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HYMN XXX. Indra. 30

1. O INDRA, Vrtraslayer-, none is better, mightier than thou:
Verily there is none like thee.
2 Like chariotwheels- these people all together follow after thee:
Thou ever art renowned as Great.
3 Not even all the gathered Gods conquered thee, Indra, in the war,
When thou didst lengthen days by night.
4 When for the sake of those oppressed, and Kutsa as he battled,
Thou stolest away the Suns' carwheel-.
5 When, fighting singly, Indra. thou overcamest all the furious Gods, thou slewest those who
strove with thee.
6 When also for a mortal man, Indra, thou speddest forth the Sun,
And holpest Etasa with might.
7 What Vrtraslayer-, art not thou, Maghavan, fiercest in thy wrath?
So hast thou quelled the demon too.
8 And this heroic deed of might thou, Indra, also hast achieved,
That thou didst smite to death the Dame, Heavens' Daughter, meditating ill.
9 Thou, Indra, Mighty One, didst crush Usas, though Daughter of the Sky.
When lifting up herself in pride.
10 Then from her chariot Usas fled, affrighted, from her ruined car.
When the strong God had shattered it.
11 So there this car of Usas lay, broken to pieces, in Vipas,
And she herself fled far away.
12 Thou, Indra, didst. with magic power resist the overflowing stream
Who spread her waters over the land.
13 Valiantly didst thou seize and take the store which Susna had amassed,
When thou didst crush his fortresses.
14 Thou, Indra, also smotest down Kulitaras' son Sambara,
The Dasa, from the lofty hill.
15 Of Dasa Varcins' thou didst slay the hundred thousand and the five,
Crushed like the fellies, of a car.
16 So Indra, Lord of Heroes, Powers, caused the unwedded damsels' son,
The castaway, to share the lauds.
17 So sapient Indra, Lord of Might, brought Turvasa and Yadu, those
Who feared the flood, in safety over.
18 Arna and Citraratha, both Aryas, thou, Indra, slewest swift,
On yonder side of Sarayu,
19 Thou, Vrtraslayer-, didst conduct those two forlorn, the blind, the lame.
None may attain this bliss of thine.
20 For Divodasa, him who brought oblations, Indra overthrew
A hundred fortresses of stone.
21 The thirty thousand Dasas he with magic power and weapons sent
To slumber, for Dabhitis' sake.
22 As such, O Vrtraslayer-, thou art general Lord of kine for all,
Thou Shaker of all things that be.
23 Indra, whatever deed of might thou hast this day to execute,
None be there now to hinder it.
24 O Watchful One, may Aryaman the God give thee all goodly things.
May Pusan, Bhaga, and the God Karulati give all things fair.

HYMN XXXI. Indra. 31

1. WITH what help will he come to us, wonderful, everwaxing- Friend;
With what most mighty company?
2 What genuine and most liberal draught will spirit thee with juice to burst
Open even stronglyguarded- wealth?
3 Do thou who art Protector of us thy friends who praise thee
With hundred aids approach us.
4 Like as a coursers' circling wheel, so turn thee hitherward to us,
Attracted by the hymns of men.
5 Thou seekest as it were thine own stations with swift descent of powers:
I share thee even with the Sun.
6 What time thy courage and his wheels together, Indra, run their course
With thee and with the Sun alike,
7 So even, Lord of Power and Might, the people call thee Maghavan,
Giver, who pauses not to think.
8 And verily to him who toils and presses Soma juice for thee
Thou quickly givest ample wealth.
9 No, not a hundred hinderers can check thy gracious bountys' flow,
Nor thy great deeds when thou wilt act.
10 May thine assistance keep us safe, thy hundred and thy thousand aids:
May all thy favours strengthen us.
11 Do thou elect us this place for friendship and prosperity,
And great celestial opulence.
12 Favour us, Indra, evermore with overflowing store of wealth:
With all thy succours aid thou us.
13 With new protections, Indra, like an archer, open thou for us
The stables that are filled with kine.
14 Our chariot, Indra, boldly moves endued with splendour, Never repulsed,
Winning for us both kine and steeds.
15 O Surya, make our fame to be most excellent among the Gods,
Most lofty as the heaven on high.

