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HYMN LXXX. Soma Pavamana. 80

1. ON flows the stream of Soma who beholds mankind: by everlasting Law he calls the Gods from
He lightens with the roaring of Br aspati: h the lakes have not contained the pourings of juice.
2 Thou, powerful Soma, thou to whom the cows have lowed-, ascendest bright with sheen, thine
ironfashioned- home.
Thou, lengthening our princes' life and high renown, flowest for Indra as his might to gladdening
3 Best giver of delight, he flows to Indras' throat, robing himself in might, Auspicious One, for
He spreads himself abroad to meet all things that be: the vigorous Tawny Steed flows sporting on
his way.
4 The men, the ten swift fingers, milk thee out for Gods, even thee most rich in meath, with
thousand flowing streams.
Soma who winnest thousands, driven by the men, expressed with stones, bring, as thou flowest, all
the Gods.
5 Defthanded- men with stones, the ten swift fingers, drain thee into waters, thee, the Steer
enriched with sweets.
Thou, Soma, gladdening Indra, and the Heavenly Host, flowest as Pavamana like a rivers' wave.

HYMN LXXXI. Soma Pavamana. 81

1. ONWARD to Indras' throat move, beauteously adorned, the waves of Soma as he purifies himself,
When they, brought forward with the lovely curd of kine, effused, have cheered the Hero to bestow
his gifts.
2 Hither hath Soma flowed unto the beakers, like a chariothorse-, a stallion swift upon his way.
Thus, knowing both the generations, he obtains the rights and dues of Gods from yonder and from
3 While thou art cleansed, O Soma, scatter wealth on us; Indu, bestow great bounty as a liberal
Giver of life, with wisdom help to opulence; strew not our home possessions far away from us.
4 Hither let Pusan Pavamana come to us, Varuna, Mitra, bountiful, of one accord,
The Maruts, Asvins, Vayu, and Brhaspati, Savitar, Tvastar, tractable Sarasvati.
5 Both Heaven and Earth, the allinvigorating- Pair, Vidhatar, Aditi, and Aryaman the God,
Bhaga who blesses men, the spacious Firmament, let all the Gods in Pavamana take delight.

HYMN LXXXII. Soma Pavamana. 82

1. EVEN as a King hath Soma, red and tawny Bull, been pressed: the Wondrous One hath bellowed to
the kine.
While purified he passes through the filtering fleece to seat him hawklike- on the place that
drops with oil.
2. To glory goest thou, Sage with disposing skill, like a groomed steed thou rusbest forward to
the prize.
O Soma, be thou gracious, driving off distress: thou goest, clothed in butter, to a robe of state.
3 Parjanya is the Father of the Mighty Bird: on mountains, in earths' centre hath he made his home.
The waters too have flowed, the Sisters, to the kine: he meets the pressingstones- at the beloved
4 Thou givest pleasure as a wife delights her lord. Listen, O Child of Pajri, for to thee I speak.
Amid the holy songs go on that we may live: in time of trouble, Soma, watch thou free from blame.
5 As to the men of old thou camest, Indu unharmed, to strengthen, winning hundreds, thousands,
So now for new felicity flow onward: the waters follow as thy law ordaineth.

HYMN LXXXIII. Soma Pavamana. 83

1. SPREAD is thy cleansing filter, Brahmanaspati: as Prince, thou enterest its limbs from every
The raw, whose mass hath not been heated gains not this: they only which are dressed, which bear,
attain to it.
2 High in the seat of heaven is spread the Scorchers' sieve: its threads are standing separate,
glittering with light.
The Swift Ones favour him who purifieth this: with consciousness they stand upon the height of
3 The foremost spotted Steer hath made the Mornings shine, and yearning after strength sustains
all things that be.
By his high wisdom have the mighty Sages wrought: the Fathers who behold mankind laid down the
4 Gandharva verily protects his dwellingplace; Wondrous, he guards the generations of the Gods.
Lord of the snare, he takes the foeman with the snare: those who are most devout have gained a
share of meath.
5 Rich in oblations! robed in cloud, thou corapassest oblation, sacrifice, the mighty seat of Gods.
King, on thy chariotsieve- thou goest up to war, and with a thousand weapons winnest lofty fame.

