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HYMN I. Indra. 1

1. GLORIFY naught besides, O friends; so shall no sorrow trouble you.
Praise only mighty Indra when the juice is shed, and say your lauds repeatedly:
2 Even him, eternal, like a bull who rushes down, mens' Conqueror, bounteous like a cow;
Him who is cause of both, of enmity and peace, to both sides most munificent.
3 Although these men in sundry ways invoke thee to obtain thine aid,
Be this our prayer, addressed, O Indra, unto thee, thine exaltation every day.
4 Those skilled in song, O Maghavan among these men overcome with might the foemans' songs.
Come hither, bring us strength in many a varied form most near that it may succour us.
5 O Caster of the Stone, I would not sell thee for a mighty price,
Not for a thousand, Thunderer! nor ten thousand, nor a hundred, Lord of countless wealth!
6 O Indra, thou art more to me than sire or niggard brother is.
Thou and my mother, O Good Lord, appear alike, to give me wealth abundantly.
7 Where art thou? Whither art thou gone? For many a place attracts thy mind.
Haste, Warrior, Fortdestroyer-, Lord of battles' din, haste, holy songs have sounded forth.
8 Sing out the psalm to him who breaks down castles for his faithful friend,
Verses to bring the Thunderer to destroy the forts and sit on Kanvas' sacred grass.
9 The Horses which are thine in tens, in hundreds, yea, in thousands thine,
Even those vigorous Steeds, fleetfooted- in the course, with those come quickly near to us.
10 This day I call Sabardugha who animates the holy song,
Indra the richlyyielding- Milchcow- who provides unfailing food in ample stream.
11 When Sura wounded Etasa, with Vatas' rolling winged car.
Indra bore Kutsa Arjuneya off, and mocked Gandharva. the unconquered One.
12 He without ligature, before making incision in the neck,
Closed up the wound again, most wealthy Maghavan, who maketh whole the injured part.
13 May we be never cast aside, and strangers, as it were, to thee.
We, Thunderwielding- Indra, count ourselves as trees rejected and unfit to burn.
14 O Vrtraslayer-, we were thought slow and unready for the fray.
Yet once in thy great bounty may we have delight, O Hero, after praising thee.
15 If he will listen to my laud, then may out Somadrops- that flow
Rapidly through the strainer gladden Indra, drops due to the Tugryas' Strengthener.
16 Come now unto the common laud of thee and of thy faithful friend.
So may our wealthy nobles' praise give joy to thee. Fain would I sing thine eulogy.
17 Press out the Soma with the stones, and in the waters wash it clean.
The men investing it with raiment made of milk shall milk it forth from out the stems.
18 Whether thou come from earth or from the lustre of the lofty heaven,
Wax stronger in thy body through my song of praise: fill full all creatures, O most Wise.
19 For India press the Soma out, most gladdening and most excellent.
May Sakra make it swell sent forth with every prayer and asking, as it were, for strength.
20 Let me not, still beseeching thee with earnest song at Soma rites,
Anger thee like some wild beast. Who would not beseech him who hath power to grant his prayer?
21 The draught made swift with rapturous joy, effectual with its mighty strength,
Allconquering-, distilling transport, let him drink: for he in ecstasy gives us gifts.
22 Where bliss is not, may he, Allpraised-, God whom the pious glorify,
Bestow great wealth upon the mortal worshipper who sheds the juice and praises him.
23 Come, Indra, and rejoice thyself, O God, in manifold affluence.
Thou fillest like a lake thy vast capacious bulk with Soma and with draughts besides.
24 A thousand and a hundred Steeds are harnessed to thy golden car.
So may the longmaned- Bays, yoked by devotion, bring Indra to drink the Soma juice.
25 Yoked to thy chariot wrought of gold, may thy two Bays with peacock tails,
Convey thee hither, Steeds with their white backs, to quaff sweet juice that makes us eloquent.
26 So drink, thou Lover of the Song, as the first drinker, of this juice.
This the outpouring of the savoury sap prepared is good and meet to gladden thee.
27 He who alone by wondrous deed is Mighty, Strong by holy works,
May he come, fair of cheek; may he not stay afar, but come and turn not from our call.
28 Susnas' quick moving castle thou hast crushed to pieces with thy bolts.
Thou, Indra, from of old, hast followed after light, since we have had thee to invoke.
29 My praises when the Sun hath risen, my praises at the time of noon,
My praises at the coming of the gloom of night, O Vasu, have gone forth to thee.
30 Praise yea, praise him. Of princes these are the most liberal of their gifts,
These, Paramajya, Ninditasva, Prapathi, most bounteous, O Medhyatithi.
31 When to the car, by faith, I yoked the horses longing for the way-
For skilled is Yadus' son in dealing precious wealth, he who is rich in herds of kine.
32 May he who gave me two brown steeds together with their cloths of gold,
May he, Asangas' son Svanadratha, obtain all joy and high felicities.
33 Playogas' son Asanga, by ten thousand, O Agni, hath surpassed the rest in giving.
For me ten brighthued- oxen have come forward like lotusstalks- from out a lake upstanding.
34 What time her husbands' perfect restoration to his lost strength and manhood was apparent,
His consort Sasvati with joy addressed him, Now art thou well, my lord, and shalt be happy.