HYMN XXXII. Indra. 32

1. O THOU who slewest Vrtra, come, O Indra, hither to our side,
Mighty One with thy mighty aids.
2 Swift and impetuous art thou, wondrous amid the welldressed- folk:
Thou doest marvels for our help.
3 Even with the weak thou smitest down him
who is stronger, with thy strength
The mighty, with the Friends thou hast.
4 O Indra, we are close to thee; to thee we sing aloud our songs:
Help and defend us, even us.
5 As such, O Caster of the Stone, come with thy succours wonderful,
Blameless, and irresistible.
6 May we be friends of one like thee, O Indra, with the wealth of kine,
Comrades for lively energy.
7 For thou, O Indra, art alone the Lord of strength that comes from kine
So grant thou us abundant food.
8 They turn thee not another way, when, lauded, Lover of the Song,
Thou wilt give wealth to those who praise.
9 The Gotamas have sung their song of praise to thee that thou mayst give,
Indra, for lively energy.
10 We will declare thy hero deeds, what Dasa forts thou brakest down,
Attacking them in rapturous joy.
11 The sages sing those manly deeds which, Indra, Lover of the Song,
Thou wroughtest when the Soma flowed.
12 Indra, the Gotamas who bring thee praises have grown strong by thee.
Give them renown with hero sons.
13 For, Indra, verily thou art the general treasure even of all .
Thee, therefore, do we invocate.
14 Excellent Indra, turn to us: glad thee among us with the juice
Of Somas, Somadrinker- thou.
15 May praise from us who think Qn thee, O Indra, bring thee near to us.
Turn thy two Bay Steeds hitherward.
16 Eat of our sacrificial cake: rejoice thee in the songs we sing.
Even as a lover in his bride.
17 To India for a thousand steeds welltrained- and fleet of foot we pray,
And hundred jars of Soma juice.
18 We make a hundred of thy kine, yea, and a thousand, hasten nigh:
So let thy bounty come to us.
19 We have obtained, a gift from thee, ten waterewers- wrought of gold:
Thou, Vrtraslayer-, givest much.
20 A bounteous Giver, give us much, bring much and not a trifling gift:
Much, Indra, wilt thou fain bestow.
21 O Vrtraslayer-, thou art famed in many a place as bountiful
Hero, thy bounty let us share.
22 I praise thy pair of Tawny Steeds, wise Son of him who giveth kine
Terrify not the cows with these.
23 Like two slight images of girls, unrobed, upon a newwrought- post,
So shine the Bay Steeds in their course.
24 For me the Bays are ready when I start, or start not, with the dawn, Innocuous in the ways they

HYMN XXXIII. Rbhus. 33

1. I SEND my voice as herald to the Rbhus; I crave the white cow for the overspreading.
Windsped-, the Skillful Ones in rapid motion have in an instant compassed round the heaven.
2 What time the Rbus had with care and marvels done proper service to assist their Parents,
They won the friendship of the Gods; the Sages carried away the fruit of their devotion.
3 May they who made their Parents, who were lying like posts that moulder, young again for ever,
May Vaja, Vibhvan, Rbhu, joined with Indra , protect our sacrifice, the Somalovers-.
4 As for a year the Rbhus kept the Milchcow-, throughout a year fashioned and formed her body,
And through a years' space still sustained her brightness, through these their labours they were
made immortal.
5 Two beakers let us make, thus said the eldest. Let us make three, this was the youngers'
Four beakers let us make, thus spoke the youngest. Tvastar approved this rede of yours, O Rbhus.
6 The men spake truth and even so they acted: this Godlike way of theirs the Rbhus followed.
And Tvastar, when he looked on the four beakers resplendent as the day, was moved with envy.
7 When for twelve days the Rbhus joyed reposing as guests of him who never may be hidden,
They made fair fertile fields, they brought the rivers. Plants spread over deserts, waters filled
the hollows.
8 May they who formed the swift car, bearing Heroes, and the Cow omniform and allimpelling-,
Even may they form wealth for us, the Rbhus, dexteroushanded-, deft in work and gracious.
9 So in their work the Gods had satisfaction, pondering it with thought and mental insight.
The Gods expert artificer was Vaja, Indras' Rbhuksan, Varunas' was Vibhvan.
10 They who made glad with sacrifice and praises, wrought the two Bays, his docile Steeds, for
Rbhus, as those who wish a friend to prosper, bestow upon us gear and growth of riches.
11 This day have they set gladdening drink before you. Not without toil are Gods inclined to
Therefore do ye who are so great, O Rbhus, vouchsafe us treasures at this third libation.

