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HYMN X. Agni. 10

1. HE hath sent forth, bright, radiant, and refulgent, like the Dawns' Lover, his farspreading-
Pure in his splendour shines the golden Hero: our longing thoughts hath he aroused and wakened.
2 He, like the Sun, hath shone while Morn is breaking, and priests who weave the sacrifice sing
Agni, the God, who knows their generations and visits Gods, most bounteous, rapid envoy.
3 Our songs and holy hymns go forth to Agni, seeking the God and asking him for riches,
Him fair to see, of goodly aspect, mighty, mens' messenger who carries their oblations.
4 joined with the Vasus, Agni, bring thou Indra bring hither mighty Rudra with the Rudras,
Aditi good to all men with Adityas, Brhaspati Allbounteous-, with the Singers.
5 Men eagerly implore at sacrifices Agni, Most Youthful God, the joyous Herald.
For he is Lord and Ruler over riches, and for Gods worship an unwearied envoy.

HYMN XI. Agni. 11

1. GREAT art thou, Agni, sacrifices' Herald: not without thee are deathless Gods made joyful.
Come hither with all Deities about thee here take thy seat, the first, as Priest, O Agni.
2 Men with oblations evermore entreat thee, the swift, to undertake an envoys' duty.
He on whose sacred grass with Gods thou sittest, to him, O Agni, are the days propitious.
3 Three times a day in thee are shown the treasures sent for the mortal who presents oblation.
Bring the Gods hither like a man, O Agni: be thou our envoy, guarding us from curses.
4 Lord of the lofty sacrifice is Agni, Agni is Lord of every gift presented.
The Vasus were contented with his wisdom, so the Gods made him their oblationbearer.
5 O Agni, bring the Gods to taste our presents: with Indra leading, here let them be joyful.
Convey this sacrifice to Gods in heaven. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN XII. Agni. 12

1. WE with great reverence have approached The Youngest who hath shone forth wellkindled- in his
With wondrous light between wide earth and heaven, wellworshipped-, looking forth in all
2 Through his great might overcoming all misfortunes, praised in the house is Agni Jatavedas.
May he protect us from disgrace and trouble, both us who laud him and our noble patrons.
3 O Agni, thou art Varuna and Mitra: Vasisthas with their holy hymns exalt thee.
With thee be most abundant gain of treasure. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN XIII. Agni. 13

1. BRING song and hymn to Agni, Asuraslayer-, enlightener of all and thoughtbestower-.
Like an oblation on the grass, to please him, I bring this to Vaisvanara, hymninspirer-.
2 Thou with thy flame, O Agni, brightly glowing, hast at thy birth filled full the earth and
Thou with thy might, Vaisvanara Jatavedas, settest the Gods free frodi the curse that bound them.
3 Agni, when, born thou lookedst on all creatures, like a brisk herdsman moving round his cattle.
The path to prayer, Vaisvanara, thou foundest. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN XIV Agni. 14

1. WITH reverence and with offered gifts serve we the God whose flame is bright:
Let us bring Jatavedas fuel, and adore Agni when we invoke the Gods.
2 Agni, may we perform thy rites with fuel, and honour thee, O Holy one, with praises:
Honour thee, Priest of sacrifice! with butter, thee, God of blessed light! with our oblation.
3 Come, Agni, with the Gods to our invoking, come, pleased, to offerings sanctified with Vasat.
May we be his who pays thee, God, due honour. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN XV. Agni. 15

1. OFFER oblations in his mouth, the bounteous Gods' whom we must serve.
His who is nearest kin to us:
2 Who for the Fivefold Peoples' take hath seated him in every home
Wise, Youthful, Master of the house.
3 On all sides may that Agni guard our household folk and property;
May he deliver us from woe.
4 I have begotten this new hymn for Agni, Falcon of the sky:
Will he not give us of his wealth?
5 Whose lories when he glows in front of sacrite are fair to see,
Like wealth of one with hero sons.
6 May he enjoy this hallowed gift, Agni accept our songs, who bears
Oblations, best of worshippers.
7 Lord of the house, whom men must seek, we set thee down, O Worshipped One!
Bright, rich in heroes, Agni! God
8 Shine forth at night and morn: through thee with fires are we provided well.
Thou, rich in heroes, art our Friend.
9 The men come near thee for their gain, the singers with their songs of praise:
Speech, thousandfold, comes near to thee.
10 Bright, Purifier, meet for praise, Immortal with refulgent glow,
Agni drives Raksasas away.
11 As such, bring us abundant wealth, young Child of Strength, for this thou canst
May Bhaga give us what is choice.
12 Thou, Agni, givest hero fame: Bhaga and Savitar the God,
And Did give us what is good.
13 Agni, preserve us from distress: consume our enemies, O God,
Eternal, with the hottest flames.
14 And, irresistible, be thou a mighty iron fort to us,
With hundred walls for mans' defence.
15 Do thou preserve us, eve and morn, from sorrow, from the wicked men,
Infallible! by day and night.

