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HYMN XL. Indra 40

1. DRINK, Indra; juice is shed to make thee joyful: loose thy Bay Steeds and give thy friends
their freedom.
Begin the song, seated in our assembly. Give strength for sacrifice to him who singeth.
2 Drink thou of this whereof at birth, O Indra, thou drankest, Mighty One for power and rapture.
The men, the pressingstones-, the cows, the waters have made this Soma ready for thy drinking.
3 The fire is kindled, Soma pressed, O Indra: let thy Bays, best to draw, convey thee hither.
With mind devoted, Indra, I invoke thee. Come, for our great prosperity approach us.
4 Indra, come hither: evermore thou camest through our great strong desire to drink the Soma.
Listen and hear the prayers which now we offer, and let this sacrifice increase thy vigour.
5 Mayst thou, O Indra, on the day of trial, present or absent, wheresoeer’ thou dwellest,
Thence, with thy team, accordant with the Maruts, Songlover-! guard our sacrifice, to help us.

HYMN XLI. Indra. 41

1. COME gracious to our sacrifice, O Indra: pressed Somadrops- are purified to please thee.
As cattle seek their home, so Thunderwielder, come, Indra, first of those who claim our worship.
2 With that wellformed- most wideextending- palate, wherewith thou ever drinkest streams of
Drink thou; the Adhvaryu standeth up before thee: let thy spoilwinning- thunderbolt attend thee.
3 This drop, steerstrong- and omniform, the Soma, hath been made ready for the Bull, for India.
Drink this, Lord of the Bays, thou Strong Supporter, this that is thine of old, thy food for ever.
4 Soma when pressed excels the unpressed Soma, better, for one who knows, to give him pleasure.
Come to this sacrifice of ours, O Victor replenish all thy powers with this libation.
5 We call on thee, O Indra: come thou hither: sufficient be the Soma for thy body.
Rejoice thee, Satakratu! in the juices guard us in wars, guard us among our people.

HYMN XLII. Indra. 42

1. BRING sacrificial gifts to him, Omniscient, for he longs to drink,
The Wanderer who comes with speed, the Hero ever in the van.
2 With Soma go ye nigh to him chief drinker of the Somas' juice:
With beakers to the Impetuous God, to Indra with the drops effused.
3 What time, with Soma, with the juice effused, ye come before the God,
Full wise he knows the hope of each, and, Bold One, strikes this foe and that.
4 To him, Adhvaryu! yea, to him give offerings of the juice expressed.
Will he not keep us safely from the spiteful curse of each presumptuous highborn- foe?

HYMN XLIII. Indra 43

1. IN whose wild joy thou madest once Sambara Divodasas' prey,
This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra: drink!
2 Whose gladdening draught, shed from the points, thou guardest in the midst and end,
This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra drink!
3 In whose wild joy thou settest free the kine held fast within the rock,
This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra: drink!
4 This, in whose juice delighting thou gainest the might of Maghavan,
This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra drink!

