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HYMN XL. Asvins. 40

1. YOUR radiant Chariotwhither- goes it on its way who- decks it for you, Heroes, for its happy
Starting at daybreak, visiting each morning every house, borne hitherward through prayer unto the
2 Where are ye, Asvins, in the evening, where at morn? Where is your haltingplace, where rest ye
for the night?
Who brings you homeward, as the widow bedward draws her husbands' brother, as the bride attracts
the groom?
3 Early ye sing forth praise as with a heralds' voice, and, meet for worship, go each morning to
the house.
Whom do ye ever bring to ruin? Unto whose libations come ye, Heroes, like two Sons of Kings?
4 Even as hunters follow two wild elephants, we with oblations call you down at morn and eve.
To folk who pay you offierings at appointed times, Chiefs, Lords of splendour, ye bring food to
strengthen them.
5 To you, O Asvins, came the daughter of a King, Ghosa, and said, O Heroes, this I beg of you:
Be near me in the day, he near me in the night: help me to gain a carborne- chieftain rich in
6 O Asvins, ye are wise: as Kutsa comes to men, bring your car nigh the folk of him who sings your
The bee, O Asvins, bears your honey in her mouth, as the maid carries it purified in her hand.
7 To Bhujyu and to Vasa ye come near with help, O Asvins, to Sinjara and to Usana.
Your worshipper secures your friendship for himself. Through your protection I desire felicity.
8 Krsa and Sayu ye protect, ye Asvins Twain: ye Two assist the widow and the worshipper;
And ye throw open, Asvins, unto those who win the cattlestall- that thunders with its serenfold
9 The Woman hath brought forth, the Infant hath appeared, the plants of wondrous beauty
straightway have sprung up.
To him the rivers run as down a deep descent, and he this day becomes their master and their lord.
10 They mourn the living, cry aloud, at sacrifice: the men have set their thoughts upon a distant
A lovely thing for fathers who have gathered here, a joy to husbands, are the wives their arms
shall clasp
11 Of this we have no knowledge. Tall it forth to us, now the youth rests within the chambers of
the bride.
Fain would we reach the dwelling of the vigorous Steer who loves the kine, O Asvins: this is our
12 Your favouring grace hath come, ye Lords of ample wealth: Asvins, our longings are stored up
within your hearts.
Ye, Lords of splendour, have become our twofold guard: may we as welcome friends reach Aryamans'
13 Even so, rejoicing in the dwellingplace- of man, give hero sons and riches to the eloquent.
Make a ford, Lords of splendour, where men well may drink: remove the spiteful treestump- standing
in the path.
14 O Asvins, WonderWorkers-, Lords of lustre, where and with what folk do ye delight yourselves
Who hath detained them with him? Whither are they gone? Unto what sages' or what worshippers'

HYMN XLI. Asvins. 41

1. THAT general Car of yours, invoked by many a man, that comes to our libations, threewheeled-,
meet for lauds,
That circumambient Car, worthy of sacrifice, we call with our pure hymns at earliest flush of dawn.
2 Ye, O Nasatyas, mount that earlyharnessed- Car, that travels early, laden with its freight of
Wherewith ye, Heroes, visit clans who sacrifice, even the poor mans' worship where the priest
3 If to the deft Adhvaryu with the meath in hand, or to the Kindler firm in strength, the
household friend,
Or to the sages' poured libations ye approach, come thence, O Asvins, now to drink the offered

HYMN XLII. Indra. 42

1. EVEN as an archer shoots afar his arrow, offer the laud to him with meet adornment.
Quell with your voice the wickeds' voice, O sages. Singer, make Indra rest beside the Soma.
2 Draw thy Friend to thee like a cow at milking: O Singer, wake up Indra as a lover.
Make thou the Hero haste to give us riches even as a vessel filled brimful with treasure.
3 Why, Maghavan, do they call thee Bounteous Giver? Quicken me: thou, I hear, art he who quickens.
Sakra, let my intelligence be active, and bring us luck that finds great wealth, O Indra.
4 Standing, in battle for their rights, together, the people, Indra, in the fray invoke thee.
Him who brings gifts the Hero makes his comrade: with him who pours no juice he seeks not
5 Whoso with plenteous food for him expresses strong Somas as much quicklycoming- treasure,
For him he overthrows in early morning his swift wellweaponed- foes, and slays the tyrant.
6 He unto whom we offer praises, Indra, Maghavan, who hath joined to ours his wishes,
Before him even afar the foe must tremble: low before him must bow all human glories.
7 With thy fierce bolt, O God invoked of many, drive to a distance from afar the foeman.
O Indra, give us wealth in corn and cattle, and make thy singers' prayer gain strength and riches.
8 Indra, the swallower of strong libations rich in the boons they bring, the potent Somas,
He, Maghavan, will not restrict his bounty he brings much wealth unto the Somapresser-.
9 Yea, by superior play he wins advantage, when he, a gambler, piles his gains in season.
Celestialnatured-, he overwhelms with riches the devotee who keeps not back his treasure.
10 O Muchinvoked-, may we subdue all famine and evil want with store of grain and cattle.
May we allied, as first in rank, with princes obtain possessions by our own exertion.
11 Brhaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above, and from below, from sinners!
May Indra from the front, and from the centre, as Friend to friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom.

