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I Agni

1. Agniwell, kindled bring the Gods for him who offers holy gifts;
And worship them, pure Hotar priest!
2. O Sage, Tanunapat, present our sacrifice to Gods to day,
Sweet to the taste, that they may help!
3. Dear Narasansa, sweet of tongue, presenter of oblations, I
Invoke to this our sacrifice.
4. Agni, on thy most easy car, entreated, hither bring the Gods!
Manus appointed Priest art thou.

II Adityas

1. So when the Sun hath risen to day may sinless Mitra, Aryaman, Bhaga, and Savitar send us forth!
2. May this our home be guarded well: forward, ye bounteous, on the way, Who bear us safely over distress!
3. Yea, Aditi, and those great Kings whose statute is inviolate, Are sovrans of a vast domain.

III Indra

1. Let Soma juices make thee glad! Display thy bounty, Thunderer:
Drive off the enemies of prayer!
2. Crush with thy foot the niggard churls who bring no gifts! mighty art thou:
There is not one to equal thee.
3. Thou art the Lord of Somas pressed, Somas unpressed are also thine:
Thou art the Sovran of the folk.

IV Soma Pavamana

1. True object of our hymns, Sage, watchful Soma hath settled in the press as they refine him.
Him the Adhvaryus, paired and eager, follow, leaders of sacrifice and skilful handed.
2. He, purified and bringing gifts to Surya, hath filled full heaven and earth, and hath disclosed them.
He by whose dear help heroes gain their wishes will yield the precious meed as to a victor.
3. He, being cleansed, the strengthener and increaser, bountiful Soma helped us his lustre,
Wherein our sires of old who knew the footsteps found light and sought the kine within the mountain.

V Indra

1. Glorify naught besides, O friends, so shall no sorrow trouble you!
Praise only mighty Indra, when the juice is shed, and say your lauds repeatedly!
2. Even him, the swift one, like a bull who rushes down men s conqueror, bounteous like a cow;
Him who is cause of both, of enmity and peace, to both sides most munificent.

VI Indra

1. These songs of our exceeding sweet, these hymns of praise ascend to thee,
Like ever conquering chariots that display their strength, gain wealth and give unfailing help.
2. The Bhrigus are like suns, like Kanvas, and have gained each thing whereon their thought was bent.
The living men of Priyamedha s race have sun g exalting Indra with their lauds.

VII Soma Pavamana

1. Run forth to battle conquering the Vritras! thou Speedest to quell the foe like one exacting debts.
2. Thou Pavamana, didst beget the Sun with might, and rain in the supporting sky,
Hasting to us with plenty vivified with milk.
3. For, Soma, we rejoice ourselves in thee effused for great supremacy in fight;
Thou, Pavamana, enterest into mighty deeds.

VIII Soma Pavamana

1. Flow forth, O Soma, flow thou onward, sweet to Indra s,
Mitra s, Pushan s, Bhaga s taste!
2. So flow thou on as bright celestial juice, flow to the vast immortal dwelling place!
3. Let Indra drink, O Soma, of thy juice for wisdom, and all deities for strength!

IX Soma Pavamana

1. Even as the beams of Surya, urging men to speed, they issue forth together, gladdening as they flow,
These swift outpourings in long course of holy rites: no form save only Indra shows itself so pure.
2. The thought is deeply fixed, the savoury juice is shed; the tongue with joyous sound is stirring in the mouth:
And Pavamana, like the shout of those who press, the drop, rich in sweet juice, is flowing through the fleece.
3. The bull is bellowing; the cows are coming nigh: the Goddesses approach the God s own resting place.
Onward hath Soma pressed through the sheep s fair bright fleece, and hath, as it were, endued a garment newly washed.

X Agni

1. From the two fire sticks have the men engendered, with thought, urged by the hand, the glorious Agni,
Far seen, with pointed flame, Lord of the Homestead.
2. The Vasus set that Agni in the dwelling, fair to behold, for help, from every quarter:
Who, in the house for ever, must be honoured.
3. Shine thou before us, Agni, well enkindled, with flame, most youthful God, that never fadeth!
To thee come goods and treasures all together.

XI Surya

1. This spotted Bull hath come and sat before the mother in the east,
Advancing to his father heaven.
2. As expiration from his breath, his radiance penetrates within
The Bull shines out through all the sky.
3. Song is bestowed upon the Bird: it reigns supreme through thirty realms.
Throughout the days at break of morn.

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