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HYMN L. Indra Vaikuntha. 50

1. I LAUD your Mighty One who joyeth in the juice, him who is shared by all men, who created all;
Indra, whose conquering strength is powerful in war, whose fame and manly vigour Heaven and Earth
2 He with his friend is active, lauded, good to man, Indra who must be glorified by one like me.
Hero, Lord of the brave, all cars are thy delight, warring with Vrtra, or for waters, or for spoil.
3 Who are the men whom thou wilt further, Indra, who strive to win thy bliss allied with riches?
Who urged thee forward to exert thy power divine, to valour, in the war for waters on their fields?
4 Thou, Indra, through the holy prayer art mighty, worthy of sacrifice at all libations.
In every fight thou castest heroes on the ground: thou art the noblest song, O Lord of all the
5 Help now, as Highest, those who toil at sacrifice: well do the people know thy great protecting
Thou shalt be Everlasting, Giver of success yea, on all these libations thou bestowest strength.
6 All these libations thou makest effectual, of which thou art thyself supporter, Son of Power.
Therefore thy vessel is to be esteemed the best, sacrifice, holy text, prayer, and exalted speech.
7 They who with flowing Soma pray to thee, O Sage, to pour on them thy gifts of opulence and
May they come forward, through their spirit, on the path of bliss, in the wild joy of Soma juice

HYMN LI. Agni. Gods. 51

1. LARGE was that covering, and firm of texture, folded wherein thou enteredst the waters.
One Deity alone, O Jatavedas Agni, saw all thy forms in sundry places.
2 What God hath seen me? Who of all their number clearly beheld my forms in many places?
Where lie, then, all the sacred logs of Agni that lead him Godward-, Varuna and Mitra?
3 In many places, Agni Jatavedas, we sought thee hidden in the plants and waters.
Then Yama marked thee, God of wondrous splendour! effulgent from thy tenfold secret dwelling,
4 I fled in fear from sacrificial worship, Varuna, lest the Gods should thus engage me.
Thus were my forms laid down in many places. This, as my goal, I Agni saw before me.
5 Come; man is pious and would fain do worship, he waits prepared: in gloom thou, Agni, dwellest.
Make pathways leading Godward- clear and easy, and bear oblations with a kindly spirit.
6 This goal mine elder brothers erst selected, as he who drives a car the way to travel.
SoVaruna,, I fled afar through terror, as flies the wildbull- from an archers' bowstring.
7 We give thee life unwasting, Jatavedas, so that, employed, thou never shalt be injured.
So, nobly born! shalt thou with kindly spirit bear to the Gods their share of mens' oblations.
8 Grant me the first oblations and the latter, entire, my forceful shares of holy presents,
The soul of plants, the fatness of the waters, and let there be long life, ye Gods, to Agni.
9 Thine be the first oblations and the latter, entire, thy forceful shares of holy presents.
Let all this sacrifice be thine, O Agni, and let the worlds' four regions how before thee.

HYMN LII. Gods. 52

1. INSTRUCT me, all ye Gods, how I, elected your Priest, must seat me here, and how address you.
Instruct me how to deal to each his portion, and by what ' path to bring you mans' oblation.
2 I sit as Priest most skilled in sacrificing: the Maruts and all Deities impel me.
Asvins, each day yours is the Adhvaryus' duty: Brahman and wood are here: itis yours to offer.
3 Who is the Priest? Is he the Priest of Yama? On whom is thrust this Godappointed- honour?
He springs to life each month, each day that passes; so Gods have made him their oblationbearer-.
4 The Gods have made me bearer of oblations, who slipped away and passed through many troubles.
Wise Agni shall ordain for us the worship, whether fivewayed-, threefold, or seventhreaded-.
5 So will I win you strength and life for ever. O Gods, that I may give you room and freedom.
To Indras' arms would I consign the thunder; in all these battles shall he then be victor.
6 The Deities three hundred and thirtynine-, have served and honoured Agni,
Strewn sacred grass, anointed him with butter, and seated him as Priest, the Gods Invoker.

