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I Soma Pavamana

1. Light of the sacrifice, be pours delicious meathp most wealthy, father and begetter of the Gods.
He, gladdening, best of cheerers, juice that Indra loves, enriches with mysterious treasure earth and heaven.
2. The Lord of heaven, the vigorous and far seeing one, flowsshouting to the beaker with his thousand streams.
Coloured like gold he rests in seats where Mitra dwells, the Steer made beautiful by rivers and by sheep.
3. As Pavamana thou flowest before the streams: thou goest on, before the hymn, before the kine.
Thou sharest mighty booty in the van of war Soma, well armed, thou art pressed out by men who press.

II Soma Pavamana

1. Through our desire of heroes, kine, and horses, vigorous Somadrops,
Brilliant and swift, have been effused.
2. They, beautified by holy men and purified in both the hands,
Are flowing through the fleecy cloth.
3. These Soma juices shall pour forth all treasures for the worshipper,
From heaven and earth and firmament.

III Soma Pavamana

1. Flow, Soma, Indu, dear to Gods, swift through the purifying sieve,
And enter fndra in thy strength
2. As mighty food speed hitherward, Indu, as a most splendid steer:
Sit in thy place as one with power
3. The well loved meath was made to flow, the stream of the creative juice:
The Sage drew waters to himself.
4. The mighty waters, yea, the floods accompany thee mighty one,
When thou wilt clothe thee with the milk.
5. The lake is brightened in the floods. Soma, our friend, heaven s prop and stay,
Falls on the purifying cloth.
6. The tawny Bull hath bellowed. fair as mighty Mitra to behold
He gleams and flashes with the Sun.
7. Songs, Indra, active in their might, are beautified for thee, wherewith
Thou deckest thee for rapturous joy.
8. To thee who givest ample room we pray, to win the wild delight,
That Thou mayst have exalted praise,
9. Winner of kine Indu, art thou, winner of heroes, steeds, and spoil:
Primeval soul of sacrifice.
10. Pour on us, Indu! Indra strength with a full stream of sweetness, like
Parjanya, sender of the rain!

IV Soma Pavamana

1. O Soma Pavamana, be victorious, win us high renown; And make us better than we are!
2. Win thou the light, win heavenly light, and, Soma, all felicities;
And make us better than we are!
3. Win skilful strength and mental power! O Soma, drive away our foes;
And make us better than we are!
4. Ye purifiers, purify Soma for Indra, for his drink;
Make thou us better than we are!
5. Give us our portion in the Sun through thine own mental power and aids;
And make us better than we are!
6. Through thine own mental power and aids long may we look upon the Sun:
Make thou us better than we are!
7. Well weaponed Soma, pour to us a stream of riches doubly great;
And make us better than we are!
8. As one victorious unsubdued in battle, pour forth wealth to us:
And make us better than we are!
9. With offerings, Pavamana! men have strengthened thee as Law commands:
Make thou us better than we are!
10. O Indu, bring us wealth in steeds brilliant and quickening all life;
And make us better than we are!

V Soma Pavamana

1. Swift runs this giver of delight, even the stream of flowing juice:
Swift runs this giver of delight.
2. The Morning knows all precious things, the Goddess knows her grace to man:
Swift runs this giver of delight.
3. We have accepted thousands from Dhvasra s and Purusbanti s hands:
Swift runs this giver of delight.
4. From whom we have accepted thus thousands and three times ten besides:
Swift runs this giver of delight.

VI Soma Pavamana

1. Forth with his stream who gladdens best these Soma juices have been poured,
Lauded with songs for mighty strength.
2. Thou flowest to enjoy the milk, and bringest valour, being, cleansed:
Winning the spoil flow hitherward
3. And, hymned by Jamadagni, let all nourishment that kine supply,
And general praises, flow to us!

VII Agni

1. For Jatavedas, worthy of our praise, will we frame with our mind this eulogy as it were a car.
For good, in his assembly, is this care of ours. Let us not, in thy friendship, Agni, suffer harm!
2. We will bring fuel and prepare our sacred gifts, reminding thee at each successive holy time.
Fulfil our thoughts that we may lengthen out our lives
Let us not, in thy friendship, Agni, suffer harm!
3. May we have power to kindle thee! Fulfil our prayers in thee the Gods eat the presented sacrifice.
Bring hither the Adityas, for we long for them! Let us not, in thy friendship, Agni, suffer harm!

VIII Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman

1. Soon as the Sun hath risen I sing to you, to Mitra, Varuna,
And Aryaman who slays the foe.
2. With wealth of gold may this my song bring unmolested might; may this,
Sages! obtain the sacrifice!
3. May we be thine, God Varuna, and with our princes, Mitra, thine:
May we gain food and heavenly light!

IX Indra

1. Drive all our enemies away, smite down the foes who press around,
And bring the wealth for which we long:
2. Of which the world shall know forthwith as given by thee abundantly:
Bring us the wealth for which we long:
3. O Indra, that which is concealed in strong firm place precipito us:
Bring us the wealth for which we long!

