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HYMN I. Agni. 1

1. THE men from firesticks-, with their hands' swift movement, have, in deep thought, engendered
glorious Agni,
Farseen-, with pointed flame, Lord of the homestead.
2 The Vasus set that Agni in the dwelling, fair to behold, for help from every quarter:
Who, in the home for ever, must be honoured.
3 Shine thou before us, Agni, wellenkindled-, with flame, Most Youthful God, that never fadeth.
To thee come all our sacrificial viands.
4 Among all fires these fires have shone most brightly, splendid with light, begirt by noble
Where men of lofty birth sit down together.
5 Victorious Agni, grant us wealth with wisdom, wealth with brave sons, famous and independent,
Which not a foe who deals in magic conquers.
6 To whom, the Strong, at morn and eve comes, maidlike-, the ladle dropping oil, with its oblation.
Wealthseeking- comes to him his own devotion.
7 Burn up all malice with those flames, O Agni, wherewith of old thou burntest up Jarutha,
And drive away in silence pain and sickness.
8 With him who lighteth up thy splendour, Agni, excellent, pure, refulgent, Purifier,
Be present, and with us through these our praises.
9 Agni, the patriarchal men, the mortals who have in many places spread thy lustre,
Be gracious to us here for their sake also.
10 Let these men, heroes in the fight with foemen, prevail against all godless arts of 4magic,
These who ipprove the noble song I sing thee.
11 Let us not sit in want of men, O Agni, without descendants, heroleu, about thee:
But, O HouseFriend-, in houses full of children.
12 By sacrifice which the Steeds' Lord ever visits, there make our dwelling rich in seed and
Increasing still with lineal successors.
13 Guard us, O Agni, from the hated demon, guard us from malice of the churlish sinner:
Allied with thee may I subdue assailants.
14 May this same fire of mine surpass all others, this fire where offspring, vigorous and
Wins, on a thousand paths, what Never shall perish.
15 This is that Agni, saviour from the foeman, who guards the kindler of the flame from sorrow:
Heroes of noble lineage serve and tend him.
16 This is that Agni, served in many places, whom the rich lord who brings oblation kindles,
And round him goes the priest at sacrifices.
17 Agni, may we with riches in possession bring thee continual ofierings in abundance,
Using both means to draw thee to our worship.
18 Agni, bear thou, Eternal, these most welcome oblations to the Deities' assembly:
Let them enjoy our very fragrant presents.
19 Give us not up, Agni, to want of heroes, to wretched clothes, to need, to destitution.
Yield us not, Holy One, to fiend or hunger; injure us not at home or in the forest.
20 Give strength and power to these my prayers, O Agni; O God, pour blessings on our chiefs and
Grant that both we and they may share thy bounty. Ye Gods, protect us evermore with blessings.
21 Thou Agni, swift to hear, art fair of aspect: beam forth, O Son of Strength, in full effulgence.
Let me not want, with thee, a son for ever: let not a manly hero ever fail us.
22 Condemn us not to indigence, O Agni, beside these flaming fires which Gods have kindled;
Nor, even after fault, let thy displeasure, thine as a God, O Son of Strength, overtake us.
23 O Agni, fair of face, the wealthy mortal who to the Immortal offers his oblation.
Hath him who wins him treasure by his Godhead, to whom the prince, in need, goes supplicating.
24 Knowing our chief felicity, O Agni, bring hither ample riches to our nobles,
Wherewith we may enjoy ourselves, O Victor, with undiminished life and hero children.
25 Give strength and power to these my prayers, O Agni; O God, pour blessings on bur chiefs and
Grant that both we and they may share thy bounty. Ye Gods, protect us evermore with blessings.