HYMN XLIV. Indra. 44

1. THAT which is wealthiest, Wealthy God in splendoursmost illustrious,
Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
2 Effectual, Most Effectual One! thine, as bestowing wealth of hymns,
Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
3 Wherewith thou art increased in strength, and conquerest with thy proper aids,
Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
4 Him for your sake I glorify as Lord of Strength who wrongeth none,
The Hero Indra, conquering all, Most Bounteous, God of all the tribes.
5 Those Goddesses, both Heaven and Earth, revere the power and might of him,
Him whom our songs increase in strength, the Lord of bounty swift to come.
6 To seat your Indra, I will spread abroad with power this song of praise.
The saving succours that abide in him, like songs, extend and grow.
7 A recent Friend, he found the skilful priest: he drank, and showed forth treasure from the Gods.
He conquered, borne by strong allshaking- mares, and was with farspread- power his friends'
8 In course of Law the sapient juice was quaffed: the Deities to glory turned their mind.
Winning through hymns a lofty title, he, the Lovely, made his beauteous form apparent.
9 Bestow on us the most illustrious strength ward off mens' manifold malignities.
Give with thy might abundant vital force, and aid us graciously in gaining riches.
10 We turn to thee as Giver, liberal Indra. Lord of the Bay Steeds, be not thou ungracious.
No friend among mankind have we to lookto: why have men called thee him who spurs the niggard?
11 Give us not up, Strong Hero! to the hungry: unharmed be we whom thou, so rich, befriendest.
Full many a boon hast thou for men demolish those who present no gifts nor pour oblations.
12 As Indra thundering impels the rainclouds-, so doth he send us store of kine and horses.
Thou art of old the Cherisher of singers let not the rich who bring no gifts deceive thee.
13 Adhvaryu, hero, bring to mighty Indra, for he is King thereofthe- pressedout- juices;
To him exalted by the hymns and praises, ancient and modern, of the singing Rsis.
14 In the wild joy of this hath Indra, knowing full many a form, struck down resistless Vrtras.
Proclaim aloud to him the savoury Soma so that the Hero, strong of jaw, may drink it.
15 May Indra drink this Soma poured to please him, and cheered therewith slay Vrtra with his
Come to our sacrifice even from a distance, good lover of our songs, the bards' Supporter.
16 The cup whence Indra drinks the draught is present: the Amrta dear to Indra hath been drunken,
That it may cheer the God to gracious favour, and keep far from us hatred and affliction.
17 Therewith enraptured, Hero, slay our foemen, the unfriendly, Maghavan be they kin or strangers,
Those who still aim their hostile darts to smite us, turn them to flight, O Indra, crush and kill
18 O Indra Maghavan, in these our battles win easy paths for us and ample freedom.
That we may gain waters and seed and offspring, set thou our princes on thy side, O Indra.
19 Let thy Bay Stallions, harnessed, bring thee hither, Steeds with strong chariot and strong
reins to hold them,
Strong Horses, speeding hither, bearing thunder, wellharnessed-, for the strong exciting potion.
20 Beside the vat, Strong God! stand thy strong Horses, shining with holy oil, like waves exulting.
Indra, they bring to thee, the Strong and Mighty, Soma of juices shed by mighty pressstones-.
21 Thou art the Bull of earth, the Bull of heaven, Bull of the rivers, Bull of standing waters.
For thee, the Strong, O Bull, hath Indu swollen. juice pleasant, sweet to drink, for thine
22 This God, with might, when first he had his being, with Indra for ally, held fast the Pani.
This Indu stole away the warlike weapons, and foiled the arts of his malignant father.
23 The Dawns he wedded to a glorious Consort, and set within the Sun the light that lights him.
He found in heaven, in the third lucid regions, the threefold Amrta in its close concealment.
24 He stayed and held the heaven and earth asunder: the chariot with the sevenfold reins he
This Soma Set with power within the milchkine- a spring whose ripe contents ten fingers empty.

