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HYMN XL. Indra. Surya. Atri. 40

1. COME thou to what the stones have pressed, drink Soma, O thou Somas' Lord,
Indra best Vrtraslayer- Strong One, with the Strong.
2 Strong is the stone, the draught is strong, strong is this Soma that is pressed,
Indra, best Vrtraslayer-, Strong One with the Strong.
3 As strong I call on thee the Strong, O Thunderarmed-, with various aids,
Indra, best Vrtraslayer-, Strong One with the Strong.
4 Impetuous, Thunderer, Strong, quelling the mighty, King, potent, Vrtraslayer-, Somadrinker-,
May he come hither with his yoked Bay Horses; may Indra gladden him at the noon libation.
5 O Surya, when the Asuras' descendant Svarbhanu, pierced thee through and through with darkness,
All creatures looked like one who is bewildered, who knoweth not the place where he is standing.
6 What time thou smotest down Svarbhanus' magic that spread itself beneath the sky, O Indra,
By his fourth sacred prayer Atri disoovered Surya concealed in gloom that stayed his function.
7 Let not the oppressor with this dread, through anger swallow me up, for I am thine, O Atri.
Mitra art thou, the sender of true blessings: thou and King Varuna be both my helpers.
8 The Brahman Atri, as he set the pressstones-, serving the Gods with praise and adoration,
Established in the heaven the eye of Surya, and caused Svarbhanus' magic arts to vanish.
9 The Atris found the Sun again, him whom Svarbhanu of the brood
Of Asuras had pierced with gloom. This none besides had power to do.

HYMN XLI. Visvedevas 41

1. WHO, MitraVaruna-, is your pious servant to give you gifts from earth or mighty heaven?
Preserve us in the seat of holy Order, and give the offerer power that winneth cattle.
2 May Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman, and Ayu, Indra Rbhuksan, and the Maruts, love us,
And they who of one mind with bounteous Rudra accept the hymn and laud with adorations.
3 You will I call to feed the carhorse-, Asvins, with the winds' flight swiftest of those who
Or also to the Asura of heaven, Worshipful, bring a hymn as it were libation.
4 The heavenly Victor, he whose priest is Kanva, Trta with Dyaus accordant, Vata, Agni,
Allfeeding- Pusan, Bhaga sought the oblation, as they whose steeds are fleetest seek the contest.
5 Bring ye your riches forward borne on horses: let thought be framed for help and gain of
Blest he the priest of Ausija through courses, the courses which are yours the fleet, O Maruts.
6 Bring hither him who yokes the car, your Vayu, who praises with his songs, the God and Singer;
And, praying and devout, noble and prudent, may the Gods Spouses in their thoughts retain us.
7 I speed to you with powers that should be honoured, with songs distinguishing Heavens' mighty
Morning and Night, the Two, as it were allknowing-: these bring the sacrifice unto the mortal.
8 You I extol, the nourishers of heroes bringing you gifts, Vastospati and Tvastar-
Rich Dhisana accords through our obeisance - andTrees and Plants, for the swift gain of riches.
9 Ours be the Parvatas, even they, for offspring, freemoving-, who are Heroes like the Vasus.
May holy Aptya, Friend of man, exalted, strengthen our word for ever and be near us.
10 Trta praised him, germ of the earthly hero, with pure songs him the Offspring of the Waters.
Agni with might neighs loudly like a charger: he of the flaming hair destroys the forests.
11 How shall we speak to the great might of Rudra? How speak to Bhaga who takes thought for riches?
May Plants, the Waters, and the Sky preserve us, and Woods and Mountains with their trees for
12 May the swift Wanderer, Lord of refreshments listen to our songs, who speeds throuih cloudy
And may the Waters, bright like castles, hear us, as they flow onward from the cloven mountain.
13 We know your ways, ye Mighty Ones receiving choice meed, ye Wonderful, we will proclaim it.
Even strong birds descend not to the mortal who strives to reach them with swift blow and weapons.
14 Celestial and terrestrial generations, and Waters will I summon to the feasting.
May days with bright dawns cause my songs to prosper, and may the conquered streams increase their
15 Duly to each one hath my laud been offered. Strong be Varutri with her powers to succour.
May the great Mother Rasa here befriend us, straighthanded-, with the princes, striving forward.
16 How may we serve the Liberal Ones with worship, the Maruts swift of course in invocation, the
Maruts farrenowned- in invocation?
Let not the Dragon of the Deep annoy us, and gladly may he welcome our addresses.
17 Thus thinking, O ye Gods, the mortal wins you to give him increase of his herds of cattle: the
mortal wins him, O ye Gods, your favour.
Here he wins wholesome food to feed this body: as for mine old age, Nirrti consume it
18 O Gods, may we obtain from you this favour, strengthening food through the Cows' praise, ye
May she who gives good gifts, the gracious Goddes. s, come speeding nigh to us for our wellbeing-.
19 May Ila, Mother of the herds of cattle, and Urvasi with all the streams accept us;
May Urvasi in lofty heaven accepting, as she partakes the oblation of the living,
20 Visit us while she shares Urjavyas' food.

