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HYMN XYama. Yami. 10

1. FAIN would I win my friend to kindly friendship. So may the Sage, come through the airs' wide
Remembering the earth and days to follow, obtain a son, the issue of his father.
2 Thy friend loves not the friendship which considers her who is near in kindred as stranger.
Sons of the mighty Asura, the Heroes, supporters of the heavens, see far around them.
3 Yea, this the Immortals seek of thee with longing, progeny of the sole existing mortal.
Then let thy soul and mine be knit together, and as a loving husband take thy consort.
4 Shall we do now what we Never did aforetime? we who spake righteously now talk impurely?
Gandharva in the floods, the Dame of Waterssuch- is our bond, such our most lofty kinship.
5 Even in the womb God Tvastar, Vivifier, shaping all forms, Creator, made us consorts.
None violates his holy ordinances: that we are his the heavens and earth acknowledge.
6 Who knows that earliest day whereof thou speakest? Who hatb beheld it? Who can here declare it?
Great is the Law of Varuna and Mitra. What, wanton! wilt thou say to men to tempt them?
7 I, Yami, am possessed by love of Yama, that I may rest on the same couch beside him.
I as a wife would yield me to my husband. Like carwheels- let us speed to meet each other.
8 They stand not still, they never close their eyelids, those sentinels of Gods who wander round
Not mego- quickly, wanton, with another, and hasten like a chariot wheel to meet him.
9 May Suryas' eye with days and nights endow him, and ever may his light spread out before him.
In heaven and earth the kindred Pair commingle. On Yami be the unbrotherly act of Yama.
10 Sure there will come succeeding times when brothers and sisters will do acts unmeet for
Not me, O fair one, seek another husband, and make thine arm a pillow for thy consort.
11 Is he a brother when no lord is left her? Is she a sister when Destruction cometh?
Forced by my love these many words I utter. Come near, and hold me in thy close embraces.
12 I will not fold mine arms about thy body: they call it sin when one comes near his sister.
Not me, prepare thy pleasures with another: thy brother seeks not this from thee, O fair one.
13 Alas! thou art indeed a weakling, Yama we find in thee no trace of heart or spirit.
As round the tree the woodbine clings, another will cling albout thee girt as with a girdle.
14 Embrace another, Yami; let another, even as the woodbine rings the tree, enfold thee.
Win thou his heart and let him win thy fancy, and he shall form with thee a blest alliance.

HYMN XI. Agni 11

1. THE Bull hath yielded for the Bull the milk of heaven: the Son of Aditi can never be deceived.
According to his wisdom Varuna knoweth all: may he, the Holy, hallow times for sacrifice.
2 Gandharvi spake: may she, the Lady of the flood, amid the rivers' roaring leave my heart
May Aditi accomplish all that we desire, and may our eldest Brother tell us this as Chief.
3 Yea, even this blessed Morning, rich in store of food, splendid, with heavenly lustre, hath
shone out for man,
Since they, as was the wish of yearning Gods, brought forth that yearning Agni for the assembly as
the Priest.
4 And the fleet Falcon brought for sacrifice from afar this flowing Drop most excellent and keen
of sight,
Then when the Aryan tribes chose as Invoking Priest Agni the WonderWorker-, and the hymn rose up.
5 Still art thou kind to him who feeds thee as with grass, and, skilled in sacrifice, offers thee
holy gifts.
When thou, having received the sages' strengthening food with lauds, after long toil, cornest with
many more.
6 Urge thou thy Parents, as a lover ' to delight: the Lovely One desires and craves it from his
The priest calls out, the sacrificer shows his skill, the Asura tries his strength, and with the
hymn is stirred.
7 Farfamed- is he, the mortal man, O Agni, thou Son of Strength, who hath obtained thy favour.
He, gathering power, borne onward by his horses, makes his days lovely in his might and splendour.
8 When, Holy Agni, the divine assembly, the sacred synod mid the Gods, is gathered,
And when thou, Godlike One, dealest forth treasures, vouchsafe us, too, our portion of the riches.
9 Hear us, O Agni, in your common dwelling: harness thy rapid car of Amrta.
Bring Heaven and Earth, the Deities' Parents, hither: stay with us here, nor from the Gods be

