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HYMN XX Maruts. 20

1. LET none, Swift Travellers! check you: come hither, likespirited-, stay not far away,
Ye benders even of what is firm.
2 Maruts, Rbhuksans, Rudras come ye with your cars strongfellied- and exceeding bright.
Come, ye for whom we long, with food, to sacrifice, come ye with love to Sobbari.
3 For well we know the vigorous might of Rudras' Sons, the Martits, who are passing strong,
Swift Visnus' band, who send the rain.,
4 Islands are bursting forth and misery is stayed: the heaven and earth are joined in one.
Decked with bright rings, ye spread the broad expanses out, when ye, Self. luminous, stirred
5 Even things immovable shake and reel, the mountains and the forest trees at your approach,
And the earth trembles as ye come.
6 To lend free course, O Maruts, to your furious rush, heaven high and higher still gives way,
Where they, the Heroes mighty with their arms, display their gleaming omaments on their forms.
7 After their Godlike nature they, the bull. like Heroes, dazzling and impetuous, wear
Great splendour as they show erect.
8 The pivot of the Sobharis' chariot within the golden box is balmed with milk.
May they the Wellborn-, Mighty, kindred of the Cow, aid us to food and to delight.
9 Bring, ye who sprinkle balmy drops. oblations to your vigorous Marut company,
To those whose leader is the Bull.
10 Come hither, O ye Mares, on your stronghorsed car, solid in look, with solid naves.
Lightly like winged falcons, O ye Heroes, come, come to enjoy our ofrerings.
11 Their decoration is the same: their omaments of gold are bright upon their arms;
Their lances glitter splendidly.
12 They toil not to defend their bodies from attack, strong Heroes with their mighty arms.
Strong are your bows and strong the weapons in your cars, and glory sits on every face.
13 Whose name extendeth like a sea, alone, resplendent, so that all have joy in it,
And lifepower- like ancestral might.
14 Pay honour to these Maruts and sing praise to them, for of the wheelspokes- of the car
Of these loud roarers none is last: this is their power, this moves them to give mighty gifts.
15 Blest by your favouring help was he, O Maruts, at the earlier flushings of the morn,
And even now shall he be blest.
16 The strong man to whose sacrifice, O Heroes, ye approach that ye may taste thereof,
With glories and with war that winneth spoil shall gain great bliss, ye Shakers of the world.
17 Even as Rudras' Sons, the brood of the Creator Dyaus, the Asura, desire,
O Youthful Ones, so shall it be:
18 And these the bounteous, worthy of the Maruts who move onward pouring down the rain-
Even for their sake, O Youthful Ones, with kindest heart take us to you to be your own.
19 O Sobhari, with newest song sing out unto the youthful purifying Bulls,
Even as a plougher to his steers.
20 Who, like a celebrated boxer, overcome the challengers in every fight:
They who, like shining bulls, are most illustrioushonour- those Maruts with thy song.
21 Allied by common ancestry, ye Maruts, even the Cows, alike in energy,
Lick, all by turns, each others' head.
22 Even mortal man, ye Dancers breast adorned with gold, attains to brotherhood with you.
Mark ye and notice us, O Maruts; evermore your friendship is secured to us.
23 O Maruts, rich in noble gifts, bring us a portion of the Maruts' medicine,
Ye Coursers who are Friends to us.
24 Haters of those who serve you not, blissbringers-, bring us bliss with those auspicious aids
Wherewith ye are victorious and guard Sindhu well, and succour Krvi in his need.
25 Maruts, who rest on fair trimmed grass, what balm soever Sindhu or Asikni hath,
Or mountains or the seas contain.
26 Ye carry on your bodies, ye who see it all: so bless us graciously therewith.
Cast, Maruts, to the ground our sick mans' malady: replace the dislocated limb.

