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HYMN LX. IndraAgni-. 60

1. HE slays the foe and wins the spoil who worships Indra and Agni, strong and mighty Heroes,
Who rule as Sovrans over ample riches, victorious, showing forth their power in conquest.
2 So battle now, O Indra and thou, Agni, for cows and waters, sunlight, stolen Mornings.
Teamborne-, thou makest kine thine own, O Agni: thou, Indra, light, Dawns, regions, wondrous
3 With Vrtraslaying- might, Indra and Agni, come, drawn by homage, O ye Vrtraslayers-.
Indra and Agni, show yourselves among us with your supreme and unrestricted bounties.
4 I call the Twain whose deeds of old have all been famed in ancient days
O IndraAgni-, harm us not.
5 The Strong, the scatterers of the foe, Indra and Agni, we invoke;
May they be kind to one like me.
6 They slay our Arya foes, these Lords of heroes, slay our Dasyu foes
And drive our enemies away.
7 Indra and Agni, these our songs of praise have sounded forth to you:
Ye who bring blessings! drink the juice.
8 Come, IndraAgni-, with those teams, desired of many, which ye have,
O Heroes, for the worshipper.
9 With those to this libation poured, ye Heroes, IndraAgni-, come:
Come ye to drink the Soma juice.
10 Glorify him who compasses all forests with his glowing flame,
And leaves them blackened with his tongue.
11 He who gains Indras' bliss with fire enkindled finds an easy way
Over the floods to happiness.
12 Give us fleet coursers to convey Indra and Agni, and bestow
Abundant strengthening food on us.
13 Indra and Agni, I will call you hither and make you joyful with the gifts I offer.
Ye Twain are givers both of food and riches: to win me strength and vigour I invoke you.
14 Come unto us with riches, come with wealth in horses and in kine.
Indra and Agni, we invoke you both, the Gods, as Friends for friendship, bringing bliss.
15 Indra and Agni, hear his call who worships. with libations poured.
Come and enjoy the offerings, drink the sweetlyflavoured- Soma juice.

HYMN LXI. Sarasvati. 61

1. To Vadhryasva when. be worshipped her with gifts she gave fierce Divodasa, canceller of debts.
Consumer of the churlish niggard, one and all, thine, O Sarasvati, are these effectual boons.
2 She with her might, like one who digs for lotusstems-, hath burst with her strong waves the
ridges of the hills.
Let us invite with songs and holy hymns for help Sarasvati who slayeth the Paravatas.
3 Thou castest down, Sarasvati, those who scorned the Gods, the brood of every Brsaya skilled in
magic arts.
Thou hast discovered rivers for the tribes of men, and, rich in wealth! made poison flow away from
4 May the divine Sarasvati, rich in her wealth, protect us well,
Furthering all our thoughts with might
5 Whoso, divine Sarasvati, invokes thee where the prize is set,
Like Indra when he smites the foe.
6 Aid us, divine Sarasvad, thou who art strong in wealth and power
Like Pusan, give us opulence.
7 Yea, this divine Sarasvati, terrible with her golden path,
Foeslayer-, claims our eulogy.
8 Whose limitless unbroken flood, swiftmoving- with a rapid rush,
Comes onward with tempestuous roar.
9 She hath spread us beyond all foes, beyond her Sisters, Holy One,
As Surya spreadeth out the days.
10 Yea, she most dear amid dear stream, Sevensistered-, graciously inclined,
Sarasvati hath earned our praise.
11 Guard us from hate Sarasvati, she who hath filled the realms of earth,
And that wide tract, the firmament!
12 Sevensistered-, sprung from threefold source, the Five Tribes' prosperer, she must be
Invoked in every deed of might.
13 Marked out by majesty among the Mighty Ones, in glory swifter than the other rapid Streams,
Created vast for victory like a chariot, Sarasvati must be extolled by every sage.
14 Guide us, Sarasvati, to glorious treasure: refuse us not thy milk, nor spurn us from thee.
Gladly accept our friendship and obedience: let us not go from thee to distant countries.