HYMN LXXXIV. Soma Pavamana. 84

1. FLOW, cheering Gods, most active, winner of the flood, for Indra, and for Vayu, and for Varuna.
Bestow on us today- wide room with happiness, and in tbine ample dwelling laud the Host of Heaven.
2 He who hath come anear to creatures that have life, Immortal Soma flows onward to all of them.
Effecting, for our aid, both union and release, Indu, like Surya, follows closely after Dawn.
3 He who is poured with milk, he who within the plants hastes bringing treasure for the happiness
of Gods,
He, poured forth in a stream flows with the lightnings' flash, Soma who gladdens Indra and the
Host of Heaven.
4 Winner of thousands, he, this Soma, flows along, raising a vigorous voice that wakens with the
Indu with winds drives on the ocean of the air, he sinks within the jars, he rests in Indras'
5 The kine with milk dress him who makes the milk increase, Soma, amid the songs, who finds the
light of heaven.
Winner of wealth, the effectual juice is flowing on, Singer and Sage by wisdom, dear as heaven

HYMN LXXXV. Soma Pavamana. 85

1. FLOW on to Indra, Soma, carefully effused: let sickness stay afar together with the fiends.
Let not the doubletongued- delight them with thy juice. here be thy flowing drops laden with
2 O Pavamana, urge us forward in the fight thou art the vigour of the Gods, the wellloved- drink.
Smite thou our enemies who raise the shout of joy: Indra, drink Soma juice, and drive away our
3 Unharmed, best Cheerer, thou, O Indu, flowest on: thou, even thou thyself, art Indras' noblest
Full many a wise man lifts to thee the song of praise, and hails thee with a kiss as Sovran of
this world.
4 Wondrous, with hundred streams, hymned in a thousand songs, Indu pours out for Indra his
delightrul meath.
Winning us land and waters, flow thou hitherward: Rainer of bounties, Soma, make broad way for us.
5 Roaring within the beaker thou art balmed with milk: thou passest through the fleecy filter all
at once.
Carefully cleansed and decked like a prizewinning steed, O Soma, thou hast flowed down within
Indras' throat.
6 Flow onward sweet of flavour for the Heavenly Race, for Indra sweet, whose name is easily
Flow sweet for Mitra, Varuna, and Vayu, rich in meath, inviolable for Brhaspati.
7 Ten rapid fingers deck the Courser in the jar: with hymns the holy singers send their voices
The filtering juices hasten to their eulogy, the drops that gladden find their way to Indras'
8 While thou art purified pour on us hero strength, great, farextended- shelter, spacious
Let no oppression master this our holy work: may we, O Indu, gain all opulence through thee.
9 The Steer who sees afar hath risen above the sky: the Sage hath caused the lights of heaven to
give their shine.
The. King is passing through the filter with a roar: they drain the milk of heaven from him who
looks on men.
10 High in the vault of heaven, unceasing, honeytongued-, the Loving Ones drain out the
mountainhaunting- Steer,
The drop that hath grown great in waters, in the lake meathrich-, in the streams' wave and in the
cleansing sieve.
11 The Loving Ones besought with many voices the Eagle who had flown away to heaven.
Hymns kiss the Youngling worthy of laudation, resting on earth, the Bird of golden colour.
12 High to heavens' vault hath the Gandharva risen, beholding all his varied forms and figures.
His ray hath shone abroad with gleaming splendour: pure, he hath lighted both the worlds, the

