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HYMN XXX. Waters. 30

1. As it were with swift exertion of the spirit, let the priest speed to the celestial Waters,
The glorious food of Varuna and Mitra. To him who spreadeth far this laud I offer.
2 Adhvaryus, he ye ready with oblations,, and come with longing to the longing Waters,
Down on which looks the. purpletinted- Eagle. Pour ye that flowing wave this day, defthanded-.
3 Go to the reservoir, O ye Adhvaryus worship the Waters Child with your oblations.
A consecrated wave he now will give you, so press for him the Soma rich in sweetness.
4 He who shines bright in floods, unfed with fuel, whom sages worship at their sacrifices:
Give waters rich in sweets, Child of the Waters, even those which gave heroic might to Indra:
5 Those in which Soma joys and is delighted, as a young man with fair and pleasant damsels.
Go thou unto those Waters, O Adhvaryu, and purify with herbs what thou infusest.
6 So maidens bow before the youthful gallant who comes with love to them who yearn to meet him.
In heart accordant and in wish oneminded- are the Adhvaryus and the heavenly Waters.
7 He who made room for you when fast imprisoned, who freed you from the mighty imprecation,
Even to that Indra send the meathrich- current, the wave that gratifies the Gods, O Waters.
8 Send forth to him the meathrich- wave, O Rivers, which is your offspring and a well of sweetness,
Oilbalmed-, to be implored at sacrifices. Ye wealthy Waters, hear mine invocation.
9 Send forth the rapturegiving- wave, O Rivers, which Indra drinks, which sets the Twain in motion;
The well that springeth from the clouds, desirous, that wandereth tripleformed-, distilling
10 These winding Streams which with their double current, like cattleraiders-, seek the lower
Waters which dwell together, thrive together, Queens, Mothers of the world, these, Rsi, honour.
11 Send forth our sacrifice with holy worship send forth the hymn and prayer for gain of riches.
For need of sacrifice disclose the udder. Give gracious hearing to our call, O Waters.
12 For, wealthy Waters, ye control all treasures: ye bring auspicious intellect and Amrta.
Ye are the Queens of independent riches Sarasvati give full life to the singer!
13 When I behold the Waters coming hither, carrying with them milk and mcath and butter,
Bearing the wellpressed- Soma juice to Indra, they harmonize in spirit with Adhvaryus.
14 Rich, they are come with wealth for living beings, O friends, Adhvaryus, seat them in their
Seat them on holy grass, ye Somabringers- in harmony with the Offspring of the Waters.
15 Now to this grass are come the longing Waters: the Pious Ones are seated at our worship.
Adhvaryus, press the Soma juice for Indra so will the service of the Gods be easy.

HYMN XXXI. Visvedevas. 31

1. MAY benediction of the Gods approach us, holy, to aid us with all rapid succours.
Therewith may we be happily befriended, and pass triumphant over all our troubles.
2 A man should think on wealth and strive to win it by adoration on the path of Order,
Counsel himself with his own mental insight, and grasp still nobler vigour with his spirit.
3 The hymn is formed, poured are the allotted portions: as to a ford friends come unto the
We have obtained the power of case and comfort, we haVe become acquainted, with Immortals.
4 Pleased be the Eternal Lord who loves the household with this man whom God Savitar created.
May Bhaga Aryaman grace him with cattle: may he appear to him, and be, delightful.
5 Like the Dawns' dwellingplace- be this assembly, where in their might men rich in food have
Striving to share the praises of this singer. To us come strengthening and effectual riches!
6 This Bulls' most gracious farextended- favour existed first of all in full abundance.
By his support they are maintained in common who in the Asuras' mansion dwell together.
7 What was the tree, what wood, in sooth, produced it, from which they fashioned forth the Earth
and Heaven?
These Twain stand fast and wax not old for ever: these have sung praise to many a day and morning.
8 Not only here is this: more is beyond us. He is the Bull, the Heavens' and Earths' supporter.
With power divine he makes his skin a filter, when the Bay Coursers bear him on as Surya.
9 He passes over the broad earth like a Stega: he penetrates the world as Wind the mistcloud-.
He, balmed with oil, near Varuna and Mitra, like Agni in the wood, hath shot forth splendour.
10 When suddenly called the cow that erst was barren, she, selfprotected-, ended all her troubles.
Earth, when the first son sprang from sire and mother, cast up the gami, that which men were
11 To Nrsads' son they gave the name of Kainva, and he the brownhued- courser won the treasure.
For him darkcoloured- streamed the shining udder: none made it swell for him. Thus Order willed it.

