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HYMN L. Visvedevas. 50

1. I CALL with prayers on Aditi your Goddess, on Agni, Mitra, Varuna for favour,
On Aryaman who gives unasked, the gracious, on Gods who save, on Savitar and Bhaga.
2 Visit, to prove us free from sin, O Surya Lord of great might, the bright Gods sprung from Daksa,
Twiceborn- and true, observing sacred duties, Holy and full of light, whose tongue is Agni.
3 And, O ye Heaven and Earth, a wide dominion, O ye most blissful Worlds, our lofty shelter,
Give ample room and freedom for our dwelling, a home, ye Hemispheres, which none may rival.
4 This day invited may the Sons of Rudra, resistless, excellent, stoop down to meet us;
For, when beset with slight or sore affliction, we ever call upon the Gods, the Maruts;
5 To whom the Goddess Rodasi clings closely, whom Pusan follows bringing ample bounty.
What time ye hear our call and come, O Maruts, upon your separate path all creatures tremble.
6 With a new hymn extol, O thou who singest, the Lover of the Song, the Hero Indra.
May he, exalted, hear our invocation, and grant us mighty wealth and strength when lauded.
7 Give full protection, Friends of man, ye Waters, in peace and trouble, to our sons and grandsons.
For ye are our most motherly physicians, parents of all that standeth, all that moveth.
8 May Savitar come hither and approach us, the God who rescues, Holy, goldenhanded,
The God who, bounteous as the face of Morning, discloses precious gifts for him who worships.
9 And thou, O Son of Strength, do thou turn hither the Gods today- to this our holy service.
May I for evermore enjoy thy bounty and, Agni, by thy grace be rich in heroes.
10 Come also to my call, O ye Nasatyas, yea, verily, through my prayers, ye Holy Sages.
As from great darkness ye delivered Atri, protect us, Chiefs, from danger in the conflict.
11 O Gods, bestow upon us riches, splendid with strength and heroes, bringing food in plenty.
Be gracious, helpful Gods of earth, of heaven, born of the Cow, and dwellers in the waters.
12 May Rudra and Sarasvati, accordant, Visnu and Vayu, pour down gifts and bless us;
Rbhuksan, Vaja, and divine Vidhatar, Parjanya, Vata make our food abundant.
13 May this God Savitar, the Lord, the Offspring of Waters, pouring down his dew be gracious,
And, with the Gods and Dames accordant, Tvastar; Dyaus with the Gods and Prthivi with oceans.
14 May AjaEkapad- and Ahibudhnya, and Earth and Ocean hear our invocation;
All Gods who strengthen Law, invoked and lauded, and holy texts uttered by sages, help us.
15 So with my thoughts and hymns of praise the children of Bharadvaja sing aloud to please you.
The Dames invoked, and the resistless Vasus, and all ye Holy Ones have been exalted.

HYMN LI. Visvedevas. 51

1. THAT mighty eye of Varuna and Mitra, infallible and dear, is moving upward.
The pure and lovely face of holy Order hath shone like gold of heaven in its arising.
2 The Sage who knows these Gods three ranks and orders, and all their generations near and
Beholding good and evil acts of mortals, Sura marks well the doing of the pious.
3 I praise you Guards of mighty Law eternal, Aditi, Mitra, Varuna, the noble,
Aryaman, Bhaga, all whose thoughts are faithful: hither I call the Bright who share in common.
4 Lords of the brave, infallible, foedestroyers-, great Kings, bestowers of fair homes to dwell in,
Young, Heroes, ruling heaven with strong dominion, Adityas, Aditi I seek with worship.
5 O Heaven our Father, Earth our guileless Mother, O Brother Agni, and ye Vasus, bless us.
Grant us, O Aditi and ye Adityas, all of one mind, your manifold protection.
6 Give us not up to any evil creature, as spoil to wolf or shewolf-, O ye Holy.
For ye are they who guide aright our bodies, ye are the rulers of our speech and vigour.
7 Let us not suffer for the sin of others, nor do the deed which ye, O Vasus, punish.
Ye, Universal Gods! are allcontrollers-: may he do harm unto himself who hates Me.
8 Mighty is homage: I adopt and use it. Homage hath held in place the earth and heaven.
Homage to Gods! Homage commands and rules them. I banish even committed sin by homage
9 You Furtherers of Law, pure in your spirit, infallible, dwellers in the home of Order,
To you all Heroes mighty and farseeing- I bow me down, O Holy Ones, with homage.
10 For these are they who shine with noblest splendour; through all our troubles these conduct us
Varuna, Mitra, Agni, mighty Rulers, trueminded, faithful to the hymns' controllers.
11 May they, Earth, Aditi, Indra, Bhaga, Pusan increase our laud, increase the Fivefold people.
Giving good help, good refuge, goodly guidance, be they our good deliverers, good protectors.
12 Come now, O Gods, to your celestial station: the Bharadvajas' priest entreats your favour.
He, sacrificing, fain for wealth, hath honoured the Gods vath those who sit and share oblations.
13 Agni, drive thou the wicked foe, the evilhearted- thief away,
Far, far, Lord of the brave I and give us easy paths.
14 Soma, these pressingstones- have called aloud to win thee for our Friend.
Destroy the greedy Pani, for a wolf is he.
15 Ye, O most bountiful, are they who, led by Indra, seek the sky.
Give us good paths for travel: guard us ivell at home.
16 Now have we entered on the road that leads to bliss, without a foe,
The road whereon a man escapes all enemies and gathers wealth.

