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HYMN X. Agni. 10

1. INSTALL at sacrifice, while the rite advances, your pleasant, heavenly Agni, meet for praises.
With hymnsfor- he illumines usinstall- him. He, Jatavedas, makes our rites successful.
2 Hear this laud, Radiant Priest of many aspects, O Agni with the fires of man enkindled,
Laud which bards send forth pure as sacred butter, strength to this man, as it were for
3 Mid mortal men that singer thrives in glory who offers gifts with hymns of praise to Agni,
And the God, wondrous bright, with wondrous succours helps him to win a stable filled with cattle.
4 He, at his birth, whose path is black behind him, filled heaven and earth with farapparent-
And he himself hath been. through nights' thick darkness, made manifest by light, the Purifier.
5 With thy most mighty aid, confer, O Agni, wonderful wealth on us and on our princes,
Who stand preeminent, surpassing others in liberal gifts, in fame, and hero virtues.
6 Agni, accept this sacrifice with gladness, which, seated here, the worshipper presenteth.
Fair hymns hadst thou among the Bharadvajas, and holpest them to gain abundant vigour.
7 Scatter our foes, increase our store. May we he glad a hundred winters with brave sons.

HYMN XI. Agni. 11

1. EAGERLY Sacrifice thou, most skilful, Agni! Priest, pressing on as if the Maruts sent thee.
To our oblation bring the two Nasatyas, Mitra and Varuna and Earth and Heaven.
2 Thou art our guileless, most delightful Herald, the God, among mankind, of holy synods.
A Priest with purifying tongue, O Agni, sacrifice with thy mouth to thine own body.
3 For even the blessed longing that is in thee would bring the Gods down to the singers' worship,
When the Angirases' sagest Sage, the Poet, sings the sweet measure at the solemn service.
4 Bright hath he beamed, the wise, the farrefulgent-. Worship the two widespreading Worlds, O Agni,
Whom as the Living One rich in oblations the Five Tribes, bringing gifts, adorn with homage.
5 When I with reverence clip the grass for Agni, when the trimmed ladle, fullof oil, is lifted,
Firm on the seat of earth is based the altar: eyelike-, the sacrifice is directed Sunward-.
6 Enrich us, O thou Priest of many aspects, with the Gods, Agni, with thy fires, enkindled.
O Son of Strength, clad in the robe of riches, may we escape from woe as from
a prison.

HYMN XII. Agni. 12

1. KING of trimmed grass, Herald within the dwelling, may Agni worship the Impellers' Worldhalves-.
He, Son of Strength, the Holy, from a distance hath spread himself abroad with light like Surya.
2 In thee, most wise, shall Dyaus, for full perfection, King! Holy One! pronounce the call to
Found in three places, like the Speeders' footstep, come to present mens' riches as oblations!
3 Whose blaze most splendid, sovran in the forest, shines waxing on his way like the - Impeller.
He knows himself, like as a guileless smelter, not to be stayed among the plants, Immortal.
4 Our friends extol him like a steed for vigour even Agni in the dwelling, jatavedas.
Treefed-, he fights with power as doth a champion, like Dawns' Sire to be praised with sacrifices.
5 Men wonder at his shining glows when, paring the woods with case, over the broad earth he goeth,
And, like a rushing flood, loosed quickly, burneth, swift as a guilty thief, over desert places.
6 So mighty thou protectest us from slander, O Champion, Agni! with all fires enkindled.
Bring opulence and drive away affliction. May brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.

HYMN XIII. Agni. 13

1. FROM thee, as branches from a tree, O Agni, from thee, Auspicious God! spring all our blessings-
Wealth swiftly, strength in battle with our foemen, the rain besought of heaven, the flow of
2 Thou art our Bhaga to send wealth thou dwellest, like circumambient air, with wondrous splendour.
Friend art thou of the lofty Law, like Mitra, Controller, Agni! God! of many a blessing.
3 Agni! the hero slays with might his foeman; the singer bears away the Panis' booty-
Even he whom thou, Sage, born in Law, incitest by wealth, accordant with the Child of Waters.
4 The man who, Son of Strength 1 with sacrifices, hymns, lauds, attracts thy fervour to the altar,
Enjoys each precious thing, O God, O Agni, gains wealth of corn and is the lord of treasures.
5 Grant, Son of Strength, to men for their subsistence such things as bring high fame and hero
For thou with might givest much food in cattle even to the wicked wolf when he is hungry.
6 Eloquent, Son of Strength, Most Mighty, Agni, vouchsafe us seed and offspring, full of vigour.
May I by all my songs obtain abundance. May brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.