HYMN XXXII. Indra. 32

1. FORTH speed the Pair to bring the meditating God, benevolent with boons sent in return for
May Indra graciously accept both gifts from us, when he hath knowledge of the flowing Soma juice.
2 Thou wanderest far, O Indra, through the spheres of light and realms of earth, the region, thou
whom many praise!
Let those who often bring their solemn rites conquer the noisy babblers who present no gifts.
3 More beautiful than beauty must this seem to me, when the son duly careth for his parents' line.
The wife attracts the husband: with a shout of joy the mans' auspicious marriage is performed
4 This beauteous place of meeting have I looked upon, where, like milchcows-, the kine order the
marriage train;
Where the Herds' Mother counts as first and best of all, and round her are the seventoned- people
of the choir.
5 The Pious One hath reached your place before the rest: One only moves victorious with the
Rudras' band.
To these your helpers pour our meath, Immortal Gods, with whom your song of praise hath power to
win their gifts.
6 He who maintains the Laws of God informed me that thou wast lying hidden in the waters.
Indra, who knoweth well, beheld and showed thee. By him instructed am I come, O Agni.
7 The stranger asks the way of him who knows it: taught by the skilful guide he travels onward.
This is, in truth, the blessing of instruction: he finds the path that leads directly forward.
8 Even now he breathed: these days hath he remembered. Concealed, he sucked the bosom of his
Yet in his youth old age hath come upon him: he hath grown gracious, good, and free from anger.
9 O Kalasa, all these blessings will we bring them, O Kurusravana, who give rich presents.
May he, O wealthy princes, and this Soma which I am bearing in my heart, reward you.

HYMN XXXIII. Various Deities. 33

1. THE urgings of the people have impelled me, and bythe, nearest way I bring you Pusan.
The Universal Gods have brought me safely. The cry was heard, Behold, Dubsasu cometh!
2 The ribs that compass me give pain and trouble me like rival wives.
Indigence, nakedness, exhaustion press me sore: my mind is fluttering like a birds'.
3 As rats eat weavers' threads, cares are consuming me, thy singer, gatakratu, me.
Have mercy on us once, O Indra, Bounteous Lord: be thou a Father unto us.
4 I the priests' Rsi chose as prince most liberal Kurusravana,
The son of Trasadasyus' son,
5 Whose three bays harnessed to the car bear me straight onward: I will laud
The giver of a thousand meeds,
6 The sire of Upamasravas, even him whose words were passing sweet,
As a fair field is to its lord.
7 Mark, Upamasravas, his son, mark, grandson of Mitratithi:
I am thy fathers' eulogist.
8 If I controlled Immortal Gods, yea, even were I Lord of men,
My liberal prince were living still.
9 None lives, even had he hundred lives, beyond the statute of the Gods
So am I parted from my friend.