X Indra Agni

1. Yea, ye are priests of sacrifice, winners in war and holy works
Indra and Agni, mark this well!
2. Bountiful, riders on the car, slayers of Vritra unsubdued, Indra and Agni, mark this well!
3. The men with pressing stones have pressed this meath of yours which gives delight:
Indra and Agni, mark this well!

XI Soma Pavamana

1. For Indra girt by Maruts, flow, thou Indu, very rich in meath,
To seat thee in the place of song!
2. Sage: who know the lore of speech deck thee, the strong sustainer, well:
Men make thee bright and beautiful.
3. Let Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman drink Pavamana s juice, yea, thine.
Sage! let the Maruts drink thereof.

XII Soma Pavamana

1. Deft handed! thou when purified liftest thy voice amid the sea.
Thou, Pavamana makest riches flow to us, yellow, abundant, much desired.
2. Made pure, as Pavamana, in the sheep s long wool, the Steer bath bellowed in the vat.
Thou flowest, Soma Pavamana! balmed with milk unto the meeting place of Gods.

XIII Soma Pavamana

1. Him here, the offspring of the sea, the ten swift fingers beautify:
With the Adityas is he seen.
2. With Indra and with Vayu he, effused, flows onward with the beams
Of Surya to the cleansing sieve.
3. Flow rich in sweets and lovely for our Bhaga, Vayu, Pushan, fair
For Mitra and for Varuna!

XIV Indra

1. With Indra splendid feasts be ours, rich in all strengthening things, wherewith,
Wealthy in food, we may rejoice!
2. Like thee, thyself, for singers yoked, thou movest, as it were besought,
Bold one, the axle of the car,
3. That, Satakratu, thou, to serve and please thy praisers, as it were,
Stirrest the axle with thy strength.

XV Indra

1. As a good cow to him who milks, we call the doer of good deeds,
To our assistance day by day.
2. Come thou to our libations, drink of Soma, Soma drinker! yea,
The rich one s rapture giveth kine.
3. So may we be acquainted with thine innermost benevolence:
Neglect us not; come hitherward!

XVI Indra

1. As, like the Morning, thou has filled, O Indra, both the earth and heaven,
So as the mighty one, great King of all the mighty race of men, the Goddess mother brought thee forth, the blessed mother gave thee life.
2. Thou bearest in thine hand a lance like a long hook, great counsellor.
As with his foremost foot a goat, draw down the branch O Maghavan. The Goddess mother brought thee forth, the blessed mother gave thee life.
3. Relax that mortal s stubborn strength whose heart is bent on wickedness.
Trample him down beneath thy feet who watches for and aims at us. The Goddess mother brought thee forth, the blessed mother gave thee life.

XVII Soma Pavamana

1. Soma, the dweller on the hills, effused, hath flowed into the sieve.
All bounteous art thou in carouse.
2. Thou art a holy bard, a Sage; the meath offspring of thy sap:
All bounteous art thou in carouse.
3. All d6ties of one accorcl have come that they may drink of thee:
All bounteous art thou in carouse.

XVIII Soma Pavamana

1. Effused is he who brings good things, who brings us store of wealth, and sweet refreshing food,
Soma who brings us quiet homes:
2. He whom our Indra and the Marut host shall drink, Bhaga shall drink with Aryaman,
By whom we bring to us Mitra and Varuna, and Indra for our great defence.

XIX Soma Pavamana

1. Friends, hymn your Lord who makes him pure for rapturous carouse: let them
Sweeten him, as a child, with lauds and sacred gifts
2. Like as a calf with mother cows, so Indu is urged forth and sent,
Glorified by our hymns;, the god delighting juice.
3. Effectual help to power is he. he is a banquet for the troop,
He who hath been effused, more rich in meath, for Gods.

XX Soma Pavamana

1. For us the Soma juices flow, the drops best furtherers of weal,
Effused as friends, without a spot, benevolent, finders of the light.
2. These Soma juices, skilled. in song, purified, blent with milk and curd,
Hastening on and firmly set in oil resemble beauteous suns.
3. Effused by means of pressing stones, upon the oxhide visible,
They, treasure finders, have announced food unto us from every side.

XXI Soma Pavamana

1. Pour forth this wealth with this purification: flow onward to the yellow lake, O Indu!
Here, too, the bright one, wind swift, full of wisdom, shall give a son to him who cometh quickly.
2. Flow on for us with this purification to the famed ford of thee whose due is glory!
May the foe queller shake us down, for triumph, like a tree s ripe fruit, sixty thousand treasures!
3. Eagerly do we pray for those two exploits, at the blue lake and Prisana, wrought in battle.
He sent our enemies to sleep and slew them, and turned away the foolish and unfriendly.


1. O Agni, be our nearest friend, yea, our protector and our kind deliverer!
2. As gracious Agni, famed for treasures, come, and, most resplendent, give us store of wealth!
3. To thee then, O most bright, O radiant God, we come with prayer for happiness for our friends.


1. May we, with Indra and the Gods to aid us, bring these existing worlds to full completion!
2. Our sacrifice, our bodies, and our offspring, let Indra with the Adityas form and finish!
3. With the Adityas, with the band of Maruts, let Indra send us medicines to heal us!

XXIV Indra

1. Sing to your Indra, mightiest Vritra slayer, sing to the Sage the song that he accepteth!

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