HYMN LIII. Agni Saucika Gods. 53

1. HE hath arrived, he whom we sought with longing, who skilled in sacrifice well knows its
Let him discharge his sacrificial duties: let him sit down as Friend who was before
2 Best Priest, he hath been won by being seated, for he hath looked on the wellordered- viands.
Come, let usworship Gods who must be worshipped, and pouring oil, laud those who should be lauded.
3 Now hath he made the feast of Gods effective: now have we found the secret tongue of worship.
Now hath he come, sweet, robed in vital vigour, and made our calling on the Gods effective.
4 This prelude of my speech I now will utter, whereby we Gods may quell our Asura foemen.
Eaters of strengthening food who merit worship, O ye Five Tribes, be pleased with mine oblation.
5 May the Five Tribes be pleased with mine oblation, and the Cows' Sons and all who merit worship.
From earthly trouble may the earth protect us, and airs' mid realm from woe that comes from heaven.
6 Spinning the thread, follow the regions' splendid light: guard thou the path ways well which
wisdom hath prepared.
Weave ye the knotless labour of the bards who sing: be Manu thou, and bring the Heavenly People
7 Lovers of Soma, bind the chariot traces fast: set ye the reins in order and embellish them.
Bring hitherward the car with seats where eight may sit, whereon the Gods have brought the
treasure that we love.
8 Here flows Asmanvati: hold fast each other, keep yourselves up, and pass, my friends, the river.
There let us leave the Powers that brought no profit, and cross the flood to Powers that are
9 Tvastar, most deft of workmen, knew each magic art, bringing most blessed bowls that hold the
drink of Gods.
His axe, wrought of good metal, he is sharpening now, wherewith the radiant Brahmanaspati will cut.
10 Now, O ye Sapient Ones, make ye the axes sharp wherewith ye fashion bowls to hold the Amrta.
Knowing the secret places make ye ready that whereby the Gods have gotten immortality.
11 Ye with a secret tongue and dark intention laid the maiden deep within, the calf within the
They evermore are near us with their gracious help: successful is the song that strives for

HYMN LIV. Indra. 54

1. I SING thy fame that, Maghavan, through thy Greatness the heavens and earth invoked thee in
their terror,
Thou, aiding Gods, didst quell the power of Dasas, what time thou holpest many a race, O Indra.
2 When thou wast roaming, waxen strong in body, telling thy might, Indra, among the people,
All that men called thy battles was illusion: no foe hast thou today-, nor erst hast found one.
3 Who are the Rsis, then, who comprehended before our time the bounds of all thy greatness?
For from thy body thou hast generated at the same time the Mother and the Father.
4 Thou, Mighty Steer, hast four supremest natures, Asura natures that may Never be injured.
All these, O Maghavan, thou surely knowest, wherewith thou hast performed thy great achievements.
5 Thou hast all treasures in thy sole possession, treasures made manifest and treasures hidden.
Defer not thou, O Maghavan, my longing: thou, art Director, Indra, thou art Giver.
6 To him who set the light in things of splendour, and with all sweetness blent essential
To Indra hath this welcome hymn that strengthens been uttered by the votary Brhaduktha.

HYMN LV. Indra. 55

1. FAR is that secret name by which, in terror, the worlds invoked thee and thou gavest vigour
The earth and heaven thou settest near each other, and Maghavan, madest bright thy Brothers'
2 Great is that secret name and farextending-, whereby thou madest all that is and shall be.
The Five Tribes whom he loveth well have entered the light he loveth that was made aforetime.
3 He filled the heaven and earth and all between them, Gods five times sevenfold in their proper
With fourandthirty— lights he looks around him, lights of one colour though their ways are divers.
4 As first among the lights, O Dawn, thou shonest, whereby thou broughtest forth the Stay of
Great art thou, matchless is thine Asura nature, who, high above, art kin to those beneath thee.
5 The old hath waked the young Moon from his slumber who runs his circling course with many round
Behold the Gods high wisdom in its greatness: he who died yesterday today- is living.
6 Strong is the Red Bird in his strength, great Hero, who from of old hath had no nest to dwell in.
That which he knows is truth and never idle: he wins and gives the wealth desired of many.
7 Through these the Thunderer gained strong manly vigour, through whom he waxed in power to smite
down Vrtra,
Who through the might of Indras' operation came forth as Gods in course of Law and Order.
8 Allstrong-, performing works with his companion, Allmarking-, rapid Victor, Curseaverter-,
The Hero, waxing, after draughts of Soma, blew far from heaven the Dasyus with his weapon.

