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I Indra

I. Invite ye Indra with a song to drink your draught of Soma juicel
All conquering Satakratu, most munificent of all who live!
2. Lauded by many, much invoked, leader of song renowned of old:
His name is Indra, tell it forth!
3. Indra, the dancer, be to us the giver of abundant wealth:
The mighty bring it us knee deep!

II Indra

1. Sing ye a song, to make him glad, to Indra, Lord of tawny steeds,
The Soma drinker, O my friends!
2. To him, the bounteous, say the laud, and let us glorify, as men
May do, the giver of true gifts!
3. O Indra, Lord of boundless might, for us thou seekest spoil and kine,
Thou seekest gold for us, good Lord!

III Indra

1. This, even this, O Indra, we implore: as thy devoted friends,
The Kanvas praise thee with their hymns.
2. Naught else, O Thunderer, have I praised in the skilled singer s eulogy;
On thy laud only have I thought.
3. The Gods seek him who presses out the Soma; they desire not sleep:
They punish sloth unweariedly

IV Indra

1. For Indra, lover of carouse, loud be our songs about the juice:
Let poets sing the song of praise
2. We summon Indra to the draught, in whom all glories rest, in whom
The seven communities rejoice.
3. At the Trikadrukas the Gods span sacrifice that stirs the mind:
Let our songs aid and prosper it!

V Indra

1. Here, Indra, is thy Soma draught, made pure upon the sacred grass:
Run hither, come and drink thereof!
2. Strong rayed! adored with earnest hymns! this juice is shed for thy delight:
Thou art invoked, Akhandala!
3. To Kundapayya, grandson s son, grandson of Sringavrish! to thee,
To him have I addressed my thought.

VI Indra

1. Indra, as one with mighty arm, gather for us with thy right hand,
Manifold and nutritious spoil!
2. We know thee mighty in thy deeds, of mighty bounty, mighty wealth.
Mighty in measure, prompt to aid.
3. Hero when thou wouldst give thy gifts, neither the Gods nor mortal men
Restrain thee like a fearful bull.

VII Indra

1. Hero, the Soma being shed, I pour the juice for thee to drink:
Sate thee and finish thy carouse!
2. Let not the fools, or those who mock, beguile thee when they seek thine aid:
Love not the enemy of prayer!
3. Here let them cheer thee well supplied with milk to great munificence:
Drink as the wild bull drinks the lake!

VIII lndra

I. Here is the Soma juice expressed: O Vasu, drink till thou art full!
Undaunted God, we give it thee!
2. Washed by the men, pressed out with stones, strained through the filter made of wool,
It is like a courser bathed in streams.
3. This juice have we made sweet for thee like barley, blending it with milk.
Indra, I call thee to our feast.

IX Indra

1. So, Lord of affluent gifts, this juice hath been expressed for thee with strength:
Drink of it, thou who lovest song!
2. Incline thy body to the juice which suits thy godlike nature well:
Thee, Soma lover! let it cheer!
3. O Indra, let it enter both thy flanks, enter thy head with prayer,
With bounty, hero! both thine arms!

X Indra

1. O Come ye hither, sit ye down; to Indra sing ye forth your song,
Companions, bringing hymns of praise,
2. Laud Indra, richest of the rich, who ruleth over noblest wealth,
Beside the flowing Soma juice!
3. May he stand near us in our need with all abundance, for our wealth:
With strength may he come nigh to us!

XI Indra

1. In every need, in every fray we call, as friends to succour us,
Indra, the mightiest of all.
2. I call him, mighty to resist, the hero of our ancient home,
Thee whom my sire invoked of old.
3. If he will hear us, let him come with succour of a thousand kinds,
With strength and riches, to our call!

XI Indra

1. When Somas flow thou makest pure, Indra, thy mind that merits laud,
For gain of strength that ever grows: for great is he.
2. In heaven s first region, in the seat of Gods, is he who brings success,
Most glorious, prompt to save, who wins the waterfloods.
3. Him I invoke, to win the spoil, even mighty Indra for the fray.
Be thou most near to us for bliss, a friend to aid!


1. With this mine homage I invoke Agni for you, the Son of Strength.
Dear, wisest envoy, skilled in noble sacrifice, immortal, messanger of all.
2. His two red horses, all supporting, let him yoke: let him, well worshipped, urge them fast!
Then hath the sacrifice good prayers and happy end, the heavenly gift of wealth to men.

XIV Dawn

1. Advancing, sending forth her rays, the daughter of the Sky is seen.
The mighty one lays bare the darkness with her eye, the friendly Lady makes the light.
2. The Sun ascending, the refulgent star, pours down his beams. together with the Dawn.
O Dawn, at thine arising, and, the Sun s, may we attain the share allotted us!

XV Asvins

1. These morning sacrifices call you, Asvins, at the break of day.
For help have I invoked you rich in power and might: for, house by house, ye visit all.
2. Ye, heroes, have bestowed wonderful nourishment: send it to him whose songs are sweet.
One minded, both of you, drive your car down to us: drink yethe savoury Soma juice!

XVI Soma Pavamana.

1. After his ancient splendour, they, the bold, have drawn the bright milk from
The Sage who wins a thousand spoils.
2. In aspect he is like the Sun: he runneth forward to the lakes: Seven currents flowing to the sky.
3. He, while they purify him, stands high over all things that exist Soma, a God as Surya is.

XVII Soma Pavamana

1. By generation long ago this God, engendered for the Gods,
Flows tawny to the straining cloth.
2. According to primeval plan this poet hath been strengthened by,
The sage as God for all the Gods.
3. Shedding the ancient fiuid thou art poured into the cleansing sieve:
Roaring, thou hast produced the Gods.

XVIII Soma Pavamana

1. Bring near us those who stand aloof: strike fear into our enemy:
O Pavamana, find us wealth!
2. To him the active, nobly born.
3. Sing ye your songs to him, O men!

XIX Soma Pavamana

1. The Somas skilled in song, the waves have led the water forward, like
Buffaloes speeding to the woods.
2. With stream of sacrifice the brown bright drops have flowed with strength in store
Of kine into the wooden vats.
3. To Indra, Vayu. Varuna to Vishnu and the Maruts let
The Soma juices flow expressed.

XX Soma Pavamana

1. O Soma, for the feast of Gods, river like he hath swelled with surge,
Sweet with the liquor of the stalk, as one who wakes, into the vat that drops with meath.
2. Like a dear son how must be decked, the bright and shining one hath clad him in his robe.
Men skilful at their work drive him forth, like a car, into the rivers from their hands.

XXI Soma Pavamana

1. The rapture shedding Somas have flowed forth in our assembly, pressed.
To glorify our liberal lords.
2. Now like a swan hemaketh all the company sing each his hymm
He like steed is bathed in milk.
3. And Trita s maidens onward urge the tawny coloured with the stones,
Indu for Indra, for his drink.

XXII Soma Pavamana.

1. Herewith flow on, thou friend of Gods! Singing, thou runnest round the sieve oni every side.
The streams of meath have been effused.
2. Lovely, gold coloured, on he flows.
3. For him who presses, of the juice.

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