HYMN XLII. Visvedevas. 42

1. Now may our sweetest song with deep devotion reach Varuna, Mitra, Aditi, and Bhaga.
May the Five Priests' Lord, dwelling in oblations, blissgiving- Asura, hear, whose paths are open.
2 May Aditi welcome, even as a mother her dear heartgladdening- son, my song that lauds her.
The prayer they love, blissgiving-, Godappointed-, I offer unto Varuna and Mitra.
3 In spirit him, the Sagest of the Sages; with sacrificial oil and meath bedew him
So then let him, God Savitar, provide us excellent, ready, and resplendent treasures.
4 With willing mind, Indra, vouchsafe us cattle, prosperity, Lord of Bays! and pious patrons;
And, with the sacred prayer by Gods appointed, give us the holy Deities' lovingkindness.
5 God Bhaga, Savitar who deals forth riches, Indra, and they who conquer Vrtras' treasures,
And Vaja and Rbhuksan and Purandhi, the Mighty and Immortal Ones, protect us!
6 Let us declare his deeds, the undecaying unrivalled Victor whom the Maruts follow.
None of old times, O Maghavan, nor later, none of these days hath reached thy hero prowess.
7 Praise him the Chief who gives the boon of riches, Brhaspati distributor of treasures,
Who, blessing most the man who sings and praises, comes with abundant wealth to his invoker.
8 Tended, Brhaspati, with thy protections, the princes are unharmed and girt by heroes.
Wealth that brings bliss is found among the givers of horses and of cattle and of raiment.
9 Make their wealth flee who, through our hymns enjoying their riches, yield us not an ample
Far from the sun keep those who hate devotion, the godless, prospering in their vocation.
10 With wheelless chariots drive down him, O Maruts, who at the feasts of Gods regards the demons.
May he, though bathed in sweat, form empty wishes, who blames his sacred rite who toils to serve
11 Praise him whose bow is strong and sure his arrow, him who is Lord of every balm that bealeth.
Worship thou Rudra for his great good favour: adore the Asura, God, with salutations.
12 May the Housefriends-, the cunninghanded- Artists, may the Steers' Wives, the streams carved
out by Vibhvan,
And may the fair Ones honour and befriend us, Sarasvati, Brhaddiva, and Raka.
13 My newest song, thought that now springs within me, I offer to the Great, the Sure Protector,
Who made for us this All, in fond love laying each varied form within his Daughters' bosom.
14 Now, even now, may thy fair praise, O Singer, attain Idaspati who roars and thunders,
Who, rich in clouds and waters with his lightning speeds forth bedewing both the earth and heaven.
15 May this my laud attain the troop of Maruts, those who are youths in act, the Sons of Rudra.
The wish calls me to riches and wellbeing-: praise the unwearied Ones whose steeds are dappled.
16 May this my laud reach earth and airs' midregion-, and forest trees and plants to win me riches.
May every Deity be swift to listen, and Mother Earth with no ill thought regard me.
17 Gods, may we dwell in free untroubled bliss.
18 May we obtain the Asvins' newest favour, and gain their healthbestowing- happy guidance.
Bring riches hither unto us, and heroes, and all felicity and joy, Immortals!