HYMN XXI. Indra. 21

1. WE call on thee, O Matchless One! We seeking help, possessing nothing firm ourselves,
Call on thee wonderful in fight
2 On thee for aid in sacrifice. This youth of ours, the bold, the mighty, hath gonse forth.
We therefore, we thy friends, Indra, havie chosen thee, freegiver-, as our Guardian God.
3 Come hither, for the drops are here, O Lord of cornlands-. Lord of horses, Lord of kine:
Drink thou the Soma, Somas' Lord!
4 For we the kinless singers have drawn hither thee, O Indra, who hast numerous kin.
With all the forms thou hast, comic thou of bulllike- strength, come near to drink the Soma juice.
5 Sitting like birds beside thy meath., mingled with milk, that gladdeneth and exalteth thee,
Indra, to thee we sing aloud.
6 We speak to thee with this our reverential prayer. Why art thou pondering yet awhile?
Here are our wishes; thou art liberal, Lord of Bays: we and our hymns are present here.
7 For not in recent times alone, O Indra, Thunderarmed-, have we obtained thine aid.
Of old we knew thy plenteous wealth.
8 Hero, we knew thy friendship and thy rich rewards: these, Thunderer, now we crave of thee.
O Vasu, for all wealth that cometh of the kine, sharpen our powers, fairvisored- God.
9 Him who of old hath brought to us this and that blessing, him I magnify for you,
Even Indra, O my friends, for help
10 Borne by Bay Steeds, the Lord of heroes, ruling men, for it is he who takes; delight.
May Maghavan bestow on us his worshippers hundreds of cattle and of steeds.
11 Hero, may we, with thee for Friend, withstand the man who pants against us in his wrath,
In fight with people rich in kine.
12 May we be victors in the singers' battlesong, and meet the wicked, Much invoked!
With heroes smite the foeman and show forth our strength. O Indra, further thou our thoughts.
13 O Indra, from all ancient time rivalless ever and companionless art thou:
Thou seekest comradeship in war.
14 Thou findest not the wealthy man to be thy friend: those scorn thee who are flown with wine.
What time thou thunderest and gatherest, then thou, even as a Father, art invoked.
15 O Indra, let us not, like fools who waste their lives at home, with friendship such as thine
Sit idly by the pouredout- juice.
16 Giver of kine, may we not miss thy gracious gifts: let us not rob thee of thine own.
Strip even the strong places of the foe, and bring: thy gifts can never be made vain.
17 Indra or blest Sarasvati alone bestows such wealth, treasure so great, or thou,
O Citra, on the worshipper.
18 Citra is King, and only kinglings are the rest who dwell beside Sarasvati.
He, like Parjanya with his rain, hath spread himself with thousand, yea, with myriad gifts.

