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HYMN CX. Apris. 110

1. THOU in the house of man this day enkindled worshippest Gods as God, O Jatavedas.
Observant, bright as Mitra, bring them hither: thou art a sapient and foreknowing envoy.
2 Tanunapat, fairtongued-, with sweet meath balming the paths and waysof Order, make them pleasant.
Convey our sacrifice to heaven, exalting with holy thoughts ourhymns of praise and worship.
3 Invoked, deserving prayer and adoration, O Agni, come accordant with the Vasus.
Thou art, O Youthful Lord, the Gods Invoker, so, best of Sacrificers, bring them quickly.
4 By rule the Sacred Grass is scattered eastward, a robe to clothe this earth when dawns are
Widely it spreads around and farextended-, fair for the Gods and bringing peace and freedom.
5 Let the expansive Doors be widely opened, like wives who deck their beauty for their husbands.
Lofty, celestial, allimpelling- Portals, admit the Gods and give them easy entrance.
6 Pouring sweet dews let holy Night and Morning, each close to each, he seated at their station,
Lofty, celestial Dames with gold to deck them. assuming all their fair and radiant beauty.
7 Come the two first celestial sweetvoiced- Hotars, arranging sacrifice for man to worship
As singers who inspire us in assemblies, showing the eastward light with their direction.
8 Let Bharati come quickly to our worship, and Ila showing like a human being.
So let Sarasvati and both her fellows, deft Goddesses, on this fair grass be seated.
9 Hotar more skilled in sacrifice, bring hither with speed today- God Tvastar, thou who knowest.
Even him who formed these two, the Earth and Heaven the Parents, with their forms, and every
10 Send to our offerings which thyself thou balmest the Companies of Gods in ordered season.
Agni, Vanaspati the Immolator sweeten our offered gift with meath and butter.
11 Agni, as soon as he was born, made ready the sacrifice, and was the Gods preceder.
May the Gods cat our offering consecrated according to this true Priests' voice and guidance.

HYMN CXI. Indra. 111

1. BRING forth your sacred song ye prudent singers, even as are the thoughts of human beings.
Let us draw Indra with true deeds anear us: he loves our songs, the Hero, and is potent.
2 The hymn shone brightly from the seat of worship: to the kine came the Bull, the Heifers'
With mighty bellowing hath he arisen, and hath pervaded even the spacious regions.
3 Indra knows, verily, how to hear our singing, for he, victorious, made a path for Surya.
He made the Cow, and be became the Sovran of Heaven, primeval, matchless, and unshaken.
4 Praised by Angirases, Indra demolished with might the works of the great watery monster
Full many regions, too, hath he pervaded, and by his truth supported earths' foundation.
5 The counterpart of heaven and earth is Indra: he knoweth all libations, slayeth Susna.
The vast sky with the Sun hath he extended, and, best otpillars, stayed it with a pillar.
6 The Vrtraslaver- with his bolt felled Vrtra: the magic of the godless, waxen mighty,
Here hast thou, Bold Assailant, boldly conquered. Yea, then thine arms, O Maghavan, were potent.
7 When the Dawns come attendant upon Surya their rays discover wealth of divers colours.
The Star of heaven is seen as it were approaching: none knoweth aught of it as it departeth.
8 Far have they gone, the first of all these waters, the waters that flowed forth when Indra sent
Where is their spring, and where is their foundation? Where now, ye Waters, is your inmost centre?
9 Thou didst free rivers swallowed by the Dragon; and rapidly they set themselves in motion,
Those that were loosed and those that longed for freedom. Excited now to speed they run unresting.
10 Yearning together they have sped to Sindhu: the Fortdestroyer-, praised, of old, hath loved
Indra, may thy terrestrial treasures reach us, and our full songs of joy approach thy dwelling.