HYMN II. Apris. 2

1. GLADLY accept, this day, our fuel, Agni: send up thy sacred smoke and shine sublimely.
Touch the celestial summits with thy columns, and overspread thee with the rays of Surya.
2 With sacrifice to these we men will honour the majesty of holy Narasamsa-
To these the pure, most wise, the thought. inspirers, Gods who enjoy both sorts of our oblations.
3 We will extol at sacrifice for ever, as men may do, Agni whom Manu kindled,
Your very skilful Asura, meet for worship, envoy between both worlds, the truthful speaker.
4 Bearing the sacred grass, the men who serve him strew it with reverence, on their knees, by Agni.
Calling him to the spotted grass, oilsprinkled-, adorn him, ye Adhvaryus, with oblation.
5 With holy thoughts the pious have thrown open Doors fain for chariots in the Gods assembly.
Like two full mother cows who lick their youngling, like maidens for the gathering, they adorn
6 And let the two exalted Heavenly Ladies, Morning and Night, like a cow good at milking,
Come, muchinvoked-, and on our grass be seated ' wealthy, deserving worship, for our welfare.
7 You, Bards and Singers at mens' sacrifices, both filled with wisdom, I incline to worship.
Send up our offerings when we call upon you, and so among the Gods obtain us treasures.
8 May Bharati with all her Sisters, Ila accordant with the Gods, with mortals Agni,
Sarasvati with all her kindred Rivers, come to this grass, Three Goddesses, and seat them.
9 Well pleased with us do thou, O God, O Tvastar, give ready issue to our procreant vigour,
Whence springs the hero, powerful, skilled in action, lover of Gods, adjuster of the pressstones-.
10 Send to the Gods the oblation, Lord of Forests, and let the Immolator, Agni, dress it.
He as the truer Priest shall offer worship, for the Godsgenerations' well he knoweth.
11 Come thou to us, O Agni, duly kindled, together with the potent Gods and Indra.
On this our grass sit Aditi, happy Mother, and let our Hail! delight the Gods Immortal.

HYMN III. Agni. 3

1. ASSOCIATE with fires, make your God Agni envoy at sacrifice, best skilled in worship,
Established firm among mankind, the Holy, flamecrowned- and fed with oil, the Purifier.
2 Like a steed neighing eager for the pasture, when he hath stepped forth from the great enclosure:
Then the wind following blows upon his splendour, and, straight, the path is black which thou hast
3 From thee a Bull but newly born, O Agni, the kindled everlasting flames rise upward.
Aloft to heaven thy ruddy smoke ascendeth: Agni, thou speedest to the Gods as envoy.
4 Thou whose fresh lustre over the earth advanceth when greedily with thy jaws thy food thou
Like a host hurried onward comes thy lasso: fierce, with thy tongue thou piercest, as it were
5 The men have decked him both at eve and morning, Most Youthful Agni, as they tend a courser.
They kindle him, a guest within his dwelling: bright shines the splendour of the worshipped Hero.
6 O fair of face, beautiful is thine aspect when, very near at hand, like gold thou gleamest,
Like Heavens' thundering roar thy might approaches, and like the wondrous Sun thy light thou
7 That we may worship, with your Hail to Agni! with sacrificial cakes and fat oblations,
Guard us, O Agni, with those boundless glories as with a hundred fortresses of iron.
8 Thine are resistless songs for him who offers, and herogiving- hymns wherewith thou savest;
With these, O Son of Strength, O Jatavedas, guard us, preserve these princes and the singers.
9 When forth he cometh, like an axe newsharpened-, pure in his form, resplendent in his body,
Sprung, sought with eager longing, from his Parents, for the Gods worship, Sage and Purifier:
10 Shine this felicity on us, O Agni: may we attain to perfect understanding.
All happiness be theirs who sing and praise thee. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN IV. Agni. 4