HYMN XLIII. Visvedevas. 43

1. MAY the Milchcows- who hasten to their object come harmless unto us with liquid sweetness.
The Singer, lauding, calls, for ample riches, the Seven Mighty Ones who bring enjoyment.
2 With reverence and fair praise will I bring hither, for sake of strength, exhaustless Earth and
Father and Mother, sweetof speech, fairhanded, may they, farfamed-, in every fight protect us.
3 Adhvaryus, make the sweet libations ready, and bring the beautiful bright juice to Vayu.
God, as our Priest, be thou the first to drink it: we give thee of the mead to make thee joyful.
4 Two armsthe- Somas' dexterous immo. latorsand- the ten fingers set and fix the pressstone-.
The stalk hath poured, fair with its spreading branches, the meads' bright glittering juice that
dwells on mountains.
5 The Soma hath been pressed for thee, its lover, to give thee power and might and high enjoyment.
Invoked, turn hither in thy car, O Indra, at need, thy two welltrained- and dear Bay Horses.
6 Bring by Godtraversed- paths, accordant, Agni, the great Aramati, Celestial Lady,
Exalted, worshipped with our gifts and homage, who knoweth holy Law, to drink sweet Soma.
7 As on his fathers' lap the son, the darling, so on the fire is set the sacred caldron,
Which holy singers deck, as if extending and heating that which holds the fatty membrane.
8 Hither, as herald to invite the Asvins, come the great lofty song, most sweet and pleasant!
Come in one car, joygivers-! to the banquet, like the bolt binding pole and nave, come hither.
9 I have declared this speech of adoration to mightiest Pusan and victorious Vayu,
Who by their bounty are the hymns' inspirers, and of themselves give power as a possession.
10 Invoked by us bring hither, jatavedas the Maruts all under their names and figures.
Come to the sacrifice with aid all Maruts, all to the songs and praises of the singer!
11 From high heaven may Sarasvati the Holy visit our sacrifice, and from the mountain.
Eager, propitious, may the balmy Goddess hear our effectual speech, our invocation.
12 Set in his seat the God whose back is dusky, Brhaspati the lofty, the Disposer.
Him let us worship, set within the dwelling, the red, the goldenhued-, the allresplendent.
13 May the Sustainer, high in heaven, come hither, the Bounteous One, invoked, with all his
Dweller with Dames divine, with plants, unwearied, the Steer with triple horn, the lifebestower-.
14 The tuneful eloquent priests of him who liveth have sought the Mothers' bright and loftiest
As living men, with offered gifts and homage they deck the most auspicious Child to clothe him.
15 Agni, great vital power is thine, the mighty: pairs waxing old in their devotion seek thee.
May every Deity be swift to listen, and Mother Earth with no ill thought regard me.
16 Gods, may we dwell in free untroubled bliss.
17 May we obtain the Asvins' newest favour, and gain their healthbestowing- happy guidance.
Bring riches hither unto us, and heroes, and all felicity and joy, Immortals!