HYMN XIV. Agni. 14

1. WHOSO to Agni hath endeared his thought and service by his hymns,
That mortal cats before the rest, and finds sufficiency of food.
2 Agni, in truth, is passing wise, most skilled in ordering, a Seer.
At sacrifices Manus' sons glorify Agni as their Priest.
3 The foemans' wealth in many a place, Agni, is emulous to help.
Men fight the fiend, and seek by rites to overcome the riteless foe.
4 Agni bestows the hero chief, winner of waters, firm in fray.
Soon as they look upon his might his enemies tremble in alarm.
5 For with his wisdom Agni, God, protects the mortal from reproach,
Whose conquering wealth is never checked, is never checked in deeds of might.
6 O Agni, God with Mitras' might call hither the favour of the Gods from earth and heaven.
Bring weal from heaven that men may dwell securely. May we overcome the foes' malign oppressions,
may we overcome them, through thy help overcome them.

HYMN XV. Agni. 15

1. WITH this my song I strive to reach this guest of yours, who wakes at early morn, the Lord of
all the tribes.
Each time he comes from heaven, the Pure One from of old: from ancient days the Child cats
everlasting food.
2 Whom, welldis- sed, the Bhrgus stablished as a rriend, whom men must glorify, highflaming- in
the wood.
As such, most friendly, thou art every day extolled in lauds by Vitahavya, O thou wondrous God.
3 Be thou the foeless helper of the skilful man, subduer of the enemy near or far away.
Bestow a wealthy home on men, O Son of Strength. Give Vitahavya riches spreading far and wide,
give Bharadvaja widespread- wealth.
4 Him, your refulgent guest, Agni who comes from heaven, the Herald of mankind, wellskilled- in
sacred rites,
Who, like a holy singer, utters heavenly words, oblationbearer-, envoy, God, I seek with hymns.
5 Who with his purifying, eyeattracting- form hath shone upon the earth as with the light of Dawn;
Who speeding on, as in the fight of Etasa, cometh, untouched by age, as one athirst in heat.
6 Worship ye Agni, Agni, with your log of wood; praise your beloved, your beloved guest with songs.
Invite ye the Immortal hither with your hymns. A God among the Gods, he loveth what is choice,
loveth our service, God mid Gods.
7 Agni inflamed with fuel in my song I sing, pure, Cleanser, steadlast, set in tront at sacrifice.
Wise Jatavedas we implore with prayers for bliss the Priest, the holy Singer, bounteous, void of
8 Men, Agni, in each age have made thee, Deathiess One, their envoy, offeringbearer-, guard
With reverence Gods and mortals have established thee, the everwatchful-, omnipresent Household
9 Thou, Agni, ordering the works and ways of both, as envoy of the Gods traversest both the worlds.
When we lay claim to thy regard and gracious fare, be thou to us a thriceprotecting friendly guard.
10 Him fair of face, rapid, and fair to look on, him very wise may we who know not follow.
Let him who knows all rules invite for worship, Agru announce our offering to the Immortals.
11 Him, Agni, thou deliverest and savest who brings him prayer to thee the Wise, O Hero,
The end of sacrifice or its inception; yea, thou endowest him with power and riches.
12 Guard us from him who would assail us, Agni; preserve us, O thou Victor, from dishonour.
Here let the place of darkening come upon thee: may wealth be ours, desirable in thousands.
13 Agni, the Priest, is King, Lord of the homestead, he, Jatavedas, knows all generations.
Most skilful worshipper mid Gods and mortals, may he begin the sacrifice, the Holy.
14 whatever today- thou, brightflamed- Priest, enjoyest from the mans' ritefor- thou art
Worship, for duly dost thou spread in greatness: bear off thine ofrerings of today-, Most Youthful.
15 Look thou upon the viands duly laid for thee. Fain would he set thee here to worship Heaven
Help us, O liberal Agni, in the strife for spoil, so that we may overcome all things that trouble
us, overcome, overcome them with thy help.
16 Together with all Gods, O fairfaced- Agni, be seated first upon the woollined altar,
Nestlike-, bedewed with oil. Bear this our worship to Savitar who sacrifices rightly.
17 Here the arranging priests, as did Atharvan, rub this Agni forth,
Whom, not bewildered, as he moved in winding ways, they brought from gloom.
18 For the Gods banquet be thou born, for full perfection and for weal.
Bring the Immortal Gods who strengthen holy Law: so let our sacrifice reach the Gods.
19 O Agni, Lord and Master of mens' homesteads, with kindled fuel we have made thee mighty.
Let not our household gear be found defective. Sharpen us with thy penetrating splendour.

