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Om. Glory to the Samaveda! to Lord Ganesa glory! Om.

I Soma Pavamana

1. Sing forth to Indu, O ye men, to him who now is purified,
Fain to pay worship to the Gods!
2, Together with thy pleasant juice the Atharvans have commingled. milk.
Divine, God loving, for the God.
3. Bring health to cattle with thy flow, health to the people, health, to steeds,
Health, O thou King, to growing plants!

II Soma Pavamana

1. Bright are these Somas blent with milk, with light that flashes brilliantly,
And form that shouteth all around.
2. Roused by his drivers and sent forth, the strong Steed hath come: nigh for spoil,
As warriors when they stand arrayed.
3. Specially, Soma, Sage, by day, coming together for our weal,
Like Surya, flow for us to see!

III Soma Pavamana

1. The streams of Pavamana, thine, Sage, mighty one, have poured them forth,
Like coursers eager for renown.
2. They have been poured upon the Reece towards the meath distilling vat:
The holy songs have rung aloud.
3. Like milch kine coming home, the drops of Soma juice have reached the lake,
Have reached the shrine of sacrifice

IV Agni

1. Come, Agni, praised with song to feast and sacrificial offerings: sit
As Hotar on the holy grass!
2. So, Angiras, we make thee strong with fuel and with holy oil.
Blaze high, thou youngest of the Gods!
3. For us thou winnest, Agni, God, heroic strength exceeding great, Far spreading and of high renown.

V Mitra Varuna

1. Varuna, Mitra, sapient pair, pour fatness on our pastures, pour
Meath on the regions of the air!
2, Gladdened by homage, ruling far, ye reign by majesty of might,
Pure in your ways, for evermore.
3. Lauded by Jamadagni s song, sit in the shrine of sacrifice:
Drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law!

VI Indra

1. Come, we have pressed theJuice for thee; O Indra, drink this Soma here:
Sit thou on this my sacred grass!
2. O Indra, let thy long maned bays, yoked by prayer, bring thee hitherward!
Give ear and listen to our prayers!
3. We Soma bearing Brahmans call thee Soma drinker with thy friend,
We, Indra, bringing Soma juice.

VII Indra Agni

1. Indra and Agni, moved by songs, come to the juice, the precious dew:
Drink ye thereof, impelled by prayer!
2. Indra and Agni, with the man who lauds comes visible sacrifice:
So drink ye both this flowing juice!
3. With force of sacrifice I seek Indra, Agni who love the wise:
With Soma let them sate them here!

VIII Soma Pavamana

1. High is thy juice s birth: though set in heaven, on earth it hath obtained
Dread sheltering power and great renown.
2. Finder of room and freedom, flow for Indra whom we must adore,
For Varuna and the Marut host!
3. Striving to win, with him we gain all riches from the enemy,
Yea, all the glories of mankind,

IX Soma Pavamana

1. Cleansing thee, Soma, in thy stream, thou flowest in watery robe.
Giver of wealth, thou sittest in the place of Law, O God, a fountain made of gold.
2. He, milking for dear meath the heavenly udder, hath sat in the ancient gathering place.
Washed by the men, far sighted, strong, thou streamest to ther honourable reservoir.

X Soma Pavamana

1. Run onward to the reservoir and seat thee: cleansed by the men speed forward to the battle.
Making thee glossy like an able courser, forth to the sacred grass with reins they lead thee.
2. Indu, the well armed God is flowing onward, he who averts the curse and guards the homesteads.
Father, begetter of the Gods, most skilful, the buttress of the heavens and earth s supporter.

XI Indra

1. Like kine unmilked we call aloud, hero, to thee, and sing thy
Looker on heavenly light, Lord of this moving world, Lord, Indra! of what moveth not.
2. None other like to thee, of earth or of the heavens, hath been or ever will be born.
Desiring horses, Indra Maghavan! and kine, as men of might we call on thee.

XII Indra

1. With what help will he come to us, wonderful, everwaxing friend?
With what most mighty company?
2. What genuine and most liberal draught will spirit thee with juice to burst
Open even strongly guarded wealth?
3. Do thou who art protector of us thy friends who praise thee
With hundred aids approach us!