HYMN XLV. Indra. 45

1. THAT Indra is our youthful Friend, who with his trusty guidance led
Turvasa, Yadu from afar.
2 Even to the dull and uninspired Indra, gives vital power, and wins
Even with slow steed the offered prize.
3 Great are his ways of guiding us, and Nanilbld are his eulogies:
His kind protections never fail.
4 Friends, sing your psalm and offer praise to him to whom the prayer is brought:
For our great Providence is he.
5 Thou, Slaughterer of Vrtra, art Guardian and Friend of one and two,
Yea, of a man like one of us.
6 Beyond mens' hate thou leadest us, and givest cause to sing thy praise:
Good hero art thou called by men.
7 I call with hymns, as it were a cow to milk, the Friend who merits praise,
The Brahman who accepts the prayer.
8 Him in whose hands they say are stored all treasures from the days of old,
The Hero, conquering in the fight.
9 Lord of Strength, Caster of the Stone, destroy the firm forts built by men,
And foil their arts, unbending God!
10 Thee, thee as such, O Lord of Power, O Indra, Somadrinker-, true,
We, fain for glory, have invoked.
11 Such as thou wast of old, and art now to be called on when the prize
lies ready, listen to our call.
12 With hymns and coursers we will gain, Indra, through thee, both steeds and spoil
Most glorious, and the proffered prize.
13 Thou, Indra, Lover of the Song, whom men must stir to help, hast been
Great in the contest for the prize.
14 Slayer of foes, whatever aid of thine imparts the swiftest course,
With that impel our car to speed.
15 As skilfullest of those who drive the chariot, with our art and aim,
O Conqueror, win the proffered prize.
16 Praise him who, Matchless and Alone, was born the Lord of living men,
Most active, with heroic soul.
17 Thou who hast been the singers' Friend, a Friend auspicious with thine aid,
As such, O Indra, favour us.
18 Grasp in thine arms the thunderbolt, O Thunderarmed-, to slay the fiends:
Mayst thou subdue the foemens' host.
19 I call the ancient Friend, allied with wealth, who speeds the lowly man,
Him to whom chiefly prayer is brought.
20 For he alone is Lord of all the treasures of the earth: he speeds
Hither, chief Lover of the Song.
21 So with thy yoked teams satisfy our wish with power and wealth in steeds
And cattle, boldly, Lord of kine!
22 Sing this, what time the ' juice is pressed, to him your Hero, Muchinvoked-,
To please him as a mighty Steer.
23 He, Excellent, withholdeth not his gift of power and wealth in kine,
When he hath listened to our songs.
24 May he with might unclose for us the cows' stall, whosesoever it be,
To which the Dasyuslayer- goes.
25 O Indra Satakratu, these our songs have called aloud to thee,
Like mother cows to meet their calves.
26 Hard is thy love to win: thou art a Steer to him who longs for steers:
Be to one craving steeds a Steed.
27 Delight thee with the juice we pour for thine own great munificence:
Yield not thy singer to reproach.
28 These songs with every draught we pour come, Lover of the Song, to thee,
As milchkine- hasten to their young
29 To thee most oft invoked, amid the many singers' rivalry
Who beg with all their might for wealth.
30 Nearest and most attractive may our laud, O Indra come to thee.
Urge thou us on to ample wealth.
31 Brbu hath set himself above the Panis, over their highest head,
Like the wide bush on Gangas' bank.
32 He whose good bounty, thousandfold, swift as the rushing of the wind,
Suddenly offers as a gift.
33 So all our singers ever praise the pious Brbus' noble deed,
Chief, best to give his thousands, best to give a thousand liberal gifts.

HYMN XLVI. Indra. 46

1. THAT we may win us wealth and power we poets, verily, call on thee:
In war men call on thee, Indra, the heros' Lord, in the steeds' racecourse- call on thee.
2 As such, O Wonderful, whose hand holds thunder, praised as mighty, Caster of the Stone!
Pour on us boldly, Indra, kine and chariotsteeds, ever to be the conquerors' strength.
3 We call upon that Indra, who, most active, ever slays the foe:
Lord of the brave, Most Manly, with a thousand powers, help thou and prosper us in fight.
4 Rcisama, thou forcest men as with a bull, with anger, in the furious fray.
Be thou our Helper in the mighty battle fought for sunlight, water, and for life.
5 O Indra, bring us name and fame, enriching, mightiest, excellent,
Wherewith, O Wondrous God, fairvisored-, thunderarmed-, thou hast filled full this earth and
6 We call on thee, O King, Mighty amid the Gods, Ruler of men, to succour us.
All that is weak in us, Excellent God, make firm: make our foes easy to subdue.
7 All strength and valour that is found, Indra, in tribes of Nahusas, and all the splendid fame
that the Five Tribes enjoy
Bring, yea, all manly powers at once.
8 Or, Maghavan, what vigorous strength in Trksi lay, in Druhyus or in Parus' folk,
Fully bestow on us, that, in the conquering fray, we may subdue our foes in fight.
9 O Indra, grant a happy home, a triple refuge triply strong.
Bestow a dwellingplace- on the rich lords and me, and keep thy dart afar from these.
10 They who with minds intent on spoil subdue the foe, boldly attack and smite him down,
From these, O Indra Maghavan who lovest song, be closest guardian of our lives.
11 And now, O Indra, strengthen us: come near and aid us in the fight,
What time the feathered shafts are flying in the air, the arrows with their sharpened points.
12 Give us, where heroes strain their bodies in the fight, the shelter that our fathers loved.
To us and to our sons give refuge: keep afar all unobserved hostility.
13 When, Indra, in the mighty fray thou urgest chargers to their speed,
On the uneven road and on a toilsome path, like falcons, eager for renown,
14 Speeding like rivers rushing down a steep descent, responsive to the urging call,
That come like birds attracted to the bait, held in by reins in both the drivers' hands.