HYMN XVI. Agni. 16

1. PRIEST of all sacrifices hast thou been appointed by the Gods,
Agni, amid the race of man.
2 So with thy joyous tongues for us sacrifice nobly in this rite.
Bring thou the Gods and worship them.
3 For well, O God, Disposer, thou knowest, straight on, the paths and ways,
Agni, most wise in sacrifice.
4 Thee, too, hath Bharata of old, with mighty men, implored for bliss.
And worshipped thee the worshipful.
5 Thou givest these abundant boons to Divodasa pouring forth,
To Bharadvaja offering gifts.
6 Do thou, Immortal Messenger, bring hither the Celestial Folk;
Hearing the singers' eulogy.
7 Mortals with pious thought implore thee, Agni, God, at holy rites,
To come unto the feast of Gods.
8 I glorify thine aspect and the might of thee the Bountilul.
All those who love shall joy in thee,
9 Invoker placed by Manus, thou, Agni, art near, the wisest Priest:
Pay worship to the Tribes of Heaven.
10 Come, Agni, lauded, to the feast; come to the offering of the gifts.
As Priest be seated on the grass.
11 So, Angiras, we make thee strong with fuel and with holy oil.
Blaze high, thou youngest of the Gods.
12 For us thou winnest, Agni, God, heroic strength exceeding great,
Farspreading- and of high renown.
13 Agni, Atharvan brought thee forth, by rubbing, from the lotusflower-,
The head of Visva, of the Priest.
14 Thee. Vrtras' slayer, breaker down of castles, hath Atharvans' son,
Dadhyac the Rsi, lighted up.
15 The hero Pathya kindled thee the Dasyus'. most destructive foe,
Winner of spoil in every fight.
16 Come, here, O Agni, will I sing verily other songs to thee,
And with these drops shalt thou grow strong.
17 wherever thy mind applies itself, vigour preeminent hast thou:
There wilt thou gain a dwellingplace-.
18 Not for a moment only lasts thy bounty, good to many a one!
Our service therefore shalt thou gain.
19 Agni, the Bharata, hath been sought, the Vrtraslayer-, marked of all,
Yea, Divodasas' Hero Lord.
20 For he gave riches that surpass in greatness all the things of earth,
Fighting untroubled, unsubdued.
21 Thou, Agni, as in days of old, with recent glory, gathered light,
Hast overspread the lofty heaven.
22 Bring to your Agni, O my friends, boldly your laud and sacrifice:
Give the Disposer praise and song.
23 For as sagacious Herald he hath sat through every age of man,
Oblationbearing- messenger.
24 Bring those Two Kings whose ways are pure, Adityas, and the Marut host,
Excellent God! and Heaven and Earth.
25 For strong and active mortal man, excellent, Agni, is the look Of thee Immortal, Son of Strength
26 Rich through his wisdom, noblest be the giver serving thee today-:
The man hath brought his hymn of praise.
27 These, Agni, these are helped by thee, who strong and active all their lives,
Overcome the malice of the foe, fight down the malice ofthe foe.
28 May Agni with his pointed blaze cast down each fierce devouring fiend
May Agni win us wealth by war.
29 O active Jatavedas, bring riches with store of hero sons:
Slay thou the demons, O Most Wise.
30 Keep us, O Jatavedas, from the troubling of the man of sin:
Guard us thou Sage who knowest prayer.
31 Whatever sinner, Agni, brings oblations to procure our death,
Save us from woe that he would work.
32 Drive from us with thy tongue, O God, the man who doeth evil deeds,
The mortal who would strike us dead.
33 Give shelter reaching far and wide to Bharadvaja, conquering Lord!
Agni, send wealth most excellent.
34 May Agni slay the Vrtras, fain for riches, through the lord of song,
Served with oblation, kindled, bright.
35 His Fathers' Father, shining in his Mothers' everlasting side,
Set on the seat of holy Law.
36 O active Jatavedas, bring devotion that wins progeny, Agni, that it may shine to heaven.
37 O Child of Strength, to thee whose look is lovely we with dainty food,
O Agni, have poured forth our songs.
38 To thee for shelter are we come, as to the shade from fervent heat
Agni, who glitterest like gold.
39 Mighty as one who slays with shafts, or like a bull with sharpened horn,
Agni, thou breakest down the forts.
40 Whom, like an infant newly born, devourer, in their arms they bear,
Mens' Agni, skilled in holy rites.
41 Bear to the banquet of the Gods the God best finderout- of wealth,
Let him he seated in his place.
42 In Jatavedas kindle ye the dear guest who hath now appeared
In a soft place, the homesteads' Lord.
43 Harness, O Agni, O thou God, thy steeds which are most excellent:
They bear thee as thy spirit wills.
44 Come hither, bring the Gods to us to taste the sacrificial feast,
To drink the draught of Soma juice.
45 O Agni of the Bharatas, blaze high with everlasting might,
Shine forth and gleam, Eternal One.
46 The mortal man who serves the God with banquet, and, bringing gifts at sacrifice, lauds Agni,
May well attract, with prayer and hands uplifted, the Priest of Heaven and Earth, true Sacrificer.
47 Agni, we bring thee, with our hymn, oblation fashioned in the heart.
Let these be oxen unto thee, let these be bulls and kine to thee.
48 The Gods enkindle Agni, best slayer of Vrtra, first in rank,
The Mighty, One who brings us wealth and crushes down the Raksasas.