HYMN XXII. Asvins. 22

1. HITHERWARD have I called today-, for succour, that most wondrous car
Which ye ascended, Asvins, ye whose paths are red, swift to give Car, for Suryas' sake.
2 Car ever young, much longedfor-, easily invoked, soon guided, first in deeds of might,
Which waits and serves, O Sobhari, with benevolence, without a rival or a foe.
3 These Asvins with our homage, these Two Omnipresent Deities
Hitherward will we bring for kind help, these who seek the dwelling of the worshipper.
4 One of your chariot wheels is moving swiftly round, one speeds for you its onward course.
Like a milchcow-, O Lords of splendour, and with haste let your benevolence come to us.
5 That chariot of yours which hath a triple seat and reins of gold,
The famous car that traverseth the heaven and earth, thereon Nasatyas, Asvins, come.
6 Ye with your plough, when favouring Manu with your help, ploughed the first harvest in the sky.
As such will we exalt you, Lords of splendour, now, O Asvins, with our prayer and praise.
7 Come to us, Lords of ample wealth, by paths of everlasting Law,
Whereby to high dominion ye with mighty strength raised Trksi, Trasadasyus' son.
8 This Soma pressed with stones is yours, ye Heroes, Lords of plenteous wealth.
Approach to drink the Soma, come, drink in the worshippers' abode.
9 O Asvins, mount the chariot, mount the golden seat, ye who are Lords of plenteous wealth,
And bring to us abundant food.
10 The aids wherewith ye helped Paktha and Adhrigu;, and Babhru severed from his friends,
With those, O Asvins, come hither with speed and soon, and heal whatever is diseased.
11 When we continually invoke the Asvins, the resistless, at this time of day,
We lovers of the song, with songs.
12 Through these, ye Mighty Ones, come hither to my call which brings all blessings, wears all
Through which, Allpresent- Heroes, lavishest of food ye strengthened Krvi, come through these.
13 I speak to both of these as such, these Asvins whom I reverence at this time of day:
With homage we entreat them both.
14 Ye who are Lords of splendour, ye whose paths are red, at eve, at mom, at sacrifice,
Give us not utterly as prey to mortal foe, ye Rudras, Lords of ample wealth.
15 For bliss I call. the blissful car, at morn the inseparable Asvins with their car
I call, like Sobhari our sire.
16 Rapid as thought, and strong, and speeding to thejoy, bringingyour. swiftlycoming- help,
Be to us a protection even from far away Lords of great wealth, with many aids.'
17 Come, WonderWorkers-, to our home, our home, O Asvins, rich in cattle, steeds, and gold,
Chief drinkers of the Somas' juice
18 Choiceworthy- strength, heroic, firm and excellent, uninjured by the Raksas foe,
At this your coming nigh, ye Lords of ample wealth and all good things, may we obtain.

HYMN XXIII. Agni. 23

1. WORSHIP thou Jatavedas, pray to him who willingly accepts,
Whose smoke wanders at will, and none may grasp his flame.
2 Thou, all mens' friend, Visvamanas, exaltest Agni with thy song,
The Giver, and his flames with which no cars contend.
3 Whose resolute assault, to win vigour and food, deserves our praise,
Through whose discovering power the priest obtaineth wealth.
4 Up springs the imperishable flame, the flame of the Refulgent One
Most bright, with glowing jaws and glory in his train.
5 Skilled in fair sacrifice, extolled, arise in Godlike loveliness,
Shining with lofty splendour, with effulgent light.
6 Called straight to our oblations, come, O Agni, through our eulogies,
As thou hast been our envoy bearing up our gifts.
7 I call your Agni, from of old Invoking Priest of living men:
Him with this song I laud and magnify for you.
8 Whom, wondrous wise, they animate with solemn rites and his fair form,
Kind as a friend to men who keep the holy Law.
9 Him, true to Law, who perfecteth the sacrifice,. Lawloving- ones!
Ye with your song have gratified in the place of prayer.
10 May all our sacrifices go to him the truest Angiras,
Who is among mankind the most illustrious Priest.
11 Imperishable Agni, thine are all these high enkindled lights,
Like horses and like stallions showing forth their strength.
12 So give us, Lord of Power and Might, riches combined with hero strength,
And guard us with our sons and grand. sons in our frays.
13 Soon as the eager Lord of men is friendly unto Mantis' race,
Agni averteth from us all the demon host.
14 O Hero Agni, Lord of men, on hearing this new laud of mine,
Burn down the Raksasas, enchanters, with thy flame.
15 No mortal foe can ever prevail by arts of magic over him
Who serveth Agni well with sacrificial gifts.
16 Vyasva the sage, who sought the Bull, hath won thee, finder of good things:
As such may we enkindle thee for ample wealth.
17 Usana Kavya stablished thee, O Agni, as Invoking Priest:
Thee, Jatavedas, Sacrificing Priest for man.
18 All Deities of one accord appointed thee their messenger:
Thou, God, through hearing, hadst first claim to sacrifice.
19 Him may the mortal hero make his own immortal messenger.
Farspreading-, Purifier, him whose path is black.
20 With lifted ladles let us call him splendid with his brilliant flame,
Mens' ancient Agni, wasting not, adorable.
21 The man who pays the worship due to him with sacrificial gifts
Obtains both plenteous nourishment and hero fame.
22 To Jatavedas Agni, chief in sacrifices, first of all
With homage goes the ladle rich with sacred gifts.
23 Even as Vyatya did, may we with these most high and liberal hymns
Pay worship unto Agni of the splendid flame.
24 Now sing, as Sthurayupa sang, with lands to him who spreadeth far,
To Agni of the home, O Rsi, Vyasvas' son.
25 As welcome guest of human kind, as offspring of the forest kings,
The sages worship ancient Agni for his aid.
26 For mens' oblations brought to him who is the mighty Lord of all,
Sit, Agni, mid our homage, on the sacred grass.
27 Grant us abundant. treasures, grant the opulence which many crave,
With store of heroes, progeny, and high renown.
28 Agni, Most Youthful of the Gods, send evermore the gift of wealth
Unto Varosusaman and to all his folk.
29 A mighty Conqueror art thou, O Agni, so disclose to us
Food in our herds of kine and gain of ample wealth.
30 Thou, Agni, art a glorious God: bring hither Mitra, Varuna,
Imperial Sovrans, holyminded-, true to Law.