HYMN XII. Agni 12

1. HEAVEN and Earth, first by everlasting Order, speakers of truth, are near enough to hear us,
When the God, urging men to worship. sitteth as Priest, assuming all his vital vigour.
2 As God comprising Gods by Law Eternal, bear, as the Chief who knoweth, our oblation,
Smokebannered- with the fuel, radiant, joyous, better to praise and worship, Priest for ever.
3 When the cows' nectar wins the God completely, men here below are heavens' sustainers.
All the Gods came to this thy heavenly Yajus which from the motley Pair milked oil and water.
4 1 praise your work that ye may make me prosper: hear, Heaven and Earth, Twain Worlds that drop
with fatness.
While days and nights go to the world of spirits, here let the Parents with sweet meath refresh us
5 Hath the King siezed us? How have we offended against his holy ordinance? Who knoweth?
For even Mitra mid the Gods is angry there are both song and strength for those who come not.
6 It is hard to understand the Immortals' nature, where she who is akin becomes astranger.
Guard ceaselessly, great Agni, him who ponders Yamas' name, easy to be comprehended.
7 They in the synod where the Gods rejoice them, where they are seated in Vivasvans' dwelling,
Have given the Moon his beams, the Sun his splendourthe- Two unweariedly maintain their brightness.
8 The counsel which the Gods meet to consider, their secret plan, of that we have no knowledge.
There let God Savitar, Aditi, and Mitra proclaim to Varuna that we are sinless.
9 Hear us, O Agni, in your comninn dwell ing: harness thy rapid car, the car of Amrta.
Bring Heaven and Earth, the Deities' Parents, hither: stay with us here, nor from the Gods be

HYMN XIII Havirdhanas. 13

1. I YOKE with prayer your ancient inspiration: may the laud rise as on the princes' pathway.
All Sons of Immortality shall hear it, all the possessors of celestial natures.
2 When speeding ye came nigh us like twin sisters, religioushearted- votaries brought you forward.
Take your place, ye who know your proper station: be near, be very near unto our Soma.
3 Five paces have I risen from Earth. I follow her who hath four feet with devout observance.
This by the Sacred Syllable have I measured: I purify in the central place of Order,
4 He, for Gods' sake, chose death to be his portion. He chose not, for mens' good, a life eternal
They sacrificed Brhaspati the Rsi. Yama delivered up his own dear body.
5 The Seven flow to the Youth on whom the Maruts wait: the Sons unto the Father brought the
Both these are his, as his they are the Lords of both: both toil; belonging unto both they prosper