HYMN XVII. Indra. 17

1. DRINK Soma, Mighty One, for which, when lauded, thou breakest through the cattlestall-, O Indra;
Thou who, O Bold One, armed with thunder smotest Vrtra with might, and every hostile being.
2 Drink it thou God who art impetuous victor, Lord of our hymns, with beauteousjaws, the Hero,
Render of kinestalls-, carborne-, thunderwielding-, so pierce thy way to wondrous strength, O
3 Drink as of old, and let the draught delight thee. hear thou our prayer and let our songs exalt
Make the Sun visible, make food abundant, slaughter the foes, pierce through and free the cattle.
4 These gladdening drops, O Indra, Selfsustainer-, quaffed shall augment thee in thy mighty
Yea, let the cheering drops delight thee greatly, great, perfect, strong, powerful, allsubduing-.
5 Gladdened whereby, bursting the firm enclosures, thou gavest splendour to the Sun and Morning.
The mighty rock that compassed in the cattle, Never moved, thou shookest from its seat, O Indra.
6 Thou with thy wisdom, power, and works of wonder, hast stored the ripe milk in the raw cows'
Unbarred the firm doors for the kine of Morning, and, with the Angirases, set free the cattle.
7 Thou hast spread out wide earth, a mighty marvel, and, high thyself, propped lofty heaven, O
Both worlds, whose Sons are Gods, thou hast supported, young, Mothers from old time ofholy Order.
8 Yea, Indra, all the Deities installed thee their one strong Champion in the van for battle.
What time the godless was the Gods assailant, Indra they chose to win the light of heaven.
9 Yea, even that heaven itself of old bent backward before thy bolt, in terror of its anger,
When Indra, life of every living creature, smote down within his lair the assailing Dragon.
10 Yea, Strong One! Tvastar turned for thee, the Mighty, the bolt with thousand spikes and hundred
Eager and prompt at will, wherewith thou crushedst the boasting Dragon, O impetuous Hero.
11 He dressed a hundred buffaloes, O Indra, for thee whom all accordant Maruts strengthen.
He, Pusan Visnu, poured forth three great vessels to him, the juice that cheers, that slaughters
12 Thou settest free the rushing wave of waters, the floods' great swell encompassed and
Along steep slopes their course thou tumedst, Indra, directed downward, speeding to the ocean.
13 So may our new prayer bring thee to protect us, thee wellarmed- Hero with thy bolt of thunder,
Indra, who made these worlds, the Strong, the ty, who never groweth old, the victorygiver-.
14 So, Indra, form us brilliant holy singers for strength, for glory, and for food and riches.
Give Bharadvaja hero patrons, Indra Indra, be ours upon the day of trial.
15 With this may we obtain strength Godappointed-, and brave sons gladden us through a hundred