1. BRING forth your gifts to his refulgent splendour, your hymn as purest offering to Agni,
To him who goes as messenger with knowledge between all songs of men and Gods in heaven.
2 Wise must this Agni be, though young and tender, since he was born, Most Youthful, of his Mother;
He who with bright teeth seizeth fast the forests, and eats his food, though plenteous, in a
3 Before his presence must we all assemble, this Gods' whom men have seized in his white splendour.
This Agni who hath brooked that men should seize him hath shone for man with glow insufferable.
4 Farseeing- hath this Agni been established, deathless mid mortals, wise among the foolish.
Here, O victorious God, forbear to harm us: may weforever share thy gracious favour.
5 He who hath occupied his Godmade- dwelling, Agni, in wisdom hath surpassed Immortals.
A Babe unborn, the plants and trees support him, and the earth beareth him the Allsustainer-.
6 Agni is Lord of Amrta. in abundance, Lord of the gift of wealth and hero valour,
Victorious God, let us not sit about thee like men devoid of strength, beauty, and worship.
7 The foemans' treasure may be won with labour: may we be masters of our own possessions.
Agni, no son is he who springs from others: lengthen not out the pathways of the foolish.
8 Unwelcome for adoption is the stranger, one to be thought of as anothers' Offspring,
Though grown familiar by continual presence. May our strong hero come, freshly triumphant.
9 Guard us from him who would assail us, Agni; preserve us O thou Victor, from dishonour.
Here let the place of darkening come upon thee: may wealth be ours, desirable, in thousands.
10 Shine this felicity on us, O Agni: may we attain to perfect understanding.
All happiness be theirs who sing and praise thee. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN V. Agni. 5

1. BRING forth your song of praise to mighty Agni, the speedy messenger of earth and heaven,
Vaisvanara, who, with those who wake, hath waxen great in the lap of all the Gods Immortal.
2 Sought in the heavens, on earth is Agni stablished, leader of rivers, Bull of standing waters.
Vaisvanara when he hath grown in glory, shines on the tribes of men with light and treasure.
3 For fear of thee forth fled the darkhued- races, scattered abroad, deserting their possessions,
When, glowing, O Vaisvanara, for Puru, thou Agni didst light up and rend their castles.
4 Agni Vaisvanara, both Earth and Heaven submit them to thy threefold jurisdiction.
Refulgent in thine undecaying lustre thou hast invested both the worlds with splendour.
5 Agni, the tawny horses, loudly neighing our resonant hymns that drop with oil, attend thee;
Lord of the tribes, our Charioteer of riches, Ensign of days, Vaisvanara of mornings.
6 In thee, O bright as Mitra, Vasus seated the might of Aduras, for they loved thy spirit.
Thou dravest Dasyus from their home, O Agni, and broughtest forth broad light to light the Arya.
7 Born in the loftiest heaven thou in a moment reachest, like wind, the place where Gods inhabit.
Thou, favouring thine offspring, roaredst loudly when giving life to creatures, Jatavedas.
8 Send us that strength, Vaisvanara, send it, Agni, that strength, O Jatavedas, full of splendour,
Wherewith, allbounteous- God, thou pourest riches, as fame widespreading-, on the man who offers.
9 Agni, bestow upon our chiefs and nobles that famous power, that wealth which feedeth many.
Accordant with the Vasus and the Rudras, Agni, Vaisvanara, give us sure protection.

HYMN VI. Agni. 6

1. PRAISE of the Asura, high imperial Ruler, the Manly One in whom the folk shall triumph-
I laud his deeds who is as strong as Indra, and lauding celebrate the Fortdestroyer-.
2 Sage, Sing, Food, Light, they bring him from the mountain, the blessed Sovran of the earth and
I decorate with songs the mighty actions which Agni, Fortdestroyer-, did aforetime.
3 The foolish, faithless, rudelyspeaking- niggards, without belief or sacrifice or worship,
Far far sway hath Agni chased those Dasytis, and, in the cast, hath turned the godless westward.
4 Him who brought eastward, manliest with his prowess, the Maids rejoicing in the western darkness,
That Agni I extol, the Lord of riches, unyielding tamer of assailing foemen.
5 Him who brake down the walls with deadly weapons, and gave the Mornings to anoble Husband,
Young Agni, who with conquering strength subduing the tribes of Nahus made them bring their
6 In whose protection all men rest by nature, desiring to enjoy his gracious favour-
Agni Vaisvanara in his Parents, bosom hath found the choicest seat in earth and heaven.
7 Vaisvanara the God, at the suns' setting, hath taken to himself deephidden- treasures:
Agni hath taken them from earth and heaven, from the sea under and the sea above us.