XIII Indra

1. As cows low to their calves in stalls, so with our songs we glorify
This Indra, even your wondrous God who checks attack, who takes delight in precious juice.
2. Celestial, bounteous giver, girt about with might, rich, mountain like, in pleasant things,
Him swift we seek for foodful booty rich in kine, brought hundredfold and thousandfold.

XIV Indra

1. Loud singing at tbe sacred rite where Soma flows, we priests invoke.
With haste, that he may help, as the bard s cherisher. Indra who findeth wealth for you.
2. Whom, fair of cheek, in rapture of the juice, the firm resistless slayers hinder not:
Giver of glorious wealth to him who sings his praise, honouring him who toils and pours.

XV Soma Pavamana

1. In sweetest and most gladdening stream flow pure, O Soma, on thy way,
Pressed out for Indra, for his drink!
2. Fiend queller, friend of all men, he hath reached his shrine, his dwelling place.
Within the iron hammered vat.
3. Be thou best Vritra slaver, best granter of room, most liberal:
Promote our wealthy princes gifts!

XVI Soma Pavamana

1. For Indra flow, thou Soma, on, as most inspiring drink, most rich in sweets,
Great, most Celestial, gladdening drink!
2. Thou of whom having drunk the Steer acts like a steer: having drunk this that finds the light,
He, excellently wise, hath come anear to food and booty, even as Etasa.

XVII Indra

1. To Indra, to the mighty let these golden coloured juices go,
Drops born as Law prescribes, that find the light of heaven!
2. This juice that gathers spoil flows, pressed, for Indra, for his maintenance.
Soma bethinks him of the conqueror, as he knows.
3. Yea, Indra in the joys of this obtains the grasp that gathers spoil,
And, winning waters, wields the mighty thunderbolt.

XVIII Soma Pavamana.

1. For first possession of your juice, for the exhilarating drink,
Drive ye away the dog, my friends, drive ye the long tongued dog away!
2. He who with purifying stream, effused, comes flowing hitherward,
Indu, is like an able steed.
3. With prayer all reaching let the men tend unassailable Soma: be
The stones prepared for sacrifice!

XIX Soma Pavamana

1. Graciously minded he is flowing on his way to win dear names over which the youthful one grows great.
The mighty and far seeing one hath mounted now the mighty
Surya s car which moves to every side.
2. The speaker, unassailable master of this prayer, the tongue of sacrifice, pours forth the pleasant meath.
As son be sets the name of mother and of sire in the far distance, in the third bright realm of heaven.
3. Sending forth flashes he hath bellowed to the jars, led by the men into the golden reservoir.
The milkers of the sacrifice have sung to him: Lord of three heights, thou shinest brightly over the Dawns.

XX Agni

1. Sing to your Agni with each song, at every sacrifice for strength!
Come, let us praise the wise and everlasting God, even as a well beloved friend:
2. The Son of Strength; for is be not our gracious Lord? Let us serve him who bears our gifts!
In battles may he be our help and strengthener, yea, be the saviour of our lives!

XXI Agni

1. O Agni, come; far other songs of praise will I sing forth to thee.
Wax mighty with these Soma drops!
2. Wherever thy mind applies itself, vigour preeminent hast thou:
There wilt thou gain a dwelling place.
3. Not for a moment only lasts thy bounty, Lord of many men:
Our service therefore shalt thou gain.

XXII Indra

1. We call on thee, O matchless one. We, seeking help, possessing nothing firm ourselves.
Call on thee, wondrous, thunder armed:
2. On thee for aid in sacrifice, This youth of ours, the bold, the terrible, bath gone forth.
We therefore, we thy friends, Indra, have chosen thee, spoil winner, as our succourer.


1. So, Indra, friend of song, do we draw near to thee with longing; we have streamed to thee
Coming like floods that follow floods.
2. As rivers swell the ocean, so, hero, our prayers increase thy might,
Though of thyself, O Thunderer, waxing day by day.
3. With holy song they bind to the broad wide yoked car the bay steeds of the quickening God,
Bearers of Indra, yoked by word.

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