HYMN XLIII. Indra. 43

1. IN perfect unison all yearning hymns of mine that find the light of heaven have sung forth
Indras' praise.
As wives embrace their lord, the comely bridegroom, so they compass Maghavan about that he may
2 Directed unto thee my spirit never strays, for I have set my hopes on thee, O Muchinvoked-!
Sit, Wonderful! as King upon the sacred grass, and let thy drinkingplace- be by the Soma juice.
3 From indigence and hunger Indra turns away: Maghavan hath dominion over precious wealth.
These the Seven Rivers flowing on their downward path increase the vital vigour of the potent
4 As on the fairleafed- tree rest birds, to Indra flow the gladdening Soma juices that the bowls
Their face that glows with splendour through their mighty power hath found the shine of heaven for
man, the Aryas' light.
5 As in the game a gambler piles his winnings, so Maghavan, sweeping all together, gained the Sun
This mighty deed of thine none other could achieve, none, Maghavan, before thee, none in recent
6 Maghavan came by turns to all the tribes of men: the Steer took notice of the peoples' songs of
The man in whose libations Sakra hath delight by means of potent Somas vanquisheth his foes.
7 When Soma streams together unto Indra flow like waters to the river, rivulets to the lake,
In place of sacrifice sages exalt his might, as the rain swells the corn by moisture sent from
8 He rushes through the region like a furious Bull, he who hath made these floods the dames of
worthy lords.
This Maghavan hath found light for the man who brings oblation, sheds the juice, and promptly
pours his gifts.
9 Let the keen axe come forth together with the light: here beas,. erst, the teeming cow of
Let the Red God shine bright with his refulgent ray, and let the Lord of heroes glow like heavens'
clear sheen.
10 O Muchinvoked-, may we subdue all famine and evil want with store of grain and cattle.
May we allied, as first in rank, with princes obtain possessions by our own exertion.
11 Brhaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above, and from below, from sinners.
May Indra from the front, and from the centre, as Friend to friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom.

HYMN XLIV. Indra. 44

1. MAY Sovran Indra come to the carousal, he who by Holy Law is strong and active,
The overcomer of all conquering forces with his great steerlike- power that hath no limit.
2 Firmseated- is thy car, thy Steeds are docile; thy hand, O King, holds, firmly grasped, the
On thy fair path, O Lord of men, come quickly: we will increase thy powers when thou hast drunken.
3 Let strong and mighty Steeds who bear this Mighty Indra, the Lord of men, whose arm wields
Bring unto us, as sharers of our banquet, the Steer of conquering might, of real vigour.
4 So like a Bull thou rushest to the Lord who loves the trough, the Sage, the prop of vigour, in
the vat,
Prepare thine energies, collect them in thyself: be for our profit as the Master of the wise.
5 May precious treasures come to usso- will I pray. Come to the votarys' gift offered with
beauteous laud.
Thou art the Lord, as such sit on this holy grass: thy vessels are inviolate as Law commands.
6 Far went our earlist invocation of the Gods, and won us glories that can never be surpassed.
They who could not ascend the ship of sacrifice, sink down in desolation, trembling with alarm.
7 So be the others, evilhearted-, far away, whose horses, difficult to harness, have been yoked.
Here in advance men stand anear to offer gifts, by whom full many a work that brings reward is
8 He firmly fixed the plains and mountains as they shook. Dyaus thundered forth and made the airs'
midregion- quake.
He stays apart the two confronting bowls; he sings lauds in the potent Somas' joy when he hath
9 I bear this deftlyfashioned- goad of thine, wherewith thou, Maghavan, shalt break the strikers
with the hoof.
At this libation mayst thou be well satisfied. Partake the juice, partake the worship, Maghavan.
10 O Muchinvoked-, may we subdue all famine and evil want with store of grain and cattle.
May we allied, as first in rank, with princes obtain possessions by our own exertion.
11 Brhaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above, and from below, from sinners.
May Indra from the front and from the centre, as Friend to friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom.