HYMN XXIV. Indra. 24

1. COMPANIONS, let us learn a prayer to Indra. whom the thunder arms,
To glorify your bold and most heroic Friend.
2 For thou by slaying Vrtra art the Vrtraslayer-, famed for might.
Thou, Hero, in rich gifts surpassest wealthy chiefs.
3 As such, when glorified, bring us riches of very wondrous fame,
Set in the highest rank, Wealthgiver-, Lord of Bays!
4 Yea, Indra, thou disclosest that preeminent dear wealth of men:
Boldly, O Bold One, glorified, bring it to us.
5 The workers of destruction stay neither thy right hand nor thy left:
Nor hosts that press about thee, Lord of Bays, in fight.
6 O Thunderarmed-, I come with songs to thee as to a stall with kine:
Fulfil the wish and thought of him who sings thy praise.
7 Chief Vrtraslayer-, through the hymn of Visvamanas think of all,
All that concerneth us, Excellent, Mighty Guide.
8 May we, O Vrtraslayer-, O Hero, find this thy newest boon, Longedfor-, and excellent, thou who
art much invoked!
9 O Indra, Dancer, Muchinvoked-! as thy great power is unsurpassed,
So be thy bounty to the worshipper unchecked.
10 Most Mighty, most heroic One, for mighty bounty fill thee full.
Though strong, strengthen thyself to win wealth, Maghavan!
11 O Thunderer, never have our prayers gone forth to any God but thee:
So help us, Maghavan, with thine assistance now.
12 For, Dancer, verily I find none else for bounty, saving thee,
For splendid wealth and power, thou Lover of the Song.
13 For Indra pour ye out the drops meath blent with Soma let him drink
With bounty and with majesty will he further us.
14 I spake to the Bay Coursers' Lord, to him who gives ability:
Now hear the son of Asva as he praises thee.
15 Never was any Hero born before thee mightier than thou:
None certairdy like thee in goodness and in wealth.
16 O ministering priest, pour out of the sweet juice what gladdens most:
So is the Hero praised who ever prospers us.
17 Indra, whom Tawny Coursers bear, praise such as thine, preeminent,
None by his power or by his goodness hath attained.
18 We, seeking glory, have invoked this Master of all power and might
Who must be glorified by constant sacri fice.
19 Come, sing we praise to Indra, friends, the Hero who deserves the laud,
Him who with none to aid overcomes all tribes of men.
20 To him who wins the kine, who keeps no cattle back, Celestial God,
Speak wondrous speech more sweet than butter and than meath.
21 Whose hero powers are measureless, whose bounty Never may be surpassed,
Whose liberality, like light, is over all.
22 As Vyasva did, praise Indra, praise the Strong unfluctuating Guide,
Who gives the foes' possessions to the worshipper.
23 Now, son of Vyasva, praise thou him who to the tenth time still is new,
The very Wise, whom living men must glorify
24 Thou knowest, Indra, Thunderarmed-, how to avoid destructive powers,
As one secure from pitfalls each returning day.
25 O Indra, bring that aid wherewith of old, Most Wondrous! thou didst slay
His foes for active Kutsa: send it down to us.
26 So now we seek thee fresh in might, Most Wonderful in act! for gain:
For thou art he who conquers all our foes for us.
27 Who will set free from ruinous woe, or Arya on the Seven Streams:
O valiant Hero, bend the Dasas' weapon down.
28 As to Varosusaman thou broughtest great riches, for their gain,
To Vyasvas' sons, Blest Lady, rich in ample wealth!
29 Let Naryas' sacrificial meed reach Vyasvas' Somabearing- sons:
In hundreds and in thousands be the great reward.
30 If one should ask thee, Where is he who sacrificed? Whither lookest thou?
Like Vala he hath passed away and dwelleth now on Gomati.