HYMN II. Indra. 2

1. HERE is the Soma juice expressed; O Vasu, drink till thou art full:
Undaunted God, we give it thee.
2 Washed by the men, pressed out with stones, strained through the filter made of wool,
it is like a courser bathed in stream.
3 This juice have we made sweet for thee like barley, blending it with milk.
Indra, I call thee to our feast.
4 Beloved of all, Indra alone drinks up the flowing Soma juice
Among the Gods and mortal men.
5 The Friend, whom not the brillianthued-, the badlymixt- or bitter draught,
Repels, the farextending- God;
6 While other men than we with milk chase him as hunters chase a deer,
And with their kine inveigle him.
7 For him, for Indra, for the God, be pressed three draughts of Soma juice
In the juicedrinkers-' own abode.
8 Three reservoirs exude their drops, filled are three beakers to the brim,
All for one offering to the God.
9 Pure art thou, set in many a place, and blended in the midst with milk
And curd, to cheer the Hero best.
10 Here, Indra, are thy Somadraughts- pressed out by us, the strong, the pure:
They crave admixture of the milk.
11 O Indra, pour in milk, prepare the cake, and mix the Somadraught-.
I hear them say that thou art rich.
12 Quaffed juices fight within the breast. The drunken praise not by their wine,
The naked praise not when it rains.
13 Rich be the praiser of one rich, munificent and famed like thee:
High rank be his, O Lord of Bays.
14 Foe of the man who adds no milk, he heeds not any chanted hymn
Or holy psalm that may he sung.
15 Give us not, Indra, as a prey unto the scornful or the proud:
Help, Mighty One, with power and might.
16 This, even this, O Indra, we implore. as thy devoted friends,
The Kanvas praise thee with their hymns.
17 Naught else, O Thunderer, have I praised in the skilled singers' eulogy:
On thy land only have I thought.
18 The Gods seek him who presses out the Soma; they desire not sleep
They punish sloth unweariedly.
19 Come hither swift with gifts of wealth - be not thou angry with uslike-
A great man with a youthful bride.
20 Let him not, wrathful with us, spend the evening far from us today-,
Like some unpleasant soninlaw—.
21 For well we know this Heros' love, most liberal of the boons he gives,
His plans whom the three worlds display.
22 Pour forth the gift which Kanvas bring, for none more glorious do we know
Than the Strong Lord with countless aids.
23 O presser, offer Soma first to Indra, Hero, Sakra, him
The Friend of man, that he may drink;
24 Who, in untroubled ways, is best provider, for his worshippers.
Of strength in horses and in kine.
25 Pressers, for him blend Soma juice, each draught most excellent, for him
The Brave, the Hero, for his joy.
26 The Vrtraslayer- drinks the juice. May he who gives a hundred aids
Approach, nor stay afar from us.
27 May the strong Bay Steeds, yoked by prayer, bring hither unto us our Friend,
Lover of Song, renowned by songs.
28 Sweet are the Soma juices, come! Blent are the Soma juices, come!
Rsilike-, mighty, fair of cheek, come hither quickly to the feast.
29 And lauds which strengthen thee for great bounty and valour, and exalt
Indra who doeth glorious deeds,
30 And songs to thee who lovest song, and all those hymns addressed to thee-
These evermore confirm thy might.
31 Thus he, sole doer of great deeds whose hand holds thunder, gives us strength,
He who hath never been subdued.
32 Vrtra he slays with his right hand, even Indra, great with mighty power,
And muchinvoked- in many a place.
33 He upon whom all men depend, all regions, all achievements, he
Takes pleasure in our wealthy chiefs.
34 All this hath he accomplished, yea, Indra, most gloriously renowned,
Who gives our wealthy princes strength.
35 Who drives his chariot seeking spoil, from afar, to him he loves:
For swift is he to bring men wealth.
36 The Sage who, winning spoil with steeds, slays Vrtra, Hero with the men,
His servants' faithful succourer.
37 O Priyamedhas, worship with collected mind this Indra whom
The Soma hath full well inspired.
38 Ye Kanvas, sing the Mighty One, Lord of the Brave, who loves renown,
Allpresent-, glorified by song.
39 Strong Friend, who, with no trace of feet, restores the cattle to the men,
Who rest their wish and hope on him.
40 Shaped as a Ram, Stonehurler- I once thou camest hither to the son
Of Kanva, wise Medhyatithi.
41 Vibhindu, thou hast helped this man, giving him thousands four times ten,
And afterward eight thousand more.
42 And these twain pouring streams of milk, creative, daughters of delight,
For wedlock sake I glorify.