HYMN XLIV. Visvedevas. 44

1. As in the first old times, as all were wont, as now, he draweth forth the power turned
hitherward with song,
The Princedom throned on holy grass, who findeth light, swift, conquering in the' plants wherein
he waxeth strong.
2 Shining to him who leaves heavens' regions undisturbed, which to his sheen who is beneath show
fair in light,
Good guardian art thou, not to be deceived, Most Wise! Far from deceits thy name dwelleth in holy
3 Truth waits upon oblation present and to come: naught checks him in his way, this vic tory-
bringing Priest:
The Mighty Child who glides along the sacred grass, the undecaying Youth set in the midst of
4 These come, wellyoked-, to you for furtherance in the rite: down come the twinborn strengtheners
of Law for him,
With reins easily guided and commanding all. In the deep fall the hide stealeth away their names.
5 Thou, moving beauteously in visibly pregnant ones, snatching with trees the branching plant that
grasps the juice,
Shinest, true Singer! mid the upholders of the voice. Increase thy Consorts thou, lively at
6 Like as he is beheld such is he said to be.
They with effectual splendour in the floods have made
Earth yield us room enough and amply wide extent, great might invincible, with store of hero sons.
7 Surya the Sage, as if unwedded, with a Spouse, in battleloving- spirit moveth over the foes.
May he, selfexcellent-, grant us a sheltering home, a house that wards the fierce heat off on
every side.
8 Thy name, sung forth by Rsis in these hymns of ours, goes to the loftier One with this swift
movers' light.
By skill he wins the boon whereon his heart is set: he who bestirs himself shall bring the thing
to pass.
9 The chief and best of these abideth in the sea, nor doth libation fail wherein it is prolonged.
The heart of him who praiseth trembleth not in fear there where the hymn is found connected with
the pure.
10 For it is he: with though to of Ksatra, Manasa, of Yajata, and Sadhri, and Evavada,
With Avatsaras' sweet songs will we strive to win the mightiest strength which even he who knows
should gain.
11 The Hawk is their full source, girthstretching- rapturous drink of Visvavara, of Mayin, and
They ever seek a fresh draught so that they may come, know when thy time to halt and drink thy
fill is near.
12 Sadaprna the holy, Tarya, Srutavit, and Bahuvrkta, joined with you, have slain the foes.
He gains his wish in both the worlds and brightly shineswhen- he adores the host with
welladvancing- steeds.
13 The worshippers' defender is Sutambhara, producer and uplifter of all holy thoughts.
The milchcow- brought, sweetflavoured- milk was dealt around. Who speaks the bidding text knows
this, not he who sleeps.
11 The sacred hymns love him who wakes and watches: to him who watches come the Sama verses.
This Soma saith unto the man who watches, I rest and have my dwelling in thy friendship.
15 Agni is watchful, and the gcas love him; Agni is watchful, Sama verses seek him.
Agni is watchful, to him saith this Soma, I rest and have my dwelling in thy friendship.

HYMN XLV. Visvedevas. 45

1. BARDS of approaching Dawn who know the heavens are come with hymns to throw the mountain open.
The Sun hath risen and oped the stable portals: the doors of men, too, hath the God thrown open.
2 Surya hath spread his light as splendour: hither came the Cows' Mother, conscious, from the
To streams that flow with biting waves to deserts; and heaven is stablished like a firmset- pillar.
3 This laud hath won the burden of the mountain. To aid the ancient birth of mighty waters
The mountain parted, Heaven performed his office. The worshippers were worn with constant serving.
4 With hymns and Godloved- words will I invoke you, Indra and Agni, to obtain your favour,
For verily sages, skilled in sacrificing, worship the Maruts and with lauds invite them.
5 This day approach us: may our thoughts be holy, far from us let us cast away misfortune.
Let us keep those who hate us at a distance, and haste to meet the man who sacrifices.
6 Come, let us carry out, O friends, the purpose wherewith the Mother threw the Cows' stall open,
That wherewith Manu conquered Visisipra, wherewith the wandering merchant gained heavens' water.
7 Here, urged by hands, loudly hath rung the pressstone- wherewith Navagvas through ten months
sang praises.
Sarama went aright and found the cattle. Angiras gave effect to all their labours.
8 When at the dawning of this mighty Goddess, Angirases all sang forth with the cattle,
Their spring is in the loftiest place of meeting, Sarama found the kine by Orders' pathway.
9 Borne by his Coursers Seven may Surya visit the field that spreadeth wide for his long journey.
Down on the Soma swooped the rapid Falcon. Bright was the young Sage moving mid his cattle.
10 Surya hath mounted to the shining ocean when he hath yoked his fairbacked- Tawny Horses.
The wise have drawn him like a ship through water: the floods obedient have descended hither.
11 I lay upon the Floods your hymn, lightwinning, wherewith Navagvas their ten months completed.
Through this our hymn may we have Gods to guard us: through this our hymn pass safe beyond