HYMN CXII. Indra. 112

1. DRINK of the juice, O Indra, at thy plea. sure, for thy first draught is early morns' libation.
Rejoice, that thou mayst slay our foes, O Hero, and we with lauds will tell thy mighty exploits.
2 Thou hast a car more swift than thought, O Indra; thercon come hither, come to drink the Soma.
Let thy Bay Steeds, thy Stallions, hasten hither, with whom thou cornest nigh and art delighted.
3 Deck out thy body with the fairest colours, with golden splendour of the Sun adorn it.
O Indra, turn thee hitherward invited by us thy friends; be seated and be joyful.
4 O thou whose grandeur in thy festive transports not even these two great worlds have
Come, Indra, with thy dear Bay Horses harnessed, come to our dwelling and the food thou lovest.
5 Pressed for thy joyous banquet is the Soma, Soma whereof thou, Indra, ever drinking,
Hast waged unequalled battles with thy foemen, which prompts the mighty flow of thine abundance.
6 Found from of old is this thy cup, O Indra: Satakratu, drink therefrom the Soma.
Filled is the beaker with the meath that gladdens, the beaker which all Deities delight in.
7 From many a side with proffered entertainment the folk are calling thee, O Mighty Indra.
These our libations shall for thee be richest in sweet meath: dvink thereof and find them pleasant.
8 I will declare thy deeds of old, O Indra, the mighty acts which thou hast first accomplished.
In genuine wrath thou loosenedst the mountain so that the Brahman easily found the cattle.
9 Lord of the hosts, amid our bands be seated: they call thee greatest Sage among the sages.
Nothing is done, even far away, without thee: great, wondrous, Maghavan, is the hymn I sing thee.
10 Aim of our eyes be thou, for we implore thee, O Maghavan, Friend of friends and Lord of
Fight, Warrior strong in truth, fight thou the battle: give us our share of undivided riches.

HYMN CXTII. Indra. 113

1. THE Heavens and the Earth accordant with all Gods encouraged graciously that vigorous might of
When he came showing forth his majesty and power, he drank of Soma juice and waxed exceeding
2 This majesty of his Visnu extols and lauds, making the stalCthat gives the meath flow forth with
When Indra Maghavan with those who followed him had smitten Vrtra he deserved the choice of Gods.
3 When, bearing warlike weapons, fain to win thee praise, thou mettest Vrtra, yea, the Dragon, for
the fight,
Then all the Maruts who were gathered with dice there extolled, O Mighty One, thy powerful majesty.
4 Soon as he sprang to life he forced asun. der hosts: forward the Hero looked to manly deed and
He cleft the rock, he let concurrent streams flow forth, and with his skilful art stablished the
heavens' wide vault.
5 Indra hath evermore possessed surpassing power: he forced, far from each other, heaven and earth
He hurled impetuous down his iron thunderbolt, a joy to Varunas' and Mitras' worshipper.
6 Then to the mighty powers of Indra, to his wrath, his the fierce Stormer, loud of voice, they
came with speed;
What time the Potent One rent Vrtra with his strength, who held the waters back, whom darkness
compassed round.
7 Even in the first of those heroic acts which they who strove together came with might to execute,
Deep darkness fell upon the slain, and Indra won by victory the right of being first invoked.
8 Then all the Gods extolled, with eloquence inspired by draughts of Soma juice, thy deeds of
manly might.
As Agni eats the dry food with his tcetlv, he ate Vrtra, the Dragon, maimed by Indras' deadly dart.
9 Proclaim his many friendships, met with friendship, made with singers, with the skilful and the
Indra, when he subdues Dhuni and Cumuri, lists to Dabhiti for his faithful spirits' sake.
10 Give riches manifold with noble horses, to be remembered while my songs address thee.
May we by easy paths pass all our troubles: find us this day a ford wide and extensive.