HYMN XXV. MitraVaruna-. 25

1. I WORSHIP you who guard this All, Gods, holiest among the Gods,
You, faithful to the Law, whose power is sanctified.
2 So, too, like charioteers are they, Mitra and sapient Varuna,
Sons highborn- from of old, whose holy laws stand fast.
3 These Twain, possessors of all wealth, most glorious, for supremest sway
Aditi, Mighty Mother, true to Law, brought forth.
4 Great Varuna and Mitra, Gods, Asuras and imperial Lords,
True to Eternal Law proclaim the high decree.
5 The offspring of a lofty Power, Daksas' Two Sons exceeding strong,
Who, Lords of flowing rain, dwell in the place of food.
6 Ye who have gathered up your gifts, celestial and terrestrial food,
Let your rain come to us fraught with the mist of heaven.
7 The Twain, who from the lofty sky seem to look down on herds below,
Holy, imperial Lords, are set to be revered.
8 They, true to Law, exceeding strong, have sat them down for savran rule:
Princes whose laws stand fast, they have obtained their sway.
9 Pathfinders even better than the eye, with unobstructed sight,
Even when they close their lids, observant, they perceive.
10 So may the Goddess Aditi, may the Nasatyas guard us well,
The Martits guard us wellendowed,. with mighty strength.
11 Do ye, O Bounteous Gods, protect our dwelling lace by day and night:
With you for our defenders may we go unharmed.
12 May we, unharmed, serve bountiful Visnu, the God who slayeth none:
Selfmoving- Sindhu hear and be the first to mark.
13 This sure protection we elect, desirable and reaching far,
Which Mitra, Varuna, and Aryaman afford.
14 And may the Sindhu of the floods, the Maruts, and the ASvin Pair,
Boon Indra, and boon Visnu have one mind with us.
15 Because these warring Heroes stay the enmity of every foe,
As the fierce waterflood- repels the furious ones.
16 Here this one God, the Lord of men, looks forth exceeding far and wide:
And we, for your advantage, keep his holy laws.
17 We keep the old accustomed laws, the statutes of supremacy,
The Iongknown- laws of Mitra and of Varuna.
18 He who hath measured with his ray the boundaries of heaven and earth,
And with his majesty hath filled the two worlds full,
19 Surya hath spread his light aloft up to the region of the sky,
Like Agni all aflame when gifts are offered him.
20 With him who sits afar the word is lord of food that comes from kine,
Controller of the gift of unempoisoned food.
21 So unto Surya, Heaven, and Earth at morning and at eve I speak.
Bringing enjoyments ever rise thou up for us.
22 From Uksanyayana a bay, from Harayana a white steed,
And from Susaman we obtained a hamessed car.
23 These two shall bring me further gain of troops of tawnycoloured- steeds,
The carriers shall they be of active men of war.
24 And the two sages have I gained who hold the reins and bear the whip,
And the two great strong coursers, with my newest song.