HYMN XXXIV. Dice, Etc. 34

1. SPRUNG from tall trees on windy heights, these rollers transport me as they turn upon the table.
Dearer to me the die that never slumbers than the deep draught of Mujavans' own Soma.
2 She never vexed me nor was angry with me, but to my friends and me was ever gracious.
For the dies' sake, whose single point is final, mine own devoted wife I alienated.
3 My wife holds me aloof, her mother hates me: the wretched man finds none to give him comfort.
As of a costly horse grown old and feeble, I find not any profit of the gamester.
4 Others caress the wife of him whose riches the die hath coveted, that rapid courser:
Of him speak father, mother, brothers saying, We know him not: bind him and take him with you.
5 When I resolve to play with these no longer, my friends depart from me and leave me lonely.
When the brown dice, thrown on the board, have rattled, like a fond girl I seek the place of
6 The gamester seeks the gamblinghouse-, and wonders, his body all afire, Shall I be lucky?
Still do the dice extend his eager longing, staking his gains against his adversary.
7 Dice, verily, are armed with goads and drivinghooks-, deceiving and tormenting, causing grievous
They give frail gifts and then destroy the man who wins, thickly anointed with the players'
fairest good.
8 Merrily sports their troop, the threeandfifty—, like Savitar the God whose ways are faithful.
They bend not even to the mightys' anger: the King himself pays homage and reveres them.
9 Downward they roll, and then spring quickly upward, and, handless, force the man with hands to
serve them.
Cast on the board, like lumps of magic charcoal, though cold themselves they burn the heart to
10 The gamblers' wife is left forlorn and wretched: the mother mourns the son who wanders homeless.
In constant fear, in debt, and seeking riches, he goes by night unto the home of others.
11 Sad is the gambler when he sees a matron, anothers' wife, and his wellordered- dwelling.
He yokes the brown steeds in the early morning, and when the fire is cold sinks down an outcast.
12 To the great captain of your mighty army, who hath become the hosts' imperial leader,
To him I show my ten extended fingers: I speak the truth. No wealth am I withholding.
13 Play not with dice: no, cultivate thy cornland-. Enjoy the gain, and deem that wealth
There are thy cattle there thy wife, O gambler. So this good Savitar himself hath told me.
14 Make me your friend: show us some little mercy. Assail us not with your terrific fierceness.
Appeased be your malignity and anger, and let the brown dice snare some other captive.

HYMN XXXV. Visvedevas. 35

1. THESE fires associate with Indra are awake, bringing their light when first the Dawn begins to
May Heaven and Earth, great Pair, observe our holy work. We claim for us this day the favour of
the Gods.
2 Yea, for ourselves we claim the grace of Heaven and Earth, of Saryanavan, of the Hills and
Mother Streams.
For innocence we pray to Surya and to Dawn. So may the flowing Soma bring us bliss today-.
3 May the great Twain, the Mothers, Heaven and Earth, this day preserve us free from sin for peace
and happiness.
May Morning sending forth her light drive sin afar. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
4 May this first Dawn bring us the host of gracious Gods: rich, may it richly shine for us who
strive for wealth.
The wrath of the malignant may we keep afar. We pray to kindled Agni for feilicity.
5 Dawns, who come forward with the bright beams of the Sun, and at your earliest flushing bring to
us the light,
Shine ye on us today- auspicious, for renown. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
6 Free from all sickness may the Mornings come to us, and let our fires mount upward with a lofty
The Asvin Pair have harnessed their swiftmoving- car. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
7 Send us today- a portion choice and excellent, O Savitar, for thou art he who dealeth wealth.
I cry to Dhisana, Mother of opulence. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
8 Further me this declaring of Eternal Law, the Law of Gods, as we mortals acknowledge it!
The Sun goes up beholding all the rays of morn. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
9 This day we pray with innocence in strewing grass, adjusting pressingstones-, and perfecting the
Thou in the Adityas' keeping movest restlessly. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
10 To our great holy grass I bid the Gods at morn to banquet, and will seat them as the seven
Varuna, Indra, Mitra, Bhaga for our gain. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
11 Come hither, O Adityas, for our perfect weal: accordant help our sacrifice that we may thrive.
Pusan, Brhaspati, Bhaga, both Asvins, and enkindled Agni we implore for happiness.
12 Adityas, Gods, vouchsafe that this our home may be praiseworthy-, prosperous, our heroes' sure
For cattle, for our sons, for progeny, for life. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
13 This day may all the Maruts, all he near us with aid: may all our fires be well enkindled.
May all Gods come to us with gracious favour. May spoil and wealth he ours, and all possessions.
14 He whom ye aid, O Deities, in battle, whom ye protect and rescue from affliction,
Who fears no danger at your milklibation-, such- may we be to feast the Gods, ye Mighty.