HYMN CXIV. Visvedevas. 114

1. Two perfect springs of heat pervade the Threefold, and come for their delight is Matarisvan.
Craving the milk of heaven the Gods are present: well do they know the praisesong and the Saman.
2 The priests beard far away, as they are ordered, serve the three Nirrtis, for well they know
Sages have traced the cause that first produced them, dwelling in distant and mysterious chambers.
3 The Youthful One, wellshaped-, with four locks braided, brightened with oil, puts on the
Two Birds of mighty power are seated near her, there where the Deities receive their portion.
4 One of these Birds hath passed into the sea of air: thence he looks round and views this
universal world.
With simple heart I have beheld him from anear: his Mother kisses him and he returns her kiss.
5 Him with fair wings though only One in nature, wise singers shape, with songs, in many figures.
While they at sacrifices fix the metres, they measure out twelve chalices of Soma.
6 While they arrange the four and sixandthirty—, and duly order, up to twelve, the measures,
Having disposed the sacrifice thoughtful sages send the Car forward with the Rc and Saman.
7 The Chariots' majesties are fourteen others: seven sages lead it onward with their Voices.
Who will declare to us the ford Apnana, the path whereby they drink first draughts of Soma?
8 The fifteen lauds are in a thousand places that is as vast as heaven and earth in measure.
A thousand spots contain the mighty thousand. Vak spreadeth forth as far as Prayer extendeth.
9 What sage hath learned the metres' application? Who hath gained Vak, the spirits' aim and object?
Which ministering priest is called eighth Hero? Who then hath tracked the two Bay Steeds of Indra?
10 Yoked to his chariotpole- there stood the Coursers: they only travel round earths' farthest
These, when their driver in his home is settled, receive the allotted meed of their exertion.

HYMN CXV. Agni. 115

1. VERILY wondrous is the tender Younglings' growth who never draweth nigh to drink his Mothers'
As soon as she who hath no udder bore him, he, faring on his great errand, suddenly grew strong.
2 Then Agni was his name, most active to bestow, gathering up the trees with his consuming tooth;
Skilled in fair sacrifice, armed with destroying tongue, impetuous as a bull that snorteth in the
3 Praise him, yourGod who, birdlike-, rests upon a tree, scattering drops of juice and pouring
forth his flood,
Speaking aloud with flame as with his lips a priest, and broadening his paths like one of high
4 Thou Everlasting, whom, farstriding- fain to burn, the winds, uninterrupted, never overcome,
They have approached, as warriors eager for the fight, heroic Trita, guiding him to gain his wish.
5 This Agni is the best of Kanvas, Kanvas' Friend, Conqueror of the foe whether afar or near.
May Agni guard the singers, guard the princes well: may Agni grant to us our princes' gracious
6 Do thou, Supitrya, swiftly following, make thyself the lord of Jatavedas, mightiest of all,
Who surely gives a boon even in thirsty land most powerful, prepared to aid us in the wilds.
7 Thus noble Agni with princes and mortal men is lauded, excellent for conquering strength with
Men who are welldisposed- as friends and true to Law, even as the heavens in majesty surpass
8 O Son of Strength, Victorious, with this title Upastutas' most potent voice reveres thee.
Blest with brave sons by thee we will extol thee, and lengthen out the days of our existence.
9 Thus, Agni, have the sons of Vrstihavya, the Rsis, the Upastutas invoked thee.
Protect them, guard the singers and the princes. With Vasat! have they come, with hands uplifted,
with their uplifted hands and cries of Glory!

HYMN CXV1. Indra. 116

1. DRINK Soma juice for mighty power and vigour, drink, Strongest One, that thou mayst smite down
Drink thou, invoked, for strength, and riches: drink thou thy fill of meath and pour it down, O
2 Drink of the foodful juice stirred into motion, drink what thou choosest of the flowing Soma.
Giver of weal, be joyful in thy spirit, and turn thee hitherward to bless and prosper.
3 Let heavenly Soma gladden thee, O Indra, let that effused among mankind delight thee.
Rejoice in that whereby thou gavest freedom, and that whereby thou conquerest thy foemen.
4 Let Indra come, impetuous, doubly mighty, to the poured juice, the Bull, with two Bay Coursers.
With juices pressed in milk, with meath presented, glut evermore thy bolt, O Foedestroyer-.
5 Dash down, outffaming their sharp flaming weapons, the strongholds- of the men urged on by
I give thee, Mighty One, great strength and conquest: go, meet thy foes and rend them in the
6 Extend afar the votarys' fame and glory, as the firm archers' strength drives off the foeman.
Ranged on our side, grown strong in might that conquers, never defeated, still increase thy body.
7 To thee have we presented this oblation: accept it, Sovran Ruler, free from anger.
Juice, Maghavan, for thee is pressed and ripened: eat, Indra, drink of that which stirs to meet
8 Eat, Indra, these oblations which approach thee: be pleased with food made ready and with Soma.
With entertainment we receive thee friendly: effectual be the sacrificers' wishes.
9 I send sweet speech to Indra and to Agni: with hymns I speed it like a boat through waters.
Even thus, the Gods seem moving round about me, the fountains and bestowers of our riches.