HYMN XXVI. Asvins. 26

1. I CALL your chariot to receive united praise mid princely men,
Strong Gods who pour down wealth, of never vanquished might!
2 Ye to Varosusaman come, Nasatyas, for this glorious rite.
With your protecting aid. Strong Gods, who pour down wealth.
3 So with oblations we invoke you, rich in ample wealth, today-,
When night hath passed, O ye who send us plenteous food.
O Asvins, Heroes, let your car, famed, best to travel, come to us,
And, for his glory, mark your zealous servants' lauds.
5 Asvins, who send us precious gifts, even when offended, think of him:
For ye, O Rudras, lead us safe beyond our foes.
6 For, WonderWorkers-, with fleet steeds ye fly completely round this All,
Stirring our thoughts, ye Lords of splendour, honeyhued-.
7 With allsustaining- opulence, Asvins, come hitherward to us,
Ye rich and noble Heroes, Never to be overthrown.
8 To welcome this mine offering, O ye Indralike- Nasatyas, come
As Gods of best accord this day with other Gods.
9 For we, like Vyasva, lifting up our voice like oxen, call on you:
With all your loving kindness, Sages, come to us.
10 O Rsi, laud the Asvins well. Will they not listen to thy call?
Will they not burn the Panis who are nearer them?
11 O Heroes, listen to the son of Vyasva, and regard me here,
Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, of one accord.
12 Gods whom we yearn for, of your gifts, of what ye bring to us, bestow
By princes' hands on me, ye Mighty, day by day.
13 Him whom your sacrifices clothe, even as a woman with her robe,
The Asvins help to glory honouring him well.
14 Whoso regards your care of men as succour widest in its reach,
About his dwelling go, ye Asvins, loving us.
15 Come to us ye who pour down wealth, come to the home which men must guard:
Like shafts, ye are made meet for sacrifice by song.
16 Most fetching of all calls, the laud, as envoy, Heroes, called to you
Be it your own, O Asvin Pair.
17 Be ye in yonder sea of heaven, or joying in the home of food,
Listen to me, Immortal Ones.
18 This river with his lucid flow attracts you, more than all the streams,
Even Sindhu with his path of gold.
19 O Asvins, with that glorious fame come hither, through our brilliant song,
Come ye whose ways are marked with light.
20 Harness the steeds who draw the car, O Vasu, bring the wellfed- pair.
O Vayu, drink thou of our meath: come unto our drinkofferings-.
21 Wonderful Vayu, Lord of Right, thou who art Tvastars' soninlaw,
Thy saving succour we elect.
22 To Tvastars' soninlaw
we pray for wealth whereof he hath control:
For glory we seek vayu, men with juice effused.
23 From heaven, auspicious Vayu, come drive hither with thy noble steeds:
Come on thy mighty car with wideextending- seat.
24 We call thee to the homes of men, thee wealthiest in noble food,
And liberal as a pressstone- with a horses' back.
25 So, glad and joyful in thine heart, do thou, God, Vayu, first of all
Vouchsafe us water, strength, and thought.