HYMN XXXVI. Visvedevas. 36

1. THERE are the Dawn and Night, the grand and beauteous Pair, Earth, Heaven, and Varuna, Mitra,
and Aryaman.
Indra I call, the Maruts, Mountains, and the Floods, Adityas, Heaven and Earth, the Waters, and
the Sky.
2 May Dyaus and Prthivi, wise, true to Holy Law, keep us in safety from distress and injury.
Let not malignant Nirrti rule over us. We crave today- this gracious favour of the Gods.
3 Mother of Mitra and of opulent Varuna, may Aditi preserve us safe from all distress.
May we obtain the light of heaven without a foe. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods today-.
4 May ringing pressstones- keep the Raksasas afar, ill dream, and Nirrti, and each voracious fiend.
May the Adityas and the Maruts shelter us. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods today-.
5 Full flow libations; on our grass let Indra sit; Brhaspati the singer laud with Sama hymns!
Wise be our hearts' imaginings that we may live. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods today-.
6 Ye Asvins, make our sacrifice ascend to heaven, and animate the rite that it may send us bliss,
Offered with holy oil, with forwardspeeding- rein. We crave the gracious favour of the Gods today-.
7 Hither I call the band of Maruts, swift to hear, great, purifying, bringing bliss, to he our
May we increase our wealth to glorify our name. We crave this graciousfavour of the Gods today-.
8 We bring the Stay of Life, who makes the waters swell, swifthearing-, Friend of Gods, who waits
on sacrifice.
May we control that Power, Soma whose rays are bright. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods
9 Alive ourselves, with living sons, devoid of guilt, may we win this with winners by fair means
to win.
Let the prayerhaters- bear our sin to every side. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods today-.
10 Hear us, O ye who claim the worship of mankind, and give us, O ye Gods, the gift for which we
Victorious wisdom, fame with heroes and with wealth. We crave today- this gracious favour of the
11 We crave the gracious favour of the Gods today-, great favour of great Gods, sublime and free
from foes,
That we may gain rich treasure sprung from hero sons. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods
12 In great enkindled Agnis' keeping, and, for bliss, free from all sin before Mitra and Varuna.
May we share Savitars' best animating help. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods today-.
13 All ye, the Gods whom Savitar the Father of truth, and Varuna and Mitra govern,
Give us prosperity with hero children, and opulence in kine and various treasure.
14 Savitar, Savitar from cast and westward, Savitar, Savitar from north and southward,
Savitar send us perfect health and comfort, Savitar let our days of life be lengthened!

HYMN XXXVII. Surya. 37

1. Do homage unto Varunas' and Mitras' Eye: offer this solemn worship to the Mighty God,
Who seeth far away, the Ensign, born of Gods. Sing praises unto Surya, to the Son of Dyaus.
2 May this my truthful speech guard me on every side wherever heaven and earth and days are spread
All else that is in motion finds a place of rest: the waters ever flow and ever mounts the Sun.
3 No godless man from time remotest draws thee down when thou art driving forth with winged
dappled Steeds.
One lustre waits upon thee moving to the cast, and, Surya, thou arisest with a different light.
4 O Surya, with the light whereby thou scatterest gloom, and with thy ray impellest every moving
Keep far from us all feeble, worthless sacrifice, and drive away disease and every evil dream.
5 Sent forth thou guardest well the Universes' law, and in thy wonted way arisest free from wrath.
When Surya, we address our prayers to thee today-, may the Gods favour this our purpose and desire.
6 This invocation, these our words may Heaven and Earth, and Indra and the Waters and the Maruts
Never may we suffer want in presence of the Sun, and, living happy lives, may we attain old age.
7 Cheerful in spirit, evermore, and keen of sight, with store of children, free from sickness and
from sin,
Longliving-, may we look, O Surya, upon thee uprising day by day, thou great as Mitra is!
8 Surya, may we live long and look upon thee still, thee, O Farseeing- One, bringing the glorious
The radiant God, the spring of joy to every eye, as thou art mounting up over the high shining
9 Thou by whose lustre all the world of life comes forth, and by thy beams again returns unto its
O Surya with the golden hair, ascend for us day after day, still bringing purer innocence.
10 Bless us with shine, bless us with perfect daylight, bless us with cold, with fervent heat and
Bestow on us, O Surya, varied riches, to bless us in our home and when we travel.
11 Gods, to our living creatures of both kinds vouchsafe protection, both to bipeds and to
That they may drink and eat invigorating food. So grant us health and strength and perfect
12 If by some grievous sin we have provoked the Gods, O Deities, with the tongue or
thoughtlessness of heart,
That guilt, O Vasus, lay upon the Evil One, on him who ever leads us into deep distress.