HYMN XVI. Agni. 16

1. WITH this my reverent hymn I call Agni for you, the Son of Strength,
Dear, wisest envoy, served with noble sacrifice, immortal messenger of all.
2 His two red horses, allsupporting-, let him yoke: let him, wellworshipped-, urge them fast.
Then hath the sacrifice good prayers and happy end, and heavenly gift of wealth to men.
3 The flame of him the Bountiful, the Muchinvoked-, hath mounted up,
And his redcoloured- smokeclouds- reach and touch the sky: the men are kindling Agni well.
4 Thee, thee Most Glorious One we make our messenger. Bring the Gods hither to the feast.
Give us, O Son of Strength, all food that fcedeth man: give that for which we pray to thee.
5 Thou, Agni, art the homesteads' Lord, our Herald at the sacrifice.
Lord of all boons, thou art the Cleanser and a Sage. Pay worship, and enjoy the good.
6 Give riches to the sacrificer, O Most Wise, for thou art he who granteth wealth.
Inspire with zeal each priest at this our solemn rite; all who are skilled in singing praise.
7 O Agni who art worshipped well, dear let our princes he to thee,
Our wealthy patrons who are governors of men, who part, as gifts, their stalls of kine.
8 They in whose home, her hand bearing the sacred oil, Ila sits down wellsatisfied—
Guard them, Victorious God, from slander and from harm. give us a refuge famed afar.
9 Do thou, a Priest with pleasant tongue, most wise, and very near to us,
Agni, bring riches hither to our liberal chiefs, and speed the oflering of our gifts.
10 They who bestow as bounty plenteous wealth of steeds, moved by desire of great renown-
Do thou with saving help preserve them from distress, Most Youthful! with a hundred forts.
11 The God who gives your wealth demands a full libation poured to him.
Pour ye it forth, then fill the vessel full again: then doth the God pay heed to you.
12 Him have the Gods appointed Priest of sacrifice, oblationbearer-, passing wise.
Agni gives wealth and valour to the worshipper, to folk who offer up their gifts.

HYMN XVII. Agni. 17

1. AGNI, be kindled well with proper fuel, and let the grass be scattered wide about thee.
2 Let the impatient Portals be thrown open bring thou the Gods impatient to come hither.
3 Taste, Agni: serve the Gods with our oblation. Offer good sacrifices, Jatavedas!
4 Let Jatavedas pay fair sacrifices, worship andgratify the Gods Immortal.
5 Wise God, win for us things that are allgoodly-, and let the prayers, we pray today be fruitful.
6 Thee, even thee, the Son of Strength, O Agni, those Gods have made the bearer of oblations.
7 To thee the God may we perform our worship: do thou, besought, grant us abundant riches.