HYMN XLVI. Visvedevas. 46

1. WELL knowing I have bound me, horselike, to the pole: I carry that which bears as on and gives
us help.
I seek for no release, no turning back therefrom. May he who knows the way, the Leader, guide me
2 O Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and Marut host, and Visnu.
May both Nasatyas, Rudra, heavenly Matrons, Pusan, Sarasvati, Bhaga, accept us.
3 Indra and Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains, Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven,
Visnu I call, Pusan, and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help.
4 May Visnu also and Vata who injures none, and Soma granter of possessions give us joy;
And may the Rbhus and the Asvins, Tvastar and Vibhvan remember us so that we may have wealth.
5 So may the band of Maruts dwelling in the sky, the holy, come to us to sit on sacred grass;
Brhaspati and Pusan grant us sure defence, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman guard and shelter us.
6 And may the Mountains famed in noble eulogies, and the fairgleaming- Rivers keep us safe from
May Bhaga the Dispenser come with power and grace, and farpervading- Aditi listen to my call.
7 May the Gods Spouses aid us of their own freewill, aid us to offspring and the winning of the
Grant us protection, O ye gracious Goddesses, ye who are on the earth or in the waters' realm.
8 May the Dames, wives of Gods, enjoy our presents, Rat, Asvini, Agnayi, and Indrani.
May Rodasi and Varunani hear us, and Goddesses come at the Matrons' season.

HYMN XLVII. Visvedevas. 47

1. URGING to toil and making proclamation, seeking Heavens' Daughter comes the Mighty Mother:
She comes, the youthful Hymn, unto the Fathers, inviting to her home and loudly calling.
2 Swift in their motion, hasting to their duty, reaching the central point of life immortal,
On every side about the earth and heaven go forth the spacious paths without a limit.
3 Steer, Sea, Red Bird with strong wings, he hath entered the dwellingplace- of the Primeval
A gayhued- Stone set in the midst of heaven, he hath gone forth and guards midairs-' two limits.
4 Four bear him up and give him rest and quiet, and ten invigorate the Babe for travel.
His kine most excellent, of threefold nature, pass swiftly round the boundaries of heaven.
5 Wondrous, O people, is the mystic knowledge that while the waters stand the streams are flowing:
That, separate from his Mother, Two support him, closelyunited-, twins, here made apparent.
6 For him they lenghten prayers and acts of worship: the Mothers weave garments for him their
Rejoicing, for the Steers' impregning contact, his Spouses move on paths or heaven to meet him.
7 Be this our praise, O Varuna and Mitra may this be health and force to us, O Agni.
May we obtain firm ground and room for resting: Glory to Heaven, the lofty habitation!

HYMN XLVIII. Visvedevas. 48

1. WHAT may we meditate for the beloved Power, mighty in native strength and glorious in itself,
Which as a magic energy seeking waters spreads even to the immeasurable middle regions' cloud?
2 Over all the region with their uniform advance these have spread out the lore that giveth heroes
Back, with their course reversed, the others pass away: the pious lengthens life with those that
are before.
3 With pressingstones- and with the bright beams of the day he hurls his broadest bolt against the
Guileful One.
Even he whose hundred wander in his own abode, driving the days afar and bringing them again.
4 I, to enjoy the beauty of his form, behold that rapid rush of his as it were an axes' edge,
What time he gives the man who calls on him in fight wealth like a dwellinghouse- filled full with
store of food.
5 Fourfaced- and nobly clad, Varuna, urging on the pious to his task, stirs himself with the
Naught by our human nature do we know of him, him from whom Bhaga Savitar bestows the boon.

HYMN XLIX. Visvedevas. 49

1. THIS day I bring God Savitar to meet you, and Bhaga who allots the wealth of mortals.
You, Asvins, Heroes rich in treasures, daily seeking your friendship fain would I turn hither.
2 Knowing full well the Asuras' time of coming, worship God Savitar with hymns and praises.
Let him who rightly knoweth speak with homage to him who dealeth out mans' noblest treasure.
3 Not for reward doth Pusan send his blessings, Bhaga, or Aditi: his garb is splendour.
May Indra, Visnu, Varuna, Mitra, Agni produce auspicious days, the WonderWorkers-.
4 Sending the shelter which we ask, the foeless Savitar and the Rivers shall approach us.
When I, the sacrifices' priest, invite them, may we he lords of wealth and rich possessions.
5 They who devote such worship to the Vasus, singing their hymns to Varuna and Mitra,
Vouchsafe them ample room, far off be danger. Through grace of Heaven and Earth may we be happy.

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