HYMN XVIII. Indra. 18

1. GLORIFY him whose might is allsurpassing-, Indra the muchinvoked- who fights uninjured.
Magnify with these songs the nevervanquished-, the Strong, the Bull of men, the Mighty Victor.
2 He, Champion, Hero, Warrior, Lord of battles, impetuous, loudly roaring, great destroyer,
Who whirls the dust on high, alone, oerthrower, hath made all races of mankind his subjects.
3 Thou, thou alone, hast tamed the Dasyus; singly thou hast subdued the people for the Arya.
In this, or is it not, thine hero exploit, Indra? Declare it at the proper season.
4 For true, I deem, thy strength is, thine the Mighty, thine, O Most Potent, thine the Conquering
Strong, of the strong, Most Mighty, of the mighty, thine, driver of the churl to acts of bounty.
5 Be this our ancient bond of friendship with you and with Angirases here who speak of Vala.
Thou, Wondrous, Shaker of things firm, didst smite him in his fresh strength, and force his doors
and castles.
6 With holy thoughts must he be called, the Mighty, showing his power in the great fight with
He must be called to give us seed and offspring, the Thunderer must he moved and sped to battle.
7 He in his might, with name that lives for ever, hath far surpassed all human generations.
He, most heroic, hath his home with splendour, with glory and with riches and with valour.
8 Stranger to guile, who Never was false or faithless, bearing a name that may be well remembered,
Indra crushed Cumuri, Dhuni, Sambara, Pipru, and Susna, that their castles fell in ruin.
9 With saving might that must be praised and lauded, Indra, ascend thy car to smite down Vrtra.
In thy right hand hold fast thy bolt of thunder, and weaken, Bounteous Lord, his art and magic.
10 As Agni, as the dart burns the dry forest, like the dread shaft burn down the fiends, O Indra;
Thou who with high deepreaching- spear hast broken, hast covered over mischief and destroyed it.
11 With wealth, by thousand paths come hither, Agni, paths that bring ample strength, O thou Most
Come, Son of Strength, over whom, Invoked of many! the godless hath no power to keep thee distant.
12 From heaven, from earth is bruited forth the greatness of him the firm, the fiery, the
No foe hath he, no counterpart, no refuge is there from him the Conqueror full of wisdom
13 This day the deed that thou hast done is famous, when thou, for him, with many thousand others
Laidest low Kutsa, Ayu, Atithigva, and boldly didst deliver Turvayana.
14 In thee, O God, the wisest of the Sages, all Gods were joyful when thou slewest Ahi.
When lauded for thyself, thou gavest freedom to soreafflicted- Heaven and to the people.
15 This power of thine both heaven and earth acknowledge, the deathless Gods acknowledge it, O
Do what thou Never hast done, O Mighty Worker: beget a new hymn at thy sacrifices.

HYMN XIX. Indra. 19

1. GREAT, herolike- controlling men is Indra, unwasting in his powers, doubled in vastness.
He, turned to us, hath grown to hero vigour: broad, wide, he hath been decked by those who serve
2 The bowl made Indra swift to gather booty, the High, the Lofty, Youthful, Undecaying,
Him who hath waxed by strength which none may conquer, and even at once grown to complete
3 Stretch out those hands of thine, extend to usward- thy wide capacious arms, and grant us glory.
Like as the household herdsman guards the cattle, so move thou round about us in the combat.
4 Now, fain for strength, let us invite your Indra hither, who lieth hidden with his Heroes,
Free from all blame, without reproach, uninjured, even as were those who sang, of old, his praises.
5 With steadfast laws, wealthgiver-, strong through Soma, he hath much fair and precious food to
feed us.
In him unite all paths that lead to riches, like rivers that commingle with the ocean.
6 Bring unto us the mightiest might, O Hero, strong and most potent force, thou great Subduer!
All splendid vigorous powers of men vouchsafe us, Lord of Bay Steeds, that they may make us joyful.
7 Bring us, grown mighty in its strength, O Indra, thy friendly rapturous joy that wins the battle,
Wherewith by thee assisted and triumphant, we may laud thee in gaining seed and offspring.
8 Indra, bestow on us the power heroic skilled and exceeding strong, that wins the booty,
Wherewith, by thine assistance, we may conquer our foes in battle, be they kin or stranger.
9 Let thine heroic strength come from behind us, before us, from above us or below us.
From every side may it approach us, Indra. Give us the glory of the realm of splendour.
10 With most heroic aid from thee, like heroes Indra, may we win wealth by deeds glory.
Thou, King, art Lord of earthly, heavenly treasure: vouchsafe us riches vast, sublime, and lasting.
11 The Bull, whose strength hath waxed, whom Maruts follow, freegiving- Indra, the Celestial Ruler,
Mighty, allconquering-, the victorygiver-, him let us call to grant us new protection.
12 Give up the people who are high and haughty to these men and to me, O Thunderwielder-!
Therefore upon the earth do we invoke thee, where heroes win, for sons and kine and waters.
13 Through these thy friendships, God invoked of many! may we be victors over every foeman.
Slaying both kinds of foe, may we, O Hero, be happy, helped by thee, with ample riches.

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