HYMN LIL Visvedevas. 52

1. THIS I allow not in the earth or heaven, at sacrifice or in these holy duties.
May the huge mountains crush him down: degraded be Atiyajas' sacrificing patron.
2 Or he who holds us in contempt, O Maruts, or seeks to blame the prayer that we are making,
May agonies of burning be his portion. May the sky scorch the man who hates devotion.
3 Why then, O Soma, do they call thee keeper of prayer? Why then our guardian from reproaches?
Why then beholdest thou how men revile us? Cast thy hot dart at him who hates devotion.
4 May Mornings as they spring to life, protect me, and may the Rivers as they swell preserve me.
My guardians be the firmlyseated- mountains: the Fathers, when I call on Gods, defend me!
5 Through all our days may we be healthy. minded, and look upon the Sun when he arises.
Grant this the TreasureLord- of treasures, coming, observant, oftenest of Gods, with succour!
6 Most near, most oft comes Indra with protection, and she Sarasvati, who swells with rivers -
Parjanya, bringing health with herbs, and Agni, well lauded swift to listen, like a father.
7 Hear this mine invocation; come hither, O Universal Gods,
Be seated on this holy grass.
8 To him who comes to meet you, Gods, with offerings bathed in holy oil-
Approach ye, one and all, to him.
9 All Sons of Immortality shall listen to the songs we sing,
And be exceeding good to us.
10 May all the Gods who strengthen Law, with Rtus, listening to our call,
Be pleased with theit appropriate draught.
11 May Indra, with the Marut host, with Tvastar, Mitra, Aryaman,
Accept the laud and these our gifts.
12 O Agni, Priest, as rules ordain, offer this sacrifice of ours,
Remembering the Heavenly Folk.
13 Listen, AllGods-, to this mine invocation, Ye who inhabit heaven, and airs' midregions,
All ye, O Holy Ones, whose tongue is Agni, seated upon this sacred grass, be joyful.
14 May the AllGods- who claim our worship hear my thought; may the two Worldhalves- hear it, and
the Waters Child.
Let me not utter words that ye may disregard. Closely allied with you may we rejoice in bliss.
15 And those who, Mighty, with the wiles of serpents, were born on earth, in heaven, where waters
May they vouchsafe us life of full duration. May the Gods kindly give us nights and mornings.
16 At this my call, O Agni and Parjanya, help, swift to hear, my thought and our laudation.
One generates holy food, the other offspring, so grant us food enough with store of children.
17 When holy grass is strewn and fire enkindled, with hymn and lowly homage I invite you.
AllGods-, to day in this our great assembly rejoice, ye Holy, in the gifts we offer.

HYMN LIII. Pusan. 53

1. LORD of the path, O Pusan, we have yoked and bound thee to our hymn,
Even as a car, to win the prize.
2 Bring us the wealth that men require, a manly master of a house,
Freehanded- with the liberal meed.
3 Even him who would not give, do thou,
O glowing Pusan, urge to give,
And make the niggards' soul grow soft.
4 Clear paths that we may win the prize; scatter our enemies afar.
Strong God, be all our thoughts fulfilled.
5 Penetrate with an awl, O Sage, the hearts of avaricious churls,
And make them subject to our will.
6 Thrust with thine awl, O Pusan: seek that which the niggards' heart holds dear,
And make him subject to our will.
7 Tear up and read in pieces, Sage, the hearts of avaricious churls,
And make them subject to our will.
8 Thou, glowing Pusan, carriest an awl that urges men to prayer;
Therewith do thou tear up and rend to shreds the heart of every one.
9 Thou bearest, glowing Lord! a goad with horny point that guides the cows
Thence do we seek thy gift of bliss.
10 And make this hymn of ours produce kine, horses, and a store of wealth
For our delight and use as men.