HYMN III. Indra. 3

1. DRINK, Indra, of the savoury juice, and cheer thee with our milky draught.
Be, for our weal, our Friend and sharer of the feast, and let thy wisdom guard us well.
2 In thy kind grace and favour may we still be strong: expose us not to foes' attack.
With manifold assistance guard and succour us, and bring us to felicity.
3 May these my songs of praise exalt thee, Lord, who hast abundant wealth.
Men skilled in holy hymns, pure, with the hues of fire, have sung them with their lauds to thee.
4 He, with his might enhanced by Rsis thousandfold, hath like an ocean spread himself.
His majesty is praised as true at solemn rites, his power where holy singers rule.
5 Indra for worship of the Gods, Indra while sacrifice proceeds,
Indra, as worshippers in battleshock-, we call, Indra that we may win the spoil.
6 With might hath Indra spread out heaven and earth, with power hath Indra lighted up the Sun.
In Indra are all creatures closely held; in him meet the distilling Somadrops-.
7 Men with their lauds are urging thee, Indra, to drink the Soma first.
The Rbhus in accord have lifted up their voice, and Rudras sung thee as the first.
8 Indra increased his manly strength at sacrifice, in the wild rapture of this juice.
And living men today-, even as of old, sing forth their praises to his majesty.
9 I crave of thee that hero strength, that thou mayst first regard this prayer,
Wherewith thou holpest Bhrgu and the Yatis and PrasKanva when the prize was staked.
10 Wherewith thou sentest mighty waters to the sea, that, Indra, is thy manly strength.
For ever unattainable is this power of him to whom the worlds have cried aloud.
11 Help us, O Indra, when we pray to thee for wealth and hero might.
First help thou on to strength the man who strives to win, and aid our laud, O Ancient One.
12 Help for us, Indra, as thou holpest Paura once, this mans' devotions bent on gain.
Help, as thou gavest Rusama and Syavaka and Svarnara and Krpa aid.
13 What newest of imploring prayers shall, then, the zealous mortal sing?
For have not they who laud his might, and Indrapower- won for themselves the light of heaven?
14 When shall they keep the Law and praise thee mid the Gods Who counts as Rsi and as sage?
When ever wilt thou, Indra Maghavan, come nigh to pressers' or to praisers' call?
15 These songs of ours exceeding sweet, these hymns of praise ascend to thee,
Like everconquering- chariots that display their strength, gain wealth, and give unfailing aid.
16 The Bhrgus are like Suns, like Kanvas, and have gained all that their thoughts were bent upon.
The living men of Priyamedhas' race have sung exalting Indra with their lauds.
17 Best slayer of the Vrtras, yoke thy Bay Steeds, Indra, from afar.
Come with the High Ones hither, Maghavan, to us, Mighty, to drink the Soma juice.
18 For these, the bards and singers, have cried out to thee with prayer, to gain the sacrifice.
As such, O Maghavan, Indra, who lovest song, even as a lover bear my call.
19 Thou from the lofty plains above, O Indra, hurledst Vrtra down.
Thou dravest forth the kine of guileful Mrgaya and Arbuda from the mountains' hold.
20 Bright were the flaming fires, the Sun gave forth his shine, and Soma, Indras' juice, shone
Indra, thou blewest the great Dragon from the air: men must regard that valorous deed.
21 The fairest courser of them all, who runneth on as it were to heaven.
Which Indra and the Maruts gave, and Pakasthaman Kauraya?.
22 To me hath Pakasthaman given, a ruddy horse, good at the pole,
Filling is girth and rousing wealth;
23 Compared with whom no other ten strong coursers, harnessed to the pole,
Bear Tugrya to his dwelling place.
24 Raiment is body, food is life, and healing ointment giveth strength.
As the freehanded- giver of the ruddy steed, I have named Pakasthaman fourth.