HYMN XLVII. Indra, Etc. 47

1. YEA, this is good to taste and full of. sweetness, verily it is strong and rich in flavour.
No one may conquer Indra in the battle when he hath drunken of the draught we offer.
2 This sweet juice here had mightiest power to gladden: it boldened Indra when he siaughtered
When he defeated Sambaras' many onslaughts, and battered down his nineand ninety ramparts.
3 This stirreth up my voice when I have drunk it: this hath aroused from sleep my yearning spirit.
This Sage hath measured out the six expanses from which no single creature is excluded.
4 This, even this, is he who hath created the breadth of earth, the lofty height of heaven.
He formed the nectar in three headlong rivers. Soma supports the wide midair- above us.
5 He found the wavy sea of brilliant colours in forefront of the Dawns who dwell in brightness.
This Mighty One, the Steer begirt by Maruts, hath propped the heavens up with a mighty pillar.
6 Drink Soma boldly from the beaker, Indra, in war for treasures, Hero, Vrtraslayer-!
Fill thyself full at the midday- libation, and give us wealth, thou Treasury of riches.
7 Look out for us, O Indra, as our Leader, and guide us on to gain yet goodlier treasure.
Excellent Guardian, bear us well through peril, and lead us on to wealth with careful guidance.
8 Lead us to ample room, O thou who knowest, to happiness, security, and sunlight.
High, Indra, are the arms of thee the Mighty: may we betake. us to their lofty shelter.
9 Set us on widest chariotseat-, O Indra, with two steeds best to draw, O Lord of Hundreds!
Bring us the best among all sorts of viands: let not the foes' wealth, Maghavan, subdue us.
10 Be gracious, Indra, let my days be lengthened: sharpen my thought as it were a blade of iron
Approve whatever words I speak, dependent on thee, and grant me thy divine protection.
11 Indra the Rescuer, Indra the Helper, Hero who listens at each invocation,
Sakra I call, Indra invoked of many. May Indra Maghavan prosper and bless us.
12 May helpful Indra as our good Protector, Lord of all treasures, favour us with succour,
Baffle our foes, and give us rest and safety, and may we be the lords of hero vigour.
13 May we enjoy the grace of him the Holy, yea, may we dwell in his auspicious favour.
May helpful Indra as our good Preserver drive from us, even from afar, our foemen.
14 Like rivers rushing down a slope, O Indra, to thee haste songs and prayers and linked verses.
Thou gatherest, Thunderer! like widespread bounty, kine, water, drops, and manifold libations.
15 Who lauds him, satisfies him, pays him worship? even the rich noble still hath found him mighty.
With power, as when one moves his feet alternate, he makes the last precede, the foremost follow.
16 Famed is the Hero as each strong mans' tamer, ever advancing one and then another.
King of both worlds, hating the high and haughty, Indra protects the men who are his people.
17 He loves no more the men he loved aforetime: he turns and moves away allied with others.
Rejecting those who disregard his worship, Indra victorious lives through many autumns.
18 In every figure he hath been the mode: this is his only form for us to look on.
Indra moves multiform by his illusions; for his Bay Steeds are yoked, ten times a hundred.
19 Here Tvastar, yoking to the car the Bay Steeds, hath extended sway.
Who will for ever stand upon the foemans' side, even when our princes sit at ease?
20 Gods, we have reached a country void of pasture the land, though spacious, was too small to
hold us.
Brhaspati, provide in war for cattle; find a path, Indra, for this faithful singer.
21 Day after day far from their seat he drove them, alike, from place to place, those darksome
The Hero slew the meanlyhuckstering- Dasas, Varcin and Sambara, where the waters gather.
22 Out of thy bounty, Indra, hath Prastoka bestowed ten coffers and ten mettled horses.
We have received in turn from Divodasa Sambaras' wealth, the gift of Atithigva.
23 Ten horses and ten treasurechests-, ten garments as an added gift,
These and ten lumps of gold have I received from Divodasas' hand.
24 Ten cars with extra steed to each, for the Atharvans hundred cows,
Hath Asvatha to Payu given.
25 Thus SrÑjayas' son honoured the Bharadvajas, recipients of all noble gifts and bounty.
26 Lord of the wood, be firm and strong in body: be, bearing us, a brave victorious hero
Show forth thy strength, compact with straps of leather, and let thy rider win all spoils of
27 Its mighty strength was borrowed from the heaven and earth: its conquering force was brought
from sovrans of the wood.
Honour with holy gifts the Car like Indras' bolt, the Car bound round with straps, the vigour of
the floods.
28 Thou Bolt of Indra, Vanguard of the Maruts, close knit to Varuna and Child of Mitra,
As such, accepting gifts which here we offer, receive, O Godlike Chariot, these oblations.
29 Send forth thy voice aloud through earth and heaven, and let the world in all its breadth
regard thee;
O Drum, accordant with the Gods and Indra, drive thou afar, yea, very far, our foemen.
30 Thunder out strength and fill us full of vigour: yea, thunder forth and drive away all dangers.
Drive hence, O Wardrum-, drive away misfortune: thou art the Fist of Indra: show thy firmness.
31 Drive hither those, and these again bring hither: the Wardrum- speaks aloud as battles' signal.
Our heroes, winged with horses, come together. Let our carwarriors-, Indra, be triumphant.