HYMN LXII. Asvins. 62

1. I LAUD the Heroes Twain, this heavens' Controllers: singing with songs of praise I call the
Fain in a moment, when the morns are breaking, to part the earths' ends and the spacious regions.
2 Moving to sacrifice through realms of lustre they light the radiance of the car that bears them.
Traversing many wide unmeasured spaces, over the wastes ye pass, and fields, and waters.
3 Ye to that bounteous path of yours, ye mighty, have ever borne away our thoughts with horses,
Mindswift- and full of vigour, that the trouble of man who offers gifts might cease and slumber.
4 So ye, when ye have yoked your chariothorses, come to the hymn of the most recent singer.
Our true and ancient Herald Priest shall bring you, the Youthful, bearing splendour, food, and
5 With newest hymn I call those WonderWorkers-, ancient and brilliant, and exceeding mighty,
Bringers of bliss to him who lauds and praises, bestowing varied bounties on the singer.
6 So ye, with birds, out of the sea and waters bore Bhujyu, son of Tugra, through the regions.
Speeding with winged steeds through dustless spaces, out of the bosom of the flood they bore him.
7 Victors, carborne-, ye rent the rock asunder: Bulls, heard the calling of the eunuchs' consort.
Bounteous, ye filled the cow with milk for Sayu: thus, swift and zealous Ones, ye showed your
8 whatever from olden time, Heaven, Earth! existeth great object of the wrath of Gods and mortals,
Make that, Adityas, Vasus, sons of Rudra, an evil brand to one allied with demons.
9 May he who knows, as Varuna and Mitra, airs' realm, appointing both the Kings in season,
Against the secret fiend cast forth his weapon, against the lying words that strangers utter.
10 Come to our home with friendly wheels, for Offspring; come on your radiant chariot rich in
Strike off, ye Twain, the heads of our assailants who with mans' treacherous attack approach us.
11 Come hitherward to us with teams of horses, the highest and the midmost and the lowest.
Bountiful Lords, throw open to the singer doors even of the firmclosed- stall of cattle.

HYMN LXIII. Asvins. 63

1. WHERE hath the hymn with reverence, like an envoy, found both fair Gods today-, invoked of many-
Hymn that hath brought the two Nasatyas hither? To this mans' thought be ye, both Gods, most
2 Come readily to this mine invocation, lauded with songs, that ye may drink the juices.
Compass this house to keep it from the foeman, that none may force it, either near or distant.
3 Juice in wide room hath been prepared to feast you: for you the grass is strewn, most soft to
tread on.
With lifted hands your servant hath adored you. Yearning for you the pressstones- shed the liquid.
4 Agni uplifts him at your sacrifices: forth goes the oblation dropping oil and glowing.
Up stands the gratefulminded- priest, elected, appointed to invoke the two Nasatyas.
5 Lords of great wealth! for glory, Suryas' Daughter mounted your car that brings a hundred
Famed for your magic arts were ye, magicians! amid the race of Gods, ye dancing Heroes!
6 Ye Twain, with these your glories fair to look on, brought, to win victory, rich gifts for Surya.
After you flew your birds, marvels of beauty: dear to our hearts! the song, well lauded, reached
7 May your winged coursers, best to draw. Nasatyas! convey you to the object of your wishes.
Swift as the thought, your car hath been sent onward to food of many a sort and dainty viands.
8 Lords of great wealth, manifold is your bounty: ye filled our cow with food that never faileth.
Lovers of sweetness! yours are praise and singers, and poured libations which have sought your
9 Mine were two mares of Puraya, brown, swiftfooted-; a hundred with Sumidha, food with Peruk
Sanda gave ten golddecked- and welltrained- horses, tame and obedient and of lofty stature.
10 Nasatyas! Purupanthas offered hundreds, thousands of steeds to him who sang your praises,
Gave, Heroes! to the singer Bharadvaja. YeWonderWorkers—, let the fiends be slaughtered.
11 May I with princes share your bliss in freedom.

HYMN LXIV. Dawn. 64

1. THE radiant Dawns have risen up for glory, in their white splendour like the waves of waters.
She maketh paths all easy, fair to travel, and, rich, hath shown herself benign and friendly.
2 We see that thou art good: far shines thy lustre; thy beams, thy splendours have flown up to
Decking thyself, thou makest bare thy bosom, shining in majesty, thou Goddess Morning.
3 Red are the kine and luminous that bear her the Blessed One who spreadeth through the distance.
The foes she chaseth like a valiant archer, like a swift warrior she repelleth darkness.
4 Thy ways are easy on the hills: thou passest Invincible! Se1fluminous-! through waters.
So lofty Goddess with thine ample pathway, Daughter of Heaven, bring wealth to give us comfort.
5 Dawn, bring me wealth: untroubled, with thine oxen thou bearest riches at thy will and pleasure;
Thou who, a Goddess, Child of Heaven, hast shown thee lovely through bounty when we called thee
6 As the birds fly forth from their restingplaces, so men with store of food rise at thy dawning.
Yea, to the liberal mortal who rernaineth at home, O Goddess Dawn, much good thou bringest.