HYMN IV. Indra. 4

1. THOUGH, Indra, thou art called by men eastward and westward, north and south,
Thou chiefly art with Anava and Turvasa, brave Champion I urged by men to Come.
2 Or, Indra, when with Ruma, Rusama, Syavaka, and Krpa thou rejoicest thee,
Still do the Kanvas, bringing praises, with their prayers, O Indra, draw thee hither: come.
3 Even as the wildbull-, when he thirsts, goes to the deserts' watery pool,
Come hither quickly both at morning and at eve, and with the Kanvas drink thy fill.
4 May the drops gladden thee, rich Indra, and obtain bounty for him who pours the juice.
Soma pressed in the mortar didst thou take and drink, and hence hast won surpassing might.
5 With mightier strength he conquered strength, with energy he crushed their wrath.
O Indra, Strong in youth, all those who sought the fray bent and bowed down to thee like trees.
6 He who wins promise of thine aid goes girt as with a thousand mighty men of war.
He makes his son preeminent in hero might: he serves with reverential prayer.
7 With thee, the Mighty, for our Friend, we will not fear or feel fatigue.
May we see Turvasa and Yadu: thy great deed, O Hero, must be glorified.
8 On his left hip the Hero hath reclined himself: the proffered feast offends him not.
The milk is blended with the honey of the bee: quickly come hither, baste, and drink.
9 Indra, thy friend is fair of form and rich in horses, cars, and kine.
He evermore hath food accompanied by wealth, and radiant joins the company.
10 Come like a thirsty antelope to the drinkingplace-: drink Soma to thy hearts' desire.
Raining it down, O Maghavan, day after day, thou gainest thy surpassing might.
11 Priest, let the Soma juice flow forth, for Indra longs to drink thereof.
He even now hath yoked his vigorous Bay Steeds: the Vrtraslayer- hath come near.
12 The man with whom thou fillcst thee with Soma deems himself a pious worshipper.
This thine appropriate food is here poured out for thee: come, hasten forward. drink of it,
13 Press out the Soma juice, ye priests, for Indra borne upon his car.
The pressingstones- speak loud of Indra, while they shed the juice which, offered, honours him.
14 To the brown juice may his dear vigorous Bay Steeds bring Indra, to our holy task.
Hither let thy Carsteeds- who seek the sacrifice bring thee to our drinkofferings-.
15 Pusan, the Lord of ample wealth, for firm alliance we elect.
May he with wisdom, Sakra! Looser! Muchinvoked-! aid us to riches and to seed.
16 Sharpen us like a razor in the barbers' hands: send riches thou who settest free.
Easy to find with thee are treasures of the Dawn for mortal man whom thou dost speed.
17 Pusan, I long to win thy love, I long to praise thee, Radiant God.
Excellent Lord, it is strange tome, no wish have I to sing the psalm that Pajra sings.
18 My kine, O Radiant God, seek pasture where they will, my during wealth, Immortal One.
Be our protector, Pusan! be, most liberal Lord, propitious to our gathering strength.
19 Rich was the gift Kurunga gave, a hundred steeds at morning rites.
Among the gifts of Turvasas we thought of him, the opulent, the splendid King.
20 What by his morning songs Kanva, the powerful, hath, with the Priyamedhas, gained-
71 The herds of sixty thousand pure and spotless kine, have I, the Rsi, driven away.
21 The very trees were joyful at my coming: kine they obtained in plenty, steeds in plenty.