HYMN XLV. Agni. 45

1. FIRST Agni sprang to life from out of Heaven: the second time from us came Jatavedas.
Thirdly the Manlysouled- was in the waters. The pious lauds and kindles him the Eternal.
2 Agni, we know thy three powers in three stations, we know thy forms in many a place divided.
We know what name supreme thou hast in secret: we know the source from which thou hast proceeded.
3 The Manlysouled- lit thee in sea and waters, mans' Viewer lit thee in the breast of heaven,
There as thou stoodest in the third high region the Steers increased thee in the waters' bosom.
4 Agni roared out, like Dyaus what time he thunders: he licked the ground about the plants he
At once, when born, he looked around enkindled, and lightened heaven and earth within with
5 The spring of glories and support of riches, rouser of thoughts and guardian of the Soma,
Good Son of Strength, a King amid the waters, in forefront of the Dawns he shines enkindled.
6 Germ of the world, ensign of all creation, be sprang to life and filled the earth and heavens.
Even the firm rock he cleft when passing over, when the Five Tribes brought sacrifice to Agni.
7 So among mortals was Immortal Agni stablished as holy wise and willing envoy.
He waves the red smoke that he lifts above him, striving to reach the heavens with radiant lustre.
8 Like gold to look on, far he shone refulgent, beaming imperishable life for glory,
Agni by vital powers became immortal when his prolific Father Dyaus begat him.
9 Whoso this day, O God whose flames are lovely, prepares a cake, O Agni, mixt with butter,
Lead thou and further him to higher fortune, to bliss bestowed by Gods, O thou Most Youthful.
10 Endow him, Agni, with a share of glory, at every song of praise sung forth enrich him.
Dear let him be to Surya, dear to Agni, preeminent with son and childrens' children.
11 While, Agni, day by day men pay thee worship they win themselves all treasures worth the
Allied with thee, eager and craving riches, they have disclosed the stable filled with cattle.
12 Agni, the Friend of men, the Somas' keeper, Vaisvanara, hath been lauded by the Rsis.
We will invoke benignant Earth and Heaven: ye Deities, give us wealth with hero children.

HYMN XLVI. Agni. 46

1. STABLISHED for thee, to lend thee vital forces, Giver of wealth, Guard of his servants' body.
The Great Priest, born, who knows the clouds, Abider with men, is seated in the lap of waters.
2 Worshipping, seeking him with adoration like some lost creature followed by its footprints,
Wise Bhrgus, yearning in their hearts, pursued him, and found him lurking where the floods are
3 On the Cows' forehead, with laborious searching, Trita, the offspring of Vibhiavas, found him.
Born in our houses, Youthful, joybestower-, he now becomes the central point of brightness.
4 Yearning, with homage, they have set and made him blithe Priest among mankind, oblationbearer-,
Leader of rites and Purifier, envoy of men, as sacrifice that still advances.
5 The foolish brought the Neverbewildered- forward, great, Victor, Songinspirer-, Fortdestroyer-.
Leading the Youth goldbearded-, like a courser gleaming with wealth, they turned their hymn to
6 Holding his station firmly in the houses, Trita sat down within his home surrounded
Thence, as Law bids, departs the Tribes' Companion having collected men with no compulsion.
7 His are the fires, eternal, purifying, that make the houses move, whose smoke is shining,
White, waxing in their strength, for ever stirring, and sitting in the wood; like winds are Somas.
8 The tongue of Agni bears away the praisesong, and, through his care for Earth, her operations.
Him, bright and radiant, living men have stablished as their blithe Priest, the Chief of
9 That Agni, him whom Heaven and Earth engendered, the Waters. Tvastar, and with might, the Bhrgus,
Him Matarisvan and the Gods have fashioned holy for man and first to be entreated.
10 Agni, whom Gods have made oblationbearer, and muchdesiring- men regard as holy,
Give life to him who lauds thee when he worships, and then shall glorious men in troops adore thee.

HYMN XLVII. Indra Vaikuntha. 47

1. THY right hand have we grasped in ours, O Indra, longing for treasure, TreasureLord- of
Because we know thee, Hero, Lord of cattle: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.
2 Wealth, fully armed, good guard and kind protector, sprung from four seas, the prop and stay of
Fraught with great bounties, meet for praise and glory; vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.
3 Wealth, with good Brahmans, Indra! Godattended-, high, wide, and deep, arid based on broad
Strong, with famed Rsis, conquering our foemen: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.
4 Victorious, winning strength, with hero sages, confirmed in power, most useful,
True, Indra! crushing forts and slaying Dasyus: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.
5 Wealthy in heroes and in cars and horses, strength hundredfold and thousandfold, O Indra,
With manly sages, happy troops, lightwinning-: vouchsafe us mighty and resplentdent riches.
6 To Saptagu the sage, the holyminded-, to him, Brhaspati, the song approaches,
Angiras' Son who must be met with homage: vouchsafe us mighty and reslendent riches.
7 My lauds, like envoys, craving lovingkindness-, go forth to Indra with their strong entreaty,
Moving his heart and uttered by my spirit: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.
8 Grant us the boon for which I pray, O Indra, a spacious home unmatched among the people.
To this may Heaven and Earth accord approval: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.