HYMN CXVII. Liberality. 117

1. THE Gods have not ordained hunger to be our death: even to the wellfed- man comes death in
varied shape.
The riches of the liberal never waste away, while he who will not give finds none to comfort him.
2 The man with food in store who, when the needy comes in miserable case begging for bread to eat,
Hardens his heart against himeven- when of old he did him servicefinds- not one to comfort him.
3 Bounteous is he who gives unto the beggar who comes to him in want of food and feeble.
Success attends him in the shout of battle. He makes a friend of him in future troubles.
4 No friend is he who to his friend and comrade who comes imploring food, will offer nothing.
Let him departno- home is that to rest in-, and rather seek a stranger to support him.
5 Let the rich satisfy the poor implorer, and bend his eye upon a longer pathway.
Riches come now to one, now to another, and like the wheels of cars are ever rolling.
6 The foolish man wins food with fruitless labour: that food I- speak the truth- shall be his ruin.
He feeds no trusty friend, no man to love him. All guilt is he who eats with no partaker.
7 The ploughshare ploughing makes the food that feeds us, and with its feet cuts through the path
it follows.
Better the speaking than the silent Brahman: the liberal friend outyalues him who gives not.
8 He with one foot hath far outrun the biped, and the twofooted- catches the threefooted-.
Fourfooted- creatures come when bipeds call them, and stand and look where five are met together.
9 The hands are both alike: their labour differs. The yield of sister milchkine- is unequal.
Twins even diffier in their strength and vigour: two, even kinsmen, differ in their bounty.

HYMN CXVIII. Agni. 118

1. AGNI, refulgent among men thou slayest the devouring fiend,
Bright Ruler in thine own abode.
2 Thou springest up when worshipped well the drops of butter are thy joy
When ladies are brought near to thee.
3 Honoured with gifts he shines afar, Agni adorable with song:
The dripping ladle balms his face.
4 Agni with honey in his mouth, honoured with gifts, is balmed with oil,
Refulgent in his wealth of light.
5 Praised by our hymns thou kindlest thee, Oblationbearer-, for the Gods
As such do mortals call on thee.
6 To that Immortal Agni pay worship with oil, ye mortal men,
Lord of the house, whom none deceives.
7 O Agni, burn the Raksasas with thine unconquerable flame
Shine guardian of Eternal Law.
8 So, Agni, with thy glowing face burn fierce against the female fiends,
Shining among Uruksayas.
9 Uruksayas have kindled thee, Oblationbearer-, thee, with hymns.
Best Worshipper among mankind.

HYMN CXIX. Indra. 119

1. THIS, even this was my resolve, to win a cow, to win a steed:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
2 Like violent gusts of wind the draughts that I have drunk have lifted me
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
3 The draughts I drank have borne me up, as fleetfoot- horses draw a car:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
4 The hymn hath reached me, like a cow who lows to meet her darling calf:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
5 As a wright bends a chariotseat- so round my heart I bend the hymn:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
6 Not as a mote within the eye count the Five Tribes of men with me:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
7 The heavens and earth themselves have not grown equal to one half of me
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
8 I in my grandeur have surpassed the heavens and all this spacious earth
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
9 Aha! this spacious earth will I deposit either here or there
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
10 In one short moment will I smite the earth in fury here or there:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
11 One of my flanks is in the sky; I let the other trail below:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
12 1, greatest of the Mighty Ones, am lifted to the firmament:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?
13 I seek the worshippers' abode; oblationbearer- to the Gods:
Have I not drunk of Soma juice?

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