HYMN XVIII. Indra. 18

1. ALL is with thee, O Indra, all the treasures which erst our fathers won who sang thy praises.
With thee are milchkine- good to milk, and horses: best winner thou of riches for the pious.
2 For like a King among his wives thou dwellest: with glories, as a Sage, surround and help us.
Make us, thy servants, strong for wealth, and honour our songs wirth kine and steeds and
3 Here these our holy hymns with joy and gladness in pious emulation have approached thee.
Hitherward come thy path that leads to riches: may we find shelter in thy favour, Indra.
4 Vasistha hath poured forth his prayers, desiring to milk thee like a cow in goodly pasture.
All these my people call thee Lord of cattle: may Indra. come unto the prayer we offer.
5 What though the floods spread widely, Indra made them shallow and easy for Sudas to traverse.
He, worthy of our praises, caused the Simyu, foe of our hymn, to curse the rivers' fury.
6 Eager for spoil was Turvasa Purodas, fain to win wealth, like fishes urged by hunger.
The Bhrgus and the Druhyus quickly listened: friend rescued friend mid the two distant peoples.
7 Together came the Pakthas, the Bhalanas, the Alinas, the Sivas, the Visanins.
Yet to the Trtsus came the Aryas' Comrade, through love of spoil and heroes' war, to lead them.
8 Fools, in their folly fain to waste her waters, they parted inexhaustible Parusni.
Lord of the Earth, he with his might repressed them: still lay the herd and the affrighted
9 As to their goal they sped to their destruetion: they sought Parusni; even the swift returned
Indra abandoned, to Sudas the manly, the swiftly flying foes, unmanly babblers.
10 They went like kine unherded from the pasture, each clinging to a friend as chance directed.
They who drive spotted steeds, sent down by Prsni, gave ear, the Warriors and the harnessed horses.
11 The King who scattered oneandtwenty— people of both Vaikarna tribes through lust of glory-
As the skilled priest clips grass within the chamber, so hath the Hero Indra, wrought their
12 Thou, thunderarmed-, overwhelmedst in the waters famed ancient Kavasa and then the Druhyu.
Others here claiming friendship to their friendship, devoted unto thee, in thee were joyful.
13 Indra at once with conquering might demolished all their strong places and their seven castles.
The goods of Anus' son he gave to Trtsu. May we in sacrifice conquer scorned Puru.
14 The Anavas and Druhyus, seeking booty, have slept, the sixty hundred, yea, six thousand,
And sixandsixty— heroes. For the pious were all these mighty exploits done by Indra.
15 These Trtsus under Indras' careful guidance came speeding like loosed waters rushing downward.
The foemen, measuring exceeding closely, abandoned to Sudas all their provisions.
16 The heros' side who drank the dressed oblation, Indras' denier, far over earth he scattered.
Indra brought down the fierce destroyers' fury. He gave them various roads, the paths' Controller.
17 even with the weak he wrought this matchless exploit: even with a goat he did to death a lion.
He pared the pillars' angles with a needle. Thus to Sudas Indra gave all provisions.
18 To thee have all thine enemies submitted: even the fierce Bheda hast thou made thy subject.
Cast down thy sharpened thunderbolt, O Indra, on him who harms the men who sing thy praises.
19 Yamuna and the Trtsus aided Indra. There he stripped Bheda bare of all his treasures.
The Ajas and the Sigrus and the Yaksus brought in to him as tribute heads of horses.
20 Not to be scorned, but like Dawns past and recent, O Indra, are thy favours and thy riches.
Devaka, Manyamanas' son, thou slewest, and smotest Sambara from the lofty mountain.
21 They who, from home, have gladdened thee, thy servants Parasara, Vasistha, Satayatu,
Will not forget thy friendship, liberal Giver. So shall the days dawn prosperous for the princes.
22 Priestlike-, with praise, I move around the altar, earning Paijavanas' reward, O Agni,
Two hundred cows from Devavans' descendant, two chariots from Sudas with mares to draw them.
23 Gift of Paijavana, four horses bear me in foremost place, trained steeds with pearl to deck
Sudass' brown steeds, firmlystepping-, carry me and my son for progeny and glory.
24 Him whose fame spreads between wide earth and heaven, who, as dispenser, gives each chief his
Seven flowing Rivers glorify like Indra. He slew Yudhyamadhi in close encounter.
25 Attend on him O ye heroic Maruts as on Sudass' father Divodasa.
Further Paijavanas' desire with favour. Guard faithfully his lasting firm dominion.

HYMN XIX. Indra. 19

1. HE like a bull with sharpened horns, terrific, singly excites and agitates all the people:
Thou givest him who largely pours libations his goods who pours not, for his own possession.
2 Thou, verily, Indra, gavest help to Kutsa, willingly giving car to him in battle,
When, aiding Arjuneya, thou subduedst to him both Kuyava and the Dasa Susna.
3 O Bold One, thou with all thine aids hast boldly holpen Sudas whose offerings were accepted,
Puru in winning land and slaying foemen, and Trasadasyu son of Purukutsa.
4 At the Gods banquet, herosouled-! with Heroes, Lord of Bay Steeds, thou slewest many foemen.
Thou sentest in swift death to sleep the Dasyu, both Cumuri and Dhuni, for Dabhiti.
5 These were thy mighty powers that, Thunderwielder-, thou swiftly crushedst nineandninety—
Thou capturedst the hundredth in thine onslaught; thou slewest Namuci, thou slewest Vrtra.
6 Old are the blessings, Indra, which thou gavest Sudas the worshipper who brought oblations.
For thee, the Strong, I yoke thy strong Bay Horses: may our prayers reach thee and win strength,
Most Mighty!
7 Give us not up, Lord of Bay Horses, Victor, in this thine own assembly, to the wicked.
Deliver us with true and faithful succours: dear may we be to thee among the princes.
8 May we men, Maghavan, the friends thou lovest, near thee be joyful under thy protection.
Fain to fulfil the wish of Atithigva humble. the pride of Turvasa and Yadva.
9 Swiftly, in truth, O Maghavan, about thee men skilled in hymning sing their songs and praises. '
Elect us also into their assembly who by their calls on thee despoiled the niggards.
10 Thine are these lauds, O manliest of heroes, lauds which revert to us and give us riches.
Favour these, Indra, when they fight with faemen, as Friend and Hero and the heroes' Helper.
11 Now, lauded for thine aid, Heroic Indra, sped by our prayer, wax mighty in thy body.
Apportion to us strength and habitations. Ye Gods, protect us evermore with blessings.

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