HYMN XLVIII. Indra Vaikuntha. 48

1. I WAS the first possessor of all precious gear: the wealth of every man I win and gather up.
On me as on a Father living creatures call; I deal enjoyment to tho. man who offers gifts.
2 I, Indra, am Atharvans' stay and firm support: I brought forth kine to Trita from the Dragons'
I stripped the Dasyus of their manly might, and gave the cattlestalls- to Matarigvan and Dadhyac.
3 For me hath Tvastar forged the iron thunderbolt: in me the Gods have centred intellectual power.
My sheen is like the Suns' insufferably bright: men honour me as Lord for past and future deeds.
4 I won myself these herdi of cattle, steeds and kine, and gold in ample store, with my
destructive bolt.
I give full many a thousand to the worshipper, what time the Somas and the lauds have made me glad.
5 Indra am I none ever wins my wealth from me never at any time am I a thrall to death.
Pressing the Soma, ask riches from me alone: ye, Purus, in my friendship shall not suffer harm.
6 These, breathing loud in fury, two and two, who caused Indra to bring his bolt of thunder to the
The challengers, I struck with deadly weapon down: firm stand what words the God speaks to his
This One by stronger might I conquered singly; yea, also two: shall three prevail against me?
Like many sheaves upon the floor I thrash them. How can my foes, the Indraless, revile me?
8 Against the Gungus I made Atithigva strong, and kept him mid the folk like Vrtraconquering-
When I won glory in the great foeslaying- fight, in battle where Karanja fell, and Parnaya.
9 With food for mine enjoyment Sapya Nami came: he joined me as a friend of old in search of kine.
As I bestowed on him an arrow for the fight I made him worthy of the song and hymn of praise.
10 One of the two hath Soma, seen within it; the Herdsman with the bone shows forth the other.
He, fain to fight the Bull whose horns were sharpened, stood fettered in the demons' ample region.
11 I, as a God, Never violate the statutes of Gods, of Vasus, Rudriyas, Adityas.
These Gods have formed me for auspicious vigour, unconquered and invincible for ever.

HYMN XLIXIndra. Vaikuntha. 49

1. I HAVE enriched the singer with surpassing wealth; I have allowed the holy hymn to strengthen
I, furtherer of him who offers sacrifice, have conquered in each fight the men who worship not.
2 The People of the heavens, the waters, and the earth have stablished me among the Gods with
Indras' name.
I took unto myself the two swift vigorous Bays that speed on divers paths, and the fierce bolt for
3 With deadly blows I smote Atka for Kavis' sake; I guarded Kutsa well with these saving helps.
As Susnas' slayer I brandished the dart of death: I gave not up the Aryan name to Dasyu foes.
4 Smadibha, Tugra, and the Vetasus I gave as prey to Kutsa, fatherlike-, to succour him.
I was a worthy King to rule the worshipper, when I gave Tuji dear inviolable gifts.
5 I gave up Mrgaya to Srutarvan as his prey because he ever followed me and kept my laws.
For Ayus' sake I caused Veta to bend and bow, and into Savyas' hand delivered Padgrbhi.
6 1, I crushed Navavastva of the lofty car, the Dasa, as the Vrtraslayer- kills the fiends;
When straightway on the regions' farthest edge I brought the God who makes the lights to broaden
and increase.
7 I travel round about borne onward in my might by the fleetfooted- dappled Horses of the Sun.
When mans' libation calls me to the robe of state I soon repel the powerful Dasyu with my blows.
8 Stronger am I than Nabus, I who slew the seven: I glorified with might Yadu and Turvaga.
I brought another low, with strength I bent his strength: I let the mighty nineandninety— wax in
9 Bull over all the streams that flow along the earth, I took the Seven Rivers as mine own domain.
I, gifted with great wisdom, spread the floods abroad: by war I found for man the way to high
10 I set within these cows the white milk which no God, not even Tvastars' self, had there
Muchlongedfor—, in the breasts, the udders of the kine, the savoury sweets of meath, the milk and
Soma juice.
11 Even thus hath Indra Maghavan, truly bounteous, sped Gods and men with mighty operation.
The pious glorify all these thine exploits, Lord of Bay Coursers, Strong, and Selfresplendent.

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