HYMN V. Asvins. 5

1. WHEN, even as she were present here, red Dawn hath shone from far away,
She spreadeth light on every side.
2 Like Heroes on your willyoked- car farshining, WonderWorkers-! ye
Attend, O Asvins, on the Dawn.
3 By you, O Lords of ample wealth our songs of praise have been observed:
As envoy have I brought the prayer.
4 Kanvas must praise the Asvins dear to many, making many glad,
Most rich, that they may succour us.
5 Most liberal, best at winning strength, inciters, Lords of splendour who
Visit the worshippers' abode.
6 So for devout Sudeva dew with fatness his unfailing mead,
And make it rich for sacrifice.
7 Hitherward running speedily with horses, as with rapid hawks,
Come, Asvins, to our song of praise
8 Wherewith the three wide distances, and all the lights that are in heaven.
Ye traverse, and three times of night.
9 O Finders of the Day, that we may win us food of kine and wealth,
Open the paths for us to tread.
10 O Asvins, bring us wealth in kine, in noble heroes, and in cars:
Bring us the strength that horses give.
11 Ye Lords of splendour, glorified, ye WonderWorkers- borne on paths
Of gold, drink sweets with Somajuice.
12 To us, ye Lords of ample wealth, and to our wealth chiefs extend
Wide shelter, Never to be assailed.
13 Come quickly downward to the prayer of people whom ye favour most:
Approach not unto other folk.
14 Ye Asvins whom our minds perceive, drink of this lovely gladdening draught,
The mcath which we present to you.
15 Bring riches hither unto us in hundreds and in thousands, source
Of plenteous food, sustaining all.
16 Verily sages call on you, ye Heroes, in full many a place.
Moved by the priests, O Asvins, conic.
17 Men who have trimmed the sacred grass, bringing oblations and prepared,
O Asvins, are invoking you.
18 May this our hymn of praise today-, most powerful to bring you, be,
O Asvins, nearest to your hearts.
19 The skin filled full of savoury meath, laid in the pathway of your car-
O Asvins, drink ye both therefrom.
20 For this, ye Lords of ample wealth, bring blessing for our herd, our kine,
Our progeny, and plenteous food.
21 Ye too unclose to us like doors the strengthening waters of the sky,
And rivers, ye who find the day.
22 When did the son of Tugra serve you, Men? Abandoned in the sea,
That with winged steeds your car might fly.
23 Ye, O Nasatyas, ministered to Kanva with repeated aid,
When cast into the heated pit.
24 Come near with those most recent aids of yours which merit eulogy,
When I invoke you, Wealthy Gods.
25 As ye protected Kanva erst, Priyamedha and Upastuta,
Atri, Sinjara, Asvins Twain
26 And Amsu in decisive fight, Agastya in the fray for kine.
And, in his battles, Sobhari.
27 For so much bliss, or even more, O Asvins, Wealthy Gods, than this,
We pray white singing hymns to you.
28 Ascend your car with golden seat, O Asvins, and with reins of gold,
That reaches even to the sky.
29 Golden is its supporting shaft, the axle also is of gold,
And both the wheels are made of gold.
30 Thereon, ye Lords of ample wealth, come to us even from afar,
Come ye to this mine eulogy.
31 From far away ye come to us, Asvins, enjoying plenteous food
Of Dasas, O Immortal Ones.
32 With splendour, riches, and renown, O Asvins, hither come to us,
Nasatyas, shining brilliantly.
33 May dappled horses, steeds who fly with pinions, bring you hitherward
To people skilled in sacrifice.
34 The whcel delayeth not that car of yours accompanied by song,
That cometh with a store of food.
35 Borne on that chariot wrought of gold, with coursers very fleet of foot,
Come, O Nasatyas, swift as thought.
36 O Wealthy Gods, ye taste and find the brisk and watchful wild beast good.
Associate wealth with food for us.
37 As such, O Asvins, find for me my share of newpresented- gifts,
As Kasu, Cedis' son, gave me a hundred head of buffaloes, and ten thousand kine.
38 He who hath given me for mine own ten Kings like gold to look upon.
At Caidyas' feet are all the people round about, all those who think upon the shield.
39 No man, not any, goes upon the path on which the Cedis walk.
No other prince, no folk is held more liberal of gifts than they.

