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DECADE I Indra Adityas

1. Indra, this might of thine I praise most highly for the sacrifice
That thou, O Lord of Power, dost slay Vritra with might
2. For thee this Soma hath been pressed, in whose wild joy thou madest once
Sambara Divodasa s prey: O Indra, drink!
3. Come unto us, O Indra, dear, still conquering, unconcealable!
Wide as a mountain spread on all sides, Lord of heaven!
4. Joy, mightiest Indra, that perceives, sprung from deep Soma draughts, whereby
Thou smitest down the greedy fiend, that joy we crave!
5. Adityas, very mighty ones, grant to our children and our seed
This lengthened term of life that they may live long days!
6. Though knowest, Indra, Thunder armed! how to avoid destructive powers,
As one secure from pitfalls each returning day.
7. Drive ye disease and strife away, drive ye away malignity:
Adityas, keep us far removed from sore distress!
8. Drive Soma, Indra, Lord of bays! and let it cheer thee: the stone, like a well guided courser,


1. Still, Indra, from all ancient time rivalless ever and companionless art thou:
Thou seekest friendship but in war.
2. Him who of old hath broucht to us this and that blessing, him I magnify for you,
Even Indra, O my friends, for help.
3. Fail not when marching onward: come hither, like spirited, stay not far away
Ye who can tame even what is firm!
4. Come hither to the dropping juice, O Lord of cornland. Lord of horses, Lord of kine:
Drink thou the Soma, Soma s Lord!
5. Hero, may we, with thee for friend, withstand the man who pants against us in his wrath,
In fight with people rich in kine!
6. Yea, kin by common ancestry, the Maruts, even the oxen, close united friends!
Are licking one another s back.
7. O Indra, bring great strength to us, bring valour, Satakratu, thou most active, bring
A hero conquering in war!
8. So, Indra, friend of song, do we draw nigh to thee with longing; we have streamed to thee
Coming like floods that follow floods
9. Sitting like birds beside thy meath, mingled with milk, which gladdeneth and exalteth thee,
Indra, to thee we sing aloud.
10. We call on thee, O matchless one! We, seeking help, possessing nothing firm ourselves,
Call on thee, wondrous, Thunder armed.


1. The juice of Soma thus diffused, sweet to the taste the bright cows drink,
Who travelling in splendour close to mighty Indra s side rejoice, good in their own supremacy.
2. Thus hath the Soma, gladdening draught, produced the prayer that giveth joy:
Thou, mightiest, Thunder armed, hast driven by force the Dragon from the earth, lauding thine own supremacy.
3. By men hath Indra been advanced, the Vritra slayer, to joy and strength.
Him only we invoke for help in battles whether great or small: be he our aid in deeds of might!
4. Unconquered strength is only thine, Indra, Stonecaster, Thunder armed!
When thou with thy surpassing power smotest to death that guileful beast, lauding thine own supremacy.
5. Go forward, meet the foe, be bold; thy bolt of thunder is not checked!
Manliness, Indra, is thy strength. Slay Vritra, make the waters thine, lauding thine own supremacy!
6. When war and battles are on foot, booty is offered to the bold.
Yoke thou thy wildly rushing bays. Whom wilt thou slay, and whom enrich? Do thou, O Indra, make us rich!
7. Well have they eaten and rejoiced; the friends have risen and passed away:
The sages luminous in themselves have praised thee with their latest hymn. Now, Indra, yoke thy two bay steeds!
8. Graciously listen to our songs. Maghavan, be not negligent!
When wilt thou make us glorious? Make this, only this thine end and aim. Now, Indra! yoke thy two bay steeds.
9. Within the waters runs the Moon, he with the beauteous wings in heaven.
Ye lightnings with your golden wheels, men find not your abiding place. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and Sky!
10. To meet your treasure bringing car, the mighty car most dear to us.
Asvins, the Rishi is prepared, your worshipper, with songs of praise. Lovers of sweetness, hear my call!

DECADE IV Agni and others.

1. O Agni, God, we kindle thee, refulgent, wasting not away,
That this more glorious fuel may send forth for thee its shine to heaven. Bring food to those who sing thy praise!
2. With offerings of our own we choose thee, Agni, as our Hotar priest,
Piercing and brightly shining at your glad carouse served with trimmed grass at sacrifice. Thou waxest great.
3. O heavenly Dawn, awaken us to ample opulence to day,
Even as thou didst waken us with Satyasravas, Vayya s son, high born! delightful with thy steeds!
4. Send us a mind that brings delight, send energy and mental power.
Then at your glad carouse let men joy in thy love, sweet juice! as kine in pasturage. Thou waxest great,
5. Great, as his nature is, through power, terrible, he hath waxed in strength,
Lord of bay steeds, strong jawed, sublime, he in joined hands for glory s sake hath grasped his iron thunderbolt.
6. He, Indra, verily will mount the powerful car that finds the kine,
Who thinks upon the well filled bowl, the tawny coursers harnesser. Now, Indra, yoke thy two bay steeds!
7. I think of Agni who is kind, whom, as their home, the milch kine seek:
Whom fleet foot coursers seek as home, and strong enduring steeds as home. Bring food to those who sing thy praise!
8. No peril, no severe distress, ye Gods, affects the mortal man
Whom Aryaman and Mitra lead, and Varuna, of one accord, beyond his foes.

DECADE V Soma Pavamana

1. Flow forth, O Soma, flow thou onward, sweet to Indra s Mitra s, Pushan s, Bhaga s taste.
2. Run forth to battle, conquering the Vritras; thou speedest to quell the foes like one exacting debts.
3. Flow onward, Soma, as a mighty sea, as Father of the Gods, to every form.
4. Flow onward, Soma, flow for mighty strength, as a strong courser, bathed, to win the prize.
5. Fair Indu hath flowed on for rapturous joy, sage, for good fortune, in the waters lap.
6. In thee, effused. O Soma, we rejoice ourselves for great supremacy in fight:
Thou, Pavamana, enterest into mighty deeds.
7. Who are these radiant men in serried rank, Rudra s young heroes, too, with noble steeds?
8. Agni, with hymns may we now accomplish that which thou lovest,
Strength, like a horse, auspicious strength with service.
9. The strong youths have come forth to view, to show their strength, God Savitar s quickening energy:
Ye warrior horsemen, win the heavens.
10. Soma, flow splendid with thy copious stream in due succession through the ample fleece.

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