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1. The God who giveth wealth accept your full libation poured to, him!
Pour ye it out, then fill the vessel full again, for so the God regardeth you.
2. Let Brahmanaspati come forth, let Sunrita the Goddess come,
And Gods bring to our rite which yields a fivefold gift the hero, lover of mankind!
3. Stand up erect to lend us aid, stand up like Savitar the God,
Erect as strength bestower when we call on thee with priests who balm our offerings!
4. The man who bringeth gifts to thee, bright God who fain wouldst lead to wealth,
Winneth himself a brave son, Agni! skilled in lauds, one prospering in a thousand ways.
5. With hymns and holy eulogies we supplicate your Agni, Lord
Of many families who duly serve the Gods, yea, him whom others too inflame.
6. This Agni is the Lord of great prosperity and hero, strength,
Of wealth with noble offspring and with store of kine, the Lord of battles with the foe.
7. Thou, Agni, art the homestead s Lord, our Hotar priest at sacrifice.
Lord of all boons, thou art the Potar, passing wise. Pay worship, and enjoy the good!
8. We as thy friends have chosen thee, mortals a God, to be our help.
The Waters Child, the blessed, the most mighty one, swift conqueror, and without a peer.


1. Present oblations, make him splendid: set ye as Hotar in his place the Home s Lord, worshipped
With gifts and homage where they pour libations! Honour him meet for reverence in our houses.
2. Verily wondrous is the tender youngling s growth who never draweth nigh to drink his mother s milk.
As soon as she who hath no udder bore him, he, faring on his. great errand, suddenly grew strong.
3. Here is one light for thee, another yonder: enter the third and, be therewith united.
Beautiful be thy union with the body, beloved in the Gods sublimest birthplace!
4. For Jatavedas, worthy of our praise, will we frame with our mind this eulogy as it were a car;
For good, in his assembly, is this care of ours. Let us not, in thy friendship, Agni, suffer harm!
5. Agni Vaisvanara, born in course of Order, the messenger of earth, the head of heaven,
The Sage, the sovran, guest of men, our vessel fit for their mouth, the Gods have generated.
6. Even as the waters from the mountain ridges, so sprang the; Gods, through lauds, from thee, O Agni.
To thee speed hymns and eulogies, as horses haste, bearing him who loves the song, to battle.
7. Win to protect you, Rudra, lord of worship, priest of both worlds, effectual sacrificer,
Agni, invested with his golden colours, before the thunder strike and lay you senseless!
8. The King whose face is decked with oil is kindled with homage offered by his faithful servant.
The men, the priests adore him with oblations. Agni hath shone forth at the flush of morning.
9. Agni advanceth with his lofty banner: through earth and heaven the Bull hath loudly bellowed
He hath come nigh from the sky s farthest limit: the Steer hath waxen in the waters bosom.
10. From the two fire sticks have the men engendered with thoughts, urged by the hand, the glorious Agni,
Far seen, with pointed flame, Lord of the Homestead.


1. Agni is wakened by the people s fuel to meet the Dawn who cometh like a milch cow.
Like young trees shooting up on high their branches, his flames. are mounting to the vault of heaven.
2. Set forth the gleaming one, the song inspirer, not foolish with. the foolish, fort destroyer,
Who leadeth with his hymns to thought of conquest, gold bearded, richly splendid with his armour
3. Thou art like heaven: one form is bright, one holy, like Day and Night dissimilar in colour.
All magic powers thou aidest, self dependent! Auspicious bethy bounty here, O Pushan!
4. As holy food, Agni, to thine invoker give wealth in cattle, lasting, rich in marvels!
To us be born a son and spreading offspring. Agni, be this thy gracious will to us ward!
5. Stablished to fill the juice with vital vigour, giver of wealth, guard of his servant s body,
The great Priest, born, who knows the clouds, abider with men, is seated in the waters eddy.
6. Let the song, honouring the best, with longing honour the Asura s most famous sovran,
The deeds of him the mighty, deeds like Indra s, the manly one in whom the folk must triumph!
7. In the two kindling blocks lies Jatavedas like the well cherished germ in pregnant women,
Agni who day by day must be entreated by men who watch provided with oblations.
8. Agni, from days of old thou slayest demons: never shall Rakshasas in fight overcome thee.
Burn up the foolish ones, raw flesh devourers: let none of them escape thine heavenly arrow!


1. Bring us most mighty splendour thou, Agni, resistless on thy way:
Prepare for us the path that leads to glorious opulence and strength!
2. May the brave man, if full of zeal he serve and kindle Agni s flame,
Duly presenting sacred gifts, enjoy the Gods protecting help.
3. Thy bright smoke lifts itself aloft, and far extended shines in heaven,
For, Purifier! like the Sun thou beamest with thy radiant glow.
4. Thou, Agni, even as Mitra, hast a princely glory of thine own.
Bright, active God, thou makest fame increase like means of nourishment.
5. At dawn let Agni, much beloved, guest of the house, be glorified,
In whom, the everlasting one, all mortals make their offerings blaze.
6. Most moving song be Agni s: shine on high, O rich in radiant light!
Like the chief consort of a King riches and strength proceed from thee.
7. Exerting all our strength with thoughts of power we glorify in speech
Agni your dear familiar friend, the darling guest in every house.
8. His beam hath lofty power of life: sing praise to Agni, to the God
Whom men have set in foremost place, like Mitra for their eulogy!
9. To noblest Agni, friend of man, chief Vritra slayer, have we come
Who with Srutarvan, Riksha s son, in lofty presence is inflamed.
10. Born as the loftiest Law commands, comrade of those who grew with him.
Agni, the sire of Kasyapa by faith, the mother, Manu, Sage.


1. We in King Soma place our trust, in Agni, and in Varuna,
The Aditya, Vishnu, Surya, and the Brahman priest Brihaspati.
2. Hence have these men gone up on high and mounted to the heights of heaven:
On! conquer on the path by which Angirasas travelled to the skies!
3. That thou mayst send us ample wealth, O Agni, we will kindler thee:
So, for the great oblation, Steer, pray Heaven and Earth to come to us!
4. He runs when one calls after him, This is the prayer of him who prays.
He holds all knowledge in his grasp even as the felly rounds the wheel.
5. Shoot forth, O Agni, with thy flame: demolish them on every side!
Break down the Yatudhana s strength, the vigour of the Rakshasa!
6. Worship the Vasus, Agni! here, the Rudras and Adityas, all
Who know fair sacrifices, sprung from Manu, scattering blessings down!

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