HYMN XLVIII. Agni and Others. 48

1. SING to your Agni with each song, at every sacrifice, for strength.
Come, let us praise the Wise and Everlasting God, even as a wellbeloved- Friend,
2 The Son of Strength; for is he not our gracious Lord? Let us serve him who bears our gifts.
In battle may he be our help and strengthener, yea, be the saviour of our lives.
3 Agni, thou beamest forth with light, great Hero, never changed by time.
Shining, pure Agni! with a light that never fades, beam with thy fair beams brilliantly.
4 Thou worshippest great Gods: bring them without delay by wisdom and thy wondrous power.
O Agni, make them turn hither to succour us. Give strength, and win it for thyself.
5 He whom floods, stones, and trees support, the offspring of eternal Law;
He who when rubbed with force is brought to life by men upon the lofty height of earth;
6 He who hath filled both worlds fult with his brilliant shine, who hastens with his smoke to
He made himself apparent through the gloom by night, the Red Bull in the darksome nights, the Red
Bull in the darksome nights.
7 O Agni, with thy lofty beams, with thy pure brilliancy, O God,
Kindled, Most Youthful One! by Bharadvajas' hand, shine on us, O pure God, with wealth, shine,
Purifier! splendidly.
8 Thou art the Lord of house and home of all the tribes, O Agni, of all tribes of men.
Guard with a hundred forts thy kindler from distress, through hundred winters, Youngest God! and
those who make thy singers rich.
9 Wonderful, with thy favouring help, send us thy bounties, gracious Lord.
Thou art the Charioteer, Agni, of earthly wealth: find rest and safety for our seed.
10 With guards unfailing never negligent speed thou our children and our progeny.
Keep far from us, O Agni, all celestial wrath and wickedness of godless men.
11 Hither, O friends, with newest song drive her who freely pours her milk;
Loose her who never turns away;
12 Who, for the host of Maruts bright with native sheen, hath shed immortal fame like milk;
Whom the impetuous Maruts look upon with love, who moves in splendour on their ways.
13 For Bharadvaja she poured down in days of old
The milchcow- yielding milk for all, and food that gives all nourishment.
14 Your friend like Indra passing wise, with magic power like Varuna.
Like Aryaman joygiving-, bringing plenteous food like ViSnu for my wish, I praise,
15 Bright as the host of Maruts mighty in their roar. May they bring Pusan free from foes;
May they bring hither hundreds, thousands for our men: may they bring hidden stores to light, and
make wealth easy to be found.
16 Haste to me, Pusan, in thine car, bright Deity: I fain would speak:
Most sinful is our foemans' hate.
17 Tear not up by the roots the Kakambira tree: destroy thou all malignity.
Let them not snare by day the neck of that Celestial Bird the Sun.
18 Uninjured let thy friendship be, like the smooth surface of a skin,
A flawless skin, containing curds, full to the mouth, containing curds.
19 For thou art high above mankind, in glory equal to the Gods.
Therefore, O Pusan, look upon us in the fight: now help us as in days of old.
20 May the kind excellence of him the Kind, loud Roarers! be our guide,
Be it the Gods', O Maruts, or a mortal mans' who worships, ye impetuous Ones!
21 They whose high glory in a moment like the God, the Sun, goes round the space of heaven,
The Maruts have obtained bright strength, a sacred name, strength that destroys the Vrtras,
strength Vrtradestroying- excellent.
22 Once, only once, the heaven was made, once only once, the earth was formed-
Once, only Prsnis' milk was shed: no second, after this, is born.