HYMN XXXIV. Rbhus. 34

1. To this our sacrifice come Rbhu, Vibhvan, Vaja, and Indra with the gift of riches,
Because this day hath Dhisana the Goddess set drink for you: the gladdening draughts have reached
2 Knowing your birth and rich in gathered treasure, Rbhus, rejoice together with the Rtus.
The gladdening draughts and wisdom have approached you: send ye us riches with good store of
3 For you was made this sacrifice, O Rbhus, which ye, like men, won for yourselves aforetime.
To you come all who find in you their pleasure: ye all were, even the two elder, Vajas.
4 Now for the mortal worshipper, O Heroes, for him who served you, was the gift of riches.
Drink, Vajas, Rbhus! unto you is offered, to gladden you, the third and great libation.
5 Come to us, Heroes, Vajas and Rbhuksans, glorified for the sake of mighty treasure.
These draughts approach you as the day is closing, as cows, whose calves are newlyborn-, their
6 Come to this sacrifice of ours, ye Children of Strength, invoked with humble adoration.
Drink of this meath, Wealthgivers-, joined with Indra with whom ye are in full accord, ye Princes.
7 Close knit with Varuna drink the Soma, Indra; closeknit-, Hymnlover-! with the Maruts drink it:
Closeknit- with drinkers first, who drink in season; closeknit- with heavenly Dames who give us
8 Rejoice in full accord with the Adityas, in concord with the Parvatas, O Rbhus;
In full accord with Savitar, Divine One; in full accord with floods that pour forth riches.
9 Rbhus, who helped their Parents and the Asvins, who formed the Milchcow- and the pair of horses,
Made armour, set the heaven and earth asunder, far- reaching Heroes, they have made good offspring.
10 Ye who have wealth in cattle and in booty, in heroes, in rich sustenance and treasure,
Such, O ye Rbhus, first to drink, rejoicing, give unto us and those who laud our present.
11 Ye were not far: we have not left you thirsting, blameless in this our sacrifice, O Rbhus.
Rejoice you with the Maruts and with Indra, with the Kings, Gods! that ye may give us riches.

HYMN XXXV. Rbhus. 35

1. Come hither, O ye Sons of Strength, ye Rbhus; stay not afar, ye Children of Sudhanvan.
At this libation is your gift of treasure. Let gladdening draughts approach you after Indras'.
2 Hither is come the Rbhus' gift of riches; here was the drinking of the wellpressed- Soma,
Since by dexterity and skill as craftsmen ye made the single chalice to be fourfold
3 Ye made fourfold the chalice that wag single: ye spake these words and said, O Friend, assist us;
Then, Vajas! gained the path of life eternal, defthanded- Rbhus, to the Gods assembly.
4 Out of what substance was that chalice fashioned which ye made fourfold by your art and wisdom?
Now for the gladdening draught press out the liquor, and drink, O Rbhus, of die meath of Soma.
5 Ye with your cunning made your Parents youthful; the cup, for Gods to drink, ye formed with
With cunning, Rbhus, rich in treasure, fashioned the two swift Tawny Steeds who carry Indra.
6 Whoso pours out for you, when days are closing, the sharp libation for your joy, O Vajas,
For him, O mighty Rbhus, ye, rejoicing, have fashioned wealth with plenteous store of heroes.
7 Lord of Bay Steeds, at dawn the juice thou drankest: thine, only thine, is the noonday libation.
Now drink thou with the wealthbestowing- Rbhus, whom for their skill thou madest friends, O Indra.
8 Ye, whom your artist skill hath raised to Godhead have set you down above in heaven like falcons.
So give us riches, Children of Sudhanvan, O Sons of Strength; ye have become immortal.
9 The third libation, that bestoweth treasure, which ye have won by skill, ye dexteroushanded-,
This drink hath been effused for you, O Rbhus . drink it with high delight, with joy like Indras'.

HYMN XXXVI. Rbhus. 36

1. THE car that was not made for horses or for reins, threewheeled-, worthy of lauds, rolls round
the firmament.
That is the great announcement of your Deity, that, O ye Rbhus, ye sustain the earth and heaven.
2 Ye Sapient Ones who made the lightlyrolling- car out of your mind, by thought, the car that
never errs,
You, being such, to drink of this drinkoffering-, you, O ye Vajas, and ye Rbhus, we invoke.
3 O Vajas, Rbhus, reaching far, among the Gods this was your exaltation gloriously declared,
In that your aged Parents, worn with length of days, ye wrought again to youth so that they moved
at will.
4 The chalice that wag single ye have made fourfold, and by your wisdom brought the Cow forth from
the hide.
So quickly, mid the Gods, ye gained immortal life. Vajas and Rbhus, your great work must be
5 Wealth from the Rbhus is most glorious in renown, that which the Heroes, famed for vigour, have
In synods must be sung the car which Vibhvan wrought: that which ye favour, Gods! is famed among
6 Strong is the steed, the man a sage in eloquence, the bowman is a hero hard to beat in fight,
Great store of wealth and manly power hath he obtained whom Vaja, Vibhvan, Rbhus have looked
kindly on.
7 To you hath been assigned the fairest ornament, the hymn of praise: Vajas and Rbhus, joy therein;
For ye have lore and wisdom and poetic skill: as such, with this our prayer we call on you to come.
8 According to the wishes of our hearts may ye, who have full knowledge of all the delights of men,
Fashion for us, O Rbhus, power and splendid wealth, rich in high courage, excellent, and vital
9 Bestowing on us here riches and offspring, here fashion fame for us befitting heroes.
Vouchsafe us wealth of splendid sort, O Rbhus, that we may make us more renowned than others.