1. O INDRA, in this battle great and glorious, in this loud din of war help us to victory,
Where in the strife for kine among bold ringdecked- men arrows fly all around and heroes are
2 At home disclose to us opulence rich in food, streaming with milk, O Indra, meet to be renowned.
Sakra, may we be thine, the friendly Conquerors': even as we desire, O Vasu, so do thou.
3 The godless man, muchlauded- Indra, whether he be Dasa or be Arya, who would war with us,
Easy to conquer he for thee, with us, these foes: with thee may we subdue them in the clash of
4 Him who must be invoked by many and by few, who standeth nigh with comfort in the war of men,
Indra, famed Hero, winner in the deadly strife, let us bring hitherward today- to favour us.
5 For, Indra, I have heard thee called Self. capturer, One, Steer! who never yields, who urges
even the churl.
Release thyself from Kutsa and come hither. How shall one like thee sit still bound that he may
not move?

HYMN XXXIX. Asvins. 39

1. As it were the name of father, easy to invoke, we all assembled here invoke this Car of yours,
Asvins, your swiftlyrolling- circumambient Car which he who worships must invoke at eve and dawn.
2 Awake all pleasant strains and let the hymns flow forth: raise up abundant fulness: this is our
Asvins, bestow on us a glorious heritage, and give our princes treasure fair as Soma is.
3 Ye are the bliss of her who groweth old at home, and helpers of the slow although he linger last.
Men call you too, Nasatyas, healers of the blind, the thin and feeble, and the man with broken
4 Ye made Cyavana, weak and worn with length of days, young again, like a car, that he had power
to move.
Ye lifted up the son of Tugra from the floods. At our libations must all these your acts be
5 We will declare among the folk your ancient deeds heroic; yea, ye were Physicians bringing
You, you who must be lauded, will we bring for aid, so that this foe of ours, O Asvins, may
6 Listen to me, O Asvins; I have cried to you. Give meyour- aid as sire and mother aid their son.
Poor, without kin or friend or ties of blood am I. Save me before it be too late, from this my
7 Ye, mounted on your chariot brought to Vimada the comely maid of Purumitra as a bride.
Ye, came unto the calling of the weaklings' dame, and granted noble offspring to the happy wife.
8 Ye gave a ain the vigour of his youthful life to tge sage Kali when old age was coming nigh.
Ye rescued Vandana and raised him from the pit, and in a moment gave Vispala power to move.
9 Ye Asvins Twain, endowed with manly strength, brought forth Reblia when hidden in the cave and
wellnigh- dead,
Freed Saptavadhri, and for Atri caused the pit heated with fire to be a pleasant restingplace-.
10 On Pedu ye bestowed, Asvins, a courser white, mighty with nineandninety— varied gifts of
A horse to be renowned, who bore his friend at speed, joygiving-, Bhagalike- to be invoked of men.
11 From no side, ye Two Kings whom none may check or stay, doth grief, distress, or danger come u
on the man
Whom, Asvins swift to hear, borne on your glowing path, ye with your Consort make the foremost in
the race.
12 Come on that Chariot which the Rbhus wrought for you, the Chariot, Asvins, that is speedier
than thought,
At harnessing whereof Heavens' Daughter springs to birth, and from Vivasvan come auspicious Night
and Day.
13 Come, Conquerors of the sundered mountain, to our home, Asvins who made the cow stream milk for
Sayus' sake,
Ye who delivered even from the wolfs' deep throat and set again at liberty the swallowed quail.
14 We have prepared this laud for you, O Asvins, and, like the Bhrgus, as a car have framed it,
Have decked it as a maid to meet the bridegroom, and brought it as a son, our stay for ever.

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