HYMN LXXXVI. Soma Pavamana. 86

1. THY gladdening draughts, O Pavamana, urged by song flow swiftly of themselves like sons of
fleetfoot- mares.
The drops of Soma juice, those eagles of the heavens, most cheering, rich in meath, rest in the
2 As rapid chariotsteeds-, so turned in several ways have thine exhilarating juices darted forth,
Somadrops- rich in meath, waves, to the Thunderarmed-, to Indra, like milchkine- who seek their
calf with milk.
3 Like a steed urged to battle, finder of the light; speed onward to the cloudborn- reservoir of
A Steer that over the woolly surface seeks the sieve, Soma while purified for Indras' nourishment.
4 Fleet as swift steeds, thy drops, divine, thoughtswift-, have been, O Pavamana, poured with milk
into the vat.
The Rsis have poured in continuous Soma drops, ordainers who adorn thee, Friend whom Rsis love.
5 O thou who seest all things, Sovran as thou art and passing strong, thy rays encompass all
Pervading with thy natural powers thou flowest on, and as the whole worlds' Lord, O Soma, thou art
6 The beams of Pavamana, sent from earth and heaven, his ensigns who is ever steadfast, travel
When on the sieve the Goldenhued- is cleansed, he rests within the vats as one who seats him in
his place.
7 Served with fair rites he flows, ensign of sacrifice: Soma advances to the special place of Gods.
He speeds with thousand currents to the reservoir, and passes through the filter bellowing as a
8 The Sovran dips him in the seain and the streams, and set in rivers with the waters' wave moves
High heavens' Sustainer at the central point of earth, raised on the fleecy surface Pavamana
9 He on whose high decree the heavens and earth depend nath roared and thundered like the summit
of the sky.
Soma flows on obtaining Indras' friendly love, and, as they purify him, settles in the jars.
10 He, light of sacrifice distils delicious meath, most wealthy, Father and begetter of the Gods.
He, gladdening, best of Cheerers, juicehat! Indra loves, enriches with mysterious treasure earth
and heaven.
11 The vigorous and farseeing- one, the Lord of heaven, flows, shouting to the beaker, with his
thousand streams.
Coloured like gold he rests in seats where Mitra dwells, the Steer made beautiful by rivers and by
12 In forefront of the rivers Pavamana speeds, in forefront of the hymn, foremost among the kine.
He shares the mighty booty in the van of war: the wellarmed- Steer is purified by worshippers.
13 This heedful Pavamana, like a bird sent forth, hath with his wave flowed onward to the fleecy
O Indra, through thy wisdom, b thy thought, O Sage, Soma flows bright and pure between the earth
and heaven.
14 He, clad in mail that reaches heaven, the Holy One, filling the firmament stationed amid the
Knowing. the realm of light, hath come to us in rain: he summons to himself his own primeval Sire.
15 He who was first of all to penetrate his form bestowed upon his race wide shelter and defence.
From that high station which he hath in loftiest heaven he comes victorious to all encounters here.
16 Indu hath started for Indras' special place and slights not as a Friend the promise of his
Soma speeds onward like a youth to youtlitial maids, and gains the beaker by a course of bundred
17 Your songs, exhilarating, tuneful, uttering praise, are come into the placns where the people
Worshippers have exalted Soma with their hymns, and milch kine have come near to meet him with
their milk.
18 O Soma, Indu, while they cleanse thee, pour on us accumulateds Plentiful, nutritious food,
Which, ceaseless, thrice a day shall yield us hero power enriched with store of nourishment, and
strength, and Meath.
19 Farseeing- Soma flows, the Steer, the Lord of hymns, the Furtherer of day, of morning, and of
Mixt with the streams he caused the beakers to resound, and with the singers' aid they entered
Indras' heart.
20 On, with the prudent singers, flows the ancient Sage and guided by the men hath roared about
the vats.
Producing Tritas' name, may he pour forth the meath, that Vayu and that Indra may become his
21 He, being purified, hath made the Mornings shine: this, even this is he who gave the rivers
He made the Three Times Seven pour out the milky flow: Soma, the Cheerer, yields whatever the
heart finds sweet.
22 Flow, onward, Soma, in thine own celestial forms, flow, Indu, poured within the beaker and the
Sinking into the throat of Indra with a roar, led by the men thou madest Surya mount to heaven.
23 Pressed out with stones thou flowest onward to the sieve, O Indu, entering the depths of
Indras' throat.
Farsighted- Soma, now thou lookest on mankind: thou didst unbar the cowstall for the Angirases.
24 In thee, O Soma, while thou purifitedst thee, highthoughted- sages, seeking favour, have
Down from the heavens the Falcon brought thee hitherward, even thee, O Indu, thee whom all our
hymns adorn.