HYMN VII. Agni. 7

1. I SEND forth even your God, victorious Agni, like a strong courser, with mine adoration.
Herald of sacrifice be he who knoweth he hath reached Gods, himself, with measured motion.
2 By paths that are thine own come hither, Agni, joyous, delighting in the Gods alliance,
Making the heights of earth roar with thy fury, burning with eager teeth the woods and forests.
3 The grass is strewn; the sacrifice advances adored as Priest, Agni is made propitious,
Invoking both Allboonbestowing— Mothers of whom, Most Youthful! thou wast born to help us.
4 Forthwith the men, the best of these for wisdom, have made him leader in the solemn worship.
As Lord in homes of men is Agni stablished, the Holy One, the joyous, sweetly speaking.
5 He hath come, chosen bearer, and is seated in mans' home, Brahman, Agni, the Supporter,
He whom both Heaven anct Earth exalt and strengthenwhom, Giver of all boons, the Hotar worships.
6 These have passed all in glory, who, the manly, have wrought with skill the hymn of adoration;
Who, listening, have advanced the peoples' welfare, and set their thoughts on this my holy statute.
7 We, the Vasisthas, now implore thee, Agni, O Son of Strength, the Lord of wealth and treasure.
Thou hast brought food to singers and to nobles. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.


1. THE King whose face is decked with oil is kindled with homage offered by his faithful servant.
The men, the priests adore him with oblations. Agni hath shone forth when the dawn is breaking.
2 Yea, he hath been acknowledged as most mighty, the joyous Priest of men, the youthful Agni.
He, spreading over the earth, made light around him, and grew among the plants with blackened
3 How dost thou decorate our hymn, O Agni? What power dost thou exert when thou art lauded?
When, Bounteous God, may we be lords of riches, winners of precious wealth which none may conquer?
4 Far famed is this the Bharatas' own Agni he shineth like the Sun with lofty splendour.
He who hath vanquished Puru in the battle, the heavenly guest hath glowed in full refulgence.
5 Full many oblations are in thee collected: with all thine aspects thou hast waxen gracious.
Thou art already famed as praised and lauded, yet still, O nobly born, increase thy body.
6 Be this my song, that winneth countless treasure, engendered with redoubled force for Agni,
That, splendid, chasing sickness, slaying demons, it may delight our friend and bless the singers.
7 We, the Vasisthas, now implore thee, Agni, O Son of Strength, the Lord of wealth and riches.
Thou hast brought food to singers and to nobles. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN IX. Agni. 9

1. ROUSED from their bosom is the Dawns' beloved, the joyous Priest, most sapient, Purifier.
He gives a signal both to Gods and mortals, to Gods oblations, riches to the pious.
2 Most wise is he who, forcing doors of Panis, brought the bright Sun to us who feedeth many.
The cheerful Priest, mens' Friend and homecompanion-, through still nights' darkness he is made
3 Wise, neer.' deceived, uncircumscribed, refulgent, our gracious guest, a Friend with good
Shines forth with wondrous light before the Mornings; the young plants hath he entered, Child of
4 Seeking our gatherings, he, your Jatavedas, hath shone adorable through human ages,
Who gleams refulgent with his lovely lustre: the kine have waked to meet him when enkindled.
5 Go on thy message to the Gods, and fail not, O Agni, with their band who pray and worship.
Bring all the Gods that they may give us riches, Sarasvati, the Maruts, Asvins, Waters.
6 Vasistha, when enkindling thee, O Agni, hath slain jarutha. Give us wealth in plenty.
Sing praise in choral song, O Jatavedas. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

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