HYMN XXXVII. Rbhus. 37

1. COME to our sacrifice, Vajas, Rbhuksans, Gods, by the paths which Gods are wont to travel,
As ye, gay Gods, accept in splendid weather the sacrifice among these folk of Manus.
2 May these rites please you in your heart and spirit; may the drops clothed in oil this day
approach you.
May the abundant juices bear you onward to power and strength, and, when imbibed, delight you.
3 Your threefold going near is Godappointed-, so praise is given you, Vajas and Rbhuksans.
So, Manuslike-, mid younger folk I offer, to you who are aloft in heaven, the Soma.
4 Strong, with fair chains of gold and jaws of iron, ye have a splendid car and wellfed- horses.
Ye Sons of Strength, ye progeny of Indra, to you the best is offered to delight you.
5 Rbhuksans! him, for handy wealth, the mightiest comrade in the fight,
Him, Indras' equal, we invoke, most bounteous ever, rich in steeds.
6 The mortal man whom, Rbhus, ye and Indra favour with your help,
Must be successful, by his thoughts, at sacrifice and with the steed.
7 O Vajas and Rbhuksans, free for us the paths to sacrifice,
Ye Princes, lauded, that we may press forward to each point of heaven.
8 O Vajas and Rbhuksans, ye Nasatyas, Indra, bless this wealth,
And, before other mens', the steed, that ample riches may be won.

HYMN XXXVIII. Dadhikris. 38

1. FROM you two came the gifts in days aforetime which Trasadasyu granted to the Purus.
Ye gave the winner of our fields and ploughlands-, and the strong smiter who subdued the Dasyus.
2 And ye gave mighty Dadhikras, the giver of many gifts, who visiteth all people,
Impetuous hawk, swift and of varied colour, like a brave King whom each true man must honour.
3 Whom, as it were down a precipice, swift rushing, each Puru praises and his heart rejoices,
Springing forth like a hero fain for battle, whirling the car and flying like the tempest.
4 Who gaineth precious booty in the combats and moveth, winning spoil, among the cattle;
Shown in bright colour, looking on the assemblies, beyond the churl, to worship of the living.
5 Loudly the folk cry after him in battles, as it were a thief who steals away a garment;
Speeding to glory, or a herd of cattle, even as a hungry falcon swooping downward.
6 And, fain to come forth first amid these armies, this way and that with rows of cars he rushes,
Gay like a bridesman, making him a garland, tossing the dust, champing the rein that holds him.
7 And that strong Steed, victorious and faithful, obedient with his body in the combat,
Speeding straight on amid the swiftly pressing, casts over his brows the dust he tosses upward.
8 And at his thunder, like the roar of heaven, those who attack tremble and are affrighted;
For when he fights against embattled thousands, dread is he in his striving; none may stay him.
9 The people praise the overpowering swiftness of this fleet Steed who giveth men abundance.
Of him they say when drawing back from battle. Dadhikras hath sped forward with his thousands.
10 Dadhikras hath overspread the Fivefold People with vigour, as the Sun lightens the waters.
May the strong Steed who winneth hundreds, thousands, requite with sweetness these my words and

HYMN XXXIX Dadhikras. 39

1. Now give we praise to Dadhikras the rapid, and mention in our laud the Earth and Heaven.
May the Dawns flushing move me to exertion, and bear me safely over every trouble.
2 I praise the mighty Steed who fills my spirit, the Stallion Dadhikravan rich in bounties,
Whom, swift of foot and shining bright as Agni, ye, Varuna and Mitra, gave to Purus.
3 Him who hath honoured, when the flame is kindled at break of dawn, the Courser Dadhikravan,
Him, of one mind with Varuna and Mitra may Aditi make free from all transgression.
4 When we remember mighty Dadhikravan our food and strength, then the blest name of Maruts,
Varuna, Mitra, we invoke for welfare, and Agni, and the thunderwielding- Indra.
5 Both sides invoke him as they call on Indra when they stir forth and turn to sacrificing.
To us have Varuna and Mitra granted the Courser Dadhikras, a guide for mortals.
6 So have I glorified with praise strong Dadhikravan, conquering Steed.
Sweet may he make our mouths; may he prolong the days we have to live.

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