HYMN LXV. Dawn. 65

1. SHEDDING her light on human habitations this Child of Heaven hath called us from our slumber;
She who at nighttime- with her argent lustre hath shown herself even through the shades of
2 All this with redrayed- steeds have they divided: the Dawns on bright cars shine in wondrous
They, bringing near the stately rites' commencement, drive far away the nights' surrounding
3 Dawns, bringing hither, to the man who worships, glory and power and might and food and vigour,
Opulent, with imperial sway like heroes, favour your servant and this day enrich him.
4 Now is there treasure for the man who serves you, now for the hero, Dawns! who brings oblation;
Now for the singer when he sings the praisesong-. Even to one like me ye brought aforetime.
5 O Dawn who standest on the mountain ridges, Angirases now praise thy stalls of cattle.
With prayer and holy hymn they burst them open: the heroes' calling on the Gods was fruitful.
6 Shine on us as of old, thou Child of Heavenon, him, rich Maid! who serves like Bharadvaja.
Give to the singer wealth with noble heroes, and upon us bestow widespreading- glory.

HYMN LXVI. Maruts. 66

1. EEN' to the wise let that be still a wonder to which the general name of Cow is given.
The one hath swelled among mankind for milking: Prsni hath drained but once her fair bright udder.
2 They who like kindled flames of fire are glowing,. the Maruts, twice and thrice have waxen
Golden and dustless were their cars, invested with their great strength and their heroic vigour.
3 They who are Sons of the rainpouring- Rudra, whom the longlasting- One had power to foster:
The Mighty Ones whose germ great Mother Prsni is known to have received for mans' advantage.
4 They shrink not from the birth; in this same manner still resting there they purge away
When they have streamed forth, brilliant, at their pleasure, with their own splendour they bedew
their bodies.
5 Even those who bear the brave bold name of Maruts, whom not the active quickly wins for milking.
Even the liberal wards not off those fierce ones, those who are light and agile in their greatness.
6 When, strong in strength and armed with potent weapons, they had united wellformed earth and
Rodasi stood among these furious Heroes like splendour shining with her native brightness.
7 No team of goats shall draw your car, O Maruts, no horse no charioteer be he who drives it.
Halting not, reinless, through the air it travels, speeding alone its paths through earth and
8 None may obstruct, none overtake, O Maruts, him whom ye succour in the strife of battle
For sons and progeny, for kine and waters: he bursts the cowstall- on the day of trial.
9 Bring a bright hymn to praise the band of Maruts, the Singers, rapid, strong in native vigour,
Who conquer mighty strength with strength more mighty: earth shakes in terror at their wars, O
10 Bright like the flashing flames of sacrifices, like tongues of fire impetuous in their onset,
Chanting their psalm, singing aloud, like heroes, splendid from birth, invincible, the Maruts.
11 That swelling band I call with invocation, the brood of Rudra, armed with glittering lances.
Pure hymns are meet for that celestial army: like floods and mountains have the Strong Ones

HYMN LXVIL MitraVaruna-. 67

1. NOW MitraVaruna- shall be exalted high by your songs, noblest of all existing;
They who, as it were with reins are best Controllers, unequalled with their arms to check the
2 To you Two Gods is this my thought extended, turned to the sacred grass with loving homage.
Give us, O MitraVaruna-, a dwelling safe from attack, which ye shall guard, BoonGivers-!
3 Come hither, MitraVaruna-, invited with eulogies and loving adoration,
Ye who with your might, as WorkControllers-, urge even men who quickly hear to labour.
4 Whom, of pure origin, like two strong horses, Aditi bore as babes in proper season,
Whom, Mighty at your birth, the Mighty Goddess brought forth as terrors to the mortal foeman.
5 As all the Gods in their great joy and gladness gave you with one accord your high dominion,
As ye surround both worlds, though wide and spacious your spies are ever true and never bewildered.
6 So, through the days maintaining princely power. ye prop the height as it were from loftiest
The Star of all the Gods, established, filleth the heaven and earth with food of man who liveth.
7 Take the strong drink, to quaff till ye are sated, when he and his attendants fill the chamber.
The young Maids brook not that none seeks to win them, when, Quickeners of all! they scatter
8 So with your tongue come ever, when your envoy, faithful and very wise, attends our worship.
Nourished by holy oil! he this yGur glory: annihilate the sacrificers' trouble.
9 When, MitraVaruna-, they strive against you and break tlie friendly laws ye have established,
They, neither Gods nor men in estimation, like Apis' sons have godless sacrifices.
10 When singers in their song uplift their voices, some chant the Nivid texts with steady purpose.
Then may we sing you lauds that shall be fruitful: dp ye not rival all the Gods in greatness?
11 O MitraVaruna-, may your large bounty come to us hither, near to this our dwelling,
When the kine haste to us, and when they harness the fleetfoot- mettled stallion for the battle.