HYMN VI Indra 6

1. INDRA, great in his power and might, and like Parjanya rich in rain,
Is magnified by Vatsas' lauds.
2 When the priests, strengthening the Son of Holy Law, present their gifts,
Singers with Orders' hymn of praiser.
3 Since Kanvas with their lauds have made Indra complete the sacrifice.
Words are their own appropriate arms.
4 Before his hot displeasure all the peoples, all the men, bow down,
As rivers bow them to the sea.
5 This power of his shone brightly forth when Indra brought together, like
A skin, the worlds of heaven and earth.
6 The fiercelymoving- Vrtras' head he severed with his thunderbolt,
His mighty hundredknotted- bolt.
7 Here arewe- sing them loudly forthour- thoughts amongthe- best of songs.
Even lightnings like the blaze of fire.
8 When bidden thoughts, spontaneously advancing, glow, and with the stream
Of sacrifice the Kanvas shine.
9 Indra, may we obtain that wealth in horses and in herds of cows,
And prayer that may be noticed first.
10 I from my Father have received deep knowledge of the Holy Law
I was born like unto the Sun.
11 After the lore of ancient time I make, like Kanva, beauteous songs,
And Indras' selfgains strength thereby.
12 Whatever Rsis have not praised thee, Indra, or have lauded thee,
By me exalted wax thou strong.
13 When his wrath thundered, when he rent Vrtra to pieces, limb by limb,
He sent the waters to the sea.
14 Against the Dasyu gusna thou, Indra, didst hurl thy during bolt:
Thou, Dread one, hast a heros' fame.
15 Neither the heavens nor firmaments nor regions of the earth contain
Indra, the Thunderer with his might.
16 O Indra him who lay at length staying thy copious waters thou,
In his own footsteps, smotest down
17 Thou hiddest deep in darkness itim, O Indra, who had set his grasp
On spacious heaven and earth conjoined.
18 Indra, whatever Yatis and Bhrgus have offered praise to thee,
Listen, thou Mighty, to my call.
19 Indra, these spotted cows yield thee their butter and the milky draught;
Aiders, thereby, of sacrifice;
20 Which, teeming, have received thee as a lifegerm-, Indra, with their mouth,
Like Surya who sustaineth all.
21 O Lord of Might, with hymns of praise the Kanvas have increased thy power,
The drops poured forth have strengthened thee.
22 Under thy guidance, Indra, mid thy praises, Lord of Thunder, shall
The sacrifice be soon performed.
23 Indra, disclose much food for us, like a stronghold with store of kine:
Give progeny and heroic strength.
24 And, Indra, grant us all that wealth of fleet steeds which shone bright of old
Among the tribes of Nahusas.
25 Hither thou seemest to attract heavens' fold which shines before our eyes,
When, Indra, thou art kind to us.
26 Yea, when thou puttest forth thy power, Indra, thou governest the folk.
Mighty, unlimited in strength.
27 The tribes who bring oblations call to thee, to thee to give them help,
With drops to thee who spreadest far.
28 There where the mountains downward slope, there by the meeting of the streams
The Sage was manifest with song.
29 Thence, marking, from his lofty place downward he looks upon the sea,
And thence with rapid stir he moves.
30 Then, verify, they see the light refulgent of primeval seed,
Kindled on yonder side of heaven.
31 Indra, the Kanvas all exalt thy wisdom and thy manly power,
And, Mightiest! thine heroic strength.
32 Accept this eulogy of mine, Indra, and guard me carefully:
Strengthen my thought and prosper it.
33 For thee, O Mighty, Thunderarmed-, we singers through devotionhave
Fashioned the hymn that we may live.
34 To Indra have the Kanvas sung, like waters speeding down a slope:
The song is fain to go to him.
35 As rivers swell the ocean, so our hymns of praise make Indra strong,
Eternal, of resistIess wrath.
36 Come with thy lovely Bay Steeds, come to us from regions far away
O Indra, drink this Soma juice.
37 Best slayer of Vrtras, men whose sacred grass is ready trimmed
Invoke thee for the gain of spoil.
38 The heavens and earth come after thee as the wheel follows Etasa:
To thee flow Somadrops- effused.
39 Rejoice, O Indra, in the light, rejoice in Saryandyan, be Glad in the sacrificers' hymn.
40 Grown strong in heaven, the Thunderarmed- hath bellowed, Vrtraslayer-, Bull,
Chief drinker of the Soma juice.
41 Thou art a Rsi born of old, sole Ruler over all by might:
Thou, Indra, guardest well our wealth.
42 May thy Bay Steeds with beauteous backs, a hundred, bring thee to the feast,
Bring thee to these our Somadraughts-.
43 The Kanvas with their hymns of praise have magnified this ancient thought
That swells with streams of meath and oil.
44 Mid mightiest Gods let mortal man choose Indra at the sacrifice,
Indra, whoever would win, for help.
45 Thy steeds, by Priyamedhas praised, shall bring thee, God whom all invoke,
Hither to drink the Somajuice.
46 A hundred thousand have I gained from Parsu, from Tirindira,
And presents of the Yadavas.
47 Ten thousand head of kine, and steeds three times a hundred they bestowed
On Pajra for the Samasong-.
48 Kakuha hath reached up to heaven, bestowing buffaloes yoked in fours,
And matched in fame the Yadavas.