HYMN LVI. Visvedevas. 56

1. HERE is one light for thee, another yonder: enter the third and he therewith united.
Uniting with a body be thou welcome, dear to the Gods in their sublimest birthplace.
2 Bearing thy body, Vajin, may thy body afford us blessing and thyself protection.
Unswerving, stablish as it were in heaven thine own light as the mighty Gods' supporter.
3 Strong Steed art thou: go to the yearning Maidens with vigour, happily go to heaven and praises:
Fly happily to the Gods with easy passage, according to the first and faithful statutes.
4 Part of their grandeur have the Fathers also gained: the Gods have seated mental power in them
as Gods.
They have embraced within themselves all energies, which, issuing forth, again into their bodies
5 They strode through all the region with victorious might, establishing the old immeasurable laws.
They compassed in their bodies all existing things, and streamed forth Offspring in many
successive forms.
6 In two ways have the sons established in his place the Asura who finds the light, by the third
As fathers, they have set their heritage on earth, their offspring, as a thread continuously spun
7 As in a ship through billows, so through regions of air, with blessings, through toils and
Hath Brhaduktha brought his seed with glory, and placed it here and in the realms beyond us.

HYMN LVII Visvedevas. 57

1. LET us not, Indra, leave the path, the Somapressers-' sacrifice:
Let no malignity dwell with us.
2 May we obtain, completely wrought, the thread spun out to reach the Gods,
That perfecteth the sacrifice.
3 We call the spirit hither with the Soma of our parted sires,
Yea, with the Fathers' holy hymns.
4 Thy spirit come to thee again for wisdom, energy, and lire,
That thou mayst long behold the sun!
5 O Fathers, may the Heavenly Folk give us our spirit once again,
That we may be with those who live.
6 O Soma with the spirit still within us, blest with progeny,
May we be busied in the law.

HYMN LVIII. Manas or Spirit. 58

1. THY spirit, that went far away to Yama to Vivasvans' Son,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
2 Thy spirit, that went far away, that passed away to earth and heaven,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
3 Thy spirit, that went far away, away to the fourcornered- earth,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
4 Thy spirit, that went far away to the four quarters of the world,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
5 Thy spirit, that went far away, away unto the billowy sea,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
6 Thy spirit, that went far away to beams of light that flash and flow,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
7 Thy spirit, that went far away, went to the waters and the plants,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
8 Thy spirit, that went far away, that visited the Sun and Dawn.
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
9 Thy spirit, that went far away, away to lofty mountain heights,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
10 Thy spirit, that went far away into this All, that lives and moves,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
11 Thy spirit, that went far away to distant realms beyond our ken,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn here.
12 Thy spirit, that went far away to all that is and is to be,
We cause to come to thee again that thou mayst live and sojourn heie.

HYMN LIX. Nirrti and Others. 59

1. His life hath been renewed and carried forward as two men, carborne-, by the skilful driver.
One falls, then seeks the goal with quickened vigour. Let Nirrti depart to distant places.
2 Here is the psalm for wealth, and food, in plenty: let us do many deeds to bring us glory.
All these our doings shall delight the singer. Let Nirrti depart to distant places.
3 May we overcome our foes with acts of valour, as heaven is over earth, hills over lowlands.
All these our deeds the singer hath considered. Let Nirrti depart to distant places.
4 Give us not up as prey to death, O Soma still let us look upon the Sun arising.
Let our old age with passing days be kindly. Let Nirrti depart to distant places.
5 O Asuniti, keep the soul within us, and make the days we have to live yet longer.
Grant that we still may look upon the sunlight: strengthen thy body with the oil we bring thee.
6 Give us our sight again, O Asuniti, give us again our breath and our enjoyment.
Long may we look upon the Sun uprising; O Anumati, favour thou and bless us.
7 May Earth restore to us our vital spirit, may Heaven the Goddess and midair- restore it.
May Soma give us once again our body, and Pusan show the Path of peace and comfort.
8 May both Worlds bless Subandhu, young Mothers of everlasting Law.
May Heaven and Earth uproot and sweep iniquity and shame away: nor sin nor sorrow trouble thee.
9 Healthgiving- medicines descend sent down from heaven in twos and threes,
Or wandering singly on the earth. May Heaven and Earth uproot and sweep iniquity and shame away:
nor sin nor sorrow trouble thee.
10 Drive forward thou the wagonox-, O Indra, which brought Usinaranis' wagon hither.
May Heaven and Earth uproot and sweep iniquity and shame away: nor sin nor sorrow trouble thee.

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