HYMN XIV. Yama. 14

1. HONOUR the King with thine oblations, Yama, Vivasvans' Son, who gathers men together,
Who travelled to the lofty heights above us, who searcbes out and shows the path to many.
2 Yama first found for us a place to dwell in: this pasture never can be taken from
Men born on earth tread their own paths that lead them whither our ancient Fathers have departed.
3 Mitali prospers there with Kavyas, Yama with Angiras' sons, Brhaspati with Rkvans:
Exalters of the Gods, by Gods exalted, some joy in praise and some in our oblation.
4 Come, seat thee on this bed of grass, O Yama, in company with Angirases and Fathers.
Let texts recited by the sages bring thee O King, let this oblation make thee joyful.
5 Come, Yama, with the Angirases the Holy, rejoice thee here with children of Virupa.
To sit on sacred grass at this our worship, I call Vivasvan, too, thy Father hither.
6 Our Fathers are Angirases, Navagvas, Atharvans, Bhrgus who deserve the Soma.
May these, the Holy, look on us with favour, may we enjoy their gracious lovingkindness-.
7 Go forth, go forth upon the ancient pathways whereon our sires of old have gone before us.
Mere' shalt thou look on both the Kings enjoying their sacred food, God Varuna and Yama.
8 Meet Yama, meet the Fathers, meet the merit of free or ordered acts, in highest heaven.
Leave sin and evil, seek anew thy dwelling, and bright with glory wear another body.
9 Go hence, depart ye, fly in all directions: this place for him the Fathers have provided.
Yama bestows on him a place to rest in adorned with days and beams of light and waters.
10 Run and outspeed the two dogs, Saramas' offspring, brindled, foureyed-, upon thy happy pathway.
Draw nigh then to the graciousminded- Fathers where they rejoice in company with Yama.
11 And those two dogs of thine, Yama, the watchers, foureyed-, who look on men and guard the
Entrust this man, O King, to their protection, and with prosperity and health endow him.
12 Darkhued-, insatiate, with distended nostrils, Yamas' two envoys roam among the People;
May they restore to us a fair existence here and today-, that we may see the sunlight.
13 To Yama pour the Soma, bring to Yama consecrated gifts:
To Yama sacrifice prepared and heralded by Agni goes.
14 Offer to Yama holy gifts enriched with butter, and draw near:
So may he grant that we may live long days of life among the Gods.
15 Offer to Yama, to the King, oblation very rich in meath:
Bow down before the Rsis of the ancient times, who made this path in days of old.
16 Into the six Expanses flies the Great One in Trkadrukas.
The Gayatri, the Trstup, all metres in Yama are contained.

HYMN XV. Fathers. 15

1. MAY they ascend, the lowest, highest, midmost, the Fathers who deserve a share of Soma-
May they who have attained the life of spirits, gentle and righteous, aid us when we call them.
2 Now let us pay this homage to the Fathers, to those who passed of old and those who followed,
Those who have rested in the earthly region, and those who dwell among the Mighty Races.
3 1 have attained the graciousminded- Fathers, I have gained son and progeny from Visnu.
They who enjoy pressed juices with oblation seated on sacred grass, come oftenest hither.
4 Fathers who sit on sacred grass, come, help us: these offerings have we made for you; accept
So come to us with most auspicious favour, and give us health and strength without a trouble.
5 May they, the Fathers, worthy of the Soma, invited to their favourite oblations.
Laid on the sacred grass, come nigh and listen: may they be gracious unto us and bless us.
6 Bowing your bended knees and seated southward, accept this sacrifice of ours with favour.
Punish us not for any sin, O Fathers, which we through human frailty have committed.
7 Lapped in the bosom of the purple Mornings, give riches to the man who brings oblations.
Grant to your sons a portion of that treasure, and, present, give them energy, ye Fathers.
8 Our ancient Fathers who deserve the Soma, who came, most noble, to our Soma banquet,
With these let Yama, yearning with the yearning, rejoicing eat our offerings at his pleasure.
9 Come to us, Agni, with the gracioug Fathers who dwell in glowing light, the very Kavyas,
Who thirsted mid the Gods, who hasten hither, oblation winners, theme of singers' praises.
10 Come, Agni, come with countless ancient Fathers, dwellers in light, primeval, Godadorers-,
Eaters and drinkers of oblations, truthful, who travel with the Deities and Indra.
11 Fathers whom Agnis' flames have tasted, come ye nigh: ye kindly leaders, take ye each your
proper place.
Eat sacrificial food presented on the grass: grant riches with a multitude of hero sons.
12 Thou, Agni Jatavedas, when entreated, didst bear the offerings which thou madest fragrant,
And give them to the Fathers who did cat them with Svadha. Eat, thou God, the gifts we bring thee.
13 Thou, Jatavedas, knowest well the number of Fathers who are here and who are absent,
Of Fathers whom we know and whom we know not: accept the sacrifice wellprepared with portions.
14 They who, consumed by fire or not cremated, joy in their offering in the midst of heaven,
Grant them, O Sovran Lord, the world of spirits and their own body, as thy pleasure wills it.