HYMN XXVII. Visvedevas. 27

1. CHEIF Priest is Agni at the laud, as stones and grass at sacrifice:
With song I seek the Maruts, Brahmanaspati, Gods for help much to be desired.
2 I sing to cattle and to Earth, to trees, to Dawns, to Night, to plants.
O all ye Vasus, ye possessors of all wealth, be ye the furtherers of our thoughts.
3 Forth go, with Agni, to the Gods our sacrifice of ancient use,
To the Adityas, Varuna whose Law stands fast, and the alllightening- Marut troop.
4 Lords of all wealth, may they be strengtheners of man, destroyers of his enemies.
Lords of all wealth, do ye, with guards which none may harm, preserve our dwelling free from foes.
5 Come to us with one mind today-, come to us all with one accord,
Maruts with holy song, and, Goddess Aditi, Mighty One, to our house and home.
6 Send us delightful things, ye Maruts, on your steeds: come ye, O Mitra, to our gifts.
Let Indra, Varuna, and the Adityas sit, swift Heroes, on our sacred grass.
7 We who have trimmed the grass for you, and set the banquet in array,
And pressed the Soma, call you, Varuina, like men, with sacrificial fires aflame.
8 O Maruts, Visnu, Asvins, Pusan, haste away with minds turned hitherward to Me.
Let the Strong Indra, famed as Vrtras' slayer, come first with the winners of the spoil.
9 Ye Guileless Gods, bestow on us a refuge strong on every side,
A sure protection, Vasus, unassailable from near at hand or from afar.
10 Kinship have I with you, and close alliance O ye Gods, destroyers of our foes.
Call us to our prosperity of former days, and soon to new klicity.
11 For now have I sent forth to you, that I may win a fair reward,
Lords of all wealth, with homage, this my song of praise. like a milchcow- that faileth not.
12 Excellent Savitar hath mounted up on high for you, ye sure and careful Guides.
Bipeds and quadrupeds, with several hopes and aims, and birds have settled to their tasks.
13 Singing their praise with Godlike- thought let us invoke each God for grace,
Each God to bring you help, each God to strengthen you.
14 For of one spirit are the Gods with mortal man, cosharers- all of gracious gifts.
May they increase our strength hereafter and today-, providing case and ample room.
15 I laud you, O ye Guileless Gods, here where we meet to render praise.
None, Varuna and Mitra, harins the mortal, man who honours and obeys your laws.
16 He makes his house endure, he gathers plenteous food who pays obedience to your will.
Born in his sons anew he spreads as Law commands, and prospers every way unharmed.
17 even without war he gathers wealth, and goes hisway on pleasant paths,
Whom Mitra, Varuna and Aryaman protect, sharing the giftof, one accord.
18 even on the plain for him ye make a sloping path, an easy way where road is none:
And far away from him the ineffectual shaft must vanish, shot at him in vain.
19 If ye appoint the rite today-, kind Rulers, when the Sun ascends,
Lords of all wealth, at sunset or at wakingtime, or be it at the noon of day,
20 Or, Asuras, when ye have sheltered the worshipper who goes to sacrifice, at eve
may we, O Vasus, ye possessors of all wealth, come then into the midst of You.
21 If ye today- at sunrise, or at noon, or in the gloom of eve,
Lords of all riches, give fair treasure to the man, the wise man who hath sacrificed,
22 Then we, imperial Rulers, claim of you this boon, your wide protection, as a son.
May we, Adityas, offering holy gifts, obtain that which shall bring us greater bliss.

HYMN XXVIII. Visvedevas. 28

1. THE Thirty Gods and Three besides, whose seat hath been the sacred grass,
From time of old have found and gained.
2 Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Agnis, with Consorts, sending boons,
To whom our Vasat! is addressed:
3 These are our guardians in the west, and northward here, and in the south,
And on the cast, with all the tribe.
4 Even as the Gods desire so verily shall it be. None minisheth this power of theirs,
No demon, and no mortal
5 The Seven carry seven spears; seven are the splendours they possess,
And seven the glories they assume.

HYMN XXIX Visvedevas. 29

1. ONE is a youth brown, active, manifold he decks the golden one with ornament.
2 Another, luminous, occupies the place of sacritice, Sage, among the Gods.
3 One brandishes in his hand an iron knife, firm, in his seat amid the Deities.
4 Another holds the thunderbolt, wherewith he slays the Vrtras, resting in his hand.
5 Another bears a pointed weapon: bright is he, and strong, with healing medicines.
6 Another, thieflike-, watches well the ways, and knows the places where the treasures lie.
7 Another with his mighty stride hath made his three steps thither where the Gods rejoice.
8 Two with one Dame ride on with winged steeds, and journey forth like travellers on their way.
9 Two, highest, in the heavens have set their seat, worshipped with holy oil, imperial Kings.
10 Some, singing lauds, conceived the Samahymn-, great hymn whereby they caused the Sun to shine.

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