HYMN XLIX. Visvedevas. 49

1. I LAUD with newest songs the Righteous People, Mitra and Varuna who make us happy.
Let them approach, here let them listenAgni,, Varuna, Mitra, Lords of fair dominion.
2 Him, to be praised at each tribes' sacrifices, the Two young Matrons' soberminded- Herald,
The Son of Strength, the Child of Heaven, the signal of sacrifice, red Agni will I worship.
3 Unlike in form are the Red Gods' two Daughters: one is the Suns', and stars bedeck the other.
Apart, the Sanctifiers, in succession, come to the famed hymn, praised in holy verses.
4 I with a lofty song call hither Vayu, allbounteous-, filler of his car, most wealthy.
Thou, Sage, with bright path, Lord of harnessed horses, impetuous, promptly honourest the prudent.
5 That chariot of the Asvins, fair to look on, pleaseth me well, yoked with a thought, refulgent,
Wherewith, Nasatyas, Chiefs, ye seek our dwelling, to give new strength to us and to our children.
6 Bulls of the Earth, O Vata and Parjanya, stir up for us the regions of the water.
Hearers of truth, ye, Sages, WorldSupporters-, increase his living wealth whose songs delight you.
7 So may Sarasvati, the Heros' Consort, brisk with rare life, the lightnings' Child, inspire us,
And, with the Dames accordant, give the singer a refuge unassailable and flawless.
8 I praise with eloquence him who guards all pathways. He, when his love impelled him, went to
May he vouchsafe us gear with gold to grace it: may Pusan make each prayer of ours efective.
9 May Herald Agni, fulgent, bring for worship Tvastar adored, in homes and swift to listen,
Glorious, first to share, the lifebestower-, the ever active God, fairarmed-, fairhanded-.
10 Rudra by day, Rudra at night we honour with these our songs, the Universes' Father.
Him great and lofty, blissful, undecaying let us call specially as the Sage impels us.
11 Ye who are youthful, wise, and meet for worship, come, Martits, to the longing of the singer.
Coming, as erst to Angiras, O Heroes, ye animate and quicken even the desert.
12 Even as the herdsman driveth home his cattle, I urge my songs to him the strong swift Hero
May he, the glorious, lay upon his body the singers' hymns, as stars bedeck the heaven.
13 He who for mans' behoof in his afiliction thrice measured out the earthly regions, Visnu-
When one so great as thou affordeth shelter, may we with wealth and with ourselves be happy.
14 Sweet be this song of mine to Ahibudhnya, Parvata, Savitar, with Floods and Lightnings;
Sweet, with the Plants, to Gods who seek oblations. May liberal Bhaga speed us on to riches.
15 Give riches borne on cars, with many heroes, contenting men, the guard of mighty Order.
Give us a lasting home that we may battle with godless bands of men who fight against us, and meet
with tribes to whom the Gods are gracious.

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