HYMN XVI. Agni. 16

1. Burn him not up, nor quite consume him, Agni: let not his body or his skin be scattered.
O Jatavedas, when thou hast matured him, then send him on his way unto the Fathers.
2 When thou hast made him ready, Jatavedas, then do thou give him over to the Fathers.
When he attains unto the life that waits him, he shall become the Deities' controller.
3 The Sun receive thine eye, tne Wind thy spirit; go, as thy merit is, to earth or heaven.
Go, if it be thy lot, unto the waters; go, make thine home in plants with all thy members.
4 Thy portion is the goat: with heat consume him: let thy fierce flame, thy glowing splendour,
burn him
With thine auspicious forms, o Jatavedas, bear this man to the region of the pious.
5 Again, O Agni, to the Fathers send him who, offered in thee, goes with our oblations.
Wearing new life let him increase his offspring: let him rejoin a body, Jatavedas.
6 What wound soever the dark bird hath inflicted, the emmet, or the serpent, or the jackal,
May Agni who devoureth all things heal it and Soma who hath passed into the Brahmans.
7 Shield thee with flesh against the flames of Agni, encompass thee about with fat and marrow,
So will the Bold One, eager to attack thee with fierce glow fail to girdle and consume thee.
8 Forbear, O Agni, to upset this ladle: the Gods and they who merit Soma love it.
This ladle, this which serves the Gods to drink from, in this the Immortal Deities rejoice them.
9 1 send afar flesh eating Agni, bearing off stains may he depart to Yamas' subjects.
But let this other Jatavedas carry oblation to the Gods, for he is skilful.
10 I choose as God for Fatherworship- Agni, flesheater-, who hath past within your dwelling,
While looking on this other Jatavedas. Let him light flames in the supreme assembly.
11 With offerings meet let Agni bring the Fathers who support the Law.
Let him announce oblations paid to Fathers and to Deities.
12 Right gladly would we set thee down, right gladly make thee burn and glow.
Gladly bring yearning Fathers nigh to cat the food of sacrifice.
13 Cool, Agni, and again refresh the spot which thou hast scorched and burnt.
Here let the waterlily- grow, and tender grass and leafy herb.
14 O full of coolness, thou cool Plant, full of fresh moisture, freshening Herb,
Come hither with the female frog: fill with delight this Agni here.

HYMN XVII. Various Deities. 17

1. TVASTAR prepares the bridal of his Daughter: all the world hears the tidings and assembles.
But Yamas' Mother, Spouse of great Vivasvan, vanished as she was carried to her dwelling.
2 From mortal men they hid the Immortal Lady, made one like her and gave her to Vivasvan.
Saranyu brought to him the Asvin brothers, and then deserted both twinned pairs of children.
3 Guard of the world, whose cattle Never are injured, may Pusan bear thee hence, for he hath
May he consign thee to these Fathers' keeping, and to the gracious Gods let Agni give thee.
4 May Ayu, giver of all life, protect thee, and bear thee forward on the distant pathway.
Thither let Savitar the God transport thee, where dwell the pious who have passedbefore- thee.
5 Pusan knows all these realms: may he conduct us by ways that are most free from fear and danger.
Giver of blessings, glowing, allheroic-, may he, thewise and watchful, go before us.
6 Pusan was born to move on distant pathways, on the road far from earth and far from heaven.
To both most wonted places of assembly he travels and returns with perfect knowledge.
7 The pious call Sarasvati, they worship Sarasvati while sacrifice proceedeth.
The pious called Sarasvati aforetime. Sarasvati send bliss to him who giveth.
8 Sarasvati, who camest with the Fathers, with them rejoicing thee in our oblations,
Seated upon this sacred grass be joyful, and give us strengthening food that brings no sickness.
9 Thou, called on as Sarasvati by Fathers who come right forward to our solemn service,
Give food and wealth to present sacrificers, a portion, worth a thousand, of refreshment.
10 The Mother Floods shall make us bright and shining, cleansers of holy oil, with oil shall
cleanse us:
For, Goddesses, they bear off all defilement: I, rise up from them purified and brightened.
11 Through days of earliest date the Drop descended on this place and on that which was before it.
I offer up, throughout the seven oblations, the Drop which still to one same place is moving.
12 The Drop that falls, thy stalk which arms have shaken, which from the bosom of the press hath
Or from the Adhvaryus' purifying filter, I offer thee with heart and cry of Vasat!
13 That fallen Drop of thine, the stalk which from the ladle fell away,
This present God Brhaspati shall pour it forth to make us rich.
14 The plants of earth are rich in milk, and rich in milk is this my speech;
And rich in milk the essence of the Waters: make me pure therewith.