25 Seven Milchkine- glorify the Tawnycoloured- One while with his wave in wool he purifies himself.
The living men, the mighty, have impelled the Sage into the waters' lap, the place of sacrifice.
26 Indu, attaining purity, plunges through the foe, making Ilis ways all easy for the pious man.
Making the kine his mantle, he, the lovely Sage, runs like a sporting courser onward through the
27 The ceaseless watery fountains with their hundred streams sing, as they hasten near, to him the
Him, clad in robes of milk, swift fingers beautify on the third height and in the luminous realm
of heaven.
28 These are thy generations of celestial seed thou art the Sovran Lord of all the world of life.
This universe, O Pavamana, owns thy sway; thou, Indu, art the first establisher of Law.
29 Thou art the sea, O Sage who bringest alf to light: under thy Law are these five regions of the
Thou reachest out beyond the earth, beyond the heavens: thine are the lights, O Pavamana, thine
the Sun.
30 Thou in the filter, Soma Pavamana, art purified to support the region for the Gods.
The chief, the longing ones have sought to hold thee fast, and all these living creatures have
been turned to thee.
31 Onward the Singer travels over the fleecy sieve. the Tawny Steer hath bellowed in the wooden
Hymns have been sung aloud in resonant harmony, and holy songs kiss him, the Child who claims our
32 He hath assumed the rays of Surya for his robe, spinning, as he knows bow, the triplytwisted-
He, guiding to the newest rules of Holy Law, comes as the Womens' Consort to the special place.
33 On flows the King of rivers and the Lord of heaven: he follows with a shout the paths of Holy
The Goldenhued- is poured forth, with his hundred streams, Wealthbringer-, lifting up his voice
while purified.
34 Fain to be cleansed, thou, Pavamana, pourest out, like wondrous Surya, through the fleece, an
ample sea.
Purified with the hands, pressed by the men with stones, thou speedest on to mighty bootybringing-
35 Thou, Pavamana, sendest food and power in streams. thou sittest in the beakers as a hawk on
For Indra poured as cheering juice to make him glad, as nearest and farseeing bearerup- of heaven.
36 The Sisters Seven, the Mothers, stand around the Babe, the noble, newborn- Infant, skilled in
holy song,
Gandharva of the floods, divine, beholding men, Soma, that he may reign as King of all the world.
37 As Sovran Lord thereof thou Passest through these worlds, O Indu, harnessing thy tawny
wellwinged- Mares.
May they pour forth for thee milk and oil rich in sweets: O Soma, let the folk abide in thy decree.
38 O Soma, thou beholdest men from every side: O Pavamana, Steer, thou wanderest through these.
Pour out upon us wealth in treasure and in gold: may we have strength to live among the things
that be.
39 Winner of gold and goods and cattle flow thou on, set as impregner, Indu, mid the worlds of
Rich in brave men art thou, Soma, who winnest all: these holy singers wait upon thee with the song.
40 The wave of flowing meath hath wakened up desires: the Steer enrobed in milk plunges into the
Borne on his chariotsieve- the King hath risen to war, and with a thousand rays hath won him high
41 Dear to all life, he sends triumphant praises forth, abundant, bringing offspring, each
succeeding day.
From Indra crave for us, Indu, when thou art quaffed, the blessing that gives children, wealth
that harbours steeds.
42 When days begin, the strong juice, lovely, goldenhued-, is recognized by wisdom more and more
each day,
He, stirring both the Races, goes between the two, the bearer of the word of men and word of Gods.
43 They balm him, balm him over balm him thoroughly, caress the mighty strength and balm it with
the meath.
They seize the flying Steer at the streams' breathingplace-: cleansing with gold they grasp the
Animal herein.
44 Sing forth to Pavamana skilled in holy song: the juice is flowing onward like a mighty stream.
Heglideth. like a serpent from his ancient skin, and like a playful horse the Tawny Steer hath run.
45 Dweller in floods, King, foremost, he displays his might, set among living things as measurer
of days.
Distilling oil he flows, fair, billowy, goldenhued-, borne on a car of light, sharing one home-
with wealth.
46 Loosed is the heavens! support, the uplifted cheering juice: the triplymingled- draught flows
round into the worlds.
The holy hymns caress the stalk that claims our praise, when singers have approached his beauteous
robe with song.
47 Thy strearns that flow forth rapidly collected run over the fine fleece of the sheep as thou
art cleansed.
When, Indu, thou art. balmed with milk within the bowl, thou sinkest in the jars, O Soma, when
48 Winner of power, flow, Soma, worthy of our laud: run onward to the fleece as wellbeloved- meath.
Destroy, O Indu, all voracious Raksasas. With brave sons in the assembly let our speech be bold.