HYMN LXVIII. IndraVaruna-. 68

1. HIS honouring rite whose grass is trimmed is offered swiftly to you, in Manus' wise, accordant,
The rite which IndraVaruna- shall carry this day to high success and glorious issue.
2 For at Gods worship they are best through vigour; they have become the strongest of the Heroes;
With mighty strength, most liberal of the Princes, Chiefs of the host, by Law made Vrtras' slayers.
3 Praise those Twain Gods for powers that merit worship, Indra and Varuna, for bliss, the joyous.
One with his might and thunderbolt slays Vrtra; the other as a Sage stands near in troubles.
4 Though dames and men have waxen strong and mighty, and all the Gods selfpraised among the Heroes,
Ye, IndraVaruna-, have in might surpassed them, and thus were ye spread wide, O Earth and Heaven.
5 Righteous is he, and liberal and helpful who, IndraVaruna-, brings you gifts with gladness.
That bounteous man through food shall conquer faemen, and win him opulence and wealthy people.
6 May wealth which ye bestow in food and treasure on him who brings you gifts and sacrifices,
Wealth, Gods! which breaks the curse of those who vex us, be, IndraVaruna-, even our own
7 So also, IndraVaruna-, may our princes have riches swift to save, with Gods to guard them-
They whose great might gives victory in battles, and their triumphant glory spreads with swiftness.
8 Indra. and Varuna, Gods whom we are lauding, mingle ye wealth with our heroic glory.
May we, who praise the strength of what is mighty, pass dangers, as with boats we cross the waters.
9 Now will I sing a dear and farextending- hymn to Varuna the God, sublime, imperial Lord,
Who, mighty Governor, Eternal, as with flame, illumines both wide worlds with majesty and power.
10 True to Law, IndraVaruna-, drinkers of the juice, drink this pressed Soma which shall give you
rapturous joy.
Your chariot cometh to the banquet of the Gods, to sacrifice, as it were home, that ye may drink.
11 Indra and Varuna, drink your fill, ye Heroes, of this invigorating sweetest Soma.
This juice is shed by us that ye may quaff it: on this trimmed grass be seated, and rejoice you

HYMN LXIX. IndraVisnu- 69

1. INDRA and Visnu, at my tasks' completion I urge you on with food and sacred service.
Accept the sacrifice and grant us riches, leading us on by unobstructed pathways.
2 Ye who inspire all hymns, Indra and Visnu, ye vessels who contain the Soma juices,
May hymns of praise that now are sung address you, the lauds that are recited by the singers.
3 Lords of joygiving- draughts, Indra and Visnu, come, giving gifts of treasure, to the Soma.
With brilliant rays of hymns let chanted praises, repeated with the lauds, adorn and deck you.
4 May your foeconquering- horses bring you hither, Indra and Visnu, sharers of the banquet.
Of all our hymns accept the invocations list to my prayers and hear the songs I sing you.
5 This your deed, IndraVisnu-, must be lauded: widely ye strode in the wild joy of Soma.
Ye made the firmament of larger compass, and made the regions broad for our existence.
6 Strengthened with sacred offerings, IndraVisnu-, first eaters, served with worship ana oblation,
Fed with the holy oil, vouchsafe us riches ye are the lake, the vat that holds the Soma.
7 Drink of this meath, O Indra, thou, and Visnu; drink ye your fill of Soma, WonderWorkers-.
The sweet exhilarating juice hath reached you. Hear ye my prayers, give ear unto my calling.
8 Ye Twain have conquered, Never have yc been conquered: never hath either of the Twain been
Ye, IndraVisnu-, when ye fought the battle, produced this infinite with three divisions.

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