HYMN XVIII. Various Deities. 18

1. Go hence, O Death, pursue thy special pathway apart from that which Gods are wont to travel.
To thee I say it who hast eyes and hearest: Touch not our offspring, injure not our heroes.
2 As ye have come effacing Mrtyus' footstep, to further times prolonging your existence,
May ye be rich in children and possessions. cleansed, purified, and meet for sacrificing.
3 Divided from the dead are these, the living: now be our calling on the Gods successful.
We have gone forth for dancing and for laughter, tofurther times prolonging our existence.
4 Here I erect this rampart for the living; let none of these, none other, reach this limit.
May they survive a hundred lengthened autumns, and may they bury Death beneath this mountain.
5 As the days follow days in close succession, as with the seasons duly come the seasons,
As each successor fails not his foregoer, so form the lives of these, O great Ordainer.
6 Live your full lives ap! find old age delightful, all of you striving one behind the other.
May Tvastar, maker of fair things, be gracious and lengthen out the days of your existence.
7 Let these unwidowed dames with noble husbands adorn themselves with fragrant balm and unguent.
Decked with fair jewels, tearless, free from sorrow, first let the dames go up to where he lieth.
8 Rise, come unto the world of life, O woman: come, he is lifeless by whose side thou liest.
Wifehood with this thy husband was thy portion, who took thy hand and wooed thee as a lover.
9 From his dead hand I take the bow be carried, that it may be our power and might and glory.
There art thou, there; and here with noble heroes may we overcome all hosts that fight against us.
10 Betake thee to the lap of Earth the Mother, of Earth farspreading-, very kind and gracious.
Young Dame, woolsoft- unto the guerdongiver, may she preserve thee from Destructions' bosom.
11 Heave thyself, Earth, nor press thee downward heavily: afford him easy access, gently tending
Cover him, as a mother wraps her skirt about her child, O Earth.
12 Now let the heaving earth be free from motion: yea, let a thousand clods remain above him.
Be they to him a home distilling fatness, here let them ever be his place of refuge.
13 I stay the earth from thee, while over thee I place this piece of earth. May I be free from
Here let the Fathers keep this pillar firm for thee, and there let Yama make thee an abidingplace-.
14 Even as an arrows' feathers, they have set me on a fitting day.
The fit word have I caught and held as it were a courser with the rein.

HYMN XIX. Waters or Cows. 19

1. TURN, go not farther on your way: visit us, O ye Wealthy Ones.
Agni and Soma, ye who bring riches again, secure us wealth.
2 Make these return to us again, bring them beside us once again.
May. Indra give them back to us, and Agni drive them hitherward-.
3 Let them return to us again: under this herdsman let them feed.
Do thou, O Agni, keep them here, and let the wealth we have remain.
4 1 call upon their herdsman, him who knoweth well their coming nigh,
Their parting and their homereturn-, and watcheth their approach and rest.
5 Yea, let the herdsman, too, return, who marketh well their drivingforth-;
Marketh their wandering away, their turning back and coming home.
6 Homeleader-, lead them home to us; Indra, restore to us our kine:
We will rejoice in them alive.
7 1 offer you on every side butter and milk and strengthening food.
May all the Holy Deities pour down on us a flood of wealth.
8 O thou Homeleader-, lead them home, restore them thou who bringest home.
Four are the quarters of the earth; from these bring back to us our kine,

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