HYMN LIV. Pusan. 54

1. O PUSAN, bring us to the man who knows, who shall direct us straight,
And say unto us, It is here.
2 May we go forth with Pusan who shall point the houses out to us,
And say to us, These same are they.
3 Unharmed is Pusans' chariot wheel; the box Never falleth to the ground,
Nor doth the loosened felIy shake.
4 Pusan forgetteth not the man who serveth him with offered gift:
That man is first to gather wealth.
5 May Pusan follow near our kine; may Pusan keep our horses safe:
May Pusan gather gear for us.
6 Follow the kine of him who pours libations out and worships thee;
And ours who sing thee songs of praise.
7 Let none be lost, none injured, none sink in a pit and break a limb.
Return with these all safe and sound.
8 Pusan who listens to our prayers, the Strong whose wealth is never lost,
The Lord of riches, we implore.
9 Secure in thy protecting care, O Pusan, never may we fail.
We here are they who sing thy praise.
10 From out the distance, far and wide, may Pusan stretch his right hand forth,
And drive our lost again to us.

HYMN LV. Pusan. 55

1. SON of Deliverance, come, bright God!
Let us twain go together: be our charioteer of sacrifice.
2 We pray for wealth to thee most skilled of charioteers, with braided hair,
Lord of great riches, and our Friend.
3 Bright God whose steeds are goats, thou art a stream of wealth, a treasureheap-,
The Friend of every pious man.
4 Pusan, who driveth goats for steeds, the strong and Mighty, who is called
His Sisters' lover, will we laud.
5 His Mothers' suitor I address. May he who loves his Sister hear,
Brother of Indra, and my Friend.
6 May the surefooted- goats come nigh, conveying Pusan on his car,
The God who visiteth mankind.

HYMN LVI, Pusan. 56

1. WHOSO remembers Pusan as cater of mingled curd and meal
Need think no more upon the God.
2 And he is best of charioteers. Indra, the heros' Lord, allied
With him as Friend, destroys the foes.
3 And there the best of charioteers hath guided through the speckled cloud
The golden wheel of Suras' car.
4 whatever we speak this day to thee, Wise, Wondrous God whom many praise,
Give thou fulfilment of our thought.
5 Lead on this company of ours, that longs for kine, to win the spoil:
Thou, Pusan, art renowned afar.
6 Prosperity we crave from thee, afar from sin and near to wealth,
Tending to perfect happiness both for to. morrow and today-.

HYMN LVII. Indra and Pusan. 57

1. INDRA and Pusan will we call for friend ship and prosperity
And for the winning of the spoil.
2 One by the Soma sits to drink juice which the mortar hath expressed:
The other longs for curd and meal.
3 Goats are the team that draws the one: the other hath Bay Steeds at hand;
With both of these he slays the fiends.
4 When Indra, wondrous strong, brought down the streams, the mighty waterfloods,
Pusan was standing by his side.
5 To this, to Pusans' favouring love, and Indras', may we closely cling,
As to a trees' extended bough.
6 As one who drives a car draws in his reins, may we draw Pusan near,
And Indra, for our great success.

HYMN LVIII. Pusan. 58

1. LIKE heaven art thou: one form is bright, one holy, like Day and Night dissimilar in colour.
All magic powers thou aidest, selfdepen-. dent! Auspicious be thy bounty here, O Pusan.
2 Goatborne-, the guard of cattle, he whose home is strength, inspirer of the hymn, set over all
the world;
Brandishing here and there his lightly. moving goad, beholding every creature, Pusan, God, goes
3 O Pusan, with thy golden ships that travel across the ocean, in the airs' midregion-,
Thou goest on an embassy to Surya, subdued by love, desirous of the glory.
4 Near kinsman of the heaven and earth is Pusan, liberal, Lord of food, of wondrous iustre,
Whom strong and vigorous and swiftlymoving, subdued by love, the Deities gave to Surya.

HYMN LIX. IndraAgni-. 59

1. I WILL declare, while juices flow, the manly deeds that ye have done:
Your Fathers, enemies of Gods, were smitten down, and, IndraAgni-, ye survive.
2 Thus, IndraAgnip- verily your greatness merits loftiest praise,
Sprung from one common Father, brothers, twins are ye; your Mother is in every place.
3 These who delight in flowing juice, like fellow horses at their food,
Indra and Agni, Gods armed with the thunderbolt, we call this day to come with help.
4 Indra and Agni, Friends of Law, served with rich gifts, your speech is kind
To him who praises you while these libations flow: that man, O Gods, ye Never consume.
5 What mortal understands, O Gods, Indra and Agni, this your way?
One of you, yoking Steeds that move to every side, advances in your common car.
6 First, IndraAgni-, hath this Maid come footless unto those with feet.
Stretching her head and speaking loudly with her tongue, she hath gone downward thirty steps.
7 even now, O IndraAgni-, men hold in their arms and stretch their bows.
Desert us not in this great fray, in battles for the sake of kine.
8 The foemans' sinful enmities, Indra and Agni, vex me sore.
Drive those who hate me far away, and keep them distant from the Sun.
9 Indra and Agni, yours are all the treasures of the heavens and earth.
Here give ye us the opulence that prospers every living man.
10 O IndraAgni-, who accept the laud, and hear us for our praise,
Come near us, drawn by all our songs, to drink of this our Soma juice.

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