HYMN LXXXVII. Soma Pavamana. 87

1. RUN onward to the reservoir and seat thee: cleansed by the men speed forward to the battle.
Making thee beauteous like an able courser, forth to the sacred grass with reins they lead thee.
2 Indu, the wellarmed- God, is flowing onward, who quells the curse and guards from treacherous
Father, begetter of the Gods, most skilful, the buttress of the heavens and earths' supporter.
3. Rsi and Sage, the Champion of the people, cleft and sagacious, Usana in wisdom,
He hath discovered even their hidden nature, the Cows' concealed and most mysterious title.
4 This thine own Soma rich in meath, O Indra, Steer for the Steer, hath flowed into the filter.
The strong Freegiver-, winning hundreds, thousands, hath reached the holy grass that never fails
5 These Somas are for wealth of countless cattle, renown therefor, and mighty strength immortal.
These have been sent forth, urified by strainers, like steeds who rusg to battle fain for glory.
6 He, while he cleanses him, invoked of many, hath flowed to give the people all enjoyment.
Thou whom the Falcon brought, bring, dainty viands, bestir thyself and send us wealth and booty.
7 This Soma, pressed into the cleansing filter, hath run as it were a host let loose, the Courser;
Like a strong bull who whets his horns kpenpointed-, like a brave warrior in the fray for cattle.
8 He issued forth from out the loftiest mountain, and found kine hidden somewhere in a stable.
Somas' stream clears itself for thee, O Indra, like lightning thundering through the clouds of
9 Cleansing thyselr, and borne along with Indra, Soma, thou goest round the herd of cattle.
May thy praise help us, Mighty One, prompt Giver, to the full ample food which thou bestowest.

HYMN LXXXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 88

1. FOR thee this Soma is effused, O Indra: drink of this juice; for thee the stream is flowing-
Soma, which thou thyself hast made and chosen, even Indu, for thy special drink to cheer thee.
2 Like a capacious car hath it been harnessed, the Mighty; to acquire abundant treasures.
Then in the sacrifice they celebrated all triumphs won by Nahus n- the battle.
3 Like Vayu with his team, moving at pleasure, most gracious when invoked like both Nasatyas,
Thou art thyself like the WealthGiver-, Soma! who grants all boons, like songinspiring- Pusan.
4 Like Indra who hath done great deeds, thou, Soma, art slayer of the Vrtras, Fortdestroyer-.
Like Pedus' horse who killed the brood of serpents, thus thou, O Soma, slayest every Dasyu.
5 Like Agni loosed amid the forest, fiercely he winneth splendour in the running waters.
Like one who fights, the roaring of the mighty, thus Soma Pavamana sends his current.
6 These Somas passing through the fleecy filter, like rain descending from the clouds of heaven,
Have been effused and poured into the beakers, swiftly like rivers running lowly seaward.
7 Flow onward like the potent band of Maruts, like that Celestial Host whom none revileth.
Quickly be gracious unto us like waters, like sacrifice victorious, thousandfashioned-.
8 Thine are King Varunas' eternal statutes, lofty and deep, O Soma, is thy glory.
Allpure- art thou like Mitra the beloved, adorable, like Aryaman, O Soma.

HYMN LXXXIX. Soma Pavamana. 89

1. THIS Chariothorse- hath moved along the pathways, and Pavamana flowed like rain from heaven.
With us hath Soma with a thousand currents sunk in the wood, upon his Mothers' bosom.
2. King, he hath clothed him in the robe of rivers, mounted the straightestgoing- ship of Order.
Sped by the Hawk the drop hath waxed in waters: the father drains it, drains the Fathers'
3 They come to him, red, tawny, Lord of Heaven, the watchful Guardian of the meath, the Lion.
First, Hero in the fight, he seeks the cattle, and with his eye the Steer is our protector.
4 They harness to the broadwheeled- car the mighty Courser whose back bears meath, unwearied,
The twins, the sisters brighten him, and strengthenthese- children of one damethe vigorous Racer.
5 Four pouring out the holy oil attend him, sitting together in the same container.
To him they flow, when purified, with homage, and still, from every side, are first about him.
6 He is the buttress of the heavens, supporter of earth, and in his hand are all the people.
Be the teams' Lord a well to thee the singer: cleansed is the sweet plants' stalk for deed of
7 Fighting, uninjured come where Gods are feasted; Soma, as Vitraslayer- flow for Indra.
Vouchsafe us ample riches very splendid may we be masters of heroic vigour.

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