that celestial host which none revileth!
Quickly be gracious unto us like waters, like sacrifice victorious, thousand fashioned!

XIV Agni

1. O Agni, thou hast been ordained Hotar of every sacrifice, By Gods, among the race of men.
So with sweet sounding tongues for us sacrifice nobly in this rite:
Bring thou the Gods and worship them
3. For, as disposer, Agni, God, most wise in sacrifices, thou Knowest straightway the roads and paths.

XV Agni

1. Immortal, Hotar priest, and God, with wondrous power heleads the way,
Urging the congregations on.
2. Strong, he is set on deeds of strength. He is led forth in holy rites,
Sage who completes the sacrifice.
3. Excellent, he was made by thought. The germ of beings have gained.
Yea, and the Sire of active power.

XVI Agni

1. Pour on the juice the heated milk which hasteneth to heaven and. earth;
Bestow the liquid on the Bull!
2. These know their own abiding place: like calves beside themother cows,
They come together with their kin.
3. Devouring in their greedy jaws, they make sustaining food irb heaven,
For Indra, Agni, homage, light.

XVII Indra

1. In all the worlds That was the best and highest whence sprang the mighty one, of splendid valour,
As soon as he is born he smites his foemen, he in whom all
who lend him aid are joyful foe
2. Grown mighty in his strength, of ample vigour, he as a strikes fear into the Dasa,
Eager to win the breathing and the breathless. All sang thy praise at banquet and oblation.
3. All concentrate on thee their mental vigour, what time these, once or twice, are thine assistants.
Blend what is sweeter than the sweet with sweetness: win quickly with our meath that meath in battle.


1. At the Trikadrukas the great and strong enjoyed the barley brew. With Vishnu did he drink the pressed out Soma juice, even as he would.
That hath so heightened him the great, the wide, to do his mighty work. So may the God attend the God, true Indu Indra who is true!
2. Brought forth together with wisdom and potent strength thou grewest great: with hero deeds subduing the malevolent, most swift in act;
Giving prosperity and lovely wealth to him who praiseth thee.
So may the God attend the God, true Indu Indra who is true!
3. So he resplendent in the battle overcame Krivi by might. He with his majesty bath filled the earth and heaven, and waxen strong.
One share of the libation bath he swallowed down: one share he left. Enlighten us! So may the God attend the God, true Indu Indra who is true!

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