HYMN VII. Maruts. 7

1. O MARUTS, when the sage hath poured the Trstup forth as food for you,
Ye shine amid the mountainclouds-.
2 When, Bright Ones, fain to show your might ye have determined on your course,
The mountainclouds- have bent them down.
3 Loud roaring with the winds the Sons of Prsni have upraised themselves:
They have poured out the streaming food.
4 The Maruts spread the mist abroad and make mountains rock and reel,
When with the winds they go their way
5 What time the rivers and the hills before your coming bowed them down,
So to sustain your mighty force.
6 We call on you for aid by night, on you for succour in the day,
On you while sacrifice proceeds.
7 These, verily, wondrous, red of hue, speed on their courses with a roar
Over the ridges of the sky.
8 With might they drop the loosened rein so that the Sun may run his course,
And spread themselves with beams of light.
9 Accept, ye Maruts, this my song, accept ye this mine hymn of praise,
Accept, Rbhuksans, this my call.
10 The dappled Cows have poured three lakes, meath for the Thunderwielding- God,
From the great cask, the watery cloud.
11 O Maruts, quickly come to us when, longing for felicity,
We call you hither from the sky.
12 For, Rudras and Rbhuksans, ye, Most Bountiful, are in the house,
Wise when the gladdening draught is drunk.
13 O Maruts, send us down from heaven riches distilling rapturous joy,
With plenteous food, sustaining all.
14 When, Bright Ones, hither from the hills ye have resolved to take your way,
Ye revel in the drops effused.
15 Man should solicit with his lauds happiness which belongs to them,
So great a band invincible.
16 They who like fiery sparks with showers of rain blow through the heaven and earth,
Milking the spring that never fails.
17 With chariots and tumultuous roar, with tempests and with hymns of praise
The Sons of Prsni hurry forth.
18 For wealth, we think of that whereby ye aided Yadu, Turvasa,
And KanVa who obtained the spoil.
19 May these our viands Bounteous Ones I that flow in streams like holy oil,
With Kanvas' hymns, increase your might.
20 Where, Bounteous Lords for whom the grass is trimmed, are ye rejoicing now?
What Brahman is adoring you?
21 Is it not there where ye of old, supplied with sacred grass, for lauds
Inspired the strong in sacrifice?
22 They brought together both the worlds, the mighty waters, and the Sun,
And, joint by joint, the thunderbolt.
23 They sundered Vrtra limb from limb and split the gloomy mountainclouds-,
Performing a heroic deed.
24 They reinforced the power and strength of Trita as he fought, and helped
Indra in battle with the foe.
25 They deck themselves for glory, bright, celestial, lightning in their hands,
And helms of gold upon their heads.
26 When eagerly ye from far away came to the cavern of the Bull,
He bellowed in his fear like Heaven.
27 Borne by your goldenfooted- steeds, O Gods, come hither to receive
The sacrifice we offer you.
28 When the red leader draws along their spotted deer yoked to the car.
The Bright Ones come, and shed the rain.
29 Susoma, Saryakiavan, and Arjika full of homes, have they.
These Heroes, sought with downward car.
30 When, Maruts, ye come to him, the singer who invokes you thus,
With favours to your suppliant?
31 What now? where have ye still a friend since ye left Indra all alone?
Who counteth on your friendship now?
32 The Kanvas sing forth Agnis' praise together with our Maruts? who
Wield thunder and wear swords of gold.
33 Hither for new felicity may I attract the Impetuous Ones,
The Heroes with their wondrous strength
34 Before them sink the very hills deerning themseives abysses: yea,
Even the mountains bend them down.
35 Steeds flying on their tortuous path through midair- carry them, and give
The man who lauds them strength and life.
36 Agni was born the first of all, like Surya lovely with his light:
With lustre these have spread abroad.

HYMN VIII. Asvins. 8

1. WITH all the succours that are yours, O Asvins, hither come to us:
Wonderful, borne on paths of gold, drink ye the meath with Soma juice.
2 Come now, ye Asvins, on your car decked with a sunbright- canopy,
Bountiful, with your golden forms, Sages with depth of intellect.
3 Come hither from the Nahusas, come, drawn by pure hymns, from midair-.
O Asvins, drink the savoury juice shed in the Kanvas' sacrifice.
4 Come to us hither from the heavens, come from midair-, wellloved- by us:
Here Kanvas' son hath pressed for you the pleasant meath of Soma juice.
5 Come, Asvins, to give car to us, to drink the Soma, Asvins, come.
Hail, Strengtheners of the praisesong- speed onward, ye Heroes, with your thoughts.
6 As, Heroes, in the olden time the Rsis called you to their aid,
So now, O Asvins, come to us, come near to this mine eulogy.
7 Even from the luminous sphere of heaven come to us, ye who find the light,
Carers for Vatsa, through our prayers and lauds, O yewho hearour call.
8 Do others more than we adore the Asvins with their hymns of praise?
The Rsi Vatsa, Kanvas' son, hath magnified you with his songs.
9 The holy singer with his hymns hath called you, Asvins, hitherward-;
Best Vrtraslayers-, free from stain, as such bring us felicity.
10 What time, ye Lords of ample wealth, the Lady mounted on your car,
Then, O ye Asvins, ye attained all wishes that your hearts desired.
11 Come thence, O Asvins, on your car that hath a thousand ornaments:
Vatsa the sage, the sages' son, hath sung a song of sweets to you.
12 Cheerers of many, rich in goods, discoverers of opulence,
The Asvins, Riders through the sky, have welcomed this my song of praise.
13 O Asvins, grant us all rich gifts wherewith no man mav interfere.
Make us observe the stated times: give us not over to reproach.
14 Whether, Nasatyas, ye be nigh, or whether ye be far away,
Come thence, O Asvins, on your car that hath a thousand ornaments.
15 Vatsa the Rsi with his songs, Nasatyas, hath exalted you:
Grant him rich food distilling oil, graced with a thousand ornaments.
16 Bestow on him, O Asvins, food that strengthens, and that drops with oil,
On him who praises you for bliss, and, Lords of bounty, prays for wealth.
17 Come to us, ye who slay the foe, Lords of rich treasure, to this hymn.
O Heroes, give us high renown and these good things of earth for help.
18 The Priyamedhas have invoked you with all succours that are yours,
You, Asvins, Lords of solemn rites, with calls entreating you to come.
19 Come to us, Asvins, ye Who bring felicity, auspicious Ones,
To Vatsa who with prayer and hymn, lovers of song, hath honoured you.
20 Aid us, O Heroes, for those hymns for which ye helped GoSarya erst,
Gave Vasa, Dasavraja aid, and Kanva and Medhatithi:
21 And favoured Trasadasyu, ye Heroes, in spoildeciding- fray:
For these, O Asvins, graciously assist us in acquiring strength.
22 O Asvins, may pure hymns of ours, and songs and praises, honour you:
Best slayers everywhere of foes, as such we fondly yearn for you.
23 Three places of the Asvins, erst concealed, are made apparent now.
Both Sages, with the flight of Law come hither unto those who live.

HYMN IX. Asvins. 9

1. To help and favour Vatsa now, O Asvins, come ye hitherward.
Bestow on him a dwelling spacious and secure, and keep malignities away.
2 All manliness that is in heaven, with the Five Tribes, or in midair-,
Bestow, ye Asvins, upon us.
3 Remember Kanva first of all among the singers, Asvins, who
Have thought upon your wondrous deeds.
4 Asvins, for you with song of praise this hot oblation is effused,
This your sweet Soma juice, ye Lords of ample wealth, through which ye think upon the foe.
5 Whatever ye have done in floods, in the tree, WonderWorkers-, and in growing plants,
Therewith, O Asvins, succour me.
6 What force, Nasatyas, ye exert, whatever, Gods, ye tend and heal,
This your own Vatsa gains not by his hymns alone: ye visit him who offers gifts.
7 Now hath the Rsi splendidly thought out the Asvins' hymn of praise.
Let the Atharvan pour the warm oblation forth, and Soma very rich in sweets.
8 Ye Asvins, now ascend your car that lightly rolls upon its way.
May these my praises make you speed hitherward like a cloud of heaven.
9 When, O Nasatyas, we this day make you speed hither with our hymns,
Or, Asvins, with our songs of praise, remember Kanva specially.
10 As erst Kaksivan and the Rsi Vyasva, as erst Dirghatamas invoked your presence,
Or, in the sacrificial chambers, Vainya Prthi, so be ye mindful of us here, O Asvins.
11 Come as homeguardians-, saving us from foemen, guarding our living creatures and our bodies,
Come to the house to give us seed and offspring,
12 Whether with Indra ye be faring, Asvins, or resting in one dwellingplace- with Vayu,
In concord with the Rbhus or Adityas, or standing still in Visnus' stridingplaces-.
13 When I, O Asvins, call on you today- that I may gather strength,
Or as allconquering- might in war, be that the Asvins' noblest grace.
14 Now come, ye Asvins, hitherward: here are oblations set for you;
These Somadraughts- to aid Yadu and
Turvasa, these offered you mid Kanivas' Sons.
15 Whatever healing balm is yours, Nisatyas, near or far away,
Therewith, great Sages, grant a home to Vatsa and to Vimada.
16 Together with the Goddess, with the Asvins' Speech have I awoke.
Thou, Goddess, hast disclosed the hymn, and holy gift from mortal men.
17 Awake the Asvins, Goddess Dawn! Up Mighty Lady of sweet strains!
Rise, straightway, priest of sacrifice! High glory to the gladdening draught!
18 Thou, Dawn, approaching with thy light shinest together with the Sun,
And to this manprotecting- home the chariot ofthe Asvins comes.
19 When yellow stalks give forth the juice, as cows from udders pour their milk,
And voices sound the song of praise, the Asvins' worshippers show first.
20 Forward for glory and for strength, protection that shall conquer men,
And power and skill, most sapient Ones!
21 When Asvins, worthy of our lauds, ye seat you in the fathers' house